Webflow Pricing: Plans, Free Trial Info, More (2023)

Looking into Webflow pricing and plans, but need a little clarity so you can choose the one that’s right for you?

No need to look further as in this article we will sum up everything you need to know about Webflow cost, plans, and more.

Webflow is an extremely convenient platform that allows its users to “Design, Build and Launch” their own websites without any coding knowledge or skills! In fact, it’s one of the best website builders out there today.

With over 3,500,000 users, this American company allows you to work on, collaborate and develop outstanding websites on a totally visual canvas, and even if you don’t know a thing about coding, you can still create any website you can dream of using the full power of HTML, CSS, and Javascript.


Key Features Of Webflow

What makes it stand out amongst the masses is that this cloud-based software allows users to fully customize their websites without only getting restricted to templates or making websites from scratch.

Some of its notable features include Zapier integrations, intuitive features, responsive page designs, the ability to add your own codes or even export code once finished, SSL certification, etc.

Equipped with all of these amazing features, one might think Webflow to be extremely pricey. Fortunately, Webflow offers 2 great paid plans (which we will discuss in detail below) but what is even better is that you can use it for free for however long you want-yes Webflow has no trial period!

That being said, let us take a deeper look at Webflow’s pricing plans.


Webflow Paid Plans

As mentioned above Webflow offers two types of plans, Site plans, and Accounting plans. There are further different options to choose from each of these plans. All of them range from $12 per month to $212 per month.


Site Plans

Site plans are priced by site and include the ability to connect your site to a custom domain. This plan is perfect for personal as well as business sites and blogs.

The site plans have further two options to choose from standard website plans and eCommerce plans. Within website plans, users can choose from basic, CMS, Business, and enterprise. And within eCommerce users can choose from Standard, Plus, and Advanced.

Without further ado, let’s discuss the plans in detail.


Website Plans

Basic Plan

Simple websites with a maximum of 100 pages and 25,000 monthly views are eligible for the Basic website plan. It is particularly a suitable choice for static websites. However, it doesn’t feature a content management system or CMS. When invoiced annually, the Basic plan starts at $12 per month, and the single monthly charge is $15.

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CMS Plan

The CMS plan is perfect for blogs and other content-driven websites, as its name indicates. This package supports a maximum of 100,000 monthly visits and provides a few more features like search capabilities. When invoiced annually, the CMS plan starts at $16 per month, and the single monthly charge is $20.

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Business Plan

This plan is designed for bigger sites with high traffic, up to 500,000 monthly visits. The Business plan allows for 2000 form submissions per month. The CDN bandwidth cap is twice as high as the CMS bandwidth cap. When invoiced annually, the Business website plan starts at $36 per month, and the single monthly charge is $45.

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Enterprise Plan

This last website plan choice covers everything in the Business plan and more. This plan allows you to tailor your plan’s features to your specific requirements. It also has a variety of extra support functions. For the price, you will have to contact Webflow.

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Ecommerce Plans

Standard Plan

This is an entry-level plan that includes all of the necessary functions to begin selling things on your website. This plan contains all of the capabilities of the CMS website plan and allows you to store up to 500 items. The Standard plan is designed for eCommerce sites with annual sales of up to $50,000. The plan begins at $29 per month when paid yearly, or $42 if paid monthly.

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Plus Plan

This plan provides up to 1,000 items in addition to all of the capabilities included in the Business website plan. Best suitable for more established eCommerce companies generating up to $200,000 in yearly sales. The Plus plan, unlike the Standard plan, does not impose a transaction fee in addition to payment processor costs. The Plus plan begins at $74 per month when paid yearly, or $84 when paid monthly.

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Advanced Plan

Lastly, this plan is designed for online shops that are expanding over $200,000 in yearly sales. This plan contains up to 3,000 goods as well as all of the Plus eCommerce plan’s features. The Advanced plan begins at $212 per month when invoiced yearly, or $235 when paid monthly.

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Account Plans

An account plan is necessary for building up a website on Webflow. This site plan further offers two plans: Individual and team plan. With an Individual plan, users can select from Starter, Lite, and Pro. With a Team plan, users can select from team or enterprise.

Let’s take a closer look at each of the individual and team account plans.


Individual Plans

Starter Plan

With this plan, there’s no need to enter payment information upfront or worry about a limited trial time because it’s always free. It comes with everything you’ll need to get started with Webflow and allows you to create up to two websites. There are a few major limits, though: you can’t export your code or transfer your site to another Webflow account with the Starter plan.

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Lite Plan

Unlike Starter, with the Lite plan, you can create up to 10 projects and thus is suitable for freelance web designers who create less than ten Webflow sites for customers at a time. It also allows you to export your code and move your projects around. When invoiced yearly, the Lite plan starts at $16 per month, or $24 if paid monthly.

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Pro Plan

With the pro plan users can create more than 10 websites at a time or even choose to host all of their clients’ websites on their own account, thus is perfect for advanced freelancers. Additional features include white labeling, creating infinite projects and the option to password-protect your web pages with this subscription. When invoiced yearly, it starts at $35 each month, or $24 if paid monthly.

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Team Plans

Team Plan

This plan offers all of the features included in the individual Pro plan, as well as an unlimited number of projects. It also offers a team dashboard to make collaboration with team members easier. When invoiced annually, the Team plan starts at $35 per person each month, or $24 if paid monthly. Each team must have a minimum of two seats.

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Enterprise Plan

If none of the other account options meet your requirements, you can design your own Enterprise plan. This contains all of the Team plan’s features, as well as any additional features you might require. For payment amounts, you will have to contact Webflow.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to discontinue my site plan at any time?

Your site plans will automatically renew at the end of each payment cycle, but you can cancel them at any moment. You will still be required to pay the balance of the term for the plan you choose.

Is it possible to terminate my account plan at any time?

Yes, you have the option to deactivate your account at any moment. If you do, you will be demoted to the free Starter plan, which allows you to manage two unhosted projects.

Can I try Webflow before I buy it?

Sure! You may try out Webflow on a free account, which allows you to explore two projects.

What payment methods does Webflow accept?

Webflow accepts all major credit cards, web payments, payments via Apple Pay and PayPal.


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A Final Word on Webflow Pricing

Webflow is one of the top website builders for a reason.

It makes it super easy to build a high-quality website, even if you don’t know a thing about coding.

Webflow plans are also very affordable, and there are plans available for sites of all sizes. It’s a great way to save on the cost of building a website.

Remember, you can always start out on a free Webflow account to get a feel for the platform before getting a paid plan.

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Have any questions about Webflow pricing? Just leave a comment below and we’ll try to help you out.

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