Podia Pricing: Plans, Free Trial Info, More (2023)

podia pricing

Are you interested in learning more about Podia pricing and figuring out which plan best fits your needs?

Podia is an all-in-one platform designed to create and sell online courses, memberships, virtual coaching, and all sorts of digital products. It helps creators, entrepreneurs, and small business owners alike generate a residual income.

Our guide takes an in-depth look at Podias’ pricing plans, free trial information, and all the great features.

By the end of our article, you’ll be able to understand how beneficial Podia can be, along with which pricing plan would suit your needs and budget.

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Skillshare Pricing: Plans, Free Trial Info, More (2023)

Skillshare Pricing Featured (1)

Editor’s Note 9/18/23: From now until Sunday, October 1st at midnight EDT, users can get 40% off on an annual subscription to Skillshare with code AFF40923.

Are you wanting to learn some new skills by taking online classes but wondering if the Skillshare pricing is worth it?

Skillshare is an immersive online learning platform filled with thousands of classes. It is perfect for creatives and entrepreneurs.

There are classes in various categories such as art and design, acting, cinematography, business, proofreading, programming, voice over training, instructional design, Microsoft Office, web design, digital marketing, illustration, and more. Skillshare is a great alternative to Masterclass and other online course platforms.

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MasterClass Pricing: Plans, Free Trial Info, More (2023 Guide)

masterclass pricing

Are you interested in MasterClass pricing and wondering what features and details are included in their various plans?

Our guide takes a look at MasterClass and its key features. We’ll go in-depth comparing the different plans in detail, and by the end of the guide, you’ll be able to identify which MasterClass membership plan is best for you in 2023.

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14 Best Virtual Conference Platforms for Events & Meetings (2023)

Best Virtual Conference Platforms

In this new era of online learning and remote working, the best virtual conference platforms have paved the way for sustainable growth in industries, workplaces, and educational institutions.

Make no mistake about it — hybrid and virtual events are here to stay and will continue to grow in popularity in 2023 and beyond.

However, choosing the right virtual conference platform is important to ensure a successful experience both for you as a host and for your event attendees.

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VideoScribe Pricing: Plans, Free Trial Info, More (2023)

videoscribe pricing

Looking into VideoScribe pricing and wondering which plan would be best for you and your needs?

Our guide takes a detailed look at all of the plans offered by VideoScribe so you can easily decide which is best.

VideoScribe is a fantastic whiteboard animation software that is easy to use and makes incredible animations. It’s available for Mac and Windows users and is completely beginner-friendly. Subscribers get access to both a browser-based version and desktop version of the program, each of which offers a whole host of features to make creating animated videos fast and easy.

VideoScribe is set up in a way that prior skills aren’t required. VideoScribe has many effects and various tools to make your animation videos awesome.

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Teachery Pricing: Plans, Free Trial Info, More (2023 Guide)

teachery pricing

Looking for info on Teachery pricing and plans so you can figure out if it’s the right online course platform for your needs?

Teachery is an online course platform designed for simple course content creation and selling. It’s perfect for everyone, from the novice course creator to the experienced organization that produces numerous online courses.

Teachery is a simple, easy-to-use platform. It was built by online course creators themselves and features an immense amount of tools for customization, branding, and creator growth.

Our guide takes a deep dive look into all the different Teachery plans offered to online course creators along with their cost, key features, detailed information, free trial details, and more so you can choose the right plan for your needs and ambitions.

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Camtasia Pricing: Plans, Free Trial Info, More (2023 Guide)

camtasia pricing

Have you been looking into Camtasia pricing and wondering which plan best fits your needs?

Camtasia is a premium screen recorder, video presentation software, video editing software, and even whiteboard animation app all rolled into one. The Camtasia software is compatible with Windows and macOS. Camtasia is perfect for anyone who needs to create training videos that are high in quality and easy to edit.

This article takes a look at Camtasia and all of the pricing plans available.

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Animaker Pricing: Plans, Free Trial Info, More (2023)

animaker pricing

Looking into Animaker pricing and wondering which plan would be best for you and your needs?

Animaker is an incredible DIY whiteboard animation software and video presentation app that is easy to use and makes stunning animated videos. It’s perfect for creatives of all skill levels.

In addition, Animaker has an excellent character-building tool and multiple drag-and-drop features to help you create everything from explainer videos to marketing clips to videos for your online courses.

But how much does Animaker cost? And is it worth the price?

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The 100 Best eLearning & Instructional Design Books (2023 Guide)

Top 100 e-Learning Books

When you discover the brave new world of instructional design, there seems to be an endless list of useful resources, and hundreds – even thousands – of e-Learning books. I’ve read some 200+ (that I can remember)! Now, I’d like to share with you a list of 100 hand-picked books briefly reviewed in a single source. Since they are simply outstanding, each of these works thus earn my personal Top 100 Award.

The 10 Best Instructional Design Training Courses Online (2023)

best instructional design courses (1)

With the best instructional design courses online, you can gain the skills and knowledge needed to enter the educational field, transition into virtual learning, or even create your own online courses.

But with so many options and course platforms, you might be overwhelmed with all the different options for instruction design classes online.

When choosing an instructional design course, it is important to consider the following factors:

  • The quality of the course content. Make sure that the course covers all the essential topics in instructional design.
  • The length of the course. Some courses are very comprehensive and can take months to complete. Others are shorter and can be completed in a matter of weeks.
  • The price of the course. Some instructional design courses can be quite expensive. Others are very affordable. Make sure to compare prices before enrolling in a course.
  • The format of the course. Some instructional design courses are self-paced and allow you to learn at your own pace, while others are instructor-led and require you to attend live sessions.
  • The credentials of the course provider. It is important to make sure that the course is provided by a reputable institution or organization with a strong reputation in instructional design.
  • What students are saying. Finally, read reviews from previous students before enrolling in an online instructional design course. Reviews can provide valuable insight into the quality of the course, the instructor, and the learning materials.

So, how can you choose the best one for you? What will you learn? Will it be worth the investment? Will it really help you land a job as an instructional designer?

I’ve ranked and reviewed the best instructional design programs and courses so you can get the training you need to succeed in your field in 2023. These picks are based on the quality of the curriculum, instructor credentials, certifications, cost, student reviews, and more.

Over the several years I’ve spent in the eLearning industry, I’ve helped countless aspiring instructional designers get the training they need to launch successful, thriving careers in the field, so I know what to look for in an instructional design program.

My goal with this guide is to help you make the best possible decision when selecting a course and/or program so that you can confidently invest your time and money into something that will give you the skills, knowledge, and credentials necessary to become an expert instructional designer. I hope it helps!

Note: If you’re an aspiring instructional designer, we also highly recommend downloading your free copy of An Instructional Designer’s Notebook from our friends at iSpring as it’s a great companion to this guide.

An Instructional Designer's Notebook An Instructional Designer's Notebook

Instructional Designer’s Notebook is a free collection of the most useful guides on becoming an instructional designer and creating eLearning content to facilitate every step on your eLearning trajectory. It includes lists of ebooks, YouTube channels, blogs, tips from top experts, interactive checklists, and more.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

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34 Model Examples of an Instructional Design Portfolio (2023 Update)

instructional design portfolio

If you’ve completed an instructional design course and are ready to get to work, you need a quality online instructional design portfolio to showcase your previous projects. Narcissistic inclinations aside, a well-balanced representation of the courses you’ve created and other projects can be very helpful in building your career.

The good news is building an instructional designer portfolio is pretty easy.

Between securing your domain name and hosting with a provider like Squarespace or Bluehost, installing WordPress with one click, and choosing a theme/template, you can be on your way to building your own eLearning portfolio in just minutes, making it easier to attract and impress hiring managers and potential employers.

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13 Best Voice Over Training & Voice Acting Online Courses (2023 Rankings)

best voice over training courses online

With the best voice over training classes, you can get the skills and confidence you need to masterfully deliver everything from a captivating online course to a TED Talk or virtual conference presentation to voice acting for cartoons and skits to narrating audiobooks.

The best part? You don’t even have to go to a voice acting college or a local voice actor school. You can take professional classes online and get the training you need to start landing paying jobs.

Consider the following…

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