Udacity Pricing: Plans, Free Trial Info, More (2022)

Are you interested in Udacity pricing and want to know more about its features, courses, and other additional information?

Udacity is a global tech education provider. It teaches incredible skills that companies in the tech industry are actually looking for. Udacity has developed a unique teaching method and has several supports in place for its’ students.

As one of the most popular online courses websites, Udacity carries Nanodegree programs, Executive programs, and single-paid courses. Udacity also has scholarship programs, Government programs, and so much more.

The platform offers amazing mentor support to its’ students and is super easy to use.

Udacity is an incredible tool for anyone wanting a career in the tech world.

It offers courses surrounding data analysis, data engineering, data science, artificial intelligence, web development, and more.

In addition, Udacity offers a structured way of learning by having deadlines for students, mentorship programs, and graded assignments.

Benefits of Udacity and learning in adulthood:

  • Udacity is partnered with massive tech giants like Google and Amazon to ensure that its students learn relevant, real-world skills that companies are looking for in employees.
  • Tech corporations highly value Udacity certificates.
  • You can take several Udacity courses free of charge.
  • Increase in confidence.
  • Career advancement opportunities.

This article will cover all the details about Udacity pricing, details, and key features.

Let’s get started with our Udacity pricing overview.


How Much Does Udacity Cost?

The cost of Udacity varies depending on the course or program the student is enrolled in, but typically, their degree programs start at about $399/month for a 4-month course.

For example, the data engineer Nanodegree program offers two payment formats. The monthly terms are $529/month, or if the course is paid upfront, students save 15% and pay just $2245. If a student requires more time after five months, the payment terms become a monthly fee.

The Business Analytics Nanodegree program costs $529/month or saves with the upfront fee of $1347.


What is a Udacity Nanodegree Program?

A Udacity Nanodegree program is a modern, unique education experience. It’s designed to bridge the gap between education and career outcome and potential. Udacity Nanodegree programs are highly recognized and trusted among industry leaders.

Popular Nanodegree Programs:

  • Data Engineer Nanodegree Program
  • Digital Freelancer Nanodegree
  • Business Analytics Nanodegree

You may find other savings opportunities throughout the year, such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Visit Udacity’s website to learn more about promotions and savings.

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Udacity Free Courses

Udacity offers close to 200 free courses for students. They are a great way to test the subject before making financial commitments with a Nanodegree program. The free courses do not include a certificate of completion but are filled with a ton of valuable information.

Udacity Free Courses:

  • Cloud-Native Fundamentals – 1 month – Free
  • Intro to Cloud Computing – 2 months – Free
  • Linear Algebra Refresher Course – 4 months – Free
  • Intro to Descriptive Statistics – 2 months – Free
  • Intro to Data Science – 2 months – Free

Udacity offers many free courses that vary in duration, difficulty and topics. The free courses are packed with information that is valuable and impactful. The Udacity free courses are perfect for testing out areas of interest before making a financial commitment. They are also a great way to learn new skills.


Udacity Nanodegree Programs

Udacity has more than 60 Nanodegree programs. A Nanodegree program is a bundle of 4-10 related videos filled with educative content that students can work through on their own schedule. Along with this, Udacity offers payment plans monthly and a discount when paying for the program upfront.

Popular Nanodegree Programs:

  • Blockchain Developer – 4-month program
  • Product Manager – 4-month program
  • Business Analytics – 3-month program
  • Digital Marketing – 3-month program

Udacity is a great choice for individuals and enterprises alike. It offers a massive amount courses that tech companies highly regard. Udacity teaches skills that are needed and sought after in careers.


Udacity Pricing Q&A

Does Udacity offer monthly payment plans?

Yes, they do. Udacity also offers a generous discount when programs are purchased upfront.

What makes Udacity so awesome?

Udacity is awesome in so many ways. It offers a unique learning experience and a huge amount of career growth and advancement potential. In addition, Udacity has made courses that are teaching industry needed skills.

What form of payment does Udacity accept?

Udacity accepts Visa, Mastercard and PayPal.

Does Udacity offer scholarships?

Yes, they do. That is one of many things that sets Udacity apart from many other online learning platforms. Udacity makes an effort to be as accessible as possible. The learning giant offers several scholarships that students can apply for through the website.


Is Udacity Worth It?

Yes, we believe Udacity is worth it for those looking to upskill and advance in their careers.

Every course and program on Udacity is well thought out, well planned, and thoughtfully and impactfully delivered.

Udacity offers exceptional career services, LinkedIn profile optimization, and incredible student and mentorship support programs.

We like that they offer a scholarship program, a great mentorship program, and that they’re committed to the longevity of their students’ success.


Recap of Udacity Key Features

Of course, the key features available are dependant upon the course chosen. However, some key features that are worth mentioning again are:

  • Skills assessment
  • Interactive quizzes and course material
  • Comprehension checks to ensure student success and understanding
  • Course Recommendation engine
  • Supports video content
  • Hands-on projects
  • Huge content library with additional resources

No matter which course or Nanodegree you choose, Udacity is sure to bring a lot of value. It is an easy-to-use platform that truly supports its’ students.

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