Codecademy Pricing: Plans, Free Trial Info, More (2022 Guide)

Are you interested in learning about Codecademy pricing and wondering which plan would be best for you?

Codecademy is an online powerhouse when it comes to programming. This online course website offers courses in 14 different programming languages in 10 different subject areas.

Codecademy offers both a basic and a Pro Plan with varying features. In addition, the company offers a supportive community to it’s learners to assist and enhance learning.

Codecademy offers varying features for the basic and Pro Plan. The company also offers discounted pricing for teams and students. So whether you’re trying to beef up your resume, build your career, develop a new skill, learn a new coding language or just explore, Codecademy is the place to do it.

Codecademy offers many courses, including Javascript courses, Python courses, and more.

Some of their most popular are:

  • Learn JavaScript
  • Learn HTML
  • Data Scientist

Codecademy teaches skills that are needed in the workforce. It delivers courses in an easy-to-digest way that learners love. With Codecademy students can learn various coding languages with courses made and delivered by professionals in the industry. Codecademy offers courses in the following coding languages:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • Java
  • SQL
  • Bash/Shell
  • Ruby
  • C++
  • R
  • C#
  • PHP
  • GO
  • Swift
  • Kotlin

The benefits of learning to code are massive to learning and understanding how to code.

Whether we’re talking about a child or an adult, coding has become an increasingly important and beneficial skill.

Learning how to code can help to enhance various problem-solving skills, creativity, understanding technology better, and so much more.

In addition, coding is a universal language and will remain beneficial to learn.

Codecademy offers a Basic Plan that is free and a Pro Plan at a small fee. There are varying features in each. Codecademy is very user-friendly, so even the most novice coder can get started.

So, what is the difference between the Codecademy plans? Continue reading to find out all of the details, features and prices for each plan available.

Let’s get started with our Codecademy pricing overview.

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How Much Does Codecademy Cost?

Codecademy pricing is dependent upon which plan is chosen, but it ranges from free to $39.99 a month depending on which plan you choose.

The company offers a free (basic), pro and a plan for teams and businesses. Each plan offers several great features to enhance and capitalize on learning opportunities.

Codecademy offers its plans on both monthly and yearly terms. This allows more people and businesses to take advantage of all the learning the company offers. Codecademy can fit into nearly any budget with ease because of its flexible payment terms.

The main difference between the different Codecademy plans are the features they include.

For example, while the Basic Plan does offer a lot, it doesn’t offer learners access to real-world projects to enhance learnings, step by step guidance to ensure complete understanding, certificate of completion to show future employers or team performance reports.

Compare the plans offered by Codecademy below with the help of our chart and continue reading to find out all of the details and features.

FEATURES Basic Plan – 0$ PRO – $19.99/mth billed yearly or $39.99/mth billed monthly TEAMS – Contact customer service for a quote.
Access to basic courses
Members-only content X
Learn on the go Limited
Community Support
Real-world projects X
Step-by-step guidance X
Certificate of completion X
Easy to navigate database

Codecademy Key Features

  • Exceptional customer service and support
  • Easy to use database
  • Beginner-friendly courses
  • Opportunity to build a portfolio
  • Access to community forums
  • Cheatsheets
  • Practice exercises
  • Quizzes
  • Career path outlines
  • Hands-on projects
  • Certificates


Basic Codecademy Plan – Free

The Basic Codecademy plan is perfect for beginners. It includes all of the basic courses perfect for beginners and intermediate coders. The community forum is a great support to amplify learning. The Basic Plan gives users access to approximately one hundred and eighty courses. The courses are high-quality and kept up to date. Students learn industry-needed skills that will help them in their studies, career or hobbies.

The Basic Plan offered by Codecademy is best suited for anyone wanting to learn coding skills. The courses are suitable for beginners making it great for children, teens and adults alike. Codecademy courses are designed to be understood in real world scenarios easily. Students progress slowly throughout the course and complete various exercises and quizzes. This plan is great for anyone wanting to learn and doesn’t require a certificate of completion.


Pro Codeacademy Plan – $19.99/month billed yearly or $39.99/month billed monthly.

The Codecademy Pro Plan is an excellent extension of the Basic Plan. It includes the use of the app in order to learn on the go, cheatsheets, access to community forums, quizzes, detailed career paths, real-world projects to enhance learning and apply skills. The Pro Plan also offers detailed career paths and a quiz to help decide which course to take. It is a comprehensive plan that doesn’t leave anything out.

The Pro Plan at Codecademy offers learners extra practice exercises, tools to build an exemplary portfolio, exclusive courses and certificate of completion to add to your resume, Linkedin profile, or just hang on your wall. The Pro Plan has an enormous amount of features and tools to make learning how to code feasible and possible.

The Pro Plan offered by Codecademy is best suited for anyone wanting to learn. The Pro Plan gives users access to approximately eighteen hundred coding courses. With all of the features included, learners can display their learning in the form of a certificate to their employers or hang it up. The Pro Plan is great for serious learners and career-driven people. The step by step guidance makes it a great option for all kinds of students, as the community forums provide students with support and help.


Codecademy Pricing Q&A

Does Codecademy really teach coding skills?

Absolutely it does! Even if you don’t have experience with coding at this point, Codecademy is still an excellent option because it is designed to be completely beginner-friendly. Using Codecademy will teach coding skills for sure.

Is it worth it to have certificates from Codecademy?

It depends on what you’re looking for. Certificates from Codecademy look great on a resume or Linkedin profile. However, they are not accredited. To know if it’s worth it for you, you have to know what you want your outcome to be. The certificates provide proof of studying which looks great to employers.

What forms of payment does Codecademy accept?

Codecademy currently accepts all major credit cards. They also welcome suggestions about which payment form to consider adding.

What are the most popular courses on Codecademy?

A few of the most popular courses on Codecademy include:

  • Learn Python3
  • Learn HTML
  • Learn JavaScript
  • Learn SQL
  • Learn C++

Does Codecademy offer different payment plans?

Yes they do! Codecademy does a great job of attempting to make high-quality coding education accessible. The coding powerhouse offers both monthly and yearly terms.

What subjects does Codecademy offer courses in?

Codecademy offers courses in a wide variety of subjects. Below are a handful of the subjects offered.

  • Code foundations
  • Web development
  • Data science
  • Computer science
  • Developer tools
  • Machine learning
  • Web design
  • Game development
  • Mobile development
  • And more!


Is Codecademy Worth It?

If you’re looking to learn or give the gift of coding skills then yes we certainly think so. Codecademy has many tools and resources to enhance learning experiences. For example, the Pro Plan offers students quizzes, daily exercises, certificates, and more.

In particular, the Pro Plan gives users access to approximately 1800 courses that are designed and carefully created by professionals.

Whichever plan you go with, we’re positive Codecademy will be a great pick!

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