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The 5 Best Business English Courses Online (2024 Rankings)

With the best Business English courses online, you can improve your verbal and written communication skills to unlock new opportunities.

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By Fatima Mansoor

best business english courses online

The best business English courses online are essential for professionals looking to sharpen their communication skills in the global marketplace. Whether you’re in finance, technology, healthcare, or any other sector, mastering business English can significantly enhance your professional interactions and opportunities in English-speaking environments.

In the guide below, I’ve evaluated and ranked the top business English courses available online, considering several critical aspects such as the comprehensiveness of the curriculum, the qualifications of the instructors, feedback from students, affordability, and more (click here to learn about our entire Editorial Process & Methodology for product reviews).

What are the Best Online Business English Classes?

1. English Online Self Study Course (British Council)

Online Self-Study Course - English Online (British Council) Online Self-Study Course - English Online (British Council)

Master English at your own pace with fun, engaging, and highly effective exercises and lessons.

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With the help of the British Council’s “Self Study’ Courses, you can unlock the world of self-paced English learning.

What sets this course apart isn’t just how much content it includes covering speaking, listening, reading, and writing, but how it’s delivered.

The interactive content is incredibly engaging and designed to push your business English skills to new heights in a way that feels almost effortless.

The focus on grammar and pronunciation through web exercises and the opportunity to join live classes offered a blend of self-paced learning with real-time feedback that I found invaluable.

For beginners, I think that this course is a solid foundation, laying down the basics of business English in an accessible format.

But it’s not just for new learners — even those with intermediate skills can find new challenges and areas to improve.

All in all, I believe that the practical application, combined with the flexibility of the course makes it an essential tool for anyone looking to make their mark in the business world.

You can click here to learn more about this course.

2. Introduction to Studying Business (FutureLearn)

This course is crucial not just for anyone eyeing an undergraduate business degree but for those looking to sharpen their critical thinking and research abilities.

The focus on critical reading and note-taking as foundational skills was something that really stood out to me, offering tools that are essential in professional settings.

The course’s exploration of business research methodologies broke down complex concepts and made them accessible, even to those of us at an introductory level.

The blend of theoretical knowledge and practical research skills is something I found increidbly compelling and effective.

Learning from experts in the International Foundation Programme (IFP) in business also added an invaluable layer of credibility and insight that sets it apart from some of the other courses on this list. Their guidance felt like a direct line to the kind of knowledge and expertise that shapes future business leaders.

By the end of this course, I believe you’ll feel more than ready to tackle undergraduate studies, armed with enhanced academic English skills and a solid grasp of business fundamentals.

3. Business English Complete: English for Professionals (Udemy)

This course can really help you improve your command of Business English, especially with its targeted approach to vocabulary that’s crucial in a corporate setting.

I found that this course does a great job of bridging the gap between knowing English and effectively applying it in a business context. Remember, those are two very different things.

Each lesson was a step forward in mastering the kind of language that makes professional interactions more impactful.

What I really enjoyed was how the course tackled phrasal verbs and business-specific phrases. It wasn’t just about memorizing words but understanding their context and usage in everyday professional life.

I also thought it was great that the course included some practical advice on navigating job interviews and enhancing communication skills for meetings and presentations was invaluable.

The structured repetition of examples and the clarity provided around complex terms is something I think is helpful for cementing the learning.

For anyone aiming to elevate their professional language skills and navigate the business world with greater assurance, this course is a great choice.

4. Business Communication Skills: Business Writing & Grammar (Udemy)

This course will make you a better writer and communicator, a skill that will help you grow your career, and have your ideas heard and considered.

You’ll learn essential professional communication skills, including English grammar, business writing, email, phone and video call communication, conflict management, effective meetings, business proposals, reports, cover letters, and more. 

You’ll begin with a focus on grammar, then move on to practical applications in various professional contexts.

You’ll also improve your business writing by mastering grammar and effective word choice.

What’s most helpful here, in my view, is that the course is designed to help you develop advanced skills for writing reports, and business proposals and creating compelling presentations, which can help you take your career to new heights.

5. Formal Email Writing – Business English (Udemy)

Before this course, I knew my email writing skills could be better, but I didn’t realize just how much room I had to grow until I began.

The instructor’s expertise was clear in each lesson, transforming what I thought was a mundane task into an art form. His approach was informative and, really, transformative, making me want to revisit the content repeatedly to truly master the craft of business email writing.

Mastering the art of business email writing, as I’ve learned, is invaluable. It’s incredibly important for building relationships, demonstrating professionalism, and often, it’s the first impression you make on a colleague, client, or superior.

This course peeled back the layers of email communication, from the intricacies of etiquette and structure to the precision of language and punctuation. It was really interesting to see how even minor tweaks to grammar or vocabulary could significantly change the tone and clarity of an email.

For anyone looking to elevate their email writing skills, this course is a must!

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right Business English course can drastically improve your professional communication skills, opening doors to career advancement and global opportunities.

The courses I outlined above offer a blend of practical knowledge, interactive learning, and expert insights that cater to the evolving needs of the business world.

Whether you’re preparing for a job interview, aiming to excel in international trade, or simply looking to communicate more effectively in your current role, a comprehensive online Business English course can be exactly what you need to reach your goal.

Do you have any questions about finding the best Business English courses online? Feel free to drop a comment below, and I’ll be more than happy to guide you towards making an informed decision that aligns with your career goals.

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