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Outschool Review: A Revolutionary Online Course Platform for Kids

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By Vanda Heuring

outschool review

Are you looking for an online course platform that offers classes specifically made for kids? Need something to spice up your homeschool curriculum or just to supplement your child’s after-school learning?

Outschool is a popular website offering live, interactive, small-group classes for kids, and as we’ll detail in this Outschool review, it’s one of the best platforms of its kind.

Outschool is an excellent platform for learning all sorts of new concepts.

From music and art to science, math, and just about any other subject you can imagine, Outschool provides all sorts of skills for your kids to learn and experience. The platform’s 140,000+ live courses are taught by educators who have been background-checked to ensure a safe, world-class learning experience for kids.

In this Outschool review, we’ll discuss the platform’s features, courses, pricing options, and other factors to help you decide if it’s right for your family.

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What is Outschool?

Outschool: Set Learning Free Outschool: Set Learning Free

Outschool is an innovative online learning platform that offers live, interactive, small-group classes for kids ages 3 to 18 in a huge range of subjects, including math, science, social studies, language arts, coding, foreign languages, music, and more.

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Outschool is an online learning platform for kids to use and enjoy. With numerous subjects to choose from, Outschool provides an excellent assortment of both foundational classes and extracurriculars.

Outschool provides all sorts of classes for an age range of 3 to 18. The classes that Outschool provides have wonderfully high ratings from the previous learners.

Intended for preschool all the way to highschool, Outschool has classes for all kinds of grade and age levels.

Providing a comfortable small-group environment, Outschool encourages friendly behavior and kids to connect with one another within the class.

Using Outschool can help your kids unlock new skills or learn more about their personal interests.

Outschool is not only enjoyable for the kids but the teachers as well, as they they thoroughly enjoy watching your kids learn and grow.


Who Teaches on Outschool?

outschool teachers

Outschool has over 10,000 skilled, background-checked teachers employed on its platform. The instructors design their own curriculum and teach the way they want, providing a unique learning experience and allowing kids to learn the way that best suits them.

The teachers are passionate about what they do and come from diverse backgrounds, with many of them being parents themselves and having worked in education for years.

Whether you’re looking for a math class or something more creative, like writing or even coding, Outschool has something for everyone with experts leading the way.

The requirements to be a teacher on Outschool are a criminal background check and the teachers must be from the U.S., New Zealand, Canada, Australia, or the United Kingdom.

According to the company, they “screen every teacher for their background, teaching experience, subject matter expertise, and motivation [and] also assess their teaching setup.”


What Can Kids Learn on Outschool?

outschool courses

Outschool provides a wide variety of classes and subjects that kids can learn from.

Excellent for those who do not attend public, charter, or private school, Outschool provides full homeschool curriculums and classes that correlate with other homeschool curriculums.

But even if your child attends a traditional school, Outschool is still a great option for supplemental learning. In fact, many school teachers use it to give extra help to their students.

Providing the basics, Outschool has a variety of math, English, science, language, social studies, and art classes.

The science classes that Outschool provides are much broader than anything that public schools offer as your kids can learn about medicinal science, Paleontology, and Marine Biology by using Outschool. Likewise, the English classes that Outschool offers are not just basic writing and grammar classes but there are poetry, speech and debate, ESL, and even a class for kids who have Dyslexia.

With plenty of extracurricular classes to choose from, Outschool has music classes for all sorts of instruments and several different coding classes for beginner to experienced computer programmers. Outschool offers classes that teach about mental health, fitness, nutrition, and even adulting.

If your kids are interested in learning specific languages, Outschool offers a wide variety of different unique languages to learn and use.

Many of the classes that Outschool offers help prepare them for college and life after high school.

Not only does Outschool have diverse class options but it also has six different clubs your kids can join to learn and make friends.

Outschool even has game classes that teach your kids how to play chess, do trivia, solve a Rubik’s Cube, and more.


How Much Does Outschool Cost?

When using Outschool, you will pay per class and they are all priced differently depending on how long they last and what age group they are meant for.

Outschool has a decent amount of one-time classes that are affordable and can cost as low as $5 or $6.

The average class cost on Outschool is $10 to $30, but some 10-week semester-long classes can cost as much as $100 or more.

Generally, the high school classes and private tutoring on Outschool will be more on the expensive side, but it is most definitely worth the money considering the quality and length of the courses.

Our Outschool pricing guide has more details on the pricing of different classes.


How Does Outschool Work?


How Do You Sign Up?

The sign-up process for Outschool is quite simple as you can start taking classes as soon as possible. You can sign up for Outschool through your email, Facebook, Google account, or Apple account.

To find what classes you want to take they have listed different curriculums and categories on the top of their website. Once you find the class you want to take, you can go ahead and pay for it and that will get you signed up for your first Outschool class.

You can take multiple classes on Outschool at once and they are all easy to sign up for so long as there is no waitlist.

How Do You Take Courses?

Outschool offers over 140,000 classes to choose from with a variety of subjects and categories.

To take courses on Outschool you must first find the proper course you want your kid to take and then check if there are any spots available. If there are a few spots available then you can pay for and sign up your kid for the class, but if the spots are all taken you can either wait until one opens up or the next class to start.

If you are already signed up with Outschool then the payment process for taking courses will be easy as it will be connected to your profile on the website.

What Kind Of Equipment is Required?

Depending on the class the equipment required may differ when taking classes on Outschool.

For music classes, you will obviously need to have the proper instruments, such as a guitar, ukelele, piano, clarinet, or drums.

Some of the classes on Outschool will require you to purchase your own study guide or textbooks for your kids to study on their own.

For the more advanced and unique classes such as Biology, Robotics, and 3D Modeling you will most likely have to purchase your own equipment and tools to participate in experiments and projects.

The art classes that Outschool offers require you to provide your own paints, brushes, pencils, paper, and other items.

How Long Does An Average Course Take?

An average course on Outschool takes about 2-7 weeks to complete.

The longer 7-week classes are convenient as they help your kids learn a great deal of information and engage with their teachers and fellow classmates longer. For the longer courses, they will meet one or more times a week to go over the subject matter and explain the lesson properly. These classes on Outschool help your kids dive deep into the subject they are studying within just a few weeks.

Some of the courses on Outschool are much shorter or even one-time classes, and these are intended to learn a new skill or hobby without having to go in-depth over a longer course of time.

How Do Students Receive Feedback?

The teachers on Outschool give their students feedback personally as the classes are taught live on Zoom. While on a Zoom call for class, the students can ask questions and engage with both their teacher ad other students.

Each class on Outschool has a homepage where the students can interact and receive personal feedback from their teacher.  On this homepage, the students and teachers can start discussions for other students to participate in. If the students have specific questions they can directly contact their teacher and the teachers are all highly responsive and helpful.

What Level Of Interaction Can A Student Expect?

Most of the classes on Outschool are encouraged to be highly engaging for both the students and the teacher.

With both the Zoom calls and the homepage in each classroom setting, students on Outschool can interact with other students and their teacher whenever.

All of the classes on Outschool are designed to be interactive so students will feel included and engaged during the earning process.

Some of the classes on Outschool are more interactive than others but that depends on the type of content they are learning and how much engagement it requires.


Outschool Features Explained


Outschool provides wonderful opportunities for homeschooled kids as they cater to certain homeschool curriculums.

For those who are trying to graduate high school, Outschool can help them get enough credits at an affordable price.

With multiple fun clubs your kids can join, Outschool provides an experience that is different from other learning platforms as it allows your kids the chance to interact and engage with others in their classes. Some of the clubs that Outschool has are specifically designed for your kids to meet new friends and discuss their current interests.

Several online learning platforms require that you get a membership to access the classes, Outschool does not require a membership as you pay for the classes all individually.

Outschool not only offers all the prerequisite classes your kid needs to take in order to graduate and get the right amount of credits, but they have an enormous amount of fun extracurricular and arts classes to choose from as well.

Using Outschool for your kids can help them learn what career path they may plan on taking after they graduate as well as prepare them for college life.

The teachers that are hired for Outschool are all people who genuinely enjoy teaching kids and love the subjects that they teach.

With Outschool your kids will get to meet other kids through Zoom classes or interactive discussion questions throughout the school week.


Outschool Pros & Cons

Before we wrap up our Outschool review, let’s recap some of the pros and cons of the platform:


  • Outschool is a great platform for kids from the ages of 3 to 18 or preschool to high school.
  • Using Outschool you can take multiple classes at once at an affordable price and the workload is also manageable.
  • You can use Outschool to help your high schoolers graduate with adept skills and knowledge.
  • Outschool is great for the homeschool community as it works with most homeschool curriculums and even has a few of its own to offer.
  • Using Outschool can help your kids learn new hobbies and discover new interests.
  • Because of its impressive amount of course options, Outschool can be used to teach your kids about a wide variety of subjects.
  • Most of the classes on Outschool are quite affordable.
  • Your kids can join the clubs that Outschool offers to meet new friends and expand their social skills.
  • Several classes on Outschool help prepare your kids for college and the working world after high school.
  • Outschool is inclusive for those who have kids with learning disorders such as dyslexia and ADHD.


  • Some people may not be able to use Outschool as it is an online platform and requires a good internet connection to attend live classes.
  • Outschool does not provide any college-level classes that can get your kids dual-enrollment credits as it is not university or community college level.
  • Some courses on Outschool are so popular you may have to wait a while until a spot opens up as the teachers only enroll a select amount of students per class.
  • For most of the classes on Outschool, you must account for the fact that you will have to pay for materials on your own for your kid to properly complete assignments and projects.


Is Outschool Worth It?

Outschool is definitely worth its weight in gold as an online learning platform.

The teachers on Outschool are great, the classes are fun and engaging, and the variety of classes that Outschool offers is impressive.

Since Outschool is an online learning platform with such a variety of classes both prerequisites and extracurriculars, it is excellent for homeschoolers or kids who want to take extra classes from home.

The classes that Outschool offers are extremely affordable considering the quality of education your children will be receiving. The courses are also incredibly diverse, giving your kids plenty of options for hobbies and career planning.

Outschool is great for teaching your kids to think for themselves and grow mentally.

Using Outschool is both convenient and so wonderful for investing in your kids long-term.  Outschool is easy to use and affordable so your kids can take one or several classes at a time depending on their schedules and interests.

Click here to get started today on Outschool!

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