Homer Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals: 2021 Guide

Are you looking for information about the HOMER Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for 2021?

The holiday season has come, and that means it’s time to take advantage of massive savings from some of your favorite brands.

Looking for the perfect gift for the kids in your life? Give them something they’ll love and that will help them learn and grow! Give them a subscription to the HOMER Learning app, one of the best reading apps for kids.

And there’s no better time to subscribe to the HOMER app than now. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are excellent times to take advantage of savings opportunities for all your favorite products, including popular learning platform HOMER.

HOMER is one of our favorite educational programs for children. It delivers lessons and learning to children in a way they can enjoy and thrive. With the help of HOMER, children develop fine-tuned critical thinking and extensive problem-solving skills along with creative processing and an increased understanding of emotional regulation — all while playing fun learning games.

HOMER is designed by true experts in the field of child development, curriculum planning, and design, along with tech education. It’s an educational platform that helps children thrive. It’s perfect for kids ages 2-8 years.

The HOMER app creates a unique and personal learning path for littles to keep them engaged and interested in learning. It is packed with lessons and over 1,000 learning activities across all subjects (reading, math, critical thinking, and more) that are easy to follow, engaging, and will have your littles excited to learn!

But while HOMER pricing is always affordable and offers a 30-day free trial, they also take the holidays as an opportunity to offer more savings.

This holiday season, you can give the gift of education for an even smaller price. So open the door to confident and excited learners with HOMER!

That’s right! With the help of HOMER Black Friday and Cyber Monday savings opportunities, you can give the gift of learning for less.

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What is the 2021 HOMER Black Friday Deal?

The HOMER Black Friday deal starts early this year and is already underway.

From 11/15 through 11/28, HOMER is offering massive savings. The details have just recently been released, and we are so excited to share them with you!

For only $149.99, you get:

  • Contixo V10 Kids Tablet
  • 1-year membership to the Learn & Grow app
  • More than 20 preinstalled kids app (valued at $150)

That’s right — not only do you get a full one-year membership to the HOMER app, but you also get a brand new tablet for your kid where your little one can also access other great apps!

For more info about this huge deal, check out HOMER’s website here.


What is the 2021 HOMER Cyber Monday Deal?

The Black Friday savings offered by HOMER this year is the same as their Cyber Monday savings.

It’s a fantastic time to take advantage of savings and to gift the opportunity of education and academics. 

Again, the details for the savings opportunity this year from HOMER are –

  • 1-year membership to the HOMER  app
  • Contixo V10 Kids Tablet
  • 20+ preinstalled learning apps ($150 value)
  • Only $149.99!!! Savings of 35%

For more details, visit HOMER’s website.

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