The Average New Teacher Only Makes $21 an Hour in the US

hourly pay for new teachers USA

Across the United States, schools struggling to fill teaching vacancies, and one of the biggest reasons for the shortage is that teachers, especially newcomers to the profession, just aren’t earning enough to attract talent to the field. Last month, we released a report showing that new teachers in the U.S. earn approximately 20% less in … Read more

New Teachers Are Earning 20% Less Than They Were 20 Years Ago

new teacher salaries vs inflation

Over the last few years, schools all across the US have been struggling to fill all of their teaching vacancies. A big part of the problem? Teachers just aren’t getting paid enough. Teacher salaries, especially for those just starting out, have barely budged over the years, remaining mostly flat. Despite the critical role teachers play … Read more

The 13 Best Webinar Software Platforms Reviewed & Ranked (2023 Guide)

best webinar software

Finding the best webinar software has become increasingly important for so many enterprises as the world has turned to remote communication tools over the last few years. Webinars have quickly become one of the most popular ways for businesses to connect with their audience, educators to connect with their students, and more. Not only do … Read more

The 8 Best Online 3D Modeling Courses (2023 Rankings)

best online 3 modeling courses

With the best online 3D modeling courses, you can learn everything from the basics to the most advanced techniques.  The world of 3D modeling blends artistry and technology, offering an exciting avenue for self-expression and career advancement. But what exactly is 3D modeling, and why should you be intrigued? Imagine crafting intricate virtual worlds, designing … Read more

One Day University Pricing: Plans, Free Trial Info, More (2023)

one day university pricing

In this guide, we’ll dive deep into One Day University’s pricing plans, offering you an insider’s look at what they have in store for knowledge seekers like yourself. Imagine a virtual treasure trove of thought-provoking lectures delivered by acclaimed professors from top-tier universities. Picture yourself savoring insightful sessions on art, history, science, business, and so … Read more

The 8 Best Online Communication Courses (2023 Reviews & Rankings)

best online communication courses

The best online communication courses can help you develop the necessary skills to communicate effectively in any situation. Effective communication is key to success in personal and business relationships. It can mean the difference between getting what you want and not getting what you want. The ability to communicate effectively can be helpful in many … Read more

What is Google Workspace? Everything You Need to Know

what is google workspace

In the vast realm of cloud-based productivity tools, one name has become synonymous with collaboration, efficiency, and innovation—Google Workspace. Formerly known as G Suite, Google Workspace is a comprehensive suite of powerful applications designed to transform the way businesses operate, communicate, and collaborate. Whether you’re a solopreneur, a small startup, or a multinational corporation, understanding … Read more

13 Google Workspace Tips for Your Business

google workspace tips

If you’re looking for Google Workspace tips that can help your organization become more efficient and more productive, you’ve come to the right place.  In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, having efficient and streamlined workflows is crucial for businesses of all sizes. One tool that has revolutionized collaboration, communication, and productivity for businesses is Google Workspace. … Read more

The 11 Best Training Video Software (2023 Rankings)

training video software

One key factor in achieving efficiency and productivity is through employee training, and that’s where training, or instructional, videos come into play. Instructional videos play a critical role in employee training as they can provide clear, concise information in a format that is easy to understand and follow. This allows employees to learn at their … Read more

What Can You Do With a VPN? 10 Cool Ideas

what can you do with a vpn

Working, shopping, gaming, traveling, relaxing… there’s no denying that the internet has changed the way we experience all of these activities. As the divide between our online and offline selves grows smaller, it’s more important than ever to stay on top of our digital gsecurity. Internet service providers, or ISPs, can track and monitor a … Read more

The 7 Best Lectures on The Arts to Watch Now on One Day University

one day u art lectures

Art transforms humans. It forces us to transcend beyond basic survival, encouraging us to create just for the sake of expressing and building a meaningful experience. In recognition of the extraordinary impact of art, One Day University offers a curated selection of captivating art lectures taught by some of the world’s best professors from top … Read more

Canva Teams for Business: Everything You Need to Know

canva for teams

No matter what size business you’re operating, clear communication, branding, and storytelling are important. Graphics and visuals play a huge part in establishing what your company has to offer. These elements help others pick up on your values and vibe, and can often be the key factor in a potential client’s decision. Whether you’re working … Read more

The 19 Best Masterclass Courses To Try Out Now (2023)

best masterclass courses

By now, you’ve undoubtedly heard of Masterclass, the learning app that lets you take online classes taught by A-list celebrities, like Alicia Keys, Hillary Clinton, Gordon Ramsay, David Lynch, Malcolm Gladwell, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Serena Williams, Tony Hawk, and countless others. With over 180 courses available for as little as $10 a month, you can … Read more

Homer vs ABCMouse: Which Kids Learning App is Best?

homer vs abcmouse

Are you torn trying to decide between Homer vs ABCMouse for your child’s learning needs? While both of these kids educational apps have their merits and can be excellent resources for young learners, deciding between them can be tricky. After all, both platforms are pretty similar on the surface and are targeted at helping young … Read more

How To Learn A New Language: The Best Way to Get Started

how to learn a new language

Are you wondering how to learn a new language in the most effective way possible? There are many advantages to knowing multiple languages. Being bilingual or multilingual can open up a new horizon of opportunities, whether socially, professionally, or simply for travel. Of course, learning a new language isn’t the easiest thing in the world. … Read more

DataCamp Review: Everything to Know Before Trying It (2023)

datacamp review

Are you looking to gain data skills? DataCamp is an online learning platform that offers popular online courses in data science and programming, and in this in-depth DataCamp review, you’ll learn why it’s become so popular over the years. With over 410 interactive courses on subjects like data science, statistics, AI, coding, and machine learning … Read more

How to Learn Creative Writing Online: The Best Options for Beginners

how to learn creative writing

Looking for tips on how to learn creative writing quickly and without the hassle of going to an expensive four-year university? Creative writing can be a valuable skill for students to learn, regardless of their age or chosen field of study. After all, the ability to communicate clearly and concisely is an essential part of … Read more

7 Different Ways To Use Canva For Business

using canva for business

When you’re trying to build a successful business, one of the most important things you’ll need to have is engaging, eye-catching content. Whether it’s a banner ad promoting your products, a social media post to engage your followers, a flyer to let people know about a sale you’re running, or even just a business card … Read more

The Best Subscription Boxes for Kids (2023 Reviews & Rankings)

best subscription boxes for kids

The best subscription boxes for kids can keep your little ones entertained while providing them with exciting, age-appropriate activities that can even teach them a thing or two. Whether you’re looking for a gift that will keep on giving or simply want to give your child something new to try each month, a subscription box … Read more

The 9 Best Online Email Marketing Courses (2023 Reviews & Rankings)

best online email marketing courses

With the best online email marketing courses, you can learn everything you need to know to launch successful campaigns. Often email marketing is forgotten when it comes to promoting your own business to customers. However, this tool is extremely powerful for developing customer loyalty and keeping your customers up to date with your products and … Read more

The 8 Best Online Bookkeeping Courses (2023 Reviews & Rankings)

best online bookkeeping courses

With the best online bookkeeping courses, you can gain valuable skills and knowledge to help you gain mastery of the job. Whether you’re pursuing a career in bookkeeping or you’re an entrepreneur who wants to have better control over your company’s finances, the top online bookkeeping courses can give you the guidance and education you … Read more

The Best Academic Transcription Services for Teachers & Students 

best academic transcription services

With the best academic transcription services, you can easily create and share transcripts of lectures, presentations, and other media with your entire class. The world is increasingly getting used to audio communication and graphical presentations, but there’s no underestimating the importance of the written word. Maybe you’re a teacher who wants to create a transcript … Read more

How to Study for the GMAT: 6 Key Tips

how to study for the gmat

When you begin researching business schools, the best thing you can do is to consider all the admission requirements to ensure that you’re a good candidate for the schools you would like to attend. One of the most important things you’ll need to consider is going to be the GMAT exam. The better your GMAT … Read more

The 9 Most Affordable Editing Services Online (2023 Rankings & Reviews)

most affordable editing services

Whether you are a budding author working on your first book, a student writing a college admissions essay, or a professional preparing an important presentation for work, the most important part of any writing project is the editing stage. The right editing team can make a huge difference in the quality of your work, elevating … Read more

The 12 Best Online Proofreading Services & Tools (2023 Rankings)

best online proofreading services

Using the best online proofreading services can help you ensure that your documents are error-free and professional. Whether you are writing a report, an essay, or any other type of document, a quality proofreading service can help you present your ideas in the best possible way. Not only does a proofreader help detect and remove … Read more

The 10 Best Reading Games for Kids (2023 Reviews & Rankings)

reading games for kids

The best reading games for kids can help your little ones learn to read and make them more confident readers as they progress. Reading game apps and board games can be a fun way for kids to develop their literacy skills, increase comprehension, and build vocabulary. With the ever-increasing popularity of digital devices, there are … Read more

10 Best Online Sales Training Courses To Up Your Game (2023 Rankings)

best online sales training courses

With the best online sales training courses, you can improve your sales skills and knowledge. By learning and improving your selling techniques, you could start seeing results instantly. Sales is not easy. It requires a lot of skill, knowledge, and practice. And while there’s no shortage of books, blog posts, articles, and sales courses on … Read more

The 12 Best Online History Courses (2023 Reviews & Rankings)

best online history courses

Learning about the past is always fantastic, and the best online history courses can help you understand the world around you today. History is arguably the most important subject because, without it, we would have no context for understanding the present. It can teach you about different cultures, religions, political systems, and ways of life. … Read more

The 7 Best Gantt Chart Makers for Managing Your Projects (2023)

best gantt chart makers

With the best Gantt chart makers, you can quickly and easily create charts to visualize and track the progress of your most important projects. Gantt charts are an essential tool for project management, as they provide a clear visual representation of tasks, due dates, dependencies, and progress. A properly designed Gantt chart can help you … Read more

How to Use a Gantt Chart: A Simple Guide for Beginners

how to use a gantt chart

If you’re involved in project management, chances are you’ve heard of a Gantt chart. A Gantt chart is a graphical timeline tool that can be used to plan, track, and communicate project tasks, schedules, and dependencies. Gantt charts are a popular project management tool because they’re easy to understand and can help you see at … Read more

Little Passports Pricing & Plans: How Much Does It Cost? 

little passports pricing

Looking for info on Little Passports pricing and plans? Trying to decide if their educational kits are really worth the money? Little Passports is a subscription-based educational service that sends kids monthly themed packages full of activities, games, and toys designed to teach them about different countries and cultures around the world. They have educational … Read more

How to Use Timeline Makers in Education

timeline makers in education

As an educator, you’re always looking for new tools and methods to better communicate with your students. With timeline makers, like Office Timeline, you can easily create visually-appealing, engaging timelines that will help your students understand concepts more clearly. While timelines are frequently used to deal with historical events or significant moments in the life … Read more

How to Learn Programming Online: The Best Resources for Beginners

how to learn programming

Looking for info on how to learn programming quickly and easily? Programming is a process of speeding up or automating tasks through code. It’s become an increasingly popular skill to learn in recent years as more and more companies move towards automation and digitalization. If you’re interested in learning how to program, a wealth of … Read more

New Teachers are Earning 11% Less Than They Were 30 Years Ago

How much should new teachers be making (1)

All across the nation, schools are having trouble filling vacant job openings for teachers. It’s a problem that’s been manifesting for years, but thanks to the pandemic, the teacher shortage crisis has worsened with no end in sight. While there are numerous factors causing teacher shortages, the most glaring issue is that the average teacher … Read more