LearnDash Pricing: Plans, Free Trial Info, More (2022 Guide)

Are you trying to figure out which LearnDash pricing plan is best for your needs as a course creator?

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LearnDash is a cloud-based WordPress site plugin and learning management system (LMS). It gives course creators and educators detailed tools to turn their WordPress websites into learning systems.

Trusted by major universities, businesses, bloggers, and entrepreneurs, LearnDash offers various plans, features, and tools to transform your site. In addition, LearnDash provides unique tools to give users complete control over their course content, course delivery, and more.

With the help of LearnDash, you can create beautiful, customized online courses to offer students along with offer points, awards, and certificates to keep your students actively engaged.

This in-depth guide will share all the information about LearnDash pricing, key features, free trials, and more. By the finish of the guide, you’ll be able to choose which plan is best for your needs.

Let’s get started with our guide to LearnDash pricing plans.

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How Much Does LearnDash Cost?

LearnDash offers three different plans ranging in price from $159 – $329 per year.

There are minor differences between the plans, with each plan offering great value and a massive amount of tools and resources.

Compare the LearnDash pricing plans easily with the below chart. Then, read on for more details about each plan.

learndash pricing

LearnDash Basic Plan – $159/year

The Basic Plan at LearnDash features all the robust tools needed to design enriching courses and sell them to your customers.

This plan allows users to create as many online courses as they want for as many students as they want.

The Basic Plan allows one site license.

LearnDash has impressive features and is user-friendly. Upon LearnDash being integrated with WordPress, there will be useful tutorials to help you learn the software.

Key Features:

  • Most inexpensive and budget-friendly plan at LearnDash
  • Easy-to-use drag and drop builder to create courses that are beautiful and have customized course structure
  • Allow for an unlimited number of users for optimal performance
  • Tools to organize students
  • Mass enroll option to assign drip feed content seamlessly
  • Built-in course protection to ensure only enrolled students can view the content
  • Tools to create multi-layered courses
  • Beautiful templates for making quizzes with many different answer templates for truly interactive learning

Who is the LearnDash Basic Plan Good For?

The LearnDash Basic Plan is perfect for individual educators and trainers who wants to create stunning, custom courses for students. It’s user-friendly and allows for one site license. LearnDash has all the tools needed to develop courses that are enriching, informative, and easy for students to use.


LearnDash Plus Plan – $189/year

The LearnDash Plus Plan is an excellent platform for anyone wanting to create and distribute online course content to students.

The LearnDash Plus Plan allows up to 10 site licenses. Along with this, this plan allows the user to publish as many courses as they desire. In addition, there aren’t any limits on the number of lessons or quizzes.

The software uses a simple drag and drop interface. It also has an array of settings and controls to structure the course content precisely to your liking.

In addition, LearnDash gives the user control over course requirements, prerequisites, availability, and more.

Key Features:

  • Ability to charge and collect a fee to access courses
  • Course content protection
  • Drip-feed lessons
  • Quiz templates with answer customization
  • Course forum

Who is the LearnDash Plus Plan Good For?

The LearnDash Plus Plan is an excellent plan for course creators at small organizations and institutions. Users can create multi-layered courses, assign quizzes, embed videos, and even assign prerequisite courses.


LearnDash Pro Plan – $329/year

The LearnDash Pro Plan is perfect for large-scale education/course creation establishments. It allows up to 25 site licenses and includes all the unlimited features in the plus and basic plan, making it the perfect choice for larger educational institutions and training organizations.

The LearnDash Pro Plan includes access to the ProPanel, which gives detailed student and course content reports. With the detailed reporting, the user will be able to view the students’ progress, how much time has been spent on the course, quiz marks, and more.

Key Features:

  • It has an integrated payment system that supports PayPal and major credit cards. Payments can be set up as one-time or re-occurring.
  • Easy-to-use platform
  • Design an unlimited number of courses and turn your expertise into revenue.
  • Informative tutorials to assist with learning the software
  • Ability to create quizzes with different formats for answers

Who is the LearnDash Pro Plan Good For?

The LearnDash Pro Plan is excellent for larger education institutions and businesses. It allows up to 25 site licenses and an unlimited number of users. In addition, it offers all the tools to build beautiful courses.


LearnDash Pricing Q&A

Does LearnDash offer a free trial?

LearnDash does not offer a free trial. However, they do provide an excellent refund policy. You can request a refund within 30 days of purchase.

Does LearnDash offer both monthly and yearly membership plans?

LearnDash offers only yearly membership plans.

What forms of payment does LearnDash accept?

LearnDash accepts all major credit cards and Paypal.

Does LearnDash offer refunds?

If you find that the software does not meet your expectations, then yes, LearnDash offers a refund within 30 days of purchase. 

What are some of LearnDash’s best features?

  • Create an unlimited number of courses
  • Enroll an unlimited number of students
  • Built-in course protection (only enrolled students will be able to access course content)
  • Unlimited number of lessons and quizzes
  • Simple drag and drop interface
  • Tools to structure content precisely to your liking
  • Detailed reporting tools that will inform the user of insights like the amount of time the student has spent on the course, success on quizzes, and how much course content is left for the student to complete
  • Tutorials that automatically embed into WordPress to assist you in learning the software
  • Complete control over course creation and course requirements
  • Integrated email notifications
  • Excellent refund policy – (Refunds can be processed within thirty days of original purchase)
  • Superior customer service
  • Easy to use drag and drop course builder
  • Advanced quizzing with eight question format types
  • Drip feed lessons
  • Ability to create and implement course plans
  • Tools to award points to students to allow learners to access new content
  • Course bundle options
  • Ability to offer free samples


LearnDash Pricing Review

LearnDash offers three different plans for its premium WordPress plugin. They are:

  • BASIC – $159/annually
  • PRO – $189/annually
  • PLUS – $329/annually


Recap of LearnDash Plans and Pricing

  • Basic – This plan includes one site license and an enormous amount of unlimited features—some of these being the number of courses, number of students, and more.
  • Plus – The Plus Plan includes up to 10 site licenses and access to ProPanel. In addition, it includes all the unlimited features from the Basic plan. Furthermore, this plan provides access to ProPanel, giving the user access to very detailed insights. This is helpful to gauge students’ progress, identify potential weak spots in the course material.
  • Pro – The Pro Plan includes up to 25 site licenses and all the helpful, unlimited features listed above.


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