The 7 Best Hooked On Phonics Alternatives for Kids (2023 Rankings)

hooked on phonics alternatives

With the best Hooked On Phonics alternatives, you can provide your child with a comprehensive education that helps them to become the best reader and learner they can be. These days, there are tons of fantastic reading apps and programs that make it easier than ever before for kids to start reading and become lifelong … Read more

The Best Khan Academy Alternatives and Competitors (2023 Rankings)

khan academy alternatives

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The 5 Best Pluralsight Alternatives and Competitors (2023 Rankings)

pluralsight alternatives

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The 7 Best Udacity Alternatives and Competitors for Online Courses

best udacity alternatives

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The 8 Best Codecademy Alternatives & Competitors for Online Courses (2023)

codecademy alternatives

Are you looking for Codecademy alternatives that will help you learn a programming language online, whether it’s to make a career switch or to create your own website or app? The increased trend toward working remotely, whether being a software developer or writing your own code for various online products, has become a lucrative and … Read more

How To Learn Japanese Online: Best Options for Beginners

how to learn japanese

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Outschool Review: A Revolutionary Online Course Platform for Kids

outschool review

Are you looking for an online course platform that offers classes specifically made for kids? Need something to spice up your homeschool curriculum or just to supplement your child’s after-school learning? Outschool is a popular website offering live, interactive, small-group classes for kids, and as we’ll detail in this Outschool review, it’s one of the … Read more

The 7 Best Coursera Alternatives & Competitors for Online Courses

coursera alternatives

Are you looking for Coursera alternatives that give you a way to learn a new skill or gain more knowledge?  Online course websites like Coursera have become increasingly popular in recent years, especially as the cost of college keeps rising. The beauty of online courses is that you can access them anywhere in the world … Read more

The 7 Best Time Management Apps (2023 Rankings)

best time management apps

Are you feeling stressed out? Missing deadlines? Do you have little Post-It notes everywhere that remind you of various appointments, deadlines, or deliverables? The best time management apps can help you take control of your time and increase productivity. From scheduling tools to task lists, the top time management apps will help you stay organized … Read more