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Looking at pricing and plans trying to figure out which is best for your needs? is transcription software that can generate shareable smart meeting notes, sync audio, text, and images in real-time. It’s one of the best speech-to-text programs available.

This article reviews the plans offered by in 2023 — available in monthly and annual payment options — and the details and features of each plan. The guide has been completely updated to reflect the latest developments so you can be sure you’re getting accurate information to help you make an informed decision.

Let’s get started with our guide to  pricing and plans.

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How Much Does Cost? offers 4 different plans in hopes of every person/organization finding one that fits exactly their needs. The free plan gives users a brief introduction to the software and a glimpse into all the additional tools available.

Compare the different plans and pricing in the image below, and continue reading for further details and information about each.

otter plans Free Version

The free plan offered by does not have an expiration date. This plan is not a trial but rather a brief look at the software and all that it can offer.

Even thought it’s just a free basic plan, offers a decent number of features that will increase work efficiency and better the quality of your work.

Key Features:

  • Record and transcribe live meetings in real time
  • Transcribe audio files to text
  • Transcribe video to text
  • Otter Assistant can join Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet meetings for you to take and share notes, even if you’re not there
  • 300 minutes of transcription; 30 minutes per conversation

Who is the free plan best for?

The free plan offered by is perfect for anyone just getting started. It offers essential tools and features to help the user get started. Pro – $8.33/month billed annually or $16.99 month-to-month

The pro version offered by can be set up on both monthly and annual payment plans. The software offers a generous discount when an annual plan is activated.

This plan includes everything and includes all of the features listed above in the basic plan, along with several more.

The pro plan allows users to import pre-recorded files and gives tools to add a custom vocabulary.

Key Features:

  • Speaker identification
  • Live notes and captioning for Google Meets
  • Automatic sync of files from Dropbox, Zoom, etc.
  • Otter Assistant can join meetings for you to take and share notes when you’re double booked, even if you’re not there
  • Advanced search features to increase work efficiency and speed
  • Export and playback features
  • Skip silence feature
  • Variety of playback speeds
  • 1200 monthly transcription minutes; 90 minutes per conversation

Who is the Pro version of best suited for?

The pro version of is best suited for individuals who require more transcription time. This plan offers a generous amount of minutes, custom vocabulary/phrases, and standard support. Business Plan – $20/month billed annually or $30 month-to-month

The business plan offered by offers enormous value and features.

It costs $20/month billed once annually, or $30/month recurring.

It is great for small teams and organizations because it has customized tools to incorporate working together. This plan includes all the features from the pro version and an additional few key features.

Key Features:

  • Zoom Live notes and captions
  • Otter Assistant can join meetings for you to take and share notes when you’re triple booked, even if you’re not there
  • Team vocabulary
  • Easy to use integrated billing system
  • Secure 2-factor authentication
  • Receive prioritized customer support
  • Detailed analytics reports surrounding the usage
  • TLS encryption
  • Bulk exports in a variety of audio formats
  • Sharing tools perfect for teams
  • 6000 transcription minutes per user; 4 hours per conversation

Who is Business plan best suited for?

The business plan offered by is best suited for teams and organizations. It offers a variety of tools, making teamwork and cooperative work more feasible. There are features that were specifically created for efficient and strong teamwork. Some of these features are:

  • Sharing through private groups
  • Real-time annotation (comments, highlighting, more)
  • Share easily to all team members
  • Folders to keep everything organized Enterprise plan – Contact for custom pricing

The Enterprise plan offered by is perfect for large organizations.

The features in the plan provide further support, control, security, and more that make it suitable for larger organizations and companies who need access for the entire team.

Key Features:

  • Multiple payment methods
  • Single-sign-on
  • Custom vocabulary library
  • Ability to enable time-codes
  • Video playback speeds adjustment
  • Easy billing system
  • Prioritized support

Who is the Enterprise plan best suited for?

The Enterprise plan is best suited for teams and organizations. It has an enormous amount of features that help to make work more efficient and impactful. Pricing Q&A

Does offer monthly and annual payment plans?

Yes, they do. offers a generous discount for users who sign up with an annual plan. 

Is compatible with both PC and Mac?

Yes, it is.

How hard is it to change the plan type?

It is simple! has done a great job ensuring that the software is very user-friendly and perfect for everyone. Simply go under settings and click “Upgrade,” and follow the prompts.

What forms of payment does accept? accepts credit and debit card payments. Pricing Review

  • Basic Plan (Free) – The free plan offered by is a great plan for individuals. It is perfect for getting started and familiarizing yourself with the software. It allows for recording and transcribing along with search and highlight. It’s a great plan for beginners.
  • Pro ($8.33/mo billed annually) – The pro version by is a comprehensive plan that is packed with exceptional features. It offers a great discount when an annual plan is chosen and gives users the ability to import pre-recorded files. This plan is suitable for individuals who require more tools.
  • Business ($20/mo per user billed annually) – The business plan offered by is a great plan for small teams and organizations. It has many team-related features that will help speed up work and increase and improve accuracy and quality. This plan also has an easy-to-use billing system and tools to set up secure authentication.
  • Enterprise (Contact sales for pricing) – The Enterprise plan is a custom-curated plan for large-scale businesses and organizations. It offers an increased amount of payment methods and gives more control and security.


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