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VEED Review: The Best AI Video Editing Tool? (2024)

VEED is a powerful AI video editing tool that makes it easy for anyone to create professional-quality videos fast.

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By Julia Bashore

veed review

These days, just about everything you can find online is presented in a video format. Gone are the days of long-form “how-to” articles.  Instead, most people hoping to learn a new skill prefer to simply watch an instructional video.

Recording, editing, and publishing videos, however, can present some challenges. Sure, every smartphone is equipped in some capacity to record video, but the quality and capability of your recording can vary wildly. Plus, most phones don’t include the sophisticated editing options needed to level up the production value of your videos.

That’s where recording and editing tools like VEED come in handy. VEED is a powerful digital recording and editing software designed to make content creation a breeze, whether you’re connecting with a small audience or a crowd of millions across the globe.

In this VEED review, I’ll take a deep dive into everything this video editing tool can do, including some of its innovative AI-powered features. I’ll examine the pros and cons of the software as well, so you can decide if VEED is right for your content creating needs.

What is VEED?

VEED - Edit, Record & Livestream Video - Online VEED - Edit, Record & Livestream Video - Online

VEED is the fastest and easiest way to make high quality, professional videos for eLearning, business training, sales presentations, and other applications.

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VEED is a one-stop-shop for recording, editing, and publishing high-quality videos. You can even add subtitles with a single click thanks to its automatic AI subtitle generator.

The software works directly from your browser, so you don’t need to install any external programs.  Instead, users simply log in and start creating.

One of the features you’ll notice right away is VEED’s vast library of images and templates to help you get started.

This is especially handy for folks like me without an extensive background in graphic design or web building.

You can choose from a huge variety of sleek presets, then play around with fonts and formats until you’ve made the design your own.

Videos taken with VEED can be recorded from your webcam, of course, but the platform also allows for seamless screen recording as well.  This is useful for those creating online tutorials and course videos in which followers might need to see step-by-step guidelines on your screen.

When you’ve recorded the content you need, you can then edit your video right from your browser, and believe me, it couldn’t be any easier.

Mute background noise, add in text, stickers, and music, and opt for subtitles (in a variety of languages) to put the finishing touches on your masterpiece.

VEED even allows users to co-create content with other people in real time, making it ideal for teams creating corporate trainings.   

For those working on a smaller scale, VEED can provide useful editing options (like closed captions, graphics, and muted background noise) to help make your videos look more professional, even if you’re just starting out.  

Once you’ve finished with a video, the next step is to publish and share.  VEED allows users to share across social media and email, or simply by embedding a link as needed.

Essentially, VEED is all about making the process behind video content simpler for creators at all levels and scales.

Now that I’ve touched on the basics of how VEED works, let’s look at some of its unique pros and cons so you can educate yourself further on this software.

Pros of VEED

Your Videos Will Look & Sound Good

This is a big one, since no one wants to pursue a program that doesn’t actually produce a solid end result.

Using VEED makes it possible to produce high-quality videos without a ton of effort.

Rather than having to sift through copyright issues and import outside media, you’ll have a headstart thanks to VEED’s comprehensive media library.

This can save you valuable time without costing in quality, as VEED has tons of images, backgrounds, stickers, formats, and templates to suit whatever audience you’re seeking.

Plus, you can add professional polish to your video by seamlessly including subtitles, captions, and music, while muting excess background noise for a better audio experience. This can go a long way to making your eLearning videos more accessible.

VEED’s AI effortlessly cleans up your audio recordings by removing unwanted background noise, ensuring your podcasts, vlogs, music demos, meeting recordings, and educational materials sound crystal clear.

Whether it’s wind, rain, traffic, ticking clocks, static, or any other annoying background sound, VEED’s noise remover identifies and eliminates these distractions quickly—just hit the “Clean Audio” button.

For anyone aiming for pristine, studio-grade audio, VEED is an essential tool.

Perhaps it should go without saying, but I consider this an essential pro.

After all, no matter how economical or user-friendly a platform is, the bottom line here is that you want your videos to look and sound good.  When you use VEED, they will.

You Can Reach Global Audiences With Ease

One of VEED’s standout features is their AI-powered subtitle and translation capability.

You can select subtitles for your video in English, or choose from a variety of other languages depending on where your viewers are located.

Because the captions are generated by state-of-the-art AI capabilities, you can be confident that the translations will be both timely and correct.

This is a big win for people hoping to connect with an international client base.

You Can Create & Collaborate

Whether you’re working for an enterprise-level corporation or managing a small start-up team, VEED’s collaboration features are another highlight.

Coworkers can annotate videos remotely to offer feedback and even work on editing at the same time from different locations.

You can easily loop in your team and your manager as you build and edit your videos, so that you can get everyone’s input without extra hassle.

Meanwhile, VEED allows you to store all of your works in progress in the cloud for easy access.

When finished, you can even add training videos directly to your LMS to keep all of your resources in one central location.

This makes VEED a great choice for businesses of any size hoping to create engaging training videos or demos for their new or existing employees.

So Many Ways to Share

The main purpose for making videos is to share them, whether you’re crafting anything from an eLearning module to a guided meditation.

VEED makes sharing easy across whatever platform works best for you.

From Instagram and TikTok to marketing emails and promos, you’ll be able to quickly share your content with your key demographic right from your browser.

Plus, VEED makes it easy to nip in and add tweaks and edits on the fly if you notice anything that needs changing post-publication.

This eliminates the need to take your whole video down and reshare it if you catch a little error.

As they say, sharing is caring.  VEED clearly makes that a priority.

Cons of VEED

The Free Version is Limited

If everything you’ve read so far sounds too good to be true, keep in mind that you can’t access all of VEED’s amazing features for free.

Unlike many of their competitors, however, VEED does offer a free version that potential customers can try without no credit card required.

The free version allows for 1GB of uploaded content (though exports will contain a watermark) and 30 minutes of free subtitles.

Users should be aware when using the free version, however, that they may seem to be able to access some of VEED’s more powerful features… only to find out that the super-cool content they’ve created will actually require a subscription to publish.

Paid Subscriptions Are Required

With that being said, you’ll need to pay to secure a subscription and get access to VEED’s most desirable features.

For $18 per user per month, you can access the Basic level features, which include full HD exports, up to 720 minutes of subtitles, and export options for videos up to 25 minutes in length (plus, they’ll get rid of that pesky watermark).

These perks nearly double if you opt for the Pro level, at $30 per user per month.  Pro users also get access to VEED’s impressive collection of stock media, as well as its innovative AI enhancements.

If you’re working for a bigger organization, VEED offers a Business tier at $59 per month, which ups all of your minutes for subtitles and videos and includes helpful features like analytic reports and custom templates.

VEED even offers Enterprise pricing, on an individual case basis.

So while I wish all of this software’s enticing features were free of charge, it does help that you can select the subscription level that best suits your content creation needs.

Final Thoughts on VEED

Overall, VEED is a fast and reliable way to create innovative videos at any scope.

The software includes a number of practical features, like AI-powered subtitles and translations, background noise cancellation, and the ability to switch from webcam to screen sharing for demos and how-to’s.

VEED also includes a number of fun extras, like their extensive media library brimming with cool templates, images, fonts, and music choices.

VEED is easy to use, whether you’re working solo or with a team, since you can record, edit, and publish all from your browser.  Being able to store your saved videos in the cloud adds extra convenience, too.

Though you’ll have to pay to unlock its more sophisticated features, VEED does offer a free version.  Plus, the amount of time VEED saves when it comes to producing quality videos makes the paid subscriptions a worthy investment.

Video instruction is the way of the future, after all, for teachers and creators of all backgrounds and levels.

A tool like VEED can make sure the content you’re offering stays relevant to the people you want to reach.

You can click here to try VEED free and see if it fits your needs.

Are you a video content creator?  Do you have experience working with VEED or similar editing tools?  I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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