Weebly Pricing: Plans, Free Trial Info, More (2023)

Looking for info about Weebly pricing and plans so you can build your website without overspending?

Well, you’ve come to the right place as we will delve into each pricing plan offered by Weebly in detail!

Weebly is one of the best website builders on the market today, making it super easy for anyone to design and launch a website — no coding experience or design knowledge needed.

Weebly has more than 50 million sites powered around the world and is no doubt one of the most popular website building software. With their strong and easy-to-use interfaces, users can build top-notch responsive websites without any hassle.

The best part?

Weebly is a very affordable way to build a website…way cheaper than hiring a professional designer.

So, how much does Weebly cost?

Read on for our full in-depth look at Weebly pricing and plans available in 2023.


Why Is Weebly A Good Option?

Weebly has become one of the most popular platforms for businesses looking to launch a website or online store.

They are a product suite of Square, which means that businesses will not lose out on any transactions and consumers can pay in their preferred method. Square has your payments handled so that you can focus on your company.

Some of Weebly’s features include Full HTML or CSS control, Password secured pages, no pop-up advertisements on your page, SSL certifications to protect your website visitors’ privacy, SEO tools, email marketing tools, and much more.

You can get the above-mentioned features (and many others) for fairly affordable prices and even for free! Weebly offers many great plans to choose from.

So without further ado, let us dive into Weebly’s pricing plans.


Weebly Plans

Weebly offers two main plans: for websites and for online stores.

Within website plans, users can choose from Free, Connect, Pro and Business.

Within the online store paid plans, users can choose from Pro, Business, and Business Plus. All of these range from $0 to $38 per month.


Website Plans

weebly plans

Free Plan

Best suited for people who have very basic websites needs to be met. It offers limited features but users can sell online for free which is a huge advantage in itself.

However, advertisements will be displayed on your web as well as the domain name cannot be changed or personalized. Hence, is not a very suitable choice for those looking to build more professional sites.

Personal Plan

This plan is the cheapest out of all the plans available by Weebly. When paid yearly, It costs $6 per month if you pay annually up front, or $ 9 per month if paid month-to-month.

It has an improvement over the free plan in that you can create your own custom domain, but it’s still not appropriate for those looking to build professional sites.

Advertisements will still be posted on your website but this plan is extremely great for those looking to build websites for personal use, as a hobby, or even to build novice website portfolios.

Pro Plan

This plan is specifically made for groups and organizations.

Unlike the previous 2 plans, it has no advertisements and comes with added features of site search, phone support, unlimited storage, free domain name, and advanced site stats.

Some of its eCommerce-related features include a shopping cart, payments through Square, and third-party providers.

When paid yearly, it costs $12 per month, or $16 per month if paid monthly.

It is quite an affordable option for professionals like freelancers, SMEs, and entrepreneurs.

Business Plan

The fourth and final plan of the Weebly website plans is the Business plan. It has all the features of the Pro plan but comes with even more advanced eCommerce features too.

Some of those include inventory management, Item options, Item badges, shipping calculator, coupon codes, unlimited storage, and much more. It is an extremely great package for anyone looking to get started with an online business or wanting to take their current online business up a notch.

When billed yearly, it costs $26 per month, or $29 per month if paid monthly.

Click here to learn more about Weebly’s website offerings.


Online Stores Plans

Both Pro and business plans within Online stores Plans offer the same features and pricing as that of website plans.

Business Plus Plan

This Weebly paid plan is the most expensive out of all along with the most feature-packed too.

It has all the features of a business plan. Some of the most notable features that make it highly sought after by online stores are that it allows payments to be accepted via Paypal, send abandoned cart emails automatically, priority support, and expert eCommerce insights to name a few.

Weebly pricing on this plan is $38 per month when billed annually. This paid plan is best for rapidly growing businesses and online stores as its features are intended to give online shops and businesses greater control, provide an improved customer experience, and stimulate development by providing more personalized assistance and data.

With all of the above-mentioned paid plans, Weebly’s dashboard allows you to purchase a domain name such as.com,.net,.co.uk, and much more directly. It’s free for the first year and then $20 each year after that. There is also the option of domain privacy.)

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it necessary for me to pay on a monthly basis?

No. You can as a matter of fact save money by purchasing a longer Weebly membership. Monthly plans are more expensive than yearly plans and they do not even provide a free domain or 30-day money-back guarantee either.

2. Does Weebly offer a free trial?

Not exactly but Weebly offers something even better. It has a free plan where users can build websites for as long as they like before switching to a premium paid plan. Every premium-paid plan includes a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if you’re not completely satisfied, you can get your money back.

3. Are Weebly themes available for free?

Yes, all of Weebly’s themes are available for free. You can even customize or switch between themes for free.

4. Will I have to pay for hosting on my Weebly website?

No, For both paid and free plans hosting is free so you don’t have to look for or pay for hosting separately.

5. What is the cost of the Weebly domain?

Depending on the domain you pick, Weebly costs between $19.95 and $40 a year for a domain name. Domain privacy, which costs $10 per year, is included in the overall Weebly domain purchase which helps to keep your website safer.


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Is Weebly Worth It?

Building a website used to be expensive, but with platforms like Weebly, that’s no longer the case.

We absolutely think Weebly is worth it, and it’s a great way for anyone to save on the cost of building a website.

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Have any questions about Weebly pricing that we didn’t answer above? Leave us a comment so we can help you out.

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