LearnWorlds Pricing: Plans, Free Trial Info, More (2023)

Are you wondering which LearnWorlds’ pricing plan is best for your needs as a course creator?

LearnWorlds is an easy-to-use online course platform that makes creating and selling courses super simple. With the tools LearnWorlds provides, the user can create, design, and publish sales pages, training videos, and even digital downloads for their students.

Our in-depth guide looks at LearnWorlds’ pricing plans, free trial information, and notable key features. This guide will give all the details needed to choose a plan suitable for your needs and goals.

LearnWorlds has a plan for everyone. So whether you’re a creative entrepreneur just starting out in course content creation, or you run a large corporation and require a portal for employee training material, LearnWorlds has it covered.

The pricing and plans at LearnWorlds will appeal to everyone from newbie course creators to massive corporations. There are tons of features in each plan, giving the user total control over their course content.

And here’s a pro tip: you can try LearnWorlds free for 30 days before committing to a plan. That’s a great way to test out the platform to see if it’s a good fit for building your online school.

Let’s start with our LearnWorlds’ pricing overview.

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How Much Does LearnWorlds Cost?

There are four different plans available at LearnWorlds as of March 2023. They range in price from $29/month to $299/month. You can also save about 20% off the total cost of these plans by signing up for annual billing where you pay the full amount for the year upfront.

Each plan is loaded with unique tools, resources, and features to assist the user with their course content creation business.

LearnWorlds also offers a 30-day free trial, so the user can get a feel for the program before making any significant commitments.

Compare the table below of LearnWorlds’ pricing plans. Continue reading for further details and information surrounding features, LearnWorlds plans, and finer details.


$29/mo or $24/mo billed annually



Pro Trainer

$99/mo or $79/mo billed annually




Learning Center

$299/mo or $249/mo billed annually


High Volume & Corporate

Custom pricing


Transaction Fees $5 per course sale None None None
Admins 1 5 20 Additional admins
Custom Domain
Unlimited Paid Courses
Unlimited Free Courses X
Site Builder 3 pages Unlimited pages Unlimited pages Unlimited pages
Popups 2 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Built-In Community
Basic Integrations
Free SSL Certificate
Drip Feed Courses
Email Support 24/5 24/7 24/7 24/7
Subscriptions & Memberships X
Installments X
Customizable Course Player X
Customizable Checkout X
Custom Certificates X
Live Classes/Webinars X
File Assignments X
Affiliate Management X
Question Banks X
100% Off LW Academy X
Premium Onboarding X X
iOS & Android App X X Extra fee
Advanced SSO X X
Custom Pricing Options X X X
Flexible Invoicing X X X


LearnWorlds Starter Plan – $29/month with a savings of $60 with annual membership

The LearnWorlds Starter Plan is perfect for all new course creators or a person who is just starting to create online courses.

This plan offers an enormous amount of tools with customization tools to enhance the learners’ experience.

The Starter Plan is budget-friendly and allows for one admin.

The platform is perfect for the creative entrepreneur who wants to create, sell, and market quality courses for their students or employees.

With the LearnWorlds platform, the user can create various types of content to ensure actively engaged students.

Key Features:

  • Create online courses, videos, pdfs, e-books, audio files, and more
  • One admin/instructor
  • Ability to create coupon codes to further marketing efforts
  • SCORM compliance

Who is LearnWorlds Starter Plan Best For?

The LearnWorlds Starter Plan is perfect for newbies looking to create high-quality branded courses. The tools in the software give the user the power to create beautiful courses, making them completely student-user friendly. LearnWorlds has hundreds of professionally designed templates, making it suitable for even the most novice creator who wants to sell online courses.


LearnWorlds Pro Trainer Plan – $99/month with a savings of $240 of an annual plan

The LearnWorlds Pro Trainer Plan is an excellent choice for professional trainers and instructors.

The Pro Trainer plan features zero transaction fees, space for five instructors, branded and customizable check-out page, as many landing pages as you want to create, and 24/7 priority email support.

The Pro Trainer Plan gives the tools to create membership and subscription services and more.

Key Features:

  • No transaction fees
  • Create an unlimited number of courses
  • Unlimited number of landing pages
  • Custom certificates and more
  • Courses are mobile and tablet optimized

Who is LearnWorlds Pro Trainer Plan Best For?

The LearnWorlds Pro Trainer Plan is best for professional teachers and trainers. It offers a multitude of tools that give the user power to create high-quality courses.


LearnWorlds Learning Center plan – $249/month with a savings of $600 with an annual membership

The LearnWorlds Learning Center Plan is an extensive plan with an enormous amount of tools for course creation and management. This is LearnWorlds most popular plan.

The plan features zero transaction fees, interactive video, bulk-user options, and more. LearnWorlds Learning Center Plan also offers coupons, bundles, and upsells.

Key Features:

  • 20 admin/instructors
  • Auto-transcripts and video subtitles
  • Course insight reports
  • Advanced affiliate marketing management
  • Marketing funnels

Who is LearnWorlds Learning Center Plan Best For?

The pro trainer plan at LearnWorlds is perfect for corporations, businesses, and budding entrepreneurs. The plan gives a generous amount of tools to assist with building, growing, and marketing course creation.


LearnWorlds High Volume and Corporate Plan – Contact for information

LearnWorlds’ High Volume and Corporate Plan contain a mass amount of features to assist the user.

This plan is the most popular plan at LearnWorlds and delivers powerful tools. This plan features zero transaction fees, custom bulk enrollment options, student management, and more.

The LearnWorlds High Volume and Corporate Plan have many additional features to amplify course creation and delivery.

Key Features:

  • Premium cloud servers
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Optional SLA
  • Flexible invoicing tools
  • In-depth reports and insights

Who is LearnWorlds High Volume and Corporate Plan Best For?

The LearnWorlds High Volume and Corporate plan is best for large corporations with many support teams. It offers tools to customize, manage and control course management and distribution easily.


LearnWorlds Cost Q&A

Does LearnWorlds offer a free trial or a free plan?

LearnWorlds offers a 30-day free trial with all of their plans.

Does LearnWorlds offer monthly and annual payment plans?

Yes, LearnWorlds plans offer both monthly and annual payment options, with annual plans leading to savings for the user.

What kind of payments does LearnWorlds accept?

LearnWorlds accepts all major credit cards, PayPal, and Stripe as payments.

Does LearnWorlds offer a refund policy?

LearnWorlds offers a money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied in the first thirty days, LearnWorlds will refund the users’ money.

What are some of LearnWorlds best features?

  • Custom user log-in page
  • Unlimited courses
  • Unlimited sales pages
  • Digital downloads
  • Interactive community engagement
  • Custom domain
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Professionally designed templates that are mobile-friendly
  • Lead generation
  • Built-in social network


LearnWorlds Pricing Overview

LearnWorld plans available in 2023 include:

  • Starter plan – $29/month or $24/month paid annually (save $60)
  • Pro Trainer – $99/month or $79/month paid annually (save $240)
  • Learning Center – $299/month or $249/month paid annually (save $600)
  • High Volume and Corporate – Contact LearnWorlds for info


Recap of LearnWorlds Plans & Features

  • Starter – budget-friendly, user-friendly platform, perfect for new course creators, small transaction fee per sale, unlimited paid courses, tools to create custom coupon codes to help with marketing, and more
  • Pro Trainer – no transaction fees, five instructors, unlimited courses and popups, complete website builder tools with a blog, affiliate management, custom digital certificates, automated daily newspaper, and conversion tracking
  • Learning Center – 20 instructors/admins, bulk user actions tool, interactive video, in-depth course insight reports, 24/7 exceptional customer support, font customization, interactive e-book building, unlimited number of pages and courses
  • High Volume and Corporate – no transaction fees, additional instructors/admins, tailored pricing options, flexible invoicing tools, access to in-depth learner analytics, access to hundreds of professionally made templates, mobile and tablet optimization, tools to create an unlimited number of courses, and more

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