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Noggin vs ABCmouse: Side-by-Side App Comparison (2024)

Having trouble deciding between the best kid's learning app for your children? Check out our in-depth Noggin vs ABCmouse comparison.

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By Fatima Mansoor

noggin vs abcmouse

Having trouble deciding between the best kid’s learning app for your children? With the abundance of educational apps you can install today, it can be pretty difficult to pick one that suits your child’s needs. That’s why I’m here: to help you narrow down the options and make an informed decision for your children’s future.

In this article, I’m going to compare two popular options that you’ve surely heard of by now — Noggin and ABCmouse. As a teacher who’s spent a ton of time exploring the landscape of educational apps, I believe these are two of the best ones out there, but there are some key differences you should know about.

What is Noggin?

Noggin – Interactive learning with the trusted characters your kids love. Noggin – Interactive learning with the trusted characters your kids love.

With over 1,000 educational games, videos, and activities developed by experts, Noggin offers a fun, interactive, and highly effective learning experience for kids ages 2 to 7.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Noggin is an interactive learning platform designed for children aged 2 to 7, featuring educational games, activities, and episodes of popular Nick Jr. shows to foster early childhood development.

Initially, it started as a simple TV channel you could watch on cable and had a basic website. It soon grew into an interactive learning platform both on TV and online and is now a subscription-based app that is loved by many.

Noggin is designed for preschoolers and younger children, offering a wide range of age-appropriate content such as interactive games, videos, eBooks, and audio, all aimed at improving cognitive and social development.

Noggin primarily focuses on subjects that improve child development quickly, and they cover skills such as self-awareness, empathy, literacy, vocabulary, wellness, science, and more to ensure the growth of your children. It encourages healthy habits and makes learning easy with the use of engaging learning tools. This will enhance children’s skills while keeping them entertained.

Pros & Cons of Noggin


  • Noggin makes learning fun and exciting, encouraging repeat usage and ingraining good habits in children to help them become good members of society.
  • Noggin is swift and convenient to use. Once it’s purchased, the app has no pop-up ads or disturbances, and learning can be done at one’s own pace.
  • All content on Noggin is available for download, so you can keep your children engaged even without an internet connection. Parents can oversee what content is downloaded and monitor their children’s learning sessions.
  • Noggin only has one subscription plan with no additional fees. A flat $7.99 per month is charged, but you do have a free trial initially to test out the app for yourself. All future updates will be free.


  • Noggin does not have a lot of filters or customization options when searching for content.
  • Noggin primarily focuses on using cartoon characters to teach children. Some children may not retain the same level of engagement in a real-world school environment without these beloved characters. It may be a bit of a hurdle for them to interact with other students or teachers.

What is ABCmouse?

ABCmouse ABCmouse

ABCmouse is one of most popular learning apps for little kids ages 2-8. It includes educational games, books, puzzles, and more to help kids learn in a fun, effective manner.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

ABCmouse is an early learning online platform offering a comprehensive curriculum for children aged 2 to 8, with interactive activities and games covering subjects like reading, math, science, and art.

ABCmouse started as a learning website for young children in 2010. This platform was designed by experts to teach children more than just basic subjects. It teaches children how to behave and repeatedly instills good manners and habits into their curriculum.

The app starts teaching concepts at a basic level initially but eventually offers plenty of information to young children. It also adapts and improves your child’s learning schedule by adding necessary subjects to their course.

As pointed out in our ABCmouse review, the app has thousands of fun activities, puzzles, and games, some of which are even in different languages. It uses a level-based system to encourage children to continue ‘playing’ under the guise of education and retain their engagement with well-designed and well-structured content.

Pros & Cons of ABCmouse


  • ABCmouse has age-appropriate content alongside thousands of activities, keeping children engaged for long periods of time.
  • It has a reward system that helps encourage children and supports multiple profiles.
  • ABCmouse has multiple subscription options and a free trial for 30 days. The monthly plan is $12.99, and the yearly plan is $59.99 ($4.99 a month).
  • ABCmouse has a tracking system to help parents monitor progress and keep an eye on their children.


  • The website itself is rather outdated and not very user-friendly. It takes some getting used to.
  • The customization itself is a little lacking in options. Some of the content also feels a little old.
  • A subscription allows only three children to be signed up per account, so another account may be required.

Price Comparison: Noggin vs ABCmouse

Noggin and ABCmouse offer subscription-based models available on a monthly or annual basis.

When comparing their regular prices, you’ll notice ABCmouse pricing is more expensive than Noggin. ABCmouse’s monthly subscription is $12.99, whereas Noggin’s price is a reasonable $7.99 per month.

Noggins initially offers a 60-day free trial with our exclusive link, and ABCmouse’s free trial is limited to 30 days.

It’s worth noting that both Noggin and ABCmouse may offer seasonal promotions or special offers, so it’s a good idea to check their websites for the most current pricing information. You can also check out our guide to Noggin discounts.

When you compare their yearly subscriptions, Noggin pulls ahead slightly, as you can often find their yearly plan on sale ($47), especially around this time of year. This makes the effective price go down to $3.99 per month, with a 30-day trial included. By comparison, ABCmouse’s yearly plan ($59.99) comes down to $4.99 per month with the same trial duration.

Keeping in mind this simple mathematical overview, Noggin is more reasonably priced. However, the difference itself is marginal.

Age & Educational Value Comparison: Noggin vs ABCmouse

Noggin and ABCmouse are both designed to cater to children within a specific age range, around 2 to 7 or 8, with nuances in how they address the educational needs of various age groups.

Noggin excels at offering content that is developmentally appropriate for this young demographic. Noggin’s interactive games, videos, and eBooks feature beloved Nickelodeon characters from shows like Dora the Explorer, Paw Patrol, and Peppa Pig, creating an engaging and enjoyable learning environment for toddlers and preschoolers.

As we pointed out in our Noggin review, “Noggin’s cast of friendly faces is one of the biggest reasons kids connect with the learning material they offer.” This is really a big point of distinction between Noggin and ABCmouse…or any other app for that matter.

Another very unique thing about Noggin is the new Special Delivery feature it launched recently. This innovative feature actually customizes the learning journey for every child, ensuring the educational content they engage with is perfectly aligned with their developmental level, interests, and educational advancement.

As children engage with the content, the Special Delivery feature tracks their progress and adjusts the complexity and type of the activities accordingly. As a teacher, I really believe it’s a game-changer.

For younger children aged 2 to 8, Noggin offers an ideal environment that caters to their playful and imaginative nature. This broader age range is reflected in Noggin’s comprehensive curriculum, which covers a diverse array of subjects, including readingmath, science, and art.

Another thing I really like here is that the app also emphasizes socioemotional health and well-being, with activities geared towards being an empathetic friend, a thoughtful student, or a kind sibling.

As an educator, I appreciate that all of Noggin’s content is carefully developed and curated by experts in the field.

ABCmouse offers content that’s specifically tailored to stimulate early learning and creativity. The app adapts its content to the child’s performance, offering activities appropriate for their skill level and age. This adaptability ensures that older children, up to 8 years old, can continue to benefit from ABCmouse’s educational offerings.

ABCmouse focuses on providing a more structured learning path that takes students from Point A to Point B. It begins with foundational skills and progresses through various levels, aligning with Common Core and state standards. Its approach is designed to benefit both preschoolers and early elementary school children.

At the end of the day, while the apps are targeting the same groups of kids, they go about the educational process in two different ways. The choice in this area may come down to your child’s learning style and interests.

Device Availability Comparison: Noggin vs ABCMouse

When it comes to choosing an educational platform for your child, device availability plays a crucial role in ensuring accessibility and convenience. Both Noggin and ABCmouse aim to make learning engaging and accessible, but they differ in their device compatibility.

Noggin is designed with flexibility in mind. It offers a variety of ways for children to access its content. Subscribers can access the Noggin app across a variety of platforms, including iOS, Android, Amazon Kindle, and most smart TV devices.

ABCMouse also recognizes the importance of device accessibility. It can be used on a wide range of devices, including smartphones and tablets, with iOS and Android apps. Additionally, ABCmouse is accessible on computers and laptops through web browsers. This multi-platform support ensures that children can engage with its content on different devices, whether at home or in a classroom setting.

In both cases, the availability of mobile apps ensures that children can learn wherever they are, whether during car rides, at a friend’s house, or while waiting for appointments. The accessibility of these apps on various devices makes it easier for parents to incorporate educational activities into their children’s daily routines.

Both Noggin and ABCmouse really do a great job of providing accessibility across multiple devices to ensure the learning never stops.

Noggin vs ABCMouse: Overall Winner

So, when it comes down to Noggin vs ABCmouse, which app comes out on top?

While I personally think both apps have a lot to offer young growing minds, I give the edge to Noggin for a few important reasons.

First and foremost, Noggin’s age-appropriate engagement is its standout feature. This educational platform is meticulously designed for preschoolers and younger children. Noggin’s approach fosters a love for learning from a very young age, a crucial foundation for a child’s educational journey.

It does a great job of meeting the developmental needs of this specific age group, providing content that is not only educational but also highly engaging. And with the Special Delivery feature, kids get content that is automatically tailored to their abilities and skill level, constantly evolving with them.

One of Noggin’s defining qualities is its emphasis on creativity and fun. The platform offers a rich array of interactive games, videos featuring beloved Nickelodeon characters, and eBooks.

Additionally, Noggin offers affordability without compromising on quality. Its subscription-based model comes with a more reasonable monthly fee compared to ABCmouse, and it occasionally offers promotions and bundle deals.

While ABCmouse is a fantastic educational platform in its own right, Noggin’s focused approach to preschool learning, creativity, adaptability, and affordability position it as the overall winner in this comparison.

For parents seeking an app that combines education and entertainment for their little ones while addressing their specific developmental needs, Noggin is the top choice in my opinion as a teacher.

You can click here to try Noggin free for 60 days.

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