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19 Best Online Quiz Makers & Test Creators for 2024 (Free & Cheap Options)

With the best quiz makers, it's easy for anyone to quickly create everything from tests for school to website quizzes to trivia games and more.

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By Scott Winstead

best online quiz makers

As someone who’s been working in eLearning for years now, I can tell you firsthand just how useful quiz makers are. Not only does it make it easy to create and administer quizzes, but it also helps to grade them automatically, saving educators a huge amount of time.

In addition, quiz software often comes with a range of features that can make quizzes more engaging and effective. For example, many programs allow you to add multimedia content, create multiple-choice questions, or set up timers. This means that you can tailor your quizzes to the needs of your students, making them more likely to learn the material.

In the guide below, you’ll get a look at the best online quiz makers available right now in 2024. As an instructional designer, I’ve done hands-on testing of numerous online quiz creators. Each has its own unique flair and capabilities. I’ve ranked what I believe are the very best ones based on numerous factors, including customization options, integrations, reporting capabilities, ease of use, and more. (click here to learn about our entire Editorial Process & Methodology for product reviews).

My Picks for the Best Online Tools for Making Quizzes

1. iSpring QuizMaker

Top Pick
iSpring Quiz Maker iSpring Quiz Maker

Create cheat-proof quizzes easily with preset templates and track learner results online.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

iSpring QuizMaker (Try it for free) is a great tool for creating online quizzes that you can use for any kind of assessment — pre-assessments, self-assessments, and final tests. The tool comes with ready-made question templates and is extremely easy to use. You just need to fill the templates with content, set up the testing rules, and your quiz is ready to go.

You can publish it to a SCORM format for online courses and upload it to any learning management system (Moodle, Blackboard, Litmos, etc.). Or you can save the quiz as an HTML5 file to share it with your learners on the Web.

Something I really appreciate about this tool is how the quizzes I create look great and work perfectly on any device.

ispring quizmaker


  • Graded and non-graded quizzes. Depending on your goals, you can create surveys or tests.
  • 14 question types. Assess knowledge by using the classic multiple-choice and true/false questions and build highly interactive quizzes with question types like hotspot and drag-and-drop.
  • A multimedia experience. Make your quizzes more engaging by adding images, video, and audio. You can even create tests with math expressions.
  • Quiz scoring. Create graded quizzes by setting a minimum passing score. Assign points for correct answers and penalties for incorrect ones.
  • 100% cheat-proof settings. Cheaters won’t win if you randomize questions, shuffle answer options, and set a time limit to answer each question.
  • Answer feedback. Provide helpful messages to your learners — explain why their answer is incorrect or provide some extra info to help jog their memory.
  • Reporting. Have detailed reports sent to an instructor or a learner and stay on top of your instruction.

License options

A 1-user year subscription to this quiz maker is only $470 (billed annually). You can also test drive the tool for free with a 14-day trial.

Looking for more details? Watch this video where I discuss iSpring QuizMaker’s capabilities. See how the tool works and what kinds of quizzes you can create.

2. iSpring Free

ispring free

iSpring Free is a tool that is entirely free of charge for creating interactive HTML5 and SCORM quizzes and surveys that can be published to your website or LMS. This free quiz maker works as a PowerPoint add-in and shares its ultrafamiliar interface.

Something I like is there are no tech skills required to quickly build quizzes and surveys with iSpring Free. It’s so easy to use.


  • 3 question types. Build quizzes and surveys using multiple-choice, multiple-response, and short-answer question templates.
  • Customization options. Add images, audio, and videos to your quiz to make learning experiences more captivating.
  • Flexible scoring. Set the number of points for each question. For example, you can give more points for complex questions and fewer points for simple ones.
  • Individual feedback. Add feedback for each question to help learners reinforce new knowledge.
  • Limits on number of attempts. Set the number of times a learner can retake your quiz.
  • 3 publishing formats. Publish your quizzes and surveys to HTML5 (for blogs and websites), SCORM 1.2, or SCORM 2004 formats (for an LMS).

License options

iSpring Free is entirely free of charge. You can download it now.

3. Testportal


Testportal is the ultimate AI-powered skills and knowledge assessment platform that serves over 2.5M business and educational users worldwide. It allows them to create, deploy, and analyze quizzes, tests, and exams effortlessly.

The feature that really sets this apart from most of the other tools out there that I’ve tested is the breakthrough AI-driven question maker. Users can generate high-quality questions automatically by providing the tool with their materials: product or service information, training curricula, technical specifications, book chapters and more!

I’ve found that I can create tests nearly 10 times faster and more efficiently with this feature.

Testportal also features automated question grading (for choice and short open-ended questions), and feedback delivery, secure test access methods as well as the Honest Respondent Technology proctoring solution, which deters and detects cheating in a non-intrusive way.

The platform’s algorithms analyze the results of each Testportal-based online quiz, test or exam. This insight engine offers detailed test statistics and analytics, allowing in-depth data access and making decisions based on facts only.


  • AI-generated questions, which make test authoring 10 times faster
  • Great charts and graphs for in-depth insight analyses.
  • Detailed multidimensional test scores by using question categories
  • Time limits per quiz and question, randomization, and flexible scoring options.
  • Multiple question types enriched with an advanced equation editor and attachments (images, videos, and audio files).
  • Dedicated app for Microsoft Teams.
  • Cheating prevention with the Honest Respondent Technology and other smart proctoring features.

License options

Testportal offers a free 14-day trial and plans starting from $29/month. There’s also a Free EDU plan available to teachers only.

4. involve.me


involve.me is a powerful tool for anyone looking to create engaging and interactive content to reach their audience.

With no coding required, involve.me makes it easy to build funnels that generate leads, boost online sales, and grow email lists.

But it’s not just about getting results—it’s also about creating memorable experiences for your audience. With options like quizzes, tests, calculators, and surveys, you can encourage your audience to explore and engage with your brand in new ways.

And with over 200 professionally-designed templates, getting started is a breeze. Whether you’re a seasoned marketer or just starting out, involve.me can help take your online presence to the next level.


  • 30+ native integrations with tools like Salesforce, Marketo, and others
  • 1,000+ additional integrations using Zapier
  • 250+ professionally designed templates
  • Answer piping for advanced personalization of questions
  • View partial submissions
  • Advanced validation rules
  • Logic jumps
  • Score-based projects
  • Advanced formula builder with conditional logic functions for calculators
  • 5 Payment gateways – PayPal, Stripe, Square, and more
  • Full responsiveness for mobile devices
  • Detailed funnel analytics

License options

involve.me offers a free plan as well as premium plans that start at $29/month. Click here to try the premium features free for 14 days.

5. QuizGecko


QuizGecko revolutionizes the way quizzes and tests are created by leveraging Artificial Intelligence to generate questions from any piece of text, website, video, or uploaded file. You can easily turn anything into a quiz that includes answers and detailed explanations in just seconds.

Catering to businesses, educators, and students, QuizGecko provides a seamless, user-friendly platform to create, share, and analyze quizzes.

You can create quizzes of all types — multiple choice, true/false, essay, etc. — and customizing your quizzes is super easy. And you can take things even further with features like setting time limits and due dates for test takers, randomizing questions, and more.

  • Saves Time: Automatically generate questions, reducing the time spent on quiz creation.
  • Enhances Learning: AI-generated quizzes and feedback enhance learning and understanding.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for businesses, educators, and students for various assessment and learning purposes.
  • Global Applicability: Works in any language, making it accessible and useful worldwide.

Key Features

  • AI-Powered Question Generation: Transform any content into a quiz, including PDFs, DOCs, and PPTs, with answers and explanations.
  • Diverse Question Types: Generate multiple choice, true/false, short answer essay, matching, and fill-in-the-blank style questions.
  • Customizable Quizzes: Configure quizzes to exact specifications, including time limits and question randomization.
  • Easy Sharing & Embedding: Share quizzes with anyone, assign them to learners with due dates and time limits, and embed them on websites, LMS, or blogs.
  • In-depth Analysis: Auto-grading for short answer questions, AI-powered feedback, and smart analytics reports to understand individual and group performance.

License Options

QuizGecko offers a free version to get started and explore the platform’s capabilities. For more advanced features and usage, users will want to upgrade to a paid plan that starts as low as $18/month.

Click here to try QuizGeck for free.

6. Jotform

jotform quizzes

Jotform is a free online form builder that lets you build professional-looking, interactive forms and custom quizzes in just minutes with no coding required.

One of the cool uses for Jotform is you can build forms that can be used for quizzes and exams.

Jotform’s Quiz Form tool lets you create multiple-choice style forms that are perfect for website quizzes for a range of applications, from online courses to lead generation and more. You can have the quiz results emailed, compare them in the app, or show them to the user upon completion.

jotform quiz form


  • Use form templates to quickly create quizzes and exams
  • Totally free quiz maker
  • No coding required to create online quizzes and forms
  • Great reporting and analytics

License options

Jotform is an entirely free quiz maker with no fees for its basic plan. Paid plans start at $34/month and give you access to more forms and monthly submissions from users. You can check it out here.

7. Interact

Interact is an online tool that can be used to create quizzes for free and to collect emails with the paid subscription service. For educators/trainers on a limited budget, the free plan offered by Interact is very helpful. The paid subscription plans function to collect email addresses from quiz takers as a marketing tool.


  • All plans offered by this company, including the free plan, allow unlimited interactive quizzes and an unlimited number of users who take the quizzes.
  • Custom branding is possible with the Growth and Pro level plans.
  • Quizzes can have a customized look and feel.
  • Interact Certified Consultants are available for hire to create quizzes.

License options

The free plan offers unlimited quizzes and unlimited quiz takers. This basic free service is terrific if an educator does not need to collect the email addresses of the quiz takers.

The paid plans of all levels for this quiz maker have a 14-day free trial. The paid subscription plans bill monthly or offer a discount if paid annually. There are three paid subscription levels of Lite, Growth, and Pro.

The Lite plan ($39/mo or $324/year) allows the collection of up to 60,000 email addresses per year. The Lite plan integrates with Zapier (connects to over 500 applications), AWeber, Campaign Monitor, ActiveCampaign, Constant Contact, Drip, ConvertKit, GetResponse, MadMimi, Klaviyo, MailerLite, and SendGrid.

The Growth plan allows the collection of up to 120,000 email addresses per year. The Growth plan includes the integrations of the Lite plan and adds integration with Ontraport, Maropost, Infusionsoft, and Hubspot. It has conversion tracking and advanced analytics.

The Pro plan allows the collection of unlimited email addresses per year. The Pro plan integrates with all the Lite and Growth Plan options. It also has integration with Pardot and Act-on. It has conversion tracking, advanced analytics, and live coaching help.

Click here to try Interactive now.

You can visit our Interact pricing guide for more info on their plans.

8. Typeform

Typeform helps with creating quizzes, conversational forms, and surveys that increase user engagement. This helps collect more data and increases memory retention. Teachers and trainers use quizzes to make learning lessons a more interactive experience. This system supports many question styles, including questions that incorporate pictures.


  • It is very easy to create online quizzes using this system. There are many free templates to choose from when setting up a new quiz.
  • This system allows logic jumps. A logic jump allows a quiz to respond to a user’s answers. For example, not to present questions, which are irrelevant based on a previous answer.
  • Branching forks are possible for subgrouping, such as making an early choice between being a dog lover and a cat lover to see different questions for the quiz.
  • Offers a calculator function, which can present different questions to respondents based on their cumulative score.

License options

This quiz maker service offers a free plan and 3 paid plans (Basic, Plus, & Business) that start as low as $25 a month.

The free plan allows limited use but is good for evaluating the system.

The other paid plans are available as monthly or annual subscriptions with the main difference between them being the number of responses and users allowed.

Typeform also provides a discount for teachers/students – 25% off the monthly plan or 40% off the yearly plan.

9. FyreBox

Use Fyrebox to create multiple-choice quizzes, scenario-based quizzes, and rules-based quizzes for the learning experience you desire. Quizzes can include the use of pictures. Quiz scoring calculates in real-time with quiz results sent by email if desired.

The strength of this system is its easy integration with other contact management systems, which includes being able to connect to over 500 applications through Zapier.

The Professional plan version of this quiz maker integrates with Mailchimp, SharpSpring, Constant Contact, Vertical Response, Campaign Monitor, Aweber, Active Campaign, Klaviyo, Get Responses, ConvertKit, MailerLite, Mad Mimi, Omnisend, Drip, Infusion Soft, Hubspot, Insightly, and Google Analytics.


  • Making interactive quizzes is fast and the Fyrebox staff can make quizzes for clients.
  • Quizzes may be chatbots on Facebook Messenger.
  • Participants’ data can export automatically to more than 500 applications through the integration with Zapier.
  • The Fyrebox brand does not show with paid plans.
  • It is easy to design a high-quality, nice-looking certificate for quiz takers using Canva.

License options

This system offers a free 14-day trial for each plan level of their online quiz makers. A user may upgrade, downgrade, or cancel at any time on the monthly plans.

The paid subscription plans have a monthly fee or a discounted annual price and start at $20/month. The main difference between the paid plans is the number of questions allowed and the level of access to additional features like syncing with Google Analytics.

10. Free Online Surveys

The FreeOnlineSurveys.com quiz maker is a popular tool to quickly create an online survey, generate online polls, and generate forms using a form generator.

This platform isn’t just a quiz maker; it’s a companion for educators, professionals, and curious minds alike, offering a free, user-friendly space to create, customize, and analyze quizzes. With a generous offer of 1000 responses and unlimited quizzes for free, it’s a haven for those of us in the eLearning sphere who are on a tight budget.

With features like automated scoring, A/B testing, and API access, this platform offers a rich, interactive, and valuable quiz-making experience that’s not really matched by any of the other free tools out there.

From my experience, the automated scoring and detailed analysis features stand out, making the post-quiz process a breeze. Plus, the platform ensures your data is secure, aligning with GDPR guidelines, which, for me, adds an extra layer of trust.

Free Online Surveys


  • Create surveys, online quizzes, or forms quickly and easily using the drag-and-drop builder or question prediction tool.
  • Easy distribution (email to customers, share a short URL, QR code, insert a small snippet of code on your website, etc.).
  • Automated scoring for Quizzes and all results are compiled into beautiful charts and graphs.
  • Theme Customization
  • Add images, videos, and text fields
  • Create custom messages to show quiz-takers based on their page and total quiz scores.
  • Filter and compare data sets, and create custom reports.
  • Share digital reports with a simple URL.
  • Question Types for Quizzes: Multiple-Choice (Single & Multiple Select), Drop-Down List, Text/ Comment Boxes, Dates, Picture-Choice Quiz Questions.
  • Question Types for Surveys and Forms: All of the above, Opinion Scales, Net Promoter Score, Star Ratings, Order Ranking, Sliders, Matrices, AB Tests (Text, Images, and Videos), and Contact Forms.

License options

Free Account

  • Access to all types of quizzes
  • 1000 responses per survey/form/quiz (There is no longer a total response cap for free accounts)
  • Access to the majority of advanced features (excluding exit page redirects, white labeling, and custom domains)

Paid Plans go from $12.99 and up per month, billed annually. Student and nonprofit discounts are available. 

11. Poll Maker’s Quiz Maker

Quiz Maker from Poll Maker is another easy-to-use online service that helps you construct assessments. It’s a simple process: add quiz questions, set scoring results, share, and see your reports.

Poll Maker’s Quiz Maker


  • Engaging interactive content and online quizzes
  • Image and media support, automatic social media integration
  • Automatic grading and scoring
  • Lead generation (ask for an email to view results)
  • Test your audience via smartphone and provide live results during a presentation.

License options

This is a free quiz maker service that covers all basic functionality (limited to 20 responses), and paid plans are also available starting at $23 per user per month for the unlimited basic package.

12. Vocabtest

An old-school online service conceived for performing vocabulary tests, Vocabtest comes with a free quiz creator. You can use it to create printable word tests by registering an account and following the simple instructions.

The platform offers a plethora of vocabulary tests and games, aiming to bolster your verbal skills in a fun and interactive way, and you can make your own vocab quizzes.

From my experience, it’s evident that while the tool is immensely useful for learning vocabulary, offering a variety of tests for different grade levels and purposes, the website interface can be a tad clunky and occasionally a bit tricky to navigate.

Navigating through VocabTest.com, you’ll find a range of vocabulary tests for different grade levels, from middle school to high school, and even SAT preparation.

The platform allows you to create your own quizzes, which is a fantastic feature for tailoring your learning or teaching experience. However, while the content is rich and the quizzes are beneficial, the user experience might be slightly hindered by the website’s somewhat outdated and complex interface.

Nonetheless, VocabTest.com stands out for its comprehensive vocabulary resources, making it a worthwhile visit for educators, students, and lifelong learners alike.



  • Pick a number of words and assign their definitions
  • Add hints, synonyms/antonyms, and use custom scenarios
  • Share with your students

License options

The service is available at no cost. It does use display advertising for monetization, however, it’s not overly obtrusive. Donations are accepted for service upgrades and improvements.

13. ClassMarker.com

The ClassMarker web-based quizzing software is a test creator for teachers and businesses. Use case scenarios include business and training tests; recruitment and pre-employment assessments; educational facilities, schools, universities, distance learning, online courses, e-learning, self-study groups, etc.



  • Create online quizzes with time limits, public and private test access, multiple choices, short answer, matching, and numerous question types which can include multiple images, files, audio, and video embedded across question and answer options.
  • Tests can include set questions or have questions selected at random from the question bank and ordered by category.
  • Results are graded instantly for learners. Provide individual question feedback and overall test feedback in real-time.
  • Break down individual and group performance by test, questions and categories.
  • Add Unlimited Administrators. Custom certificates with branding.
  • API Integrations, Set IP Restrictions, GDPR & CCPA Compliant.
  • Tips on writing good quiz questions.

License options

ClassMarker offers business and education plans. A business license will cost you $39.95/$79.95 monthly (400 tests/1,000 tests).

Educational plans start free which allows full testing capabilities for up to 100 tests per month, paid education plans (which include all upgraded key features) cost $19.95/$39.95 monthly (400 tests/1,000 tests) included.

Free accounts can’t provide certificates, email results, batch import questions, or upload images or files.

14. Easy Test Maker

Easy Test Maker is another online test maker to help you create and manage quizzes. Easy Test Maker provides the tools to format multiple question types, print alternate versions, and publish to the web. Online tests are automatically graded.

Easy Test Maker


  • Create multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, matching, short answer and true or false questions for your online quizzes. Add instructions and divide your test into multiple sections.
  • Published tests are graded automatically. View and print students’ results and override grading when necessary.
  • Alternate versions and answer sheets to reduce cheating. Questions and answer choices are automatically shuffled in a different order.
  • Use Question pools (randomly selected question sets).
  • Create an exam from your existing tests, and copy a question from one test to another.
  • Built-in spell check eliminates accidental misspellings and typos when using the quiz maker.

License options

The key features of this quiz maker are available at no cost:

  • All question types available
  • Answer sheets
  • Multiple sections
  • 25 test limit

Paid plans offer unlimited tests and other nice perks like export to documents/spreadsheets, uploadable images and graphs, automatic grading, etc. They range between $59.95 and $79.95 a year.

15. Google Forms + Flubaroo

Google Forms may be well employed for creating and sharing tests at no cost! All you have to do is create a form, fill in answer keys and assign the quiz. Then you may use the Flubaroo tool to do the grading.


How does it work?

  • Step 1: Make your assignment. Go into your Google Drive, create a new “form” by clicking “NEW” and finding “Google Forms”. Add the questions for your assignment, save and quit the form.
  • Step 2: Enter the answer keys. Fill in the correct answers and your name for further identification.
  • Step 3: Share with an audience. Post a link on your website or send it via email, Google Classroom or whichever channel works for you. As learners make their entries, their responses will appear in the spreadsheet.
  • Step 4: Grade the results. Open the spreadsheet associated with the forms, and install Flubaroo as a plugin to Google Forms right from the “Add-ons” menu. Once set up, Flubaroo will come up with a few questions, such as whether specific questions should not be graded, which are the identification questions, which entry serves as the answer key, etc. When you are done answering, the quizzing software will start grading!
  • Step 5: Grade review. The Flubaroo-generated grades will be stored in the “Grades” worksheet. For each submission, Flubaroo will determine which questions got a correct response (one point), which were answered incorrectly (zero points), and which remained ungraded.

License options

This forms + grading bundle will not cost you a penny, and provides all the necessary functionality for quick quizzing.

16. Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey is a cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) system that makes it easy to create online surveys/quizzes. Survey Monkey has many back-office integrations that can work with the data collection obtained from the surveys/quizzes.

The company collaborated with the U.S. Department of Education and the Harvard Graduate School of Education to create education surveys/quizzes and templates that enable targeted improvements in educational systems. A paid subscription is required to access the extensive features of this system.


  • Handles all common question types including multiple-choice, dropdown, checkbox, and textbox answers with the integration with images and videos.
  • Supports A/B test questions, rating questions, matrix questions, ranking questions, and slider questions. Uses advanced survey logic with question, block, and page randomization.
  • Supports 58 languages.
  • Has a free template library, which includes over 1,800 survey questions written by experts.
  • Offers real-time quiz results with instant scoring and the emailing of results to users.

License options

Survey Monkey offers personal plans and business plans. All plans offer an unlimited number of surveys/quizzes.

Paid plans start at $25/user/month and go up from there depending on your needs.

17. Adobe Captivate

Captivate is an e-Learning and authoring suite that encapsulates a plethora of features, quizzing just being one of many. That said, the assessment side of the software really stands out and caters to most demands you could think of as a course author.

Adobe Captivate 9


  • All-around quizzing. Customized or out-of-the-box templates, multiple question types (short answer, matching, fill-in-the-blank), cross-platform HTML5 support, and more.
  • Elaborate assessments. Recall and retention check questions and option-level feedback to learners.
  • Drag-and-drop interactions. Polls, games and other elements to spruce up the learning process. Pick any option in a multitude of drag items and drop destinations, provide custom voice/audio feedback to every action, etc.
  • Branched quizzing. Pre-test students’ knowledge to address their individual needs and direct them to a suitable section.
  • Easy scoring. Captivate gleans scoring data from all interactive items. The collected data may be further interpreted in a SCORM- or Tin Can-compliant LMS.
  • Remedial workflow for improved test outcomes. When learners come up with a wrong answer, they can revisit the relevant unit, learn more about the unclear concept and retake the troublesome test part.
  • Random quizzing/question pools. The software may pull random questions from a predefined collection, thus posing unexpected challenges if the test so requires.
  • Embedded LMS preview. With Captivate, instructional designers may automatically preview their courses in Scorm.com and see if everything plays back fine.
  • Indispensable for digital storytelling. The quiz will help students learn how they understood the main thoughts and details of the classmates’ stories.

License options

Adobe Captivate is a reasonably priced tool in terms of course authoring software. There is a monthly subscription option starting at $33.99.

18. Respondus 4.0

Respondus is a great tool for creating and managing LMS-ready exams. All the essentials and more in a single package.

Respondus 4.0


  • Different “personalities” (user accounts) for Blackboard Learn, Brightspace, Canvas, IMS QTI, and Moodle
  • Offline authoring capabilities within the Windows interface
  • Up to 15 question types including algorithmic formats
  • Question import from MS Word, rich-text, QTI, and comma-delimited formats
  • Preview before publishing to the LMS
  • Direct publishing of assessments to an online course, as well as batch publishing to multiple courses in a single step
  • Direct printing from Respondus, saving as a Word/RFT document
  • Granular custom reports involving student quiz scores, overall stats, and answer distributions
  • Downloadable answer databases. Save in Excel or similar spreadsheet formats

License options

A single-user license costs $149, however, you may as well catch the Internet-only special price of $79.

19. Question Writer HTML5

Question Writer is another paid online quiz maker. It offers a bunch of question types and customization options, and supports export to SCORM.

This toolkit blends the ease of quiz creation with a variety of customizable options. One of the things I immediately noticed was this platform’s straightforward yet versatile approach. The tool, offering a collection of 20 templates, empowers you to craft quizzes that can be shared widely, with no limit on participants.

Navigating through its features, I appreciated the diverse question types, each offering a unique way to engage quiz takers and assess their knowledge effectively. The online reporting feature also stands out, providing a detailed analysis of results, which is a boon for any educator or trainer.

While the platform is rich in features, it could use a bit of a facelift. It’s not exactly the prettiest quiz maker out there, but it is robust and easy to use all the same.

Question Writer


  • A wealth of question types: multiple choice, true/false, multiple response, fill in the blank, matching, sequencing, essay, explanation, partial credit, plugin question, etc.
  • Abilities to tweak and tune: set passing score, roll out questions in random order, set a time limit, etc.
  • Collection of quiz metadata for further analysis
  • Include images and Flash content
  • Multiple feedback options (after each question, sequential quiz review, piece-by-piece explanation, etc.)
  • Branching and skipping – complex scenarios depending on the answer
  • Granular reporting (get results in an email, view online, download to Excel)
  • Publish for the web or SCORM 1.2 (Moodle, Blackboard, etc.)
  • Import from Moodle XML and text format.

License options

Question Writer is priced at $495, which is definitely on the more expensive side of tools that I’ve reviewed, but you get a lifetime license and all relevant updates forever.

Why Use Online Quiz & Testing Software?

The world of education is changing fast, and with the latest online quiz tools, educators can deliver a better experience for students.

One of the best reasons to use quiz software to deliver online quizzes and tests is its ability to reach a wider audience.

“Online tests can remove barriers to education by making it possible to take from anywhere,” said Rachel Posey, an educator for over 10 years and Head Teacher at Going Up Education. “They can also lower test-taking anxiety and possibly improve performance.”

With the use of the internet, quiz takers from all over the globe can take your quiz. This is especially important in today’s eLearning world.

“Digital test delivery provides an automated enrollment and on-demand delivery experience that saves time for test administrators and test-takers alike. Specifically, for test administrators, they can now offer their test to users anywhere in the world, at any time, for any number of candidates,” explained Sid Bergstresser, Chief Technology Officer at Everblue. “This helps grow their organization by quickly scaling the number of tests given and ultimately the number of credential holders.”

This also allows for more accurate testing as quiz takers can choose their own language and country settings, making it more likely that they will understand the questions and answers.

Another advantage I’ve found with online quiz software is that it can help reduce cheating by providing unique question sets for each test-taker, making it harder for students to share answers.

And finally, I’d like to point out the variety of tools available. With a good online quiz maker, you can create everything from tests for school to website quizzes to trivia games and more. You can even share your creations with other users through a digital library that tracks test results and progress made on each one.

A Final Word on Quiz Makers

E-learning has shown significant growth over the years even before the pandemic. Encouraged by the trend and triggered by the pandemic, teachers have started to harness a new model of teaching.

A well-thought-out approach to e-learning allows students and teachers to team up whether it’s for accessing necessary e-learning material, online homework assignments, or allowing students to experience a self-paced learning practice.

When putting together the pieces of your e-Learning puzzle, make sure to analyze your workflows and objectives in detail so you can balance out the free alternatives with the commercial brands.

Best of luck with your assessments, and keep the quizzes up to the mark of your educational content!

Have any questions about our guide to the best online quiz tools? Let us know by commenting below.

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  1. Scott, thanks for the article! I have a very specific query. Hopefully you can help me out. I was looking for a tool that would assist in students’ self-assessment for self-study assignments. Any suggestions?

    • Sally, I believe in this case you’re after comprehensive solutions like Articulate. ProProfs should also suit your purposes. Generally, you’re looking for software bundled with a cloud service where the test is stored so the learner gets the results right away. A greater variety of question types would be another benefit in your case.

      • We wasted a lot of time using Articulate which charged a lot for support and relegated you to online blogs to find answers. Even when we paid for support, their teams often could not solve the problem. We gave up on them and hours of recorded classes went to the trash.

    • Hi Sally, I run a company called Synap which does exactly what you’re looking for! It’s free to use (with some premium options for intensive use), and lets students/teachers create practice and share quizzes! Feel free to check it out at https://synap.ac and get in touch with us via the on-site chat if you have any questions 🙂

  2. Hi Scott,

    Googleforms & Flubaroo looks good for our company use.
    We need it for quick quizzes 15 questions.

    One question:
    Are participant emails addresses tracked or used by Google or any third party for marketing or user profiling?

    • Andy, it’s a tricky one. In fact, nobody knows. Security has always been considered an issue with cloud services, but it’s a risk you have to take. On the one hand, Internet companies are notorious Peeping Toms. On the other hand, I heard about scammers trying to phish user data from Google Docs and Google Forms a few years back, but I’m sure Google has enough resources to tackle such attempts promptly.

  3. Hello,
    I am on the hunt for the perfect software to generate trackable quizzes that can be overlaid on my training videos. I would like to go into greater detail through conversation with you if possible. Please contact me at your convenience. Thank you in advance.

  4. Hi,

    Thanks for the article, Great comparison.

    I just wanted to note for ClassMarker, there is Education pricing (not just free usage) which is 50% off Business pricing and comes with ‘all’ features included.

    Users can also purchase Credits packs alongside or as an alternative to their Professional plans.

    Business: $39.95/$79.95
    Education: Free/$19.95/$39.95
    Multiple Credit packs are available.

    • IT IS NOT FREE!!!!
      I tested ClassMarker, very good platform with a lot of instruments BUT it is free for educators only for one month. I was so frustrated to create tests based on theirs promises and to throw away everything after one month.

  5. Hey I am looking to do quick survey type. There are correct answers to some questions but I want timed questions and they can’t go back and change an answer. Once they start they have a overall quiz timer. I need logic branching. This is for a psychology class.

  6. Do I post articles and quizzes in single website or shall I use sub-domain for the quizzes. Which would be better for long terms?

  7. Hello Scott.

    Great list of comparison. As a teacher physics and biology I am always interested in innovating material to help my students. For a long time I have been looking for a program that has a login and remembers the last visited page my students have visited, so next time they log in they can start from that particular page/question. (I make a ton of pages with info and questions which, if answered correct link to the next pages (in PowerPoint) However still haven’t found such. (hot potatoes does something like that, but I don’t fancy the general looks of the program.) Do you have a suggestion?

    Kind regards, Douwe

    • Try Quiz Creator by PC Shareware. It’s a one-time cost of 29.95 and creates very professional quality html quizzes (both multiple choice and short answer question types) and it’s a VERY easy program to use.

  8. Can any of these programs display multiple questions on a page or slide? Looking to display a host of math problems on a page and then display/calculate accuracy.

  9. Hello, I am a business psychologist,
    I want to use a countdown timer (90 minutes) for an online simulation. In a nutshell, they press START, they see a 20-page document for 90 minutes, then it disappears when the time is up.
    Can you do this? Thanks!

    • I guess many quiz makers can make quizzes with timer. I’m using iSpring QuizMaker and you can set limits to time and number of attempts. Hope it helps!

      • You can probably do it on a microsoft form, set the starting and ending time and date, or change it on the fly!

  10. Hi Scott! This article is really helpful.
    Can’t wait to try the free quiz makers! Thanks! Cheers!
    Violet, E-Learning Rockstar

  11. Thanks for this great list! I work as a teacher and I have gone through different test-making tools (getting a bit weary) but can’t seem to find one that has both of these features:
    – Possibility to CHOOSE if you want auto-correct or not per question (very important – why is this so rare…?? there should be an option for the teacher to grade some questions manually and some automatically… not all questions are fit for automatic grading!).
    – Fill-the-blanks question types (i.e. where you don’t have to make an X or a set of underscores______ in the question)

    Do you know if there’s a tool that provides both?

  12. Thank you for your posting. I try to use some of the software for my class, and I am doing a research about the software. If you don’t mind, could you tell me when you post the 18 top quiz makers for teachers and educators? I am writing the report but I could not find the time you post the article.

  13. Hi
    Thank you for this comparison. I’ve been using proprof for years, but I’m seriously looking at alternatives because it’s getting buggier and the quizzes cannot be done on mobile devices. It is really simple to create quizzes and it has lots of different templates. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to be keeping up with the times.
    Let me know if there are good quiz maker for students doing online assessment and auto-grading. Thank you.

  14. Hi I use Google Forms but my quizzes are interrupted by Google recaptcha.
    I have enabled google recaptcha v3 which is mentioned that runs in backdrop but still problem persist
    Can you please help me?
    Or How to add recaptcha in google form?

  15. Hot Potatoes looks great, but I could not use it on my Chromebook.

    Just FYI – http://www.poll-maker.com/QuizMaker redirects to https://www.quiz-maker.com/

    Quiz-Maker.com has a free version but to take full advantage of all features they have three pricing tiers – $15/month and $29/month are the “normal person” plans. 😉 However, those are “sale” prices. “50% OFF Forever and First 30 Days Free – Sale Ends Soon”.

    The 30-day free trial is nice. I’m trying the “standard plan” ($15/month). So far it looks like a good value.

  16. I am trying to make an interactive quiz like avant listening and speaking where they listen and then choose the correct answer. For speaking they will listen to directions and record their answer. Is there a program that I can use for that?

  17. I really like iSpring QuizMaker, because I can check students’ progress with different types of questions – from true/false to drag and drop and audio questions. It is also easy to control their results just via email. This tool simplified my work a lot. BTW, they have discounts for academics. 🙂

  18. Thanks Scott for your very informative list of online quiz makers. I currently use makeanexam to make quizzes from my study notes.

  19. You have a lot of great options on your list. I wanted to let you know about one more – HelpTeaching.com has an online test maker. Teachers can make tests with a free account and administer tests online with a paid subscription. We also have a question bank of 200,000+ questions that is searchable by keyword, subject, and grade-level, if teachers don’t want to add their own questions.

  20. Hi, I was wondering if during your research you came across a quizzing system that allows algorithms? For example, an original question could be “How many grams of A are needed to make a 1.23 M solution of B?” (where 1.23 M is a variable that adjusts/calculates a new answer (in grams))?

    Thanks in advance!


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