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Why Every eLearning Creator Should Be Using Creative Fabrica

Creative Fabrica is a massive online design marketplace with fonts, graphics, and more for creators.

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By Brittney Hallmark

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If you’re looking to simplify your creative process, open up a wealth of creative tools for your use and at your disposal, and add a little flair to your work, keep reading so I can tell you more about the best online marketplace for design elements that can make your courses and trainings pop. With over 9 million products and more than 50,000 designers, Creative Fabrica is a resource ever eLearning creator should check out.

This platform simplifies your creative process, improves your eLearning projects with endless design elements, and provides tools to add flair to your educational content.

Read on to explore how Creative Fabrica can transform your eLearning designs and streamline your creative workflow.

What is Creative Fabrica?

Creative Fabrica is an online marketplace tailored towards creators who need graphics and fonts to craft their own designs. Rather than having to create all of these elements from scratch, Creative Fabrica provides a vast library of ready-to-use resources that I think are perfect for eLearning creators (and a ton of other applications).

This allows you to focus more on the unique aspects of your projects, enhancing your productivity and enabling you to execute your ideas faster and more effectively.

Whether you’re working on educational content, marketing materials, or custom merchandise, Creative Fabrica has the tools to bring your creative visions to life with less effort and more flair.

What Makes Creative Fabrica Special?

  • Easy to use: The website is super user friendly, allowing you to search via categories or directly type into a search bar. If you’d rather just browse, you can scroll through graphics and fonts to find the best fit for your project. 
  • Endless design options: Whether you’re designing printables, digital downloads, interactive courses, or just about anything else, you can find elements of design offered by artists through this site. I like the variety of options within each category. There are offerings for every type of need, theme, and event. 
  • AI image creation capabilities: The first in the market, Creative Fabrica has a new feature that is a generative AI tool called Spark. It allows the option to generate many images based on a prompt and then those images to be regenerated and used for designs. 
  • Keep what you buy forever: You can save all files directly to your computer and have them for your own use indefinitely. If you need help managing your fonts, you can check into the free tool Fontcloud that Creative Fabrica created to help with this.
  • Sell your own eLearning design elements: One of the cool things I really like is that Creative Fabrica isn’t just for creators who need to buy products. If you’re a designer or artist, you can create a shop in which to sell your work. I love that this site offers the opportunity for creators and designers to collaborate and enhance their products and creativity. 

How Much Does Creative Fabrica Cost? 

Creative Fabrica has a number of difference plans that range from as little as $4 a month up to $29 a month.

There are plans for those who just need fonts ($19 a month), graphics ($19 a month), crafts ($4 a month for 3 months), or All Access where you get everything on the platform ($29 a month or $47 a year when purchased annually).

I love the discounted annual All Access pass because you can access so many different things and have more available in each category than if you just purchase the individual bundle subscriptions. 

There are daily deals offered as well if you’re someone who wants to buy products on an a la carte basis. These are fonts, graphics, and crafts that are offered at a discounted price. Check these out, as they change and new things are offered on a regular basis. You can find individual items and bundled items in this section. 

Another cool thing about Creative Fabrica is that there’s a free daily gift. You can download one free font, craft and graphic each day as a special gift. This is a great way to help grow your collection and enhance your toolbox of resources.

I love that they offer a decent collection of freebies, too! In addition to free fonts, you can also see many other types of products at no cost.

For example, you can find pre-made printables, like to do lists. These items can be used and edited to make them your own.

Is Creative Fabrica Worth It?

For me, as an eLearning creator, it’s an easy yes — Creative Fabrica is definitely worth using.

I like saving time and money. I like allowing myself greater opportunities through products that enhance my ability to create better designs.

I like things that make life easier, and Creative Fabrica definitely delivers on that. It streamlines the creative process by providing a wealth of resources that can be easily incorporated into any project.

With access to thousands of fonts, graphics, and tools, I can improve my eLearning materials without the hassle of designing every component myself. Creative Fabrica makes my work more efficient and makes my eLearning creations look great, allowing me to produce professional, engaging content that stands out.

Click here to try Creative Fabrica today.

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