Reading Eggs Pricing: Plans, Free Trial Info, More (2022 Guide)

Looking for info on Reading Eggs pricing so you can decide if it’s the right program for helping your kids learn to read?

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Reading Eggs is a comprehensive online program that is highly engaging, interactive, and fun.

Using games, puzzles, the alphabet, phonics, and sight words, Reading Eggs increases reading proficiency, comprehension, fluency, and pronunciation. It is bright, colorful, and fun. Reading Eggs is an innovative reading app that is split into levels to keep children engaged and enriched constantly.

The benefits of teaching kids to read as early as possible are enormous.

It sets the foundation for academic success. By using a reading program as a supplement, children will widen their vocabularies, learn new words, be exposed to various genres, improve their thinking skills, and much more.

Reading Eggs is a terrific reading program that can drastically increase reading and literacy confidence and proficiency.

Reading Eggs offers parents a detailed dashboard so they can closely monitor their child’s progress. In the dashboard, parents will be able to see the number of lessons completed, the percentage of correct answers, various learning milestones achieved, and the estimated reading age of their child. When caregivers and parents can see this information, they can better support their child’s learning strengths and help develop any weaknesses.

With the use of Reading Eggs, children’s reading will improve quickly. The curriculum is science-based and promises results with regular use. Reading Eggs doesn’t only teach reading but also Phonics, sight words, comprehension, and letter awareness, all while having the child participate in games, songs, puzzles, and other activities.

Our guide will take you on a deep dive into Reading Eggs pricing and plans, and we’ll discuss whether or not we believe it’s a worthwhile program. We’re sharing key features, details, and the benefits of early literacy.

Let’s get started with our Reading Eggs pricing overview.


How Much Does Reading Eggs Cost in 2022?

There are two options for subscriptions with Reading Eggs. Both plans include access to Mathseeds (the brand’s terrific math program), but only one includes the 10-week summer school program. The monthly plan gives learners the first 30 days free, while the annual plan offers a savings of 41%.


Reading Eggs & Mathseeds – $9.99/monthly

Reading Eggs aims to be accessible and affordable. Parents can track their child’s learning journey at one low price and figure out where their strengths and weaknesses lie to support and encourage them.

A Reading Eggs monthly subscription allows parents/caregivers to set up profiles for up to four children.

  • Create profiles for up to 4 children
  • Access all award-winning learning programs
  • Access Mathseeds
  • Detailed reports are sent to parents weekly
  • Access to a library of 3000 e-books
  • More than 500 printable activity sheets


Reading Eggs & Mathseeds & 10-week Summer School – $69.99/year

The annual subscription saves users 41%. In addition, it includes access to the 10-week summer school. Between the savings and the added literacy content, its’ hard to deny that this annual plan is substantial.

  • Create profiles for up to 4 children
  • Access all award-winning learning programs
  • Access Mathseeds
  • Detailed reports are sent to parents weekly
  • Access to a library of 3000 e-books
  • More than 500 printable activity sheets


10-Week Summer School – The Details

The 10-week summer school program offered by Reading Eggs is a fantastic program designed to help bridge the gap in transitioning through grades. It is suitable for Kindergarten through grade 3 and is set to accelerate children’s reading and math skills.

Each week an activity booklet is sent to the parent/caregiver filled with things children will love! This program makes learning feel like a game. It is highly interactive, engaging, entertaining, and fun.

Key Features of 10-week Summer School

  • Detailed assessments
  • Accelerate children’s reading, comprehension, math, and Phonics
  • Bridge the gap between grades
  • Fun and interactive


All About Reading Eggs Award-Winning Programs

The Reading Eggs programs are split into levels to ensure children are constantly challenged and thriving. This way encourages curiosity, growth, exploration, and the desire to learn. Reading Eggs programs have earned many awards and improved children’s academic performance and confidence.

Reading Eggs Junior (suitable for ages 2-4)

The beginning Reading Eggs program is an excellent introduction to pre-reading. The program encourages phonemic and alphabet awareness using fun games, interactive activities, and read-aloud books. In addition, the Reading Eggs Junior program is ideal for building strong pre-reading skills.

Reading Eggs (ages 3-7)

This program sets the core foundation for children to start understanding Phonics, exposes them to sight words, builds strong spelling skills, and widens their vocabulary.

Fast Phonics (ages 5-10)

The Fast Phonics program gives children everything they need to build critical and essential phonics skills.

Reading Eggspress (ages 7-13)

The Reading Eggspress program encourages and fosters a true love of reading. It teaches the true joy of reading and how to incorporate it into daily living and so much more.

Mathseeds (ages 3-9)

The Mathseeds program is a strong, academic program with a mix of strictly structured lessons, motivation, rewards, and more. In addition, it teaches core math skills that are integral to children’s success. Mathseeds is engaging and fun. Children will enjoy playing and learning without even realizing it.


Who is Reading Eggs Best Suited For?

A Reading Eggs subscription is best suited for all children ages 2 through 13. However, all children from preschool through elementary years will benefit from Reading Eggs. It’s kid-friendly and easy to learn, so your child will be learning before you know it.


Reading Eggs Cost Q&A

Does Reading Eggs offer a free trial?

Yes, Reading Eggs does offer a 30-day free trial that unlocks everything.

Can Reading Eggs be used on more than one device?

Reading Eggs can be enjoyed on a desktop browser, iOS, and Android devices. The app is award-winning and uses proven methods to teach.

How many children can be registered with one membership?

‘With one Reading Eggs membership, parents/caregivers can set up four children’s profiles and track each of their learning journeys.

Does a child require reading skills to use Reading Eggs?

No, not at all. Reading Eggs begins right at the start. It sets strong pillars for confident readers. Lessons are well structured and can be replayed repeatedly to further learning. The best part? Reading Eggs is fun, engaging, and fantastic! Children will have a simple time navigating the app and enjoy earning rewards.

Are there supplemental worksheets/books that can be purchased to extend the Reading Eggs program?

Reading Eggs offers many different workbooks to extend and enhance reading and comprehension. The Reading Eggs books can be purchased in a 10-pack in levels 1 and 2. In addition, the essential reading skills workbooks can be purchased for grades Kindergarten through grade 5. Finally, for additional math support, caregivers can purchase Essential Math Skills Workbooks for levels Kindergarten through grade 2. The Reading Eggs program is unlike any other!

What is it about Reading Eggs that children love?

There are many things about Reading Eggs that children fall in love with. It’s a simple, easy-to-use platform that has everything needed for fun. Reading Eggs offers games, music, songs, activities, read along, and an enormous library of captivating books.


Reading Eggs Pricing Review

  • Reading Eggs & Mathseeds – $9.99/month
  • Reading Eggs, Mathseeds & Summer Camp – $69.99 annually


Recap of Key Features of Reading Eggs

Many features are worth noting about Reading Eggs. The online reading program puts the fun into learning and increases early literacy.


Is Reading Eggs Worth It?

With Reading Eggs’ success rate, we definitely think it’s a great program for all kids ages 2-13. Reading Eggs is accessible and affordable. It features well-structured lessons that can be watched as many times as needed, a user-friendly app, and games and activities to teach the core literacy skills needed for academic success.

Don’t forget that Reading Eggs has a 30-day free trial. The platform gives children all the tools to learn how to read and develop terrific comprehension skills. Reading Eggs is compatible with iOS, browser, and Android. It is an award-winning program that sets children up to be confident and successful readers.

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