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Lingoda Review: The Best Online Language Classes?

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By Julia Bashore

lingoda review

Learning a new language is a valuable skill, no matter your reason.

Maybe you’ve booked an international vacation and don’t want to be the tourist limited to English menus and Google Translate.

Maybe you’ve gotten the opportunity to work or study overseas and need to learn a new language to get the most out of your new position.

Maybe you want to connect with family or friends who aren’t native English speakers.

Or maybe you’re just hoping to reap the myriad cognitive benefits associated with learning a new language.

Whatever your motivation, though, there’s no getting around the fact that learning a new language is challenging.

Lessons are often time-consuming, hard to schedule, and expensive.

While plenty of free language learning apps exist, these programs don’t provide the in-person interaction that’s often necessary to really make progress speaking and understanding a new language.

Once you get past a few basic greetings and into the nitty gritty of grammar rules, the sheer magnitude of trying to learn a new language from an app can feel overwhelming.

That’s why we were intrigued by Lingoda, an online language school that offers the convenience of an app with the value of a native-speaking teacher and a real-time class.

In this Lingoda review, we’ll cover how the platform works, and touch on some of the things we loved – and what we might change.

Read on to learn more about this innovative language learning option.

How Does Lingoda Work?

Lingoda: Online language courses with native-level teachers Lingoda: Online language courses with native-level teachers

With live online language classes led by experts, Lingoda makes it easier than ever to learn a new language from the comfort of home.

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Once you’ve signed up for Lingoda, you’ll log in to your account and set your time zone.  This is a key step, as Lingoda instructors teach from all over the world.

You’ll then select the language you want to learn and take a quick placement test to determine where you should start.

Once you’ve got these initial settings in place, you can begin booking classes.

Lingoda offers classes 24/7 from real-time, expert instructors around the globe.

Based on your subscription tier, you can choose from either one-on-one or group classes.  Each group class is limited to 2-4 participants, so you’ll never face an overcrowded session.

All of the lessons on Lingoda are outlined in PDFs that you can download to study after attending your class.

The curriculum is designed around the CEFR standards, with levels starting at A1 (beginner) and ending at C1 (advanced).

Once it’s time for class, you’ll log in using Zoom.  Only your first name will be displayed, so that you can maintain privacy while still greeting your teacher and classmates.

Lingoda teachers are all native speakers.  However, their country of origin may change… for example, one week you may learn French from a teacher in Paris, while the next week you’ll be taught by someone in Quebec.

This is a great way to attune your ear to a variety of accents and pick up on subtle differences you might not be exposed to otherwise.

Teachers will walk you through the PDF that accompanies the lesson and prompt each class member to read, speak, and respond. 

Some teachers utilize the chatbox (which can then be downloaded after the session), while others prefer to make notes directly on the lesson PDF.

Regardless, you can count on most of your lessons being taught in your target language.

Classes are 60 minutes long, so even if your class is at the four-person capacity, you’ll definitely still have time to talk (even if you feel shy at first).

After your class, you have the option to take a follow-up quiz to reinforce the concepts and vocabulary you just learned.

When you’ve completed all the lessons that comprise a level, you’ll receive a certificate that verifies your achievement.  These can be useful in proving to employers or universities that you’re a competent speaker.

You can continue to renew your package, cancel, or upgrade once you’ve finished a course on the Lingoda portal.

Pros and Cons of Lingoda

So let’s dive into the great and unique aspects of this program, as well as the things we might like to improve.

Pros of Lingoda

The teachers are excellent

The biggest pro with Lingoda is the expert instruction you’ll receive from a native-speaking teacher.

Learning from someone who actually speaks your target language is incredibly valuable, and can prevent you from developing bad habits early on in your learning path.

Plus, you’ll be able to get live feedback and ask questions directly to an expert during your lessons.  This is essential if you want to make significant gains in your speaking ability.

The immersive nature of class taught by a native speaker will also prevent you from falling back to English every time you get confused!

The student community is helpful

The live classes also ensure that you get to chat with other learners.  

Actively expressing your own ideas and listening to real people respond forces your brain to work much more effectively than clicking multiple choice answers on an app.

Talking with fellow students builds community and motivation, and can help you feel more comfortable conversing off-screen, too!

The convenience is unmatched

Busy schedule?  Crazy hours? 

Lingoda offers classes that work with pretty much anyone’s agenda, which is a huge perk considering you’re getting face-to-face instruction from a pro.

Lingoda doesn’t require any special hardware or software, either.  All you’ll need is an internet connection and Zoom.  You don’t even need to download an app!

The structure sets you up for success

Lingoda is unique in that it not only provides you with a native-speaking teacher… it provides you with a variety of them!

You’ll be exposed to different teaching styles, accents, and students from around the world, which will benefit your ability to understand and speak.

The downloadable PDFs are a great resource to help you study at home after class.

Lingoda also offers additional resources for their courses, and a language learning blog to support your learning journey.

This is a helpful way to supplement your in-class learning and maintain your skills in between classes.

The flexible packages have something for every budget

Lingoda offers a number of affordable subscriptions, so you can choose the one that best fits your goals, schedule, and budget.

Their most popular option is Flex, which allows students to select their own intensity based on how much time and effort you can devote to language learning.

Flex members can choose group or private lessons, with time slots available 24/7 from a huge variety of expert speakers.

This is a great package for students with busy schedules who may not know exactly what their learning journey is going to look like.

Lingoda currently offers a seven-day free trial of the Flex subscription, so you can get a preview of how it might fit into your life.

Lingoda also recently added a Teams subscription, which allows learners to work with the same teacher and class each week in a small group.

This is an excellent option for students who prefer to build a rapport with just one instructor, rather than learn from a new person each time they take a class.

Meanwhile, for the hardcore language devotees, there’s also a Sprint package available.  

For this option, students commit to a two-month intensive study program in which they take a lesson every single day… and earn 50% of their money back if they meet the challenge!

This is the best option for folks who want to see progress fast and are ready to spend at least an hour each day working toward their goals.

Cons of Lingoda

Limited languages

The only real drawback to Lingoda is that their curriculum is not available in a huge selection of languages.

As of this writing, Lingoda presents classes in German, English, Business English, French, Spanish, and Italian.

The Italian curriculum is a new addition added in 2o24, which suggests that the language school is actively expanding their options.

This is exciting news for anyone who’s interested in their innovative model, but is trying to learn a language that is not yet available through the site.

Hopefully in the coming years, Lingoda will be able to offer courses in a wider variety of languages.

Final Thoughts

You’ll never regret learning another language.

Even if you don’t end up running a quaint bistro in Paris or living beside a beautiful beach in Mexico, having command of another language opens so many doors.

Lingoda is a great way to meet your language learning goals, as it provides real interaction with native-speaking experts and connects you with other learners.

Instead of simply clicking on an app, you’re actually speaking, listening, sharing, and learning from real people in your target language.

While Lingoda’s language offerings are somewhat limited, the courses they do have are well-designed, with an effective curriculum, expert teachers, and useful certifications.

Lingoda is a flexible, affordable, and convenient way to make real progress on your path to fluency.

That’s a win in any language.

Click here to try Lingoda free for 7 days.

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