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Scott Winstead

Site Founder | E-learning Evangelist | Education Technology Expert | LMS expert

Scott WinsteadWelcome to my website!

Here’s to recap a little. In the early 90s,  I felt an urge to contribute to the emerging information boom. It was a paradigm shift. Life opened new horizons for remote education, content sharing, exchange of ideas.

Since then, I’ve been actively engaged in promoting e-learning technology. Authoring tools and learning management systems, mind mappers, quiz makers, smart grading, and engaging interactive content – these are some of the buzzwords I’ll be throwing around in this blog.

I’m happy to share thoughts on things e-learning with readers seeking advice as well as fellow industry veterans. Come on board, and let’s see how we can make this planet a better place!


Anneda Nettleton

anneda nettletonAnneda Nettleton is a freelance writer and educator. She has worked in public education for over 19 years. Ms. Nettleton earned her B.S. in Middle Grades Education from Eastern Kentucky University. She later received her Master’s degree in Library Media and her Rank 1 Literacy Specialist certification from University of the Cumberlands. Anneda has over 10 years of instructional design experience in grades K-12. Follow Anneda on LinkedIn.


Debra Kidder

debra kidder

Debra Kidder is a 25-year teaching veteran in every level of K-12 education, as well as the co-author of The Distance Learning Workbook. She is also a certified Early College Experience teacher for the University of Connecticut in Music, and completed post-graduate studies in diversity and inclusion training in the classroom. Debra is also a member of the National Association for Music Education and the Connecticut Music Educators Association. Follow Debra on LinkedIn.


Fatima Mansoor

fatima mansoor

Fatima Mansoor is a freelance writer covering education technology. She has a Master of Arts (MA) in English Language Teaching. Follow Fatima on LinkedIn.




Stephanie Barber

stephanie barberStephanie Barber was born and raised in Saskatchewan and currently lives in Alberta, Canada. She started her career as a school teacher 20 years ago and has taught English Language Arts to students in grades 3-12. She holds a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership and Administration and is passionate about lifelong learning. Follow Stephanie on LinkedIn.




Julia Bashore

julia bashore

Julia Bashore is a writer and teacher from Richmond, Virginia. After receiving her Master of Education from Virginia Commonwealth University, she has taught, written curriculum, and developed courses for Richmond City Public Schools for the past decade. Julia loves all things reading and writing and enjoys discovering new ways to connect with other educators.




Vanda Heuring

vanda heuringVanda Heuring holds a Master’s Degree in English, with a major in Technical Communication, and a Master’s Degree in Education, with Curriculum Design as her main focus. She is passionate about helping students of all ages on their journey of learning, whether it’s by creating user-friendly and engaging curriculum content, mentoring homeschool parents, or removing learning barriers in teaching.