The 10 Best Password Managers for Business (2022 Reviews & Rankings)

With the best password managers for business, you can keep your organization secure and organized.

As any business owner knows, protecting your company’s data is essential.

Hackers are constantly trying to find new ways to access sensitive information, and if they are successful, the consequences can be devastating.

One of the best ways to protect your data is to use a password manager.

A password manager stores all of your passwords in a secure location, and allows you to create complex, unique passwords for each account. This makes it much more difficult for hackers to gain access to your accounts, and helps to protect your data. In addition, password managers can also help to improve your productivity by automatically filling in login information for you.

This can save you valuable time, and help to keep your business running smoothly.

But how can you figure out which password manager is the best fit for your organization?

We’ve reviewed and ranked the best password managers for businesses based on various key factors, including features, cost, customer reviews, and more.


What are the Best Password Managers for Business?

Here are our picks for the top password managers worth trying in 2022…


Best Overall: 1Password

1Password: Password Manager for Teams, Businesses, and Families 1Password: Password Manager for Teams, Businesses, and Families

1Password offers an easy, secure way to store and use strong passwords. You can securely log in to sites and fill out online forms with just a single click.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

When it comes to password managers, 1Password has long been considered the gold standard, and for good reason.

1Password is safe, super easy to use, and boasts a ton of features that make it perfect for just about any application, from businesses to schools to families to individuals.

With 1Password, you can safely sync and store your passwords across all of your devices, making it a breeze to log in to your most important applications.

1Password offers advanced end-to-end encryption (256-bit AES – only you can decrypt your data), two-factor authentication, and single-click login. It’s also very easy to set up, comes with lots of extra features and tools, and to top it all off, it’s very affordable.

With 1Password, you can appoint admins who can assist the other employees in case of issues with password accessibility.

You can also turn on the travel mode to ensure you can lead your team while you’re not in the picture.

Key Features

  • Allows sharing credentials with multiple employees through fool-proof ways
  • Lets you create a ‘vault’ that can be trusted by more than one person
  • ‘Master Password’ eradicates any possibility of hacking or cyberattacks
  • Immediately detects phishing sites
  • Has many verification steps that ensure optimum security
  • Helps you create strong and unique passwords

Pricing Plans

1Password pricing includes a few different plans available for businesses:

  • Team Starter Pack: $19.95/month, up to 10 members
  • Business: $7.99/month, billed per user
  • Enterprise: Custom quotes according to your requirements.

They also offer plans for individuals and families:

  • Individuals: $2.99/month, billed annually
  • Families: $4.99/month for up to 5 users, billed annually

Click here to try 1Password free for 14 days.



If you’re selective about keeping records and maintaining tabs on everything, Keeper can help you out. This password manager is designed to keep track of how, when, and where your employees are using the passwords. This is a very important tactic for maintaining check and balance and also ensuring that no employee is careless about your company’s credentials.

Keeper allows you to have monthly reports of how your passwords are used, which helps you regularly update your practices. It also provides statistics on different types of usage and how many times a password is changed in a month. This helps you notice any suspicious activity before it causes much damage.

It also has a browser extension that you can use to remember your login info without any risk. Named KeeperFill, this browser comes in handy when you’re in a rush and need to fill in your details without any delay.

Key Features

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • The vault can be shared with multiple people
  • The vault can store both encrypted and non-encrypted files
  • Follows the zero-knowledge architecture, meaning that even the people working for the password manager won’t have any info about your passwords.
  • Provides an Admin Console, which can be used for directing the system

Pricing Plans

The basic plan starts at $3.75/per month, paid individually by each user.



If you’re not well-acquainted with technology and need an easy-to-navigate password manager, Dashlane can be a good option. Its interface is quite easy to work with while also providing you with most features the rest of the password managers have.

The vaults from Dashlane have an AES 256-bit encryption, which is regarded as the best possible defense against all kinds of online thefts. As if this wasn’t enough, Dashlane also has second encryption called Argon2d, which helps keep hackers at bay.

Dashlane has the unique ability to immediately catch a possible intrusion that is conveyed to you in the same minute. Once you’re alerted, you can quickly change your password so that the hacker can’t get anywhere near it. The platform has a convenient mobile app and can also calculate monthly statistics about password usage.

Key Features

  • Automatic alerts in case of potential thefts
  • Lets you analyze the health of your passwords
  • Admin console provides special features for leading team members
  • Excellent customer support
  • Has multiple scanning tools which help in identifying underlying issues

Pricing Plans

Dashlane has 3 pricing plans to choose from:

  • Free: No charges, limited features
  • Premium: $5.54/month
  • Family: $8.06/month


Zoho Vault

Just started a business and have limited funds? Zoho Vault has you covered with its affordable password managing services! You can be the admin yourself and share your vault with several users at a time.

It protects your passwords in the best ways possible using multifactor authentication (MFA), which means you’d have to undergo a verification process each time you try to access your passwords. You can also choose the single sign-in (SSO) option for added security.

You can also examine your password hygiene with Zoho’s monthly statistical report. This helps you take notice of any account that may be misusing your passwords. You can remove access to that account right away, preventing any future possibility of cyber-attacks.

The best part about this password manager is that it has gone through many examinations to achieve the reputation it has today, so you know that you’re getting a good deal out of it.

Key Features

  • Highly affordable for small-scale businesses
  • Based on the zero-knowledge architecture
  • Includes a user audit system
  • Helps maintain a check on password usage
  • The centralized admin panel lets you analyze the overall standing of your team and company

Pricing Plans

Zoho Vault has 3 pricing plans available:

  • Standard: $0.91/month
  • Professional: $4.54/month
  • Enterprise: $7.20/month


Nord Pass

Nord Pass is a password managing solution for any company that wants to take security a step further. With highly advanced performance, Nord Pass has vaults with an XChaCha20-encryption. It lets you deeply analyze the activity around your passwords so that you can immediately pick on a suspicious action right away.

You’d have to pass through solid verification procedures each time you want to access your passwords with Nord Pass. This lessens the possibility of cyberattacks and also gives you an edge in securing your data.

While the platform follows the latest technology, it has a mobile app and multiple browser extensions, which make it easy to understand. You don’t have to worry if you forget your master password, though, because the Admin Console allows you to recover your account after meeting a few verification requirements.

Key Features

  • Fool-proof security
  • MFA for every user each time
  • Helps identify weak passwords and create stronger ones
  • Helps analyze password health from a bird’s eye view
  • Allows you to store data other than just passwords, for example, bank account details.

Pricing Plans

Nord Pass has 2 pricing options to choose from:

  • Business: $3.62/ per user
  • Enterprise: Custom quotes depending on your requirements.



Being a favorite among people for a long time, LastPass is a solution to all your password managing requirements. The platform is famous for providing accurate reports of how your employees are working around your passwords.

This helps eradicate problematic individuals there and then because you wouldn’t want sneaky people in your company. If any employee keeps logging into an account of yours with no specific purpose, it sure isn’t a matter to be taken lightly.

This platform is also famous for its ease in accessibility; users recommend that LastPass is one of the few password managers out there that you can use without any external help. Your passwords are safely stored, and you can also use the platform’s chrome extensions for auto-filling your credentials.

Key Features

  • Allows credential sharing with multiple people at the same time
  • Reminds you to regularly update your passwords to avoid cyberattacks
  • Can be accessed from any part of the world
  • Admins have special access to a dashboard that helps them observe things from a comprehensive perspective.

Pricing Plans

Apart from the free version, LastPass has 2 pricing plans:

  • Premium: $2.93/month
  • Families: $3.94/month



Want to generate employee reports that aren’t complex to read? Robo Form can do the job for you! Unlike other password managing platforms where the password hygiene reports consist of numerous complex graphs, RoboForm breaks the same data down and makes it easier to understand.

The platform is also particularly known for managing crowds of people at once. If you’re a flourishing business with thousands of employees, RoboForm will be a good investment for you. The platform allows you to either create one big vault for everyone or separate accounts for each employee.

RoboForm helps you come up with newer security policies every day so that a hacker never gets the chance to seize on lax security. The platform is also particularly famous for its customer support which is regarded as the best among others.

Key Features

  • A low-cost alternate to high-quality password managers
  • Allows you to analyze password health and hygiene
  • Let’s you customize the way a password is accessed by any individual
  • No set number of administrative individuals
  • Has the SSO feature, which lets you into multiple platforms without changing your ID

Pricing Plans

The basic business plan from RoboForm starts at $22.95/year for each user.



In search of a low-cost solution for managing your passwords? We have the perfect solution for you with bitWarden. The platform is an open-sourced password manager that secures all your data using end-to-end encryption. The best part about bitWarden is that you can access it from any browser and device you’d like.

bitWarden also has third-party involvement, which helps you keep track on all your employees and their password usage. While the platform has pricing options available, its free version is quite famous for the features it provides.

Its vast accessibility means you don’t have to sit in front of your desktop whenever you want to make a minor change in your vault. You can be travelling or just lying in your bed and have full access to your passwords using your cellphone.

Key Features

  • Makes sure that the employee details are secured well.
  • Provides accessibility across multiple platforms
  • Helps in generating and managing passwords
  • Syncs multiple teams together
  • Helps you record your team’s care towards passwords

Pricing Plans

Apart from the free version, bitWarden has 2 pricing options available:

  • Premium: $1/month
  • Families: $3.33/month


Password Boss

This password manager will be a perfect fit if you’re looking for a user-friendly platform that takes care of your passwords. Password Boss is easy to understand and work with, so you could have limited techno knowledge and still be able to extract the most out of the platform.

It also provides emergency access to all your passwords if you manage to provide the right kind of details. The two-factor authentication maximizes security, and in case your device gets stolen or lost, Password Boss allows you to permanently delete all the passwords you’ve stored on the device.

You can use many devices for syncing your passwords using password boss. They don’t have robust customer support, though, because their only mode of communication with the users is via email, which also may take a long while.

Key Features

  • No set limit on the number of passwords
  • Shareable passwords with up to 5 people
  • Uses local storage to store data
  • Allows digital inheritance in case of unforeseen circumstances

Pricing Plans

Along with a free version, Password Boss has two pricing plans:

  • Premium: $2.50/month
  • Family: $4.00/month



Have a work-from-home policy at your office? You’ll need to share your credentials quite often in this case which can prove to be very risky. Securden allows you to store all your passwords and other confidential data in one place without worrying about its safety.

It can be integrated with multiple applications, some of which include Azure Active Directory, ServiceNow, Microsoft Authenticator, and OneLogin.

You can resort to the mobile app if you need to access something urgently because Secureden is compatible with all Android and iPhone devices. The platform is based on a self-service mechanism, meaning that you can have full control of what you do without any intrusion from the portal’s side. Securden has several practices which help you combat identity thefts and cyberattacks.

Key Features

  • Gives you full access to the portal
  • Let’s you analyze your employee performance
  • Helps manage your passwords by identifying weak ones and generating stronger ones.
  • Regularly issue reminders in case your passwords are getting too old and need renewal.
  • Multifactor authentication adds to the security and prevents hacking events.

Pricing Plans

Securden has 3 paid options available whose prices are all customized according to your requirements.



Features To Look For In A Business Password Manager

Yes, a password manager will keep your password safe. However, to determine the manager’s efficiency, here are 4 pointers to consider:

1. Admin Console

Administrative access is very important if you use a company’s password manager. To ensure that the employees don’t jumble up the credentials, a leading team member must be present for assistance. An admin console acts as the same thing.

2. Authentication process

The more verification processes your password manager puts you through, the tougher the security. MFA and SAML are some authentication practices that are ideal to have in your password manager.

3. Employee Reports

To get hold of suspicious activities right away, you need to have regular statistics. This not only brings problematic individuals to light but also highlights the employees who’re not taking enough care of your company’s credentials.

4. Speed and accessibility

A complex platform does not necessarily indicate strong security. The more complex your password manager is, the slower your performance will be, which can be a real business problem. Make sure that the password manager you choose is quick and easy to work with so that your productivity is maximized.


A Final Word on the Best Password Managers for Businesses

Plenty of password managers are available on the internet, but finding the right one can be the difference between keeping your business safe and exposing it to serious harm.

Though you must consider all the factors before deciding on the right password manager for your organization, we recommend trying our top pick 1Password free for 14 days.

Not only is it the best one out there, but it’s also affordable and lets you try it at no cost! The great features, the affordable pricing, and the customer support all contribute to why you should make 1Password your top choice.

Have any questions about our guide to the best password managers for business? Let us know by commenting below.

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