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Kartra Pricing: Plans, Free Trial Info, & More Explained (2024)

Get an in-depth look into each Kartra plan's details so you can easily find which one suits both your budget and your needs.

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By Scott Winstead

kartra pricing

Kartra is an all-in-one platform that offers everything you need to sell courses, membership sites subscriptions, and other digital eLearning products online, and with plans ranging from $99 to $549 a month, it has something to offer for creators small and large alike.

I’ve put together this guide to help you understand the differences between each of the plans Kartra offers, so you can figure out which one (if any) will best fit your needs.

This guide has been fully updated for 2024, so you can be sure you’re getting the most current details available to help you make an informed buying decision.

How Much Does Kartra Cost?

There are four different Kartra plans available to choose from in 2024, ranging from $99-$549 a month with further discounts available for annual subscriptions.

Kartra also offers a $1 trial that gives you 14 days to check out their product line. You can click here to check out the $1 trial.

Kartra Starter Plan – $119/month (or $99/month billed annually)

Priced at $119 per month (or $99 when paid annually), the Kartra Starter Plan is a good option for those just dipping their toes into the online course creation and marketing world.

Let’s break down what this plan offers, what it lacks, and who might benefit most from it.

What the Kartra Starter Plan Offers

  • Unlimited Products and Pages: This allows you to create as many courses, membership sites, and landing pages as you need without hitting a ceiling. This is particularly useful for eLearning creators looking to expand their portfolio.
  • Comprehensive Tools: With the ability to send unlimited emails and SMS, manage leads, and automate marketing funnels, this plan is good for engaging and nurturing your audience.
  • Advanced Analytics: Essential for understanding your audience’s behavior and optimizing your courses and marketing strategies accordingly.

What’s Missing

  • Surveys & Quizzes: Critical tools for interactive learning experiences and feedback collection are absent. This omission could limit engagement and the effectiveness of your courses.
  • Webinar Features: The lack of webinar tools and presenters is a big problem for creators looking to offer live classes or workshops as part of their eLearning strategy.
  • Affiliate Management and Helpdesk Support: These are key for scaling your business and providing top-notch customer service. Without them, you might find yourself looking for third-party solutions, which can complicate your tech stack.

What You Should Know

The Kartra Starter Plan is a good option for eLearning professionals and creators who are just starting out or have a relatively small audience (up to 2,500 contacts).

It’s also ideal for those who prioritize course creation and sales tools over interactive features like quizzes and live webinars.

The unlimited products and landing pages feature is nice for creators looking to experiment with different offerings without worrying about additional costs.

However, there are some drawbacks I have to address. The lack of surveys, quizzes, and webinar tools means you’ll either have to do without them or you’ll need to integrate other software for these functionalities, which will make things more expensive and messier to manage.

Similarly, the lack of affiliate management tools means you’ll miss out on a potentially lucrative channel for marketing your online course and driving more sales.

All in all, the Kartra Starter Plan offers a solid foundation for eLearning creators to build and sell courses. But as your eLearning business grows, I think you’ll find yourself outgrowing this plan pretty quickly, seeking more advanced features to enhance learner engagement and streamline your operations.

Kartra Growth Plan – $229/month (or $189/month billed annually)

I’ve found the Kartra Growth Plan to be a big step up from the Starter Plan, especially for those who are serious about growing their online business. Priced at $229 per month (or $189 when paid annually), this plan not only offers a substantial increase in capacity and features but also aligns well with the needs of rapdily-growing eLearning businesses.

Let’s dive into what makes the Growth Plan a worthy investment, its limitations, and who stands to benefit the most from it.

What the Kartra Growth Plan Offers

  • Expanded Capacity: With up to 12,500 contacts and the ability to add 10 team members, this plan is perfect for eLearning businesses that are scaling up. The increase in contacts is great for those with growing mailing lists and student bases.
  • Enhanced Features: The inclusion of surveys and quiz creators, webinar tools for up to 300 attendees, and 6 presenters fits the needs of interactive and engaging eLearning content delivery. These features are crucial for eLearning professionals looking to incorporate assessments and live training sessions into their courses.
  • Advanced Marketing and Support Tools: With funnel simulation, affiliate management, and helpdesk support, this plan offers all the tools needed for marketing your courses and providing excellent student support. The API access and custom code options also give you flexibility for integrating with other tools and customizing your eLearning platform to your specific needs.
  • Agency Capacity: This feature is perfect for eLearning professionals managing courses and content for multiple clients, providing a streamlined way to handle various projects in one centralized spot.

What’s Missing

While this plan is pretty robust, it does have some limitations. It lacks real-time funnel analytics and helpdesk live chat, which could enhance the ability to analyze marketing efforts and provide immediate support to students.

What You Should Know

I think the Kartra Growth Plan is a good choice for small to medium-sized eLearning businesses that are growing and need a comprehensive set of tools to manage and expand their online presence.

It’s particularly well-suited for those who need to support a larger audience, manage a team, and utilize advanced marketing and support features to engage students and drive sales.

If you’re looking to host webinars, offer interactive quizzes, and manage a growing list of contacts, the Growth Plan gives you a solid foundation to build upon. Its capacity for up to 3 domains also makes it versatile for businesses operating across multiple niches or regions.

The Kartra Growth Plan is a good option for eLearning creators and instructional designers ready to take their digital offerings to the next level. While the cost may be higher than the Starter Plan, the advanced features and increased limits make it a worthwhile investment for those focused on growth and scalability.

Kartra Professional Plan – $549/month (or $429/month billed annually)

I see the Kartra Professional Plan as a real powerhouse for creators who are ready to take their operations to a grand scale. With a monthly fee of $549 (or $429 when billed annually), this plan is designed for larger eLearning businesses or enterprises poised for significant growth.

Below, I’ll break down what makes the Professional Plan a strategic investment for eLearning ventures, its potential limitations, and who will benefit the most from its offerings.

What the Kartra Professional Plan Offers

  • Expanded Reach and Capacity: With up to 25,000 contacts, support for 5 domains, and the ability to include up to 20 team members, this plan is tailor-made for eLearning platforms experiencing rapid growth or managing a large learner base across various regions.
  • Enhanced Engagement Tools: The ability to host webinars for up to 1,000 attendees and the inclusion of real-time funnel analytics and helpdesk live chat significantly enhance the ability to engage with students and analyze the effectiveness of marketing strategies in real-time.
  • Comprehensive Feature Set: Beyond the basics of unlimited websites, pages, videos, and products, the Professional Plan includes advanced tools like API access, custom code pages, and advanced automations, which are crucial for creating a seamless and highly personalized learning experience.

What You Should Know

This plan is best suited for established eLearning businesses that have outgrown the capacities of lower-tier plans.

It’s particularly beneficial for those:

  • Managing extensive contact lists and requiring advanced segmentation and analytics to tailor their marketing and content delivery.
  • Operating in multiple languages and regions, necessitating a broader domain support.
  • Looking to scale their team and streamline operations with advanced automation and team collaboration tools.

However, I should point out that while the higher price point comes with a ton of features, it may require careful budgeting for some eLearning businesses. This is a significant investment. Having said that, the annual payment option provides a substantial discount.

While the Professional Plan offers significant upgrades in capacity and exclusive features like real-time analytics, businesses not requiring the full extent of these capabilities might find the Growth Plan more cost-effective.

All in all, the Kartra Professional Plan is an incredibly comprehensive solution for eLearning professionals aiming to scale their offerings, enhance learner engagement, and optimize their marketing efforts with sophisticated analytics and support tools.

Its capacity for larger teams and extensive contact lists, combined with advanced features, makes it a really good choice for businesses dealing with massive growth and expansion in the competitive eLearning market.

Kartra Pricing Plans Q&A

Is there a free trial for Kartra?

There is not a Kartra free trial available at this time. However, they do provide a trial for 14 days for only $1. You can trial any of the Karta plans for this price.

Does Kartra offer payment plans for monthly and annual terms?

Yes! Kartra offers monthly and annual plans, with up to 22% savings when you sign up with the yearly plan.

What types of payment does Karta accept?

Kartra accepts all major credit cards and PayPal.

Does Karta offer a refund policy?

Yes, Karta does have a refund policy with a 30-day money-back guarantee. All details about it can be found on their website under billing policies.

What are some of Karta’s best features?

Karta offers many tools to significantly improve and manage your online business and email marketing strategy. Some of Karta’s best features are:

  • A simple, easy to use platform
  • An integrated email marketing system
  • Affiliate marketing program
  • Beautiful professionally designed templates
  • Easy and secure checkouts
  • Tools to build membership sites to increase revenue
  • Highly skilled help desk to offer support and help with billing disputes

Final Thoughts

Kartra does a great job of providing plans for creators and online businesses of all sizes. Personally, I recommend starting with a smaller plan and scaling up as needed so you’re not paying for features you’re not taking full advantage of.

It’s also worth pointing out that Kartra does offer a 30-day money back guarantee, which allows you to explore the platform’s capabilities and ensure it meets your eLearning needs without financial risk.

From my experience, the flexibility to upgrade or downgrade between plans means you can adapt your subscription as your business evolves, ensuring Kartra remains a cost-effective solution for your eLearning platform.

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to expand your online course offerings, Kartra’s range of features and scalable plans can support your growth every step of the way.

Remember, the key to maximizing your investment in Kartra is to closely align your plan choice with your current needs, while keeping an eye on future growth opportunities.

Ready to get started? Try out Kartra for 14 days for just $1.

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Have any questions about Kartra pricing or plans? Leave a comment below so I can help you out.

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