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TrainerCentral Review: Everything You Need to Know

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By Scott Winstead

trainercentral review

Are you thinking about creating an online course? Before you get started, you’ll want to read this TrainerCentral review.

In today’s job market, we’re seeing what might be considered the rise of the solopreneur.

A solopreneur is exactly what it sounds like: an entrepreneur, or business innovator, who runs the show entirely on their own.

In 2019, the U.S. Small Business Administration found that 81% of small businesses were actually only run by one person.

The number of solopreneurs has only grown as more people have resigned from office jobs to start their own personal brands and businesses following the pandemic.

If you’ve considered starting your own business, whether you’re seeking to teach, train, or sell a product, it’s essential that you have a well-organized web presence.

That’s where platforms like TrainerCentral come in.

TrainerCentral is one of the highest-rated online resources available to those who wish to create and market online courses.

Whether you’re a musician, dancer, business analyst, or tutor, TrainerCentral is aimed at helping you effectively market the skills you have to offer.

In this review, we take a deep dive into how TrainerCentral works, who it’s designed for, what it costs, and whether it’s a worthwhile investment.

Read our full TrainerCentral review to see if the platform has what you’re looking for when it comes to all things course creation.


What is TrainerCentral?

TrainerCentral: An all-in-one training platform TrainerCentral: An all-in-one training platform

With TrainerCentral, you can turn your passion and knowledge into a thriving business. This comprehensive platform allows you to easily create and manage online courses in just minutes.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

TrainerCentral is a digital creation hub for online courses of all kinds.

An offshoot of multinational tech giant Zoho, TrainerCentral was created to give everyone – even folks without a strong background in digital marketing – the chance to share their knowledge online.

The platform’s goal is to make course design and online training a smooth and easy process, even if you’ve never dabbled in web design before.

One of the most notable qualities about TrainerCentral is the way the site bundles together the many different elements a solopreneur would otherwise have to hash out on their own.

For example, TrainerCentral includes both a course builder and a course marketing portal, so that you can create and sell your work with ease.

There are also a number of engaging resources built into TrainerCentral to entice learners and keep your enrollment stats high.

TrainerCentral includes admin controls and real-time data insights to help you manage and organize your growing business.

The company also provides a secure payment option, so that learners can effortlessly pay you for your courses.

Trying to manage each of these elements separately, as any small business owner can tell you, quickly becomes overwhelming.  With TrainerCentral, however, these features all work together for a streamlined experience.


TrainerCentral Key Features

Course Builder

This feature is, essentially, the core of what TrainerCentral is all about.

The Course Builder is where you, the expert, get to figure out exactly what your courses should look like to reach your desired audience.

TrainerCentral provides several online course options, so you can choose the format that best fits your content.  The course structure is completely up to you as well.

You’ll be able to decide the length of your course, what media and text to incorporate, and the number of handouts and assignments you include, among many other design options.

TrainerCentral also provides resources for real time quizzes and progress checks, so you can choose how your learners will be assessed.  Built-in quiz and test templates make it easy to create quick progress checks.

With TrainerCentral’s Course Builder, you’re completely in control of how the entire learning experience is presented.

And because the platform is so well-organized, it won’t take you weeks upon weeks to create a comprehensive course (unless you’re a little obsessive and can’t stop adding to your course, in which case: no judgment).

Simply click through each of the design elements in the Course Builder, share your hard-earned expertise, and voila: your course is ready for the masses.


Course Marketing

Of course, it’s not always easy to actually reach the masses.

No matter how skillful you are in your field, it’s essential that your content is actually accessible to the people who want to learn from you.

TrainerCentral takes some of the grunt work out of the web design and marketing aspect of online training.

For starters, The Course Marketing section of the site allows you to create a fully branded personal site for your training business.

You’ll be able to choose your own unique domain name and run a digital store from your page.

This is essential, as having a strong web presence is one of the biggest deciding factors as to whether a solopreneur or small business is able to hit their goals.

It’s the modern, tech-centered equivalent of having a good location in the mall, in that your web presence can make or break the number of potential customers you reach.

TrainerCentral makes it easy to create an eye-catching, completely personal site that encompasses your courses and shows off what’s special about your work.

This is especially helpful for users who might not have a background in coding, programming, or graphic design.

While there are resources out there for those who want to learn these skills, they can be time-consuming and costly… and detract from the actual training you want to market.

Using TrainerCentral’s Marketing tools makes it easy to streamline this process instead and get to what actually matters: training new learners in your specific field.


Learner Engagement & Resources

Once you’ve designed your course and prepped your perfect site, TrainerCentral is ready to help you manage and engage your clients.

Each learner who subscribes to your courses will have their own secure login portal that they will use to access your content.

The password-protected portal includes a learning console for each user, so they can track their progress as they complete trainings, courses, and modules.

This is an easy way to keep clients satisfied with their progress as they learn from you.

To keep things interesting, TrainerCentral gives you a number of ways to interact with your learner base, including the ability to:

  • Run a virtual classroom session with your students to give them real-time instruction and feedback.
  • Promote collaboration and camaraderie with screen-sharing and group video options for your students.
  • Check out chat room options as well as online forums to keep communication open and effective.
  • Assign a variety of different assessments, with the option to add study guides and videos, set flexible deadlines, and tailor questions and answers to your specific needs.

These are just a few of the ways TrainerCentral maximizes your ability to connect with your learners as they master the courses you’ve designed.

After all, making sure your clients are engaged, excited, and involved in the learning process is the best way you can grow your training business!


Virtual Classrooms

One of the things that sets TrainerCentral apart from other course creation platforms is its live virtual classroom feature.

In this dynamic online platform, geographical barriers are no longer obstacles, as learners and educators converge from all corners of the globe into a live, shared digital space.

The user-friendly interface facilitates real-time interactions, fostering vibrant discussions, collaborative projects, and personalized guidance.

With an array of advanced tools, including video conferencing, interactive whiteboards, screen sharing, and breakout rooms, instructors can deliver impactful lessons while participants engage actively, posing questions and contributing actively to the educational process.

By harnessing the potential of TrainerCentral’s virtual classroom, education becomes borderless, interactive, and remarkably enriching for learners across diverse fields and backgrounds.


Administrator Tools

The admin tools on TrainerCentral are another big selling point for the platform.

These features of the site make it easy to stay on top of your business even without a background in administration.

TrainerCentral provides course creators with an admin console that includes a trainer dashboard, automated progress reports, and insights on course enrollment, completion, and popularity.

Robust data analysis is a helpful guide as you determine what the future of your business should look like.

Knowing your stats can help you track trends and map out key developments for your training and teaching.

TrainerCentral doesn’t just run the numbers for you, either.  The site also lets you design your own price structure, making it simple for you to collect payment from your subscribers.

Whether you want to offer free content, a free trial, one-time payments, or subscriptions, TrainerCentral has options to help you configure your cash flow with ease.

These managing tools take some of the most time-consuming aspects of running a business out of your hands, and as any small business owner knows, time is an invaluable commodity.


Mobile App

Students can experience real-time learning on the go with the TrainerCentral Learner app.

All a student has to do is download the app and enter your academy’s URL, and the can join live sessions from experts around the world right from their mobile device.

The intuitively designed app provides a classroom-like experience, allowing students to attend workshops, interact with instructors and fellow learners, and participate in polls to test their knowledge.

With features like live video broadcasting, real-time Q&A, and private channels for engaging with trainers, the possibilities for learning are endless.


What Does TrainerCentral Cost?

Now that we’ve taken a good look at all the things TrainerCentral can provide, it’s time to jump into what you’ll pay for all of these goodies.

There are several different levels of payment available on the platform, so you can decide for yourself how much you’d like to invest.

TrainerCentral offers users a free version, allowing unlimited learners and up to three courses.

This free version does not include the online payment options, admin console, live classroom features, or other bells and whistles available on the site.

Still, it’s an excellent way to jump into the world of course creation at no cost.

The next level up is the TrainerCentral Starter option, at $16.67 per month when billed annually.

The Starter option is ideal for solopreneurs who are hitting the ground running with their small businesses.  It’s inexpensive enough to be affordable while still providing a number of enticing perks.

This option allows you to include unlimited learners as well as unlimited courses.  TrainerCentral Starter also promises zero transaction fees on your course payments.

You’ll enjoy other features at this level as well, including options to run a live classroom, assign assessments, award certificates, and distribute handouts and helpful materials to your learners.

With TrainerCentral’s live virtual classroom feature, geographical limitations fade away as learners and instructors from around the world converge in a shared digital space. The feature’s intuitive interface enables real-time interactions, fostering engaging discussions, collaborative projects, and personalized attention. Advanced tools for video conferencing, screen sharing, interactive whiteboards, and breakout rooms empower trainers to deliver impactful lessons, while participants actively participate, ask questions, and contribute to the learning journey. This feature makes learning accessible, interactive, and effective for learners of all backgrounds and disciplines.

The most comprehensive level of TrainerCentral, meanwhile, is the Professional package, offered at $41.67 per month when billed annually.

The Professional level is ideal for folks who are looking to run a fully-loaded, high-end online company.

All of the perks of the Starter option are included here, along with more nuanced marketing and sales support and more in-depth administrator tools.


Is TrainerCentral Worth It?

TrainerCentral is a sophisticated, user-friendly platform for those hoping to create and market online training content.

The platform makes it easy to design elegant, engaging courses aimed at whatever audience you’re hoping to reach.

TrainerCentral makes marketing and web design a simple process and offers you a variety of ways to take payment from your clients.

There are a number of options for interacting and communicating with your learners to keep your trainings both fun and effective.

Built-in analytics and administrator tools will help you manage the business side of things with minimal effort, so you can focus your attention on the skills you’re bringing to your customers.

TrainerCentral’s free option is a great place to dive in, while the reasonably priced Starter package awaits when you decide to level up.

Though the Professional package is on the pricier side, the detailed tools and features it includes (such as the admin console, analytics tracking, and enhanced learner experiences) make it a valuable resource.

Overall, TrainerCentral is a highly worthwhile investment for anyone hoping to spread their passion and expertise with the world.

Click here to get started with TrainerCentral today.

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