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Sonix Transcription Pricing, Plans, Free Trial Info, More (2023)

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By Scott Winstead

sonix pricing

Have you been looking into transcription services and want more info on Sonix pricing and plans?

Sonix is an automated transcription software. It is exceptionally fast and carries a reputation for its accuracy. Sonix is available in about 40 different languages. It includes automatic timestamps, speaker labeling, and in-document note-taking.

What sets Sonix apart is its AI-driven transcription engine, which utilizes machine learning algorithms to convert audio and video files into written text. This means that users no longer have to spend hours manually transcribing recordings, as Sonix’s AI engine rapidly processes the content and delivers transcriptions in a fraction of the time.

Additionally, Sonix offers a range of convenient features, such as the ability to highlight and comment on specific parts of the transcript, making collaboration and content editing a breeze.

Sonix is perfect for anyone needing transcription services.

A few examples of occupations that would benefit from using Sonix are:

  • Audio and video producers
  • Teachers
  • Researchers
  • Journalists
  • Podcasters
  • Film Makers
  • Authors
  • Storytellers of all kinds

Sonix is easy to use and offers three different plans in hopes of appealing to everyone who needs transcription services.

In addition, the software offers advanced features in all its plans and has flexible payment terms.

This article will review Sonix, its pricing plans available, and notable key features.

Let’s get started with our guide to Sonix pricing and plans.

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How Much Does Sonix Cost?

The price of Sonix largely depends on the number of audio hours you need transcribing and whether or not you require a setup for a team. In general, their plans are priced from $5-$10 per hour of audio that you need transcribed, and there may be added fees per user if your account has multiple team members.

Compare the three plans offered by Sonix below. We will explore each plan in detail, explicitly highlighting the extensive features, tools, and support available.


Standard – $10/Hour

The Standard plan available from Sonix is perfect for contract and project-based work.

It is a simple plan that has a pay-as-you-go structure for transcribing audio into text. You only pay when you require the service.

Sonix Standard plan is available in more than forty languages and has an in-browser transcript editor.

Enjoy the simplicity of word-by-word time stamps and speaker labeling with the Standard plan.

Key Features:

  • Easy drag and drop tools
  • Create instantly shareable clips
  • Secure – read-only sharing
  • Customize folders and files for easy organization
  • Email support

The Standard plan is set up with a pay-as-you-go structure. This makes it best suited for project and contract workers.

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Premium Subscription Plan -$5/hour + $22/user/month (save 25% when billed annually)

The Premium Subscription plan offered by Sonix is a great choice for users requiring transcribing on a regular basis.

With its advanced collaborative tools, the Premium plan is an excellent option for small teams and organizations.

The Premium plan includes everything in the Standard plan and a few additional features that further enhance the experience. For example, the premium subscription plan allows the user to have multiple custom dictionaries and automated time code realignment tools.

Key Features:

  • Multi-track uploads
  • High-quality automated translation
  • Side-by-side translation compare
  • Language subtitle creation tools
  • Customizable subtitles
  • Media player analytics
  • Easy social sharing
  • Centralized billing
  • Enhanced security tools and settings

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Sonix Enterprise Subscription – Custom Pricing

The Sonix Enterprise subscription plan is ideal for organizations and corporations who want advanced user and billing controls.

This plan features many custom labels, admin controls, invoice options and password protection options.

In addition, the Enterprise Sonix plan includes priority support and a dedicated account manager.

Key Features:

  • Includes all features in Premium plan
  • Multiple customization tools
  • Burn-in subtitles
  • Shareable transcript links
  • Customizable media player
  • User permission management
  • Search transcript by word


Sonix Q&A

Does Sonix offer a free trial?

Yes, they do! Sonix offers a free trial of 30 minutes for all new accounts. The minutes are automatically applied upon activation.

Are there discounts available?

Yes, Sonix offers discounts for students, teachers, professors, employees of a non-profit.

Is a credit card required to get the free trial?

No, it is not. The account is free and you can cancel subscriptions at any time.

What are the best features that Sonix offers?

  • Multiple payment plans
  • Detailed analytical insights
  • Very fast
  • Automatic time stamps
  • Free Trial
  • Email support
  • Advanced administrative tools
  • Bulk media upload
  • Enhanced security tools
  • Multiple invoice options


Sonix Pricing Review

Standard – $10/hr – Pay as you go

Premium Subscription – $5/hr + $22/user/month

Enterprise – Contact for pricing


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A Final Word on Sonix Pricing

Sonix is a powerful automated transcriptions software with a ton of applications across multiple industries.

For journalists, podcasters, and content creators, Sonix serves as an invaluable tool for transforming spoken words into written articles or captions, enhancing accessibility, and expanding the reach of their content.

Researchers and academics can use Sonix to transcribe interviews and lectures, making it easier to analyze and reference crucial information.

Even businesses can benefit from Sonix’s transcription services by creating accurate and searchable records of meetings, conferences, and presentations.

Available in about 40 different languages, Sonix has developed three diverse plans to cater to everyone. From pay-as-you-go to a custom-curated enterprise plan, Sonix has a lot to offer.

Click here to get started with Sonix now.

Looking for more info on Sonix pricing and plans? Comment below with your questions.

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