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Canva Teams for Business: Everything You Need to Know

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No matter what size business you’re operating, clear communication, branding, and storytelling are important.

Graphics and visuals play a huge part in establishing what your company has to offer.

These elements help others pick up on your values and vibe, and can often be the key factor in a potential client’s decision.

Whether you’re working with a team of five, five hundred, or five thousand, Canva for Teams offers a streamlined way to collaborate on your company’s online design.

Read on to learn more about this offering from Canva and find out if it’s right for your business.

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What is Canva for Teams?

Canva for Teams - An all-in-one workplace design solution Canva for Teams - An all-in-one workplace design solution

Canva for Teams makes it easy for your organization to scale content, improve collaboration, and streamline your workflow so you can take your brand to the next level.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Canva is a multinational web design platform that allows users to create compelling graphics for sales, social media, and branding purposes.

Founded in Australia in 2014, Canva has quickly become one of the most popular destinations for all things online branding and design.

In fact, 84% of Fortune 500 companies use Canva in some capacity for their online design needs.

Canva for Teams, introduced in 2022, is a way for companies to consolidate their visual content by using Canva’s tools.

Essentially, Canva for Teams offers a variety of features specially designed to promote teamwork and collaboration across businesses of all sizes.


How Does Canva for Teams Work?

Canva for Teams seeks to simplify your web design needs by making it easier for everyone to stay in the loop.

Unlike Canva Pro, which is intended for single users, Canva for Teams allows subscribers to invite group members to collaborate on projects.

To invite other users, a subscriber simply inputs their email addresses and waits for them to accept.  A team can be as small as two people or as large as thousands.

Once members have joined, the team can divide into groups, post comments, make suggestions, tag one another, and resolve issues seamlessly on the platform as they work together on design elements.

Everything created on Canva for Teams is accessible on any device, making it easy for everyone to contribute and keep track of content.

For example, brand logos, font choices, color palettes, and selected images can be stored in a one-stop folder that every group member can access.

This makes it easier for everyone to stay on message, and reduces wasted time making sure everything is consistent.


What Does Canva for Teams Offer?

Canva for Teams includes all of the useful tools provided in the Canva Pro offering, but scales them to meet the needs of a group.  Read on to find out more.

Branding Made Easy

The Brand Kit is one of Canva for Teams’ most helpful features, serving as a landing place for all of your brand’s different design elements.

This is where your team can access your brand’s logos, colors, fonts, images, and other graphics.

Users can build a Brand Kit from the Canva for Teams’ drop-down menu. From there, it’s a simple process to upload your logo, select customized colors and palettes, and choose from a huge variety of font families.

Team members can also create and store templates in the Brand Kit to unify social media or email posts across their business.  An expansive library of pre-made templates is available to make the process even easier.

The Brand Kit offers a vast amount of customization.  Users can edit specific fonts, play with myriad color options, and design custom graphics to suit their brand’s personality.

There’s even a Magic Resize button included in the Brand Kit to ensure consistency across different platforms.

This tool automatically resizes images to suit any social platform where you might be posting, so your graphics are never awkwardly cropped.

Because Canva for Teams is all about unification, everything saved in the Brand Kit can easily be accessed by all team members.

This makes it a snap to keep your brand consistent, regardless of how many people you may have in your operation.

Collaborate and Communicate

Canva for Teams includes a number of ways for teammates to stay informed and work together.

After inviting all of the members to the account, Canva for Teams allows users to create groups for specific projects and tasks.

Members can be part of multiple groups, which makes it easy for everyone to keep track of their projects.

Once a file is created, there’s an easy menu option to share it with other group members. Creators can allow members to either view or edit the file as needed.

Group members can also comment on images and graphics by selecting the “Comment & Like” button from each image’s drop-down menu.  This is a simple way to tag a teammate, get feedback, give encouragement, or voice quick concerns.

Canva for Teams includes a notification system that lets users know when they’ve been tagged or when a new file is shared. This helps everyone stay organized in real time.

Level Up Your Productivity

Canva for Teams is created with productivity in mind. The platform makes it easy for teams to work together efficiently and get more done. 

With features like streamlined sharing, comment options, and seamless integration with the tools your organization already uses, teams can stay updated on projects quickly and with minimal effort. 

Simply put, Canva for Teams takes the hassle out of teamwork.


How Can Canva for Teams Fit My Business?

Canva for Teams is meant to grow with your company.  This means its features will work for businesses of any size.

Smaller teams will appreciate the time-saving aspects of the platform.

By keeping everything in one centralized location and making it easy to reuse templates and graphics, team members can keep their business’s content consistent with minimal effort.

These features reduce wasted time and allow you to focus on other business priorities, which is key for smaller companies that are still growing and finding their niche.

Enterprise-level businesses, meanwhile, can also benefit from Canva for Teams.  The platform can be smoothly integrated across all of your company’s teams, from HR to marketing to tech and sales.

Larger companies will also appreciate Canva for Team’s ISO 270001 certification and compliance.

This is an internationally recognized standard for informational security that ensures your company’s information will not be compromised on the site.

Single Sign On (SSO) options and 24/7 customer assistance will also help larger organizations make Canva for Teams a seamless part of their company’s design and branding process.

Regardless of your company’s size and scope, the organizational features provided by Canva for Teams help everyone stay on track and on message so your business can succeed.


What Does Canva for Teams Cost?

Canva for Teams starts at $149.90 per year for the first five people.  This breaks down to less than $13 a month.

The platform is designed to grow along with your business, so users can invite new members at any time.

Your account will only be charged once new members have accepted the invitation, and you’ll be notified of any recent new members before each bill.

This makes it possible to grow your team without complicating your monthly or yearly billing cycle.

The price of Canva for Teams seems especially affordable when you consider all of the benefits the platform has to offer.

From the thousands of graphic design options to all of the tools promoting productive learning and collaboration, it’s a worthwhile investment for any sized team.


Final Thoughts on Canva for Teams

Canva for Teams makes it possible for your company to collaborate on elegant, streamlined graphics for your website, email, and social media needs.

With Canva for Teams, you can work in groups, share files, provide quick feedback, and access all of your team’s content in one centralized location.

Flexibility in adding new members makes it possible to keep your team growing without causing any major disruptions.

Templates, graphics, and designs can be saved, reused, and automatically resized to cut down on wasted time.

SSO, customer service, and security features ensure that everything runs smoothly, while in-site video tutorials help users make the most of all the platform has to offer.

In a world where having a solid online branding presence is more important than ever, Canva for Teams has everything you need to help your brand and business thrive.

Click here to start a free trial of Canva for Teams today.

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