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Is Coursera’s Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate Worth It?

Coursera's data analytics program is designed to take students from beginners to professionals in six months or less.

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By Fatima Mansoor

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The demand for skilled data analysts is growing rapidly, with some projections indicating the number of data analytics jobs will increase 25% by 2030. In response to this growing need, Coursera has partnered with Google to introduce the Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate.

This extensive program is designed to take students from novice to professional in 6 months or less, teaching practical skills and theoretical knowledge essential for success through a series of online courses.

In this article, I’ll take an in-depth look at Coursera’s Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate, offering my thoughts as an educator as well as insights into reviews from other students who have completed the program.

A Closer Look at Coursera’s Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate

Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate | Coursera Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate | Coursera

Learn in-demand skills from the data analytics experts at Google, and be ready to launch your new career in as little as 6 months.

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The Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate on Coursera is a carefully structured series of 8 courses designed to help beginners master essential skills and knowledge in data analysis. It’s all about helping learners develop a holistic understanding of data analytics principles, methodologies, and tools, so they’ll know how leverage data effectively in real-world decision-making processes across various industries.

As a teacher, what I really like about the Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate is how thoughtfully structured the program is. The curriculum starts with foundational courses that slowly set a foundation by introducing learners to fundamental concepts such as data types, collection methods, and basic statistical analysis.

After the student has finished these foundational courses, they’ll have a good skillset in place that lets them move on to more advanced topics in data analytics throughout the rest of the program.

As students work through the classes, they’re gradually introduced to more sophisticated techniques and tools used in data analysis and visualization. Topics such as data visualization, SQL querying, and the creation of interactive dashboards are covered in-depth, providing learners with a comprehensive toolkit to extract meaningful insights from complex datasets.

By covering these advanced topics, students build a fuller understanding of how to manipulate, analyze, and visualize data to uncover actionable insights and drive informed decision-making in the workplace.

What I really like though is that these courses don’t just cover theory…they actually incorporate real-world scenarios that let the student apply his or her knowledge. With nearly 200 hours of instruction and hundreds of practice-based assessments, learners simulate data analytics scenarios critical for success in the workplace.

Because these courses are developed by Google employees who have decades of experience in data analytics, the program’s content is incredibly insightful while also being interactive and engaging. The courses use a blend of videos, assessments, and hands-on labs to give learners practical experience with analysis tools and platforms, preparing them for entry-level jobs in data analytics.

The partnership with Google is what takes this certificate program to the next level and gives it a lot of extra credibility. When you say you’ve got training backed by Google, I really think that stands out to employers. It’s a stamp of approval from arguably the top name in data analytics, which can really make your resume stand out.

This course could even count for college credit at a few US colleges and universities which is a pretty cool bonus.

What are Students Saying?

With over 2 million learners already enrolled, the Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate is incredibly popular. I’ve shared some of my thoughts on the program’s structure and curriculum, but I also think it’s important to see what real students have to say.

At the time of this article’s writing, the course has over 133,000 reviews from students with a rating of 4.8 out of 5.

That’s incredibly impressive and tells me that the program isn’t just popular but also highly effective and valued by those who’ve taken it.

Additionally, 75% of the people who have taken this program say that it has positively impacted their career. The company has a number of testimonials from people who have used the program to launch a successful data analytics career.

The massive volume of positive feedback backs up my own thoughts about the practicality and relevance of the curriculum, as well as the quality of instruction. Because it’s such a well-structured and comprehensive curriculum, the program ensures that learners acquire a well-rounded understanding of the subject matter, preparing them for the diverse challenges they’re likely to encounter in their careers.

It’s clear to me that students are finding real value in the skills they’re learning in this program, and the success stories are proof of its impact and the opportunities it opens up for participants in the field of data analytics.

How Much Does It Cost?

You have the option to access these courses for free if you’re interested in the content without the certificate.

But, for those looking to fully immerse themselves and gain a Professional Certificate (which is a great boost for your professional development)
However, you can enroll in the Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate program for $49 a month.

There’s about 200 hours worth of courses here, and if you take the classes at the recommended pace, you’ll be finished in about 6 months (maybe less). That means it will only cost you around $300 for an incredibly in-depth program that gets you job ready.

Ready to learn more? Click here for more info about the program and to get started for free.

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