Interact Quiz Pricing: Plans, Free Trial Info, & More (2023 Guide)

Are you looking for information about Interact quiz pricing and want to know the details of its different plans?

Interact is a fantastic quiz maker software for use in a variety of business applications, especially in marketing for lead generation. The entire process happens on Interacts’ user-friendly platform. Interact offers different style templates for users to take advantage of, easy embedding, and in-depth reporting and analytics.

It’s like your go-to toolkit for whipping up interactive quizzes, polls, and surveys that’ll have your audience clicking and buzzing with excitement.

Why give Interact a shot? Well, imagine this: you’re a teacher who wants to make learning a blast with engaging quizzes. Or you’re a marketing whiz aiming to tap into your audience’s preferences through slick surveys. Heck, even if you’re just a blog guru wanting to jazz up your site with share-worthy personality quizzes, Interact has your back.

The cool part? You don’t need to be a tech wizard to work your magic here. Interact’s got a super user-friendly playground where you can customize templates, throw in your pics and videos, and even tweak the experience based on how your users respond. Plus, it’s a breeze to slap your interactive content onto your website, social media feeds, or emails for maximum impact.

Interact offers users three different types of quizzes with the option to watch tutorials if you’re new to making quizzes. The software is all about creating engaging quizzes that will actually tell you something about your audience. Before you know it, you’ll see an increase in your email list when you learn how to use quizzes properly.

Using quizzes can offer a number of benefits for your business:

  • Helps to grow an email list
  • Increase user engagement
  • Increase conversion rate
  • An exciting way to connect with the audience
  • Helps you to get to know your audience more

In this guide, we’ll take a look at Interact quiz pricing and plans to help you decide if the software is worth the money for your particular needs. This guide has been completely updated for 2023 to include all of the most recent details on pricing and plans.

Before we get started, not that there’s a 14-day free trial, so you can really get a feel for it and perhaps start seeing results before signing up.

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How much does Interact cost?

The cost of Interact depends on which plan you choose and which payment terms. There are three plans available and both monthly and annual payment terms. The main difference between the plans offered by Interact is the number of email leads that can be captured, custom branding, and various integrations.

Key Features Lite Growth Pro
User-friendly platform
Create & publish an unlimited number of quizzes
Custom design
Custom branding X
Detailed analytics X
PRICE $27/month paid annually or $39/month $53/month paid annually or $89/month $125/month paid annually or $209/month

Interact Lite Plan – $27/month paid annually or $39/month-to-month

The Lite plan is a great plan for beginners! Interact has the tools to create unlimited quizzes, capture up to 500 email leads per month, and completely customize the quiz to fit your brand.

Users can customize buttons, images, colors, color themes, and more to create engaging quizzes.

In addition, the Lite plan creates powerful, converting quizzes that your audience will love completing.

One of the shortcomings of this plan is you can’t use custom branding on your forms. You also won’t get access to conversion tracking metrics.

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Interact Growth Plan – $53/month paid yearly or $89/month-to-month

The Interact Growth plan can capture up to 2,000 emails per month.

It allows for custom design and branding so that users can create an entirely branded quiz.

The Growth plan offers a wide choice of integrations to flow with many marketing platforms seamlessly. You can even add 2 additional team members to your account to help with creating and managing quizzes.

You also get access to powerful metrics, including conversion tracking, that can help you track your quiz’s performance and make informed decisions about improvements or updates.

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Interact Pro Plan – $125/month paid yearly or $209/month-t0-month

The Pro plan offered by Interact offers an extensive amount of tools.

It is the largest plan available and offers the most amount of tools and resources.

Users with the Pro plan can create an unlimited number of quizzes, use their own custom branding, and get access to detailed analytics to access which quiz is performing best. You can also capture up to 8,000 email leads per month.

Advanced integrations are also included at this tier.

With the Pro plan, you can add up to 9 additional team members to help manage and create quizzes.

The Interact Pro plan is extensive, giving users control over their quizzes and amplifying their performance.

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Interact Cost Q&A

What types of quizzes can be made using Interact?

Assessment Quiz – The assessment quiz is to test visitors’ knowledge of a particular topic. Visitors get points based on their performance on the quiz.

Personality Quiz – The personality quiz lets visitors learn more about their personality.

Scored Quiz – The scored quiz prompts visitors to answer questions to give a score.


Is Interact beginner-friendly?

Yes, Interact is very beginner-friendly. The platform is clearly labeled and features a simple drag and drop quiz design. Interact also has a fantastic customer support team ready to help. The platform also has many tutorials and certified consultants to assist, support, and help you make the best converting quizzes possible. Interact offers many converting templates and a helpful online community to answer all your questions.


How challenging is it to sign up for Interact?

It’s not hard at all! Interact is very user-friendly, and upon clicking the 14-day free trial, the software will walk you through the entire process. In addition, the support team is on standby to assist wherever needed.


Is it possible to add team members to my Interact account?

Yes, once users subscribe to one of the above plans, adding a team member is simple. Upon adding another team member, users can also decide who sees the administrative part.


What are the Interact Certified Consultants?

Interact Certified Consultants are professionals who can assist and build a quiz marketing strategy with/for you. They can also take care of email-follow ups and writing Facebook ad copy. Interact lets you read about each consultant and choose which one fits your vision.


Is Interact worth it?

Yes, Interact is a great program for creating and running quizzes. The software allows you to create beautiful, engaging quizzes that convert. By using Interact, users can rev up their email list. Interact offers different quiz types and detailed insights to learn more about marketing strategy.

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