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The Best Vyond Templates for Your eLearning Courses

The best Vyond templates make it super easy to create engaging, effective animated eLearning videos.

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By Julia Bashore

vyond templates for eLearning

eLearning of all kinds is taking place through videos.  Gone are the days of the lengthy instruction manual or “How-To” Powerpoint. In this screen-first world we all live in, video has become themost popular format for learning a new skill.

Videos are engaging and concise, and can help learners focus on exactly what they need to know without wasting time on unneeded material.

For eLearning professionals, this means that creating quality videos will be an essential part of your process if you want your eLearning content to be effective. The drawback for eLearning developers, however, is that creating engaging videos can be both time-consuming and costly.

If you’re crafting a live action video, for example, you usuallyhave to budget for auditioning, casting, scripting, acting, and editing the whole shebang… which can quickly add up to months of time, not to mention thousands of dollars. Even animated videos usually set you back a pretty penny, especially if you want your video to include multiple scenes, characters, and effects.

This is why it’s a great idea to invest in a video creation software that can streamline your process and help you design the appealing content you need.

My favorite option available now is Vyond, a cloud-based animated video creation platform based out of California. For more than 15 years, Vyond has led the competition when it comes to offering convenient, attractive animated video options for businesses of all shapes and sizes. That’s because Vyond makes it a breeze to create powerful videos that pack a punch… without decimating your budget or costing you hours of editing time.  

How? By offering hundreds of elegantly designed, premade video templates.

What Are Vyond Templates?

Vyond - Animation Software Tool for Businesses Vyond - Animation Software Tool for Businesses

Quickly produce animated videos for any job role or industry—achieve results 10 times faster than traditional video production methods.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Vyond templates are perfect for those looking to create quality eLearning animations for stakeholders, employees, or prospective customers.

The vast template library provided by Vyond includes hundreds of options for all of your video design needs.

From onboarding new employees to updating company policies to teaching new skills to sending holiday greetings, Vyond has a template you can use as a foundation for whatever you need your video to do.

Each Vyond template includes storylines, images, characters, props, and other digital assets to make your content come to life.

These templates look great right out of the box, so to speak, so all you have to do is customize them to tell your business’s unique stories.

A thoughtfully designed premade template can save you hours of noodling around for the right storyboard, scene, or setting.

Plus, having all of the pieces in place from the get-go helps you stay organized and convey the information you need your audience to know.

Just browse the extensive library of Vyond templates, choose the one that best fits your needs, and play around with the customizable features until it matches your brand and vision.

Read on to learn more about which Vyond templates might work best for you.

How to Choose the Right Vyond Template

Template options take a lot of the legwork out of video design, but it can still feel challenging to find the right template for your eLearning needs.

Sometimes having more options just feels like having to make more decisions… and that can be tiring!

No need to get overwhelmed, though.  Vyond’s template library is structured to help you make the right choice without a lot of second guessing.

In fact, when you access Vyond’s template library, you’re presented with a handy search bar to help you instantly pull up the best matches for the type of video you need.

You can even filter videos by the style you’re going for, whether it’s business friendly, contemporary, whiteboard, or something else.

You can browse by job role, like marketing, sales, human resources, et cetera, to see what’s out there for a specific field.

You can search by category… think communication, technology, education, and more.

You can search by industry – manufacturing, healthcare, and so on.

The high-powered search function helps you winnow down hundreds of options into the top choices for your audience.

Once you’ve selected the template that works for you, you can customize it however you want.

eLearning developers using Vyond can mix and match characters and scenes from different videos, create brand new scenes using the drag-and-drop interface, or simply personalize the existing storyboard as-is.

You can also play around with the style, color scheme, and font that best matches your brand.

The flexible customization offered by Vyond allows you to keep things consistent across all of the eLearning videos in your library, regardless of subject matter.

Plus, the platform’s advanced animation technology includes tons of fun and helpful features.  Vyond users can seamlessly include music, realistic character voices, and even different language translation capabilities for their eLearning videos.

Whatever type of eLearning video you create, there’s a Vyond template to help make your content shine.

Want to explore which templates I think are best suited to the world of eLearning?  Keep reading!

7 Great Templates for eLearning with Vyond

eLearning is an incredibly diverse field, and no two designers will be creating exactly the same content.

That said, there are a number of topics that eLearning professionals are typically in charge of presenting to their teams, whether you work at a Fortune 500 company or a brand new startup.

These seven standout templates should give you an idea of just a few of the dozens of topics Vyond can help you handle.

1. Explain the Importance of Intersectionality

  • This video does a great job defining intersectionality, an important part of many diversity trainings.  Keep the informative script as-is, or record it over with someone from your company’s voice to personalize!

2. Discuss Parental Leave Policies

  • This is a hot-button issue in many businesses today, so take advantage of this premade template to explain your company’s parental leave policy in a thorough manner that helps everyone plan for the future.

3. Emphasize Information Security Awareness

  • Information security is another high priority for many businesses.  This video makes it easy for eLearning developers to help employees understand how to keep information secure and prevent data breaches.  Simply customize your organization’s details and go!

4. Perfect Those Phone Skills

  • If you’re an eLearning pro who works with sales, this video is a great way to teach sales reps all the tricks of the trade for making effective phone calls.
  • This Vyond template can easily be adjusted to include tips for successful text, emails, or other communications too!

5. Push Past a Block

  • This handy eLearning video explains strategies for overcoming a creative block.  The suggestions are helpful and can give you a great foundation for promoting creative wellness on your team.
  • Play around with the ideas, characters, and voiceovers to help fit what you think will be best for your audience.

6. Keep Things Fun With a Game

  • As all eLearning professionals know, it’s important to keep instructional videos engaging so you don’t lose your audience’s attention.  This highly adaptable Vyond template makes it possible to turn your content into an enticing quiz game!
  • Customize the game to suit the knowledge you’re imparting, then let your audience have fun testing their skills.

7. Spotlight on Safety

  • Workplace safety and anti-bullying measures are an important subject to tackle for many eLearning professionals.
  • This video walks through helpful strategies and tips on how to avoid bullying situations, and how to document and handle these conflicts should they arise.  All you’ll need to do is tweak it to match your organization’s specific guidelines.

These seven Vyond templates are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all of the subjects Vyond can help you teach.  

Since every video comes with endless customization options and effects, there’s no limit to all the things you can create with Vyond templates!

Final Thoughts

Engaging visuals and videos are the cornerstone of effective eLearning materials.

Using Vyond templates can help you appeal to your audience, cover important issues, and create fun and informative videos… all for a fraction of the time and money you’d spend manually designing each one.

Vyond offers several subscription tiers depending on the size and scope of your business, so you can shop around to find the option that best suits your needs.

Each option comes with a generous two week free trial, where you can see for yourself exactly how this creative platform can streamline your workflows.

Once you’ve made your choice, you’ll be able to start adding to your personal eLearning library right away.

Using Vyond means saving yourself time, money, and that most valuable resource of all, your mental energy.

Sounds like a worthy investment to me.

Click here to get started with Vyond today.

Are you an eLearning developer who creates informative videos?  Do you have experience creating with Vyond templates for eLearning?  Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments below!

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