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Can You Learn a New Language Online? (Read This First!)

can you learn a new language online

Can you learn a new language online? Are online language learning courses a good tool for learning a language? Thanks to the internet, it’s easier than ever to learn a new language online. You can find resources for learning just about any language online thanks to language learning tools like Lingoda and others, but it’s important … Read more

US Teachers’ Unpaid Overtime Hours Represent $77.5 Billion in Lost Wages

teachers unpaid overtime

It’s often been said that teachers are overworked and underpaid, but our latest research puts the situation into startling financial perspective. If US teachers were compensated for their unpaid overtime, they would collectively earn an additional $77.5 billion. Our analysis found that the average US teacher works 540 hours more than their contracted amount. In … Read more

US Schools Are Missing the AI Revolution

ai in education

It’s no secret that artificial intelligence (AI) technologies across various industries are radically transforming how organizations of all types operate. But there’s one sector that’s been slow to adapt: education. While other industries have quickly embraced AI for efficiency and innovation, US schools are lagging behind, struggling to implement these technologies in meaningful ways. AI … Read more

Emory Student Sues University for Suspending Him Over AI Tool It Previously Endorsed

emory ai lawsuit

An Emory University student is suing the university after being suspended for creating an AI-powered study tool, Eightball, which he claims the university previously endorsed and funded. Ben Craver, who recently completed his junior year, developed Eightball to help students convert classroom materials into study aids like flashcards and practice tests. The tool, which won … Read more

The Average New Teacher Only Makes $21 an Hour in the US

hourly pay for new teachers USA

Across the United States, schools struggling to fill teaching vacancies, and one of the biggest reasons for the shortage is that teachers, especially newcomers to the profession, just aren’t earning enough to attract talent to the field. Last month, we released a report showing that new teachers in the U.S. earn approximately 20% less in … Read more

Udacity Pricing: Plans, Free Trial Info, More (2024)

udacity pricing

Udacity is a global tech education provider that teaches in-demand skills that companies in the tech industry are looking for, like data analysis, data engineering, data science, artificial intelligence, web development, and more. With the launch of its new All Access subscription plan that costs $249 per month or $846 for 4 months (the average … Read more

New Teachers Are Earning 20% Less Than They Were 20 Years Ago

new teacher salaries vs inflation

Over the last few years, schools all across the US have been struggling to fill all of their teaching vacancies. A big part of the problem? Teachers just aren’t getting paid enough. Teacher salaries, especially for those just starting out, have barely budged over the years, remaining mostly flat. Despite the critical role teachers play … Read more

Can You Download Masterclass Videos to Watch Any Time?

can you download masterclass videos

We all wish we could download Masterclass videos so we can watch them anytime, anywhere. But is it actually possible to download Masterclass videos to your computer or mobile device? And what about accompanying other course materials? The answer is: it depends. Depending on the plan you have and the course you want to download, … Read more

How to Keep Kids Reading During Holiday Breaks from School

keep kids reading during holidays

As a parent and educational professional, I’ve seen firsthand how eagerly kids anticipate school breaks like Christmas or summer vacation. However, these breaks often lead to a ‘holiday slide’ in learning, especially in reading. I’ve found that it’s crucial to maintain a reading habit even during these breaks. Regular reading plays a vital role in … Read more

Instructional Design Career Path & Roadmap: Everything You Need to Know

instructional design career path

Are you an instructional designer who’s feeling a little stuck in your current job? Or maybe you’re an aspiring instructional designer looking to break into the field and start building a lucrative career where you’re consistently climbing up the ladder. Either way, you’ll need a roadmap to get you there. As someone who’s worked in … Read more