signNow Integrations : The Complete Guide for 2022

When it comes to electronic signature tools, signNow is one of the most popular and user-friendly options on the market. With signNow, you can easily add your electronic signature to any document in just a few clicks.

The platform has a number of great features, including multi-party signing, audit reports, templates, and legally binding signatures, but one of the things that really sets it apart from its competitors is the number of integrations it has with other applications.

In today’s business world, electronic signatures are becoming more and more common. As a result, it’s important for your electronic signature software to be able to integrate with a variety of other programs.

For example, if you’re using a CRM system, you’ll want your electronic signature software to be able to integrate with it so that you can easily add signatures to contracts and other documents.

Similarly, if you’re using an accounting program, you’ll want your electronic signature software to be able to integrate with it so that you can easily create and manage invoices and other documents.

By ensuring that your electronic signature software is compatible with a variety of other programs, you can save yourself a lot of time and hassle.

In the guide below, we’ll take an in-depth look at the most popular signNow integrations currently available.


Key signNow Features

Before we dive into all of the different signNow integrations, let’s quickly touch on some of its most exciting and useful features.

Here is a list of core features/categories of signNow, making it have several renowned integrations:

  • API integrations
  • Fast, easy document sharing
  • Reusable templates
  • Memberships
  • Audit reports
  • Multi-party signatures
  • Editing and storing documents
  • Legally-binding eSignature tool

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Prominent signNow Integrations

signnow integrations

While signNow offers a number of integrations, here are some of the ones we’ve found most useful:

1. Stripe

The latest payment online standard, Stripe, is the most effective software provider for online business.

Stripe produces the most effective and versatile tools for online commerce.

Stripe’s perfectly crafted APIs and distinctive performance characteristics enable you to build the best possible subscription-based payment platform, on-demand platform, e-commerce store, or fundraising web service.

Stripe users can seamlessly integrate it with signNow for secure electronic signatures during payment processing.


2. Salesforce

With signNow’s Salesforce integration, you can easily get your contracts and other key documents electronically signed without leaving the Salesforce interface.

This will allow you to close more deals with features like pre-filling contracts, sharing documents to be signed, status tracking, and more.

You’ll be able to get rid of repetitive tasks, drastically reduce document errors, streamline the customer experience, and save a ton of time with this integration.

3. Payeezy

The Payeezy Gateway provides a sophisticated payment user experience created for merchants of any size through adaptable and intuitive integration and configuration options.

Payeezy has a committed support team on hand to respond to inquiries at any time and a robust collection of online support resources to back up their payment gateway solution. Using Payeezy, you can quickly transfer money to friends or families. The touchless payment system requires customers to scan the QR code and pay online.

If you have a Payeezy account, you can integrate signNow with it. There are fees associated with billing, checkout, card payment, and international transactions.


4. Zapier

You can enable automation for your entire company with the partnership and multi-factor authentication provided by Zapier for Companies. Collaborate with a loyal CR Manager to get live onboarding assistance and strategy support for your automation strategy.

Zapier uses sophisticated administrative features, such as account mergers, app constraints, strong authentication (SSO) with SAML, and much more to fine-tune your security settings. Downloading a plugin from a member’s website is required to integrate it.

The monthly cost for premium plans begins at $19.99 when paid annually. Monthly rates for multi-user accounts start at $299 when billed annually.


5. WishList

With the help of the WordPress membership plugin WishList, users can start month-to-month subscriptions, advertising digital assets, or creating online courses. Due to its integration with the payment software of signNow, Wishlist is a fantastic addition to existing business systems.

An annual price of $149, $299, or $399 can be paid to integrate one site, five sites, or 20 sites. You need an API Key and URL for a WishList Member to be combined with signNow.


6. Box

The use of digital files is now practically ubiquitous across all fields and positions. With businesses becoming more environmentally conscious, electronic document transfer and signing via signNow’s results are provided in cloud drive systems to help companies to save hours and utilize fewer documents.

For organizing and sharing documents, Box and signNow work well together. SignNow and Box have integrated to make it easier to produce, annotate, sign, and move information between Box’s cloud storage. The signed contract is automatically saved to the sender’s Box account after an agreement has been created in signNow and sent to all parties for signatures in both orders. Sometimes, they can be sent simultaneously as well.

There is no requirement for switching tabs, copying, or even dragging and dropping files. In contrast, beginning with Box, users can immediately share signNow folders and documents through email or link.


7. Dropbox

With the help of signNow integration, businesses can oversee and communicate appropriate paperwork while staying in the Dropbox of cloud. The integration of SignNow and Dropbox has the advantage of consolidating document management in one location, maintaining security, and the multitude of browser windows on display.

At the same time, users must return to and forth between signNow and Box. The ability to create templates and send documents in bulk is done in little time via signNow. For instance, bulk sending is applicable when numerous customers renew their contracts. In addition, contracts can be sent individually with a single click instead of sending each arrangement separately. SignNow’s integration with Dropbox makes all of that possible.


8. Google Workspace

The integration of signNow with various Google Workspace tools makes it easier for teams to collaborate and manage documents. Whether or not team members acquire Google Workspace accounts, users can instantly grant eSignature access across all Google apps to team members using this integration.

It is also possible to specify the signing order and the roles of the signers. Users can track the status of signings and send reminders using the signNow feature found in the Google Workspace tools. They can also customize, sign, and transmit information from Google Drive thanks to signNow’s integration.

The modifications synchronize automatically to the sender’s Google Drive after the recipient signs, eliminating the need for multiple different executables and intricate version control. For signing your documents in signNow, it is better to send out attachments using your Google drive if you use a Gmail account. With Google Drive integrated into signNow, bulk document sending is possible, just like with Dropbox.


9. CRM

It isn’t easy to meet the criteria leads, section the workflow, and attract new clients. By empowering eSignature for fixing major agreements or guaranteeing recurring deals, signNow’s integration with today’s leading CRM systems simplifies at least a portion of the process of CRM.

Keep all documents together when concluding business with clients, particularly if signatures are required on multiple copies. Numerous large CRM systems, such as HubSpot and Salesforce, are integrated with signNow.

As an illustration, signNow makes it simple to create, customize, authenticate, and sign documents directly inside the platform using Insightly CRM. Users can create frameworks and add text field types, input, and signature fields using the signNow integration.

Then, signNow’s cutting-edge authentication and encryption tools can transfer the document after creating a new form or using an existing template. Once the recipient has signed the form, Insightly will automatically save it.


10. Microsoft

The whole MS Office can now be integrated with signNow. OneDrive, Sharepoint, Power Automate, Word, MS 365, Outlook, etc., are all a part of signNow’s integration.


11. BIM 360

By establishing quick and secure eSignature workflows, signNow’s BIM 360 integration speeds up construction projects. It allows users to create quotes, account receivable, and contractual arrangements and have them forwarded for signature directly from an associated Autodesk account of the BIM 360 account.


12. ERP

Employees in various departments such as accounting, distribution network, and other relevant departments can and should have access to notarized client and seller contractual agreements. To keep important documents safely stored in one location, integration of signNow and ERP is necessary.

One of signNow’s dozens of ERP system integrations, including industry heavyweights NetSuite and SAP ERP, is essential for businesses seeking to properly manage their documents across departments and other relevant people through eSigning.

For instance, users can send personally tailored requests and notifications, request payment, and have documents with expiry dates and brand email correspondences with their company using the Tygris ERP integration. SignNow’s integration provides workflow security with Tygris. Users can form teams, assign roles, and set permissions. Not only this but with signNow, the signature workflow of a teammate can easily be monitored. The ERP cloud of Tygris allows users to gather information securely.


13. Notarize

Notarize is a revolutionary platform that allows individuals and organizations to get documents legally notarized online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and now, you can integrate it with signNow, allowing users to get notary services for the documents they store and manage in signNow.

You can send documents, templated, and document groups to be signed and notarized quickly and easily by up to 10 signers while getting online access to a licensed notary.

 It’s worth pointing out that this integration is only available via API at the moment.


A Final Word on signNow Integrations

With so many different integrations, signNow makes it possible to streamline and automate the signature procedure for your business.

No matter what industry you’re in or what system you use, signNow has an integration that will work for you.

signNow’s integrations are constantly expanding, so be sure to check back often to see what new integrations have been added.

If you want to learn more about this popular eSignature tool, make sure to check out our full signNow review.

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