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Udacity Pricing: Plans, Free Trial Info, More (2024)

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By Scott Winstead

udacity pricing

Udacity is a global tech education provider that teaches in-demand skills that companies in the tech industry are looking for, like data analysis, data engineering, data science, artificial intelligence, web development, and more. With the launch of its new All Access subscription plan that costs $249 per month or $846 for 4 months (the average time it takes to complete a Nanodegree program), the pricing model has changed drastically recently, so I’m here to offer the latest details and clear up any confusion you might have.

As one of the most popular online courses websites, Udacity is known for its popular Nanodegree programs that provide a specialized online training experience with hands-on projects and mentor support to equip learners with job-relevant skills in specific fields.

This article will cover all the details about Udacity pricing, details, and key features. I’ll also tell you how the price of Udacity’s programs compares to other online course platforms out there. I’ve fully updated this guide to include the latest info about their brand new All Access subscription plan that was launched in October 2023.

How Much Does Udacity Cost?

udacity price 2024

Udacity’s pricing structure has recently seen a significant overhaul with the introduction of its new All Access subscription plan, available at a monthly rate of $249 per month or $846 for 4 months (the average time it takes to complete a Nanodegree program).

In the past, Udacity charged for its courses on an individual basis. For example, the data engineer Nanodegree program used to cost $399 a month or students could pay $1,356 up front and save 15% off the total price while getting 4-month unlimited access.

But that was then and this is now. Like many other course platforms, Udacity has switched to an unlimited subscription model that gives users access to every course on the platform for as long as they’re paying members.

With this new change, every Udacity subscriber now enjoys complete access to Udacity’s vast content library for a monthly subscription priced at $249. Alternatively, you can take advantage of a 15% discount by choosing a 4-month subscription, which totals $846 for the term.

It’s also worth pointing out that there’s now a Udacity free trial available with this new subscription plan. You can try Udacity All Access free for 7 days and explore everything the platform offers.

While the price of Udacity courses might give some students pause, it’s worth pointing out that these online courses are very in-depth and offer a great learning experience. Udacity provides the opportunity to access top industry professionals as mentors, learn from peers in their student community, and gain valuable skills that can help land an exciting tech job or even accelerate your current career path. Many Udacity students go on to get hired by top companies such as Google, Amazon, and PayPal.

Other features included in Udacity’s programs are as follows:

  • Skills assessment
  • Interactive quizzes and course material
  • Comprehension checks to ensure student success and understanding
  • Course Recommendation engine
  • Supports video content
  • Hands-on projects
  • Huge content library with additional resources

You may find other savings opportunities throughout the year, such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Visit Udacity’s website to learn more about promotions and savings.

Udacity Free Courses

Udacity offers close to 200 free courses for students. They are a great way to test the subject before making financial commitments with a Nanodegree program. The free courses do not include a certificate of completion but are filled with a ton of valuable information.

Udacity Free Courses:

  • Cloud-Native Fundamentals – 1 month – Free
  • Intro to Cloud Computing – 2 months – Free
  • Linear Algebra Refresher Course – 4 months – Free
  • Intro to Descriptive Statistics – 2 months – Free
  • Intro to Data Science – 2 months – Free

Udacity offers many free courses that vary in duration, difficulty and topics. The free courses are packed with information that is valuable and impactful. The Udacity free courses are perfect for testing out areas of interest before making a financial commitment. They are also a great way to learn new skills.

Udacity Pricing Q&A

Does Udacity offer monthly payment plans?

Yes, Udacity now offers an All Access subscription that gives users full access to every course on the platform for $249 a month or $846 for 4-month access.

Is there a Udacity free trial?

Yes, you can try Udacity All Access free for 7 days and explore everything the platform offers.

What makes Udacity so awesome?

Udacity is awesome in so many ways. It offers a unique learning experience and a huge amount of career growth and advancement potential. In addition, Udacity has made courses that teach industry-needed skills.

What form of payment does Udacity accept?

Udacity accepts Visa, Mastercard, and PayPal.

Does Udacity offer scholarships?

Yes, they do. That is one of many things that sets Udacity apart from many other online learning platforms. Udacity makes an effort to be as accessible as possible. The learning giant offers several scholarships that students can apply for through the website.

How Does Udacity Pricing Compare to Other Sites?

Before you sign up for a program on Udacity, you might want to see how its pricing compares to other online course sites.

It’s not entirely fair to stack Udacity’s pricing against platforms like Skillshare or Masterclass because it’s a bit like comparing apples and oranges. Most other platforms focus on offering individual courses and classes on a whole range of topics. Udacity, on the other hand, goes all-in with complete, intensive programs that can earn you proper degrees and certifications. The platform offers deep dives into fields like data science, artificial intelligence, and web development.

So, while the pricing might look different, it’s because Udacity offers a whole different level of education and career opportunities.

With that in mind, here’s a look at the current prices of some other popular course platforms:

  • Educative — Plans starting as low as $14.99 a month, depending on the length of the membership you choose
  • LinkedIn Learning — $39.99 for month-to-month or $240 for an annual membership
  • Masterclass — $120-$240 a year, no monthly plans available
  • Coursera — $59 a month or $399 a year for a Coursera Plus subscription
  • Skillshare — $165 per year, which works out to $13.75/month averaged out.
  • Udemy — Online courses are sold individually, ranging from as little as $19.99 to $200 or more in some cases.

Check out these guides for even more info:

Are There Any Better Udacity Alternatives?

While Udacity is a great online learning platform for those who want to learn tech-related skills, there are some other online course sites out there that may offer better value for money depending on your individual goals.

One of our favorite Udacity alternatives for those who are focused on building tech skills is Educative.

Educative Educative

Build in-demand tech skills with over 600 hands-on, interactive courses in programming, data science, machine learning, cloud computing, and more.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Whether you’re looking to launch a career in tech or simply want to expand your skillset, the Educative platform is the perfect place to start.

With a comprehensive library of online courses and tutorials, you can dive into the world of programming and gain in-depth knowledge of various programming languages. Moreover, you can explore topics such as web development and mobile app development that are crucial in today’s tech-driven world.

From beginner-level courses to advanced-level tutorials, Educative has something for everyone. So, why not enhance your tech skills and build a rewarding career with the help of Educative?

But what really sets Educative apart from the rest is its innovative approach to teaching. Rather than simply providing pre-recorded videos, Educative’s interactive, text-based courses allow you to code and learn in real time, giving you the opportunity to apply and practice what you’re learning on the spot. And with a cloud-based development environment, you can code from any device, making it easier than ever to keep learning no matter where life takes you.

Click here to join Educative for free.

Is Udacity Worth It?

I definitely think Udacity is worth it for those looking to upskill and advance in their tech careers. As someone who’s tried all the popular online course platforms and MOOCs out there over the last several years, I’ve found that the depth of the content in the Nanodegree programs is far beyond that of the typical online courses others offer.

Every course and program on Udacity is well thought out, well planned, and thoughtfully and impactfully delivered.

Udacity also offers exceptional career services, LinkedIn profile optimization, and incredible student and mentorship support programs to give you a fair value for your dollar.

I also like that they offer a scholarship program, a great mentorship program, and that they’re committed to the longevity of their students’ success.

See our Udacity review to learn more.

Click here to get started for free with Udacity!

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