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ABCmouse Pricing: Plans, Free Trial Info, & More (2024 Guide)

Get the inside scoop on ABCmouse pricing and plans and learn how to get the best deal on this popular learning app.

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By Scott Winstead

abcmouse pricing

ABCmouse is a fantastic educational app for kids ages 2-8 years that features an award-winning online curriculum that has helped many children with its thousands of immersive learning activities that cover areas like math, reading, and social studies. With a diverse offering of plans that range from monthly ($12.99/mo) to annual ($59.99/year), ABCmouse pricing includes options to fit most budgets.

ABCmouse’s fun, gamified curriculum was designed in collaboration with experts in the early childhood education field, and I can tell you firsthand, every kid I’ve seen who tries ABCmouse is immediately hooked. It’s a great tool for parents with busy preschoolers at home and is trusted by countless teachers for in-class learning as well. In fact,  of over 14,000 young children found that using ABCmouse helped close educational gaps between peers, improve learning motivation, and increase overall educational outcomes.

The guide below takes a detailed look into ABCmouse’s pricing and payment terms in 2024. It will give all the info you require to decide which membership plan (if any) is best for you. It’s also worth noting that ABCmouse offers a one-month free trial for new customers if you want to check it out before paying.

How Much Does ABCmouse Cost?

ABCmouse currently offers two different payment plans for their educational program, making it as accessible as possible for all budgets. Plans include an Annual Membership at $59.99 (often on sale for as little as $45) and a Monthly Plan at $12.99 a month. All plans automatically renew at the end of their term unless you cancel it.

In the past, ABCmouse has also offered a Short-Term Plan at 2 payments of $29.99 (one payment every 6 months), but at the time of this article’s publication, that plan is no longer available.

The biggest savings come with the Annual Plan where you can save 60% off the regular price and have access to an ABCmouse account for an entire year.

It’s also worth noting that if you’re a qualifying teacher in a school, you can get an ABCmouse membership for free to use on site in your classroom. As stated on the website, “Free teacher accounts are for individual teachers and educators of public schools, private schools, and Head Start programs in the U.S. and Canada and are to be used for classroom and in-school purposes only. Homeschooling and all other uses do not qualify.”

The only difference between the plans is simply the payment terms. In addition, some of the payment plans offer savings. All that is required to access ABCmouse is a membership.

ABCmouse also offers a 30-day free trial for new members where you can test out the app at no cost for one month.

Check out the key features and prices in the table below and continue reading to learn more details about ABCmouse’s subscription options.

Monthly – $12.99 per month Annual Subscription – One payment of $59.99/year, save up to 60%
Access to award-winning and curriculum from education experts
Age-appropriate learning that always engages and entertains children
Access to more than 10,000 learning activities
Parental Controls and insight

You may find other savings opportunities throughout the year, such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

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ABCmouse Key Features

abcmouse features

As detailed in our ABCMouse review, the benefits the app offers are enormous.

With an ABCmouse membership, little learners have access to a broad range of learning all in one place.

In addition, ABCmouse is a safe online learning platform for children and does not have any advertisements at all.

A unique feature of ABCmouse is that the child makes their own unique avatar. This can be a very entertaining experience for children filled with laughter.

Their avatar then works through a classroom-like setting down a personalized learning path tailored to their academic needs and interest. This makes it easy to track your child’s progress as they go down the path.

Another cool thing I’ve noticed is that ABCmouse keeps its’ platform up to date and you’ll often find Holiday decorations throughout the season or pumpkins at Halloween. This is a great way to keep children engaged in the world and understand calendars and timelines.

ABCmouse is great for many learning styles as well.

It is bright, musical, bold, and clearly explains the steps to children. Learning takes place through fun games and interactive opportunities, making it exciting for kids.

I like that ABCmouse is divided into leveled learning. Each time a new level is unlocked, the child has access to new games and activities. Children are always learning with ABCmouse, and more importantly, they’re having fun while doing it.

In my experience letting multiple kids test it out, ABCmouse is easy to navigate, even for children. It’s a great tool to use to practice independence. Children use their avatars to complete activities and earn tickets. Their tickets are then used to purchase things for their virtual room. Don’t worry though. There is not ever real money involved.

Who is ABCmouse Best Suited For?

ABCmouse is a fantastic learning platform for kids ages 2-8. There are many educational games and activities at appropriate levels to encourage and continue enriching learning for this age group.

How does ABCmouse pricing compare to its competitors?

Here are some competitors of ABCmouse with their price ranges:

As someone who’s tested dozens of learning apps, I found that the cost of Epic is basically on par with most other popular kids educational apps.

ABCmouse Pricing FAQ

Does ABCmouse offer a free trial?

ABCmouse offers a one-month free trial for new customers. Your child will have access to everything ABCmouse offers during the trial.

How many learning activities are on ABCmouse?

ABCmouse has over 2,000 printables, more than 450 lesson plans, and over 10,000 engaging educational games and activities. There isn’t a chance for children to get bored with ABCmouse!

How many children can register with one membership?

You can register up to 3 children per account with ABCmouse. Each child has their own avatar and the parent can obtain academic insights into each one. Users can access their ABCMouse work across all different devices they’re logged into.

What kind of activities can be expected on ABCmouse?

You can expect a huge variety of activities. ABCmouse never wants children to be bored of learning! Some examples of activities are:

  • Puzzles
  • Dot to dots
  • Paint by number
  • Tracing
  • Coloring pages
  • Readalong books
  • Learning videos
  • Writing activities
  • Songs
  • And much more!

What academic subjects does ABCmouse cover?

ABCmouse tries to cover everything children need while keeping it interesting, vibrant, and engaging. Some subjects the platform covers are:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Math
  • Colors
  • Shapes
  • Art
  • Music
  • And more!

Do teachers get a discount on ABCmouse?

Yes, qualifying teachers at public, private, and Head Start schools in the US & Canada can get ABCmouse for free as long as it’s used on site in their classrooms. Homeschool educators do not qualify for this discount.

Is ABCmouse free with Amazon Prime?

No, ABCmouse isn’t free for Amazon Prime members.

Is ABCmouse Worth It?

I definitely think ABCmouse is worth it, especially if you opt for the savings of the Annual Plan. At just $60 for a yearly subscription (often on sale for $45 many times throughout the year), the cost of ABCmouse is definitely a fair value for all of its educational value. I will say, the month-to-month price is a bit steep at $12.99, so I’d definitely stick with the annual subscription as it’s by far the best value.

ABCmouse helps children learn and maintain interest in learning by making it fun and engaging. It’s a great way to promote independent learning and easy for parents to stay on top of childrens’ progress.

In addition, ABCmouse offers multiple payment plans and an outstanding customer support team!

Interested in trying something else? There are some ABCmouse alternatives out there that also offer some good features and value.

Click here to get started with ABCmouse.

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