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Teachable Pricing: Plans, Free Trial Info, More (2024 Guide)

Get an in-depth breakdown of Teachable pricing and plans so you can find the option that best fits your needs as a creator.

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By Scott Winstead

teachable pricing

Teachable is an online education platform used for creating online courses and hosting coaching services. With 5 plans ranging from free up to $665 a month, it’s an affordable, scalable solution for the creative entrepreneur, budding teacher, or even large corporate business.

This article takes a look at all of Teachable pricing and plans. As someone who’s spent years in the eLearning industry building courses, I’ll break down all the different Teachable plans in depth so you can see which one, if any, would benefit you the most (pro tip: You can start by trying out the free Teachable option to get a feel for whether or not this is the platform for you.)

This guide has been fully updated for 2024 to reflect recent Teachable price changes, so you can be sure you’re getting accurate, current info.


How Much Does Teachable Cost?

There are 5 different Teachable plans, ranging from free to $499 a month. However, if you pay annually, you can get 33% off the regular rates.

Depending on the plan you choose, there may be some additional Teachable fees to consider when selling your courses.

Teachable’s pricing is currently as follows:

  • FREE
  • Basic – $59/month or $39/month billed annually
  • Pro – $159/month or $119/month billed annually
  • Pro+ – $249/month or $199/month billed annually
  • Business – $665/month or $499/month billed annually

Free Teachable Plan

Teachable’s Free Plan offers budding creators a chance to dip their toes into the world of online course creation without any financial commitment. At no cost, this plan allows creators to publish one product of each type (course, coaching, downloads), making it a good option for those who are just starting out or testing the waters.

The no-code course builder and web pages make it super easy to get up and running, even for those who might not be tech-savvy. Additionally, the integrated payment processing and student referrals add to the convenience.

But while the Free Plan offers a great starting point for new course creators, it does come with a number of limitations that I have to point out. The most notable one being the $1 + 10% transaction fee, which can eat into your earnings as your courses gain traction.

Also, with a cap on just one published product of each type and a single admin & author seat, scalability might become an issue as your audience grows.

In short, the Free Plan is a good way to get acquainted with Teachable’s platform, but if you’re looking to scale or diversify your offerings, you’ll probably outgrow this plan pretty quickly.

Teachable Basic Plan – $39/month, billed annually or $59/month for month-to-month plan

Teachable’s Basic Plan offers a solid balance between affordability and functionality. Designed for creators who are ready to take their online course creation to the next level, this plan offers a suite of features that go beyond the foundational tools.

With the ability to publish up to 5 products of each type (course, coaching, downloads), it provides a fair amount of room for diversification.

The integrated email marketing, coupons, and order bumps are also excellent tools for boosting sales and engagement. The addition of custom domains ensures that creators can establish a strong brand presence, and the live group coaching offers an avenue for continuous learning and improvement.

While the Basic Plan offers a robust set of tools, I have to point out the 5% transaction fee, which, although reduced from the Free Plan, is still present. Additionally, while the plan does offer more features than the Free Plan, it might still feel limiting for those with a rapidly expanding audience or those looking to offer a broader range of courses.

All in all, the Basic Plan is a solid choice for creators who are past the initial stages and are looking for more advanced tools without breaking the bank.

Teachable Pro Plan – $119/month, billed annually or $159/month for month-to-month plan

Tailored for seasoned creators and educators who are looking to maximize their online presence, this plan offers an impressive set of features. With the ability to publish unlimited products of each type (course, coaching, downloads), the Pro Plan is designed for those with expansive offerings.

The standout features for me include advanced reporting, which provides invaluable insights into sales and student data, and the integrated affiliate marketing, opening up new avenues for course promotion.

The removal of transaction fees is also a big selling point here, ensuring that creators can retain more of their earnings.

The addition of graded quizzes and certificates adds depth to the learning experience.

While the Pro Plan is undeniably feature-rich, I encourage you to really evaluate if you’re at a stage where you can fully use these advanced functionalities to their potential. It’s a significant investment, and to truly get a good value, you need to be at a certain scale in your eLearning journey.

Teachable Pro+ Plan – $199/month, billed annually or $249/month for month-to-month plan

This plan is the biggest of Teachable’s offerings for individuals, curated for the most prolific creators.

With the ability to publish unlimited products of each type (course, coaching, downloads), the Pro+ Plan is all about limitless possibilities.

What truly sets it apart is the dedicated account manager, giving creators personalized support and guidance. The priority support ensures that any issues are addressed promptly, and the white-labeling feature allows creators to offer courses under their brand, enhancing credibility and brand value.

While the Pro+ Plan is the pinnacle of what Teachable offers, it’s crucial to carefully consider if you’re truly at a stage to leverage all its features. It’s a premium offering, and its true potential is unlocked only if you have a substantial audience and a diverse range of courses.

Teachable Business Plan – $499/month, billed annually or $665/month for month-to-month plan

The Teachable Business plan is their most extensive plan, offering the most control, customization options, and ability to create beautiful, engaging courses.

Teachable’s Business plan is great for larger businesses/brands/organizations where there will be multiple instructors and admins uploading material.

This Teachable plan has it all with everything from the Pro plan and more, including:

  • Set up 20 admin-level users
  • Set custom user roles
  • Bulk student enrollments
  • Manually enroll students
  • Theme customization tools. This gives the user the ability to create their school on-brand.
  • Ability to provide group coaching calls to educate students further and engage
  • Integrated payment processing using Stripe and PayPal as payment platforms.

Teachable Cost Q&A

Is there a Teachable free trial?

Instead of offering a typical free trial, Teachable has a free plan available with some basic features. This offers users a good way to test out the platform a bit before committing to a paid plan offering greater functionality.

Does Teachable offer both monthly and yearly payment plans?

Yes, they do! All plans are available with the option of monthly or yearly subscriptions.

Does Teachable ever go on sale?

You may occasionally be able to get Teachable at a discount. For example, there are Teachable Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals each year.

What kind of payment does Teachable accept?

Teachable accepts all major credit cards, Paypal, and in some instances, Google Pay.

Does Teachable have a refund policy?

Yes, they do! Teachable offers a 30-day refund policy on paid plans.

What are some of Teachable’s best features?

Teachable has some fantastic features that allow the user to customize their student’s online learning experience fully. Some of these features include branding, email marketing, affiliate marketing, graded quizzes, and so much more! In addition, Teachable has plans that give the user the ultimate creative control over their work. All in all, Teachable makes the course creation process and selling classes super simple and straightforward.

Final Thoughts

Ready to get started? Try out the free Teachable option or check out my in-depth Teachable review to learn more.

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