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I Tried The Best NodeJS Courses Online (Here are the Top 7)

With the best NodeJS courses online, you can unlock the full potential of server-side programming, gaining the skills and confidence to build efficient, scalable web applications.

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By Fatima Mansoor

best nodejs courses online

What are the best NodeJS courses online you can take right now in 2024?

I tested out a slew of different NodeJS classes from popular online course websites like Udemy and Coursera to find out.

I’ve ranked my 7 favorites based on a number of key factors, including quality of the curriculum, credentials of the instructor, student reviews, cost, and more (click here to learn about our entire Editorial Process & Methodology for product reviews).

What are the Best NodeJS Courses Online?

1. The Complete Node.js Developer Course (Udemy)

The Complete Node.js Developer Course [3rd Edition] (Udemy) The Complete Node.js Developer Course [3rd Edition] (Udemy)

Master Node.js through creating practical, real-world applications using Node JS, Express, MongoDB, Jest, among other tools!

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Regularly $129.99 but often goes on sale (see our Udemy pricing guide)


35 hours

I found that this class offered a comprehensive pathway to mastering Node development, perfect for beginners yet thorough enough for those with some experience. The course covers everything from building and testing Node applications to creating Express web servers, APIs, and working with MongoDB. It dives into the ES6 and ES7 JavaScript modules, equipping you to deploy real-world applications confidently.

Learning under Andrew Mead and Rob Percival, both seasoned instructors, was a game-changer. Their practical, hands-on teaching approach involved building actual projects, like a note-taking app, a weather application, a task manager, and a real-time chat application. These projects can help cement your understanding of Node in a real-world context.

What stood out to me was the instructor’s ability to explain complex concepts clearly. He often provided detailed insights into the logic behind each decision, supported by helpful visuals and code-alongs. This approach demystified many of Node’s intricacies, making the learning process more intuitive and engaging.

While some content, particularly around deployment, felt slightly outdated, the course remains an exceptional resource. It keeps you abreast of the latest Node features and technologies, and the prompt assistance when needed was invaluable.

As Node continues to be a highly sought-after skill in the job market, this course will set you on a path towards future success in the field. Whether you’re aiming to start a career in Node development or looking to enhance your existing skills, this course is a solid choice, offering a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical application.

2. Node.js – The Complete RESTful API Masterclass [2024] (Udemy)

Node.js - The Complete RESTful API Masterclass (Udemy) Node.js - The Complete RESTful API Masterclass (Udemy)

Develop robust, efficient, and scalable Nodejs RESTful APIs with Express & MongoDB, covering everything from development to deployment.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.


Regularly $89.99 but often goes on sale (see our Udemy review to learn more)


11 hours

Enrolling in this NodeJS course is a journey to mastering building RESTful APIs with Node. This course is an exceptionally comprehensive guide, covering every facet of API development using Express and MongoDB. It skillfully navigates through complex topics such as error handling, authentication, API security, and Mongoose queries, making it a treasure trove for anyone keen on robust application development.

Under the guidance of Ghulam Abbas, a seasoned full-stack developer, you’ll find yourself quickly grasping the nuances of Node. I found that his expertise illuminated the pathway to creating high-paying job opportunities in this domain. The course’s practical approach, especially the project where we built a JOB API, provided hands-on experience that felt akin to working on an industry-level application.

However, I did encounter some challenges with the course. At times, I found the instructor’s delivery a bit hard to follow, and there were moments when the audio was unclear, making it difficult to understand certain things. Additionally, the captions very occasionally failed to accurately capture what was being said.

Despite these hurdles, the course’s content was rich and informative, particularly beneficial since I already had a background in JavaScript.

Overall, while the course excels in content and practical application, enhancing the audio clarity and caption accuracy could significantly improve the learning experience. It’s a solid choice for those with some JavaScript knowledge, looking to delve deeper into the world of modern desktop applications and API development with Node.

3. Complete NodeJS Developer in 2024 [GraphQL, MongoDB, + more] (Udemy)

Complete NodeJS Developer [GraphQL, MongoDB, + more] (Udemy) Complete NodeJS Developer [GraphQL, MongoDB, + more] (Udemy)

Gain knowledge from genuine NodeJS professionals! This course covers advanced NodeJS topics, including Express, GraphQL, REST, MongoDB, SQL, MERN, and much more.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.


Regularly $89.99 but often goes on sale


46 hours

This course is the gateway to mastering modern and efficient RESTful API development using Node. You can dive into the world of Node, Express, MongoDB, and other technologies to help you create cutting-edge applications.

Taught by Andrei Neagoie and Adam Odzkeimkowski, this course has a beginner-friendly approach that teaches you the basics first.

You’ll start with simple topics such as asynchronous programming, module systems, and package management. Then it guides you slowly to more advanced and more complex topics, such as GraphQL APIs, working with real-time data, and ambitious projects. 

For those who are looking for a direct learning experience, this hands-on project-based course is the perfect fit. You’ll build a MERN app and deploy it to production, and this course teaches you everything you need to know regarding the backend as well.

Additionally, the course also instructs you on the best security practices and gives you a comprehensive understanding of what a full-stack developer does. By the end of this course, you’ll have plenty of experience and knowledge you can take into the job market.

4. Developing Back-End Apps with Node.js and Express (Coursera)


Audit class for free (optional paid upgrades available)


12 hours

This course is like opening a door to the backend world, where you can gain a profound understanding of Node. The course also introduces you to Express, a robust web framework, enhancing your ability to develop server-side applications.

What stood out for me was learning how to augment these applications with third-party packages and libraries, using npm for efficient package management.

Structured into four comprehensive modules, the course provided invaluable hands-on experience. Building a CRUD application was a highlight, as it not only taught the fundamentals of authentication and session management but also offered a project worthy of adding to a portfolio. This practical approach was instrumental in solidifying the understanding of the concepts.

I found the course content exceptionally well-designed for beginners. The explanations were clear, making it easy to grasp the basic concepts. However, I felt that including more practical exercises would have further aided in mastering some of the more complex topics.

The course is particularly beneficial for those with minimal knowledge of backend development and Node. Yet, it’s important to note that thorough engagement with the reading materials is crucial. Without this, some sections of the course can be challenging.

Overall, for anyone aspiring to become a full-stack developer, this course serves as an excellent starting point, offering a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical application.

5. Build a CRUD Node.js and MongoDB employee management web-app (Coursera)


Audit class for free (optional paid upgrades available)


6 hours

This course is a short but sweet course on the basics of Node and MongoDB.

With a short duration, you can learn at your own pace and convenience. The course offers you a pre-configured cloud workspace, so you don’t even need to set up a development environment to begin.

You will quickly learn how to create a simple database and a web UI to manage employees and departments that will reflect changes in realtime to the database.

To begin with, you’ll need some basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JS.

The course does give you free rein on what the final project should be and advises you accordingly if you wish to make an individual attempt or effort. It will also teach you basic git commands, which are a necessary part of understanding and using version control systems.

6. Server side JavaScript with Node.js (Coursera)


Audit class for free (optional paid upgrades available)


31 hours

This course is a part of the RESTful Microservices Specialization.

Throughout the course, you’ll gain valuable insights and knowledge about server-side Javascript development via Node. Within this intermediate-level course, you’ll explore the Node environment and learn how to design and develop the backend of the applications.

The course itself covers important aspects such as modules, files, asynchronous programming, etc.

I liked that it also provides quizzes to test what you’ve learned so far and hands-on coding exercises to help you build programs using Javascript. 

Additionally, note that once you enroll in this course you’ll also be able to enroll in the Specialization, giving you access to a wider range of topics related to RESTful microservices using Node.

With the flexible learning schedule, this course offers, you’ll be able to pick up Node and begin developing your server-side applications in no time.

7. Building RESTful APIs with Node.js and Express (Coursera)


Audit class for free (optional paid upgrades available)


13 hours

This is a comprehensive and well designed course for aspiring full-stack developers. This course offers you insights into Node and Express, the two essential technologies you need to build modern, scalable applications.

Within this course, you’ll gain a deep understanding of Node and Express and how you can set up and create your server. You’ll also be taught how to use MongoDB to perform basic database operations and learn the difference between SQL and NoSQL databases.

By exploring advanced concepts such as error handling and control flow management, you’ll be able to build robust and secure web applications. 

Within the three modules, this course offers, you’ll go from a complete beginner to an intermediate developer. The course guides you from the very basics of Node and Express to complex concepts taught in a simple and easy-to-understand manner.

By the course’s conclusion, you’ll have all the knowledge and tools necessary to create secure and robust RESTful APIs using Node and Express.

Final Thoughts

If you’re interested in learning NodeJS, there’s no shortage of learning opportunities for those who want to delve into server-side programming and web development. No matter your current level of expertise, there’s a course tailored to your needs.

From beginners taking their first steps in backend development to seasoned developers seeking to refine their NodeJS skills, these courses offer a rich blend of theoretical understanding and hands-on experience. They simplify the complexities of server-side scripting and make the learning process both engaging and rewarding.

Remember, mastering NodeJS requires continuous practice and perseverance. While these courses lay a solid groundwork, it’s your commitment and innovation that will truly elevate your programming capabilities and make your server-side projects a success.

Have any questions about this guide to the best NodeJS courses online? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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