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Codecademy Review: The Best Website for Learning Coding?

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By Scott Winstead

codecademy review

If you’ve recently thought about learning to code, you’re not alone, and you might be wondering if Codecademy is the right online course platform for helping you build your skills. In our Codecademy review below, we’ll explore some of the features and benefits that make it an excellent choice for learning to code.

Coding is a highly sought-after skill in today’s job market.

Jobs that require coding, such as web or software development, typically pay well above-average salaries.

Many employers will also give hiring priority to applicants with coding expertise, even if it’s not a skill specifically included in the job description.

Plus, coding opens the door to better critical thinking and problem-solving skills that are beneficial regardless of your job.

Learning to write code can seem overwhelming, however.  It essentially requires learning a new language: one the computer can understand.

Like learning any new language, this can feel like a huge undertaking.  Thankfully, though, there are tons of ways to learn coding online today.

One of the most highly rated online coding schools available is Codecademy, a company whose mission is to make coding accessible for anyone – even people without a background in tech.

In this Codecademy review, we dive into how the platform works and what it offers.  Read on to see if this online coding option might be a good fit for you!

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What is Codecademy?

Codecademy is an interactive platform designed to teach users how to write code, even if they’ve never worked in computer programming before.

Started in New York in 2011, Codecademy now boasts over 50 million users in more than 190 countries around the world.

This makes Codecademy one of the farthest-reaching coding programs on the market today.

So, what does Codecademy actually do?

The platform seeks to educate users by offering courses in a number of different coding languages, from basic HTML to JavaScript to SQL and ChatGPT.

Codecademy also offers courses at different levels, so you can tailor what you’re learning to fit your specific needs.

One of the most striking features of Codecademy is their commitment to providing free classes in addition to paid offerings.

Users can begin coding instantly with these free lessons, which are available on a variety of coding topics through the Codecademy site.

Even if you’re a total beginner, the engaging, hands-on approach will have you inputting code within minutes, which makes for an encouraging start.

For users who might be a little bit further along, there’s also a handy sorting quiz to help you figure out a good place to begin leveling up your learning.

Whether you’re just curious, boosting your resume, or actively aiming to change careers, Codecademy offers courses that can help you master the skills you need to reach your goals.


Codecademy Plans Explained

In this next section, we’ll take a deeper look at each of the three plans Codecademy offers to fit their users’ needs: Basic, Pro, and Plus.

Read on to figure out which level might be best for you!


Codecademy Basic

Basic, as the name implies, provides access to Codecademy’s fundamentals.  These are the courses that will help you get your feet wet as you decide if coding is a skill you’d like to pursue.

Unlike a number of other coding platforms, Codecademy’s Basic classes are always free.  It’s not a temporary trial or a one-time offer.

Codecademy Basic users can check out introductory courses on topics like HTML, Java, SQL, and Python. However, quizzes and projects are not available in the Basic plan.

Basic access also lets users connect to an online community of other Codecademy learners.  This allows you to chat with one another, ask and answer questions, and even attend in-person events for coding enthusiasts.

Helpful resources like documents, “cheat sheets,” and informative videos are provided for free with Codecademy’s Basic level, as well as limited practice time on the mobile app.

For absolutely no cost, Codecademy Basic is a great place for users to dive into the world of coding and start building their confidence, network, and baseline skills.

Click here to get started for free on Codecademy.


Codecademy Plus

Codecademy Plus gives users access to everything at the Basic level, plus a more detailed path to building specialized, career-boosting coding skills.

This means that Plus users will be able to access a larger catalog of classes and content than Basic users.  Plus users will also benefit from Codecademy’s Skill Paths.

Skill Paths are specific courses designed to help users master a particular skill set, such as website design or data tracking.

These paths are ideal for anyone looking to advance their knowledge in a specific area, whether you’re improving your resume or just brushing up on best coding practices.

Codecademy Plus also offers its users real-world applications via their expansive library of practice and portfolio projects.

This means that you can begin applying your new knowledge to meaningful projects right away.

Obviously, this is an excellent way to test out what you’ve learned, but it’s also a great way to begin boosting your professional portfolio, too.

Plus classes also come with a certificate of completion to signify that you’ve finished the course.  These certificates are another great addition to a growing portfolio.

Click here to get started for free on Codecademy.


Codecademy Pro

The most advanced level of Codecademy courses is the Pro offering, aimed at those hoping to successfully switch to a coding-centered career.

Instead of offering just Skill Paths, Codecademy Pro provides Career Paths to mastering the skills you’ll need to succeed in a specific job field.

Pro users can also take advantage of interview prep paths aimed at giving you the confidence you need to ace your next interview, as well as in-depth code challenges you can add to your portfolio.

Codecademy Pro learners can even earn professional career certificates upon completing a Career Path.

Professional career certificates are harder won than the certificates of completion offered at the Plus level.  To earn one, you’ll be required to prove your coding prowess by passing a set of exams.

These exams include multiple-choice and coding application questions designed to prove that you know your stuff.

While this achievement may be more difficult to attain than a certificate of completion, the resulting certification is sure to set you apart as a coding pro.

Currently, Codecademy Pro offers opportunities to become certified in a number of careers, including:

  • Full-Stack Engineer
  • Front-End Engineer
  • Back-End Engineer
  • Data Scientist (Analytics or Machine Learning), and
  • Computer Science

Click here to get started for free on Codecademy.


What Does Codecademy Really Cost?

As we’ve already stated, the Basic level of Codecademy is completely free.

There’s no charge for jumping into the Basic classes at any time.  You can get involved in the Codecademy community and explore readily available resources at no cost.

If you’re in need of deeper knowledge, Codecademy pricing for its paid plans is very affordable.

The Plus option is offered at $17.49 per month if you opt for an annual subscription.  You can also pay by month for $34.99.

Meanwhile, the more advanced Codecademy Pro option breaks down to $29.99 a month when billed annually (and $59.99 when billed monthly).

Clearly, there’s a big difference between paying nothing and shelling out thirty dollars per month.  However, the beauty of Codecademy is that each level is designed to fit what skills you’re seeking.

If you’re just curious about coding or would like to be able to tell an employer that you know the basics of Java or HTML, there’s no need to pay a cent.

Codecademy Basic is an impressively thorough starting point for users with no coding background.

Meanwhile, if you’ve got some foundational knowledge and really want to hone a specific skill, the Plus option is a great way to bulk up your skill set for under twenty dollars a month.

Even though the Pro option jumps up to $29.99 per month, it’s a solid investment for those looking to change careers.  After all, a personal career coach would likely charge more than that for just one session.

In fact, for hopeful career switchers, Codecademy Pro is actually a fairly affordable option.

This is especially true when you take into account the certifications and real-life coding projects you’ll be able to add to your portfolio after becoming a member of the Pro community.

It’s worth noting that Codecademy offers free trials for both Plus and Pro learning levels, so users can see if these upgrades are worthwhile for their career goals.

Codecademy also offers a hefty student discount, charging 50% less for their unique Student Pro option.

The platform also offers discount rates for large teams, making Codecademy a valuable resource for businesses hoping to provide engaging coding training for their employees.

Click here to try Codecademy for free.


Final Thoughts on Codecademy

Codecademy is a sleek, user-friendly platform that can help you start applying coding skills right away.

The platform offers a surprising number of free classes at their Basic level, as well as free perks like video tutorials and an active online community.

Codecademy’s paid offerings are equally impressive, as they are designed to help learners reach specific and attainable goals.

The price structure of Codecademy’s courses accurately reflects what users can hope to get out of each level, with Plus users paying about $20 a month and Pro users paying about $30.

Codecademy Plus learners can use the platform’s Skill Paths to quickly and effectively master new abilities that will help advance their coding knowledge.

Codecademy Pro learners, meanwhile, can revamp their entire careers by following Career Paths and even earning professional certifications through the site.

Overall, Codecademy is a well-designed platform capable of bringing coding knowledge to anyone seeking it.

Codecademy makes it possible for learners from all backgrounds to truly crack the code to learning important new skills.

Click here to get started for free on Codecademy.

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