Kartra Pricing: Plans, Free Trial Info, & More Explained (2023)

Wondering which Kartra pricing plan is best for your organization?

Our guide will take a deep look into each plan’s details so you can easily find which one suits both your budget and your needs.

Kartra is an all-in-one platform that offers everything you need to sell courses, membership sites subscriptions, and other digital eLearning products online.

Kartra has many unique tools so you can create and personalize them at the same time. Choose from hundreds of professionally designed templates optimized for mobile use and build a beautiful online business.

Of course, all of this comes at a price.

That’s why this article takes a more detailed look at Kartra pricing and the different plans they offer.

It will share all the details and information surrounding each of the plans available. This guide will share prices, savings, features, and who each plan is best for.

By the finish of the article, you’ll be able to decide which Kartra plan is best for your organization.

This guide has been fully updated for 2023, so you can be sure you’re getting the most current details available to help you make an informed buying decision.

Kartra offers four different plans ranging in price from $99/month to $499/month. Each plan provides an additional amount of features and assistance that we’ll discuss below.

Kartra also offers a $1 trial that gives you 14 days to check out their product line. You can click here to check out the $1 trial.

Let’s get started with our Kartra pricing overview…

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How Much Does Kartra Cost?

There are four different Kartra plans available to choose from in 2023, ranging from $99-$499 a month with further discounts available for annual subscriptions.

Compare the Kartra pricing plans in the table below and keep reading for more details.

Starter – $99/month OR $79/month if billed annually Silver – $199/month OR $149/month if billed annually Gold – $299/month OR $249/month if billed annually Platinum -$499/month OR $379/month if billed annually
●      Up to 2500 leads

●      One custom domain

●      15,000 emails per month

●      50 GB Bandwidth

●      Option to host up to 100 pages

●      Host 50 videos

●      Sell up to 28 products

●      Ability to build two membership websites

●      One additional team add on

●      Connection to 1 help desk


●      Up to 12,500 leads

●      3 Custom domains

●      Unlimited email

●      Unlimited bandwidth

●      Unlimited Kartra pages

●      Unlimited video

●      Unlimited products to sell

●      Unlimited membership websites

●      Unlimited team member add-ons

●      Unlimited help desk

●      Access to Kartra Agency

●      Up to 25,000 leads

●      Five custom domains

●      Unlimited everything – (same as Silver plan)

●      Up to 50,000 leads

●      Ten custom domains

●      Unlimited everything (See Silver plan)


Kartra Starter Plan – $99/month – Save $240 with an annual plan

The Kartra Starter Plan is perfect for a small or new business or a business just beginning in the online world.

It’s designed to help the business build their email marketing lists and, as a result, increase the number of recurring customers.

In this plan, you are restricted to one domain, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing if you’re just starting out and want to focus all your efforts on one website  and 100 landing pages for the time being.

As you start to scale, you may eventually want to upgrade to one of the plans that offer unlimited membership sites, landing pages, and domains to accommodate your entire online business portfolio

You also have a limit of 2,500 contacts and 15,000 emails. Again, this is great for online businesses that are just starting off, but you could very quickly find these limits to be restrictive as you grow.

The Kartra Starter Plan is the most inexpensive plan they offer, and while it’s great for small businesses just starting out, there’s a good chance you’ll outgrow it at some point and have to level up to their Silver Plan.

Key Features:

  • Secure, beautiful checkout forms
  • Ability to accept both major credit cards and PayPal as payment
  • Easy-to-use drag and drop landing page builder
  • Hundreds of professionally designed templates that are mobile-friendly
  • Tools to build beautiful lead capture forms
  • Detailed, integrated dashboard to help stay organized
  • Host up to 100 landing pages
  • Hosting for up to 50 videos
  • Sell up to 20 products

Who is the Kartra Starter Plan Good For?

The Kartra Starter Plan is good for any small business just starting online.

This plan has all the tools a company needs to create beautiful landing pages, eye-catching templates, and more.

In addition, the Starter Kartra plan gives tools to completely customize your business while still having it beautiful and desirable for customers.


Kartra Silver Plan – $199/month – Save $600 with an annual membership plan

The Kartra Silver Plan features a tremendous jump in contacts at 12,500 and an unlimited number of emails.

The Silver Plan allows up to 3 websites and an unlimited number of sales pages and landing pages. Unlimited pages is a huge perk for mid-sized businesses that are growing fast and expanding their websites to make more sales.

This plan offers an abundance of value, with all the features being unlimited.

Key Features:

  • Access to a detailed, integrated email marketing system
  • Unlimited emails
  • Tools to create a beautiful multi-page flow
  • Creative video marketing tools to promote products and services
  • Access to help desk with live chat
  • Ability to recruit and manage affiliates to promote products using their affiliate management system
  • Unlimited pages across 3 domains
  • Unlimited team members

Who is the Kartra Silver Plan Good For?

The Kartra Silver plan is a great plan for businesses that have outgrown the starter plan.

The Kartra Silver plan has many unlimited tools and allows for more emails and leads. It is a great stepping stone before the Gold plan and has the tools to help the business grow and generate more customers.

In addition, the Kartra Silver plan allows for significantly more leads than the Starter plan, along with emails as well. This is perfect for more engagement with your potential customers.


Kartra Gold Plan – $299/month – Save $840 with an annual membership

The Kartra Gold plan is a more extensive version of the Silver plan. There are a few significant improvements in this plan offered by the sales funnel software.

Kartra memberships with the Gold Plan get an increased number of leads from 12,500 to 25,000.

The Kartra Gold plan also allows the creation and management of 5 custom domains and unlimited pages. This plan gives the user the ability to access the Kartra agency as well as the Kartra marketplace.

Key Features:

  • Survey and quiz creator tools to identify the best way to provide products that potential customers want
  • Secure and aesthetically pleasing checkouts
  • Easy-to-use page builder
  • Hundreds of templates
  • Tools to add lead capture forms into video
  • An integrated email marketing system
  • Access to great customer support
  • Unlimited emails
  • Ability to recruit and manage affiliates to promote products using their affiliate management system

Who is the Kartra Gold Plan Good For?

The Kartra Gold plan is best for a medium-sized business. It offers many tools to grow the business’s email list, expand its online presence, and create an unlimited number of products and services that appeal to your desired customer.


Kartra Platinum Plan – $499/month – save $1440 with the annual plan

The Kartra Platinum plan is an extensive and elaborate plan for large-scale businesses. It offers up to 50,000 leads and ten custom domains with unlimited landing pages.

The Kartra Platinum plan provides everything needed to manage a large e-commerce business.

Key Features:

  • Unlimited number of team members
  • Unlimited membership websites with easy to use membership portal builder
  • Tools to recruit and manage multiple affiliates
  • Detailed, integrated dashboard to assist with scheduling
  • Access to Kartra agency for easy management of clients

Who is the Kartra Platinum Plan Good For?

The Kartra Platinum plan is suitable for a large-scale business with various team members.

The software is powerful and gives the user a unique ability to manage everything from one place.

Create live and automated email and text campaigns, create beautiful pages, work on an unlimited number of membership websites, and so much more with this Kartra plan.


Kartra Pricing Plans Q&A

Is there a free trial or Kartra?

There is not a Kartra free trial available at this time. However, they do provide a trial for 14 days for only $1. You can trial any of the Karta plans for this price.


Does Kartra offer payment plans for monthly and annual terms?

Yes! Kartra offers monthly and annual plans, with 25% savings when you sign up with the yearly plan.


What types of payment does Karta accept?

Kartra accepts all major credit cards and PayPal.


Does Karta offer a refund policy?

Yes, Karta does have a refund policy with a 30-day money-back guarantee. All details about it can be found on their website under billing policies.


What are some of Karta’s best features?

Karta offers many tools to significantly improve and manage your online business and email marketing strategy. Some of Karta’s best features are:

  • A simple, easy to use platform
  • An integrated email marketing system
  • Affiliate marketing program
  • Beautiful professionally designed templates
  • Easy and secure checkouts
  • Tools to build membership sites to increase revenue
  • Highly skilled help desk to offer support and help with billing disputes


Karta Pricing Packages Review

  • Starter plan – $99/month with a savings of $240 with an annual membership
  • Silver plan – $199/month with a savings of $600 with a yearly membership
  • Gold plan – $299/month with a savings of $840 with an annual membership
  • Platinum plan – $499/month with a savings of $1440 with a yearly membership


Recap of Karta Pricing Plans and Key Features

  • Starter Plan – This plan is excellent for a small business starting online. It allows up to 2500 leads, one custom domain, 15,000 emails, 50GB bandwidth, host up to 100 pages, and a few more features. This plan is $99/month.
  • Silver Plan – This plan allows 12,500 leads, three custom domains, and an unlimited number of additional key features.
  • Gold Plan – This plan allows up to 25,000 leads and five custom domains. Along with these increased numbers, there are also an unlimited amount of critical features.
  • Platinum Plan – This plan is terrific for large-scale businesses. It allows for 50,000 leads and ten custom domains. It also provides for an unlimited number of additional key features that are included in the other plans.


Ready to get started? Try out Kartra for 14 days for just $1.

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