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The 11 Best Online Piano Lessons (2023 Reviews & Rankings)

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best online piano lessons

With the best online piano lessons, you can build a strong foundation to become a master in playing piano, all from the comfort of your home.

If you’ve always wanted to learn to play piano, you might think you need to go to a school or hire a private piano teacher for lessons. But the truth is, Now you can learn piano online from professional musicians and teachers, in fun and easy piano lessons.

Online piano lessons come in all shapes and sizes, from cutting-edge apps that offer real-time feedback to self-paced lessons and tutorials. You can tailor your learning experience to fit your own

We’ve reviewed and ranked the best online piano lessons based on a variety of important factors, including cost, ease of use, and teaching style. Whether you’re a beginner or a master looking to expand your skills, we’ve got the perfect course for you!

So if you’re ready to start learning how to play piano today, take a look at our guide below and find out which online piano lessons are right for you.


1. Best Overall: Simply Piano

Simply Piano Simply Piano

Learn how to play the piano faster than you ever thought possible, with fun, easy, and engaging courses, lessons, and songs.

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  • 3-month regular package: $59.99
  • 6-month regular package: $89.99
  • 12-month standard package: $149.90
  • Free 14-day trial

Simply Piano is an award-winning mobile app for phones and tablets that helps people learn to play the piano in as little as 5 minutes a day.

The app helps you learn to play piano through songs you already know and love. You can also learn to read sheet music, play basic chords, and more.

The app uses your device’s microphone to hear the notes you’re playing on your home piano or keyboard. By using your phone or tablet’s mic, Simply Piano listens to you play, identifies errors, and gives instant feedback to help you progress at your own pace, and allows you to track your progress over time.

Simply Piano is suitable for beginners and more experienced players alike, and has been featured in several magazines and newspapers.

The app, while very innovative, is incredibly intuitive, making it easy for kids and adults alike to learn to play the piano.

Key Features

  • Over 5,000 songs in song library, mix of classics and today’s hits
  • Up to 5 family members under same account
  • Step-by-step learning – from reading sheet music to playing with both hands
  • See your progress in real-time and get instant feedback
  • Works with any piano or keyboard

Click here to try Simply Piano for free!


2. Hear and Play


Includes per piano course subscription of $65

You can learn the Piano with a new approach with the play-by-ear music system. It is a collection of online music materials targeted toward pianists who desire to learn by ear.

Their goal is to assist pianists of all grades in improving and learning their abilities. Hear and Play offers accessible online lectures, tutorial videos, magazines, forums, and software.

The materials on Hear and Play include a range of musical styles, which include mainstream and gospel. It is designed to cater to emerging pianists with varying levels of skills. Whether a complete beginner or an expert, Hear and Play is here to aid you in perfecting your skill set.

They provide three main courses to choose from:

  • Music theory
  • GospelKeys basic and advanced
  • Jazz and Salsa

Key Features

  • There are numerous tools, applications, and videos accessible.
  • A wide selection of qualified instructors and a welcoming online forum
  • Flexibility in choosing which services you want without spending money on unnecessary purchases
  • Initial four lessons are free of cost
  • Accessible to anyone, even those who are unable to read sheet music


3. Playground Sessions


  • Monthly package: $17.99
  • Yearly package: $119.88
  • Lifetime package: $289.99

Playground sessions is an impressive piano learning software with a simple user interface that can accommodate even the most non-techy and non-experienced individuals to play, understand and master the Piano.

The program includes detailed instructions on how to go about the video lessons. You usually see this first when you open a professional piano learning software.

This is very helpful as it gives the user a glimpse of what they should expect. The steps are straightforward, so you will have no trouble navigating the platform.

Three tiers of lessons are provided to you as “tours”:

  • Rookie
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

In addition, your lessons resemble games. As with any game, the program provides points, visual information on your progress, and rapid commentary so you can see where you’re struggling and stay motivated to improve.

Key Features

  • Lessons from celebrity musicians
  • All skill levels are covered
  • Supported by iPads, Mac, and Windows
  • Numerous lessons with nearly 1,000+ songs taught
  • Gamified lessons including a great collection of well-known tunes and a variety of genres


4. Skoove


  • Monthly package: $19.99
  • 3-Month package: $39.99
  • Yearly package: $119.99

Skoove is known as one of the easiest ways to learn the piano. It is a renowned platform that provides online interactive piano lessons for all piano enthusiasts.

There are several courses and piano song tutorials for all levels. To cater to your level of experience, courses are categorized into Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced groups.

With state-of-the-art split-screen technology, you can learn notes while watching someone play the piano. Video lessons are clear, interactive, and simple to understand.

You can use it with an acoustic keyboard, digital piano, MIDI controller, or even your laptop keyboard. The possibilities are limitless!

Key features

  • Great backing tracks
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • A wide range of skills is mastered during beginner lessons.


5. Piano For All


  • $79 download
  • $89 download, including DVD

If your goal is to hear a song you like and play the chords, this course is a fantastic resource. With pricing like that, it is a bargain for the amount of content it contains. It is fantastic because you learn all the different chords and make chord progressions by putting them together.

Additionally, you’ll learn how to read lead sheets and play them by ear. It’s the quickest way to learn piano.

The course consists of interesting teaching methods from the beginning by immediately jumping into a song to learn. You learn how to play songs with basic chord shapes. Apart from chords, you are also taught different rhythms, which further advances your skillset.

As the course advances, the chords and rhythms get more complex. However, the flexibility is that you can work offline and according to your schedule. There is no daily regimen of tasks to follow, and you have the freedom to learn at your ease.

As you go, you’ll pick up tips on technique, improvisation, and memorization tricks through many musical genres.

Key features 

  • Guaranteed money-back for 60 days
  • Consists of nine eBooks with courses in both audio and video
  • Remote access
  • Printable
  • Chord-based learning improves your ability to improvise and compose your music
  • One-time fee


6. Piano Marvel


  • Monthly package of $15.99
  • Annual package of $110.99

Piano Marvel is known to be one of the fastest online resources to learn Piano versus traditional methods or where you hire an actual piano teacher.

It breaks down learning Piano into simple segmented lessons so that you can absorb all information easily. This makes it an ideal choice for beginners and children; however, it is essential to acknowledge that it only features a limited variety of music genres to choose from when picking songs to learn.

There are countless songs to learn in Piano Marvel and over 3,000 activities and tutorials covering popular musical styles and movie soundtracks.

The most recent version contains a “Prepare Mode” feature that allows you to practice song notes, chords, and rhythms at your own pace.

Additionally, with the help of the dashboard, you can set your goal for how many minutes you want to practice every day. This helps in keeping the user motivated and achieve their objectives timely.

Students and even piano teachers will find Piano Marvel useful because it lets you design lesson plans and upload music. It also conducts seminars and meetings.

Key features

  • Users can create and upload their curriculum
  • It has multiple learning methods such as “Prepare Mode”
  • Downloadable music
  • Lessons are divided into segmented sections
  • Reasonably priced subscriptions


7. Yousician


  • Monthly package: $9.99 for a single instrument
  • Yearly package: $119.99
  • All-access package: $179.99 for all instruments

It also includes a 7-day free trial.

If you want to learn more than Piano in the same package, Yousician is the ideal choice. It offers to teach other instruments, such as the guitar, bass guitar, and even the ukulele! Yousician helps you with all this and much more.

In a nutshell, Yousician gamifies how to learn all the instruments it offers. You can call it an all-rounder music teacher integrated within the software and will assist you throughout your journey. Sounds exciting?

Yousician can be used on your PC, Android, and iOS.

The best thing about this platform is that all the resources that you would usually search for in bits and pieces are finely packaged under one roof. Sometimes it can become difficult to sift through video tutorials on the internet. But fret not more! Yousician will be your best companion throughout your music journey.

It also presents a subtle challenge by asking you to open up new levels of classes and content. With daily reminders and tracking of your progress, Yousician gives you an edge in all aspects.

Additionally, the user experience is intuitive to get around with an easy-to-use interface for users, making the overwhelming learning experience much easier.

Key Features

  • Simple user interface
  • Makes learning fun
  • Various instruments to learn from
  • Gamified experience
  • Video-based tutorials


8. Flowkey


  • Monthly package: $9.99 – $19.99
  • Yearly package: $120
  • Life package: $329.99

You can also start a free trial to test the waters.

Created in collaboration with the renowned music company Yamaha, Flowkey works effectively and provides accurate and realistic feedback and progress tracking when used with an acoustic piano.

The characteristics of Flowkey make learning to play the piano online simple and enjoyable. By following step-by-step instructions, you’ll quickly grasp the fundamentals.

Although the app’s interface is similar to a game, the video lectures are well-made, concise, and educational – making the user experience as realistic as possible.

Key Features

  • All skill levels are supported
  • MIDI and acoustic pianos are used to track your progress
  • Start, pause, slow, and loop function
  • Live feedback
  • Numerous music instruction videos
  • Individual practicing of each hand


9. Hoffman Academy


  • Monthly subscription of $18
  • Yearly subscription of $179
  • Lifetime subscription of $595

With nearly 120 online videos, the Hoffman Academy offers a progressive series of lessons to address the 21st-century piano students to view and consume at their leisure. To do this, the online learning environment uses a selection of kid-friendly online tutorials, ear training sessions, vision tasks, and interactive elements.

This program is geared explicitly towards kids with easy-to-learn levels to go through. Additionally, there is a section on the latest songs and melodies with independent lessons for all. The course is divided into 15 parts, each comprising 20 sessions.

The program comes off as a very personal online piano teacher. The lessons aim to keep the students engaged in video lessons by segmenting them into smaller sessions, making it easier to grasp the concept.

Key Features

  • Simple instructions
  • Interactive and gamified user interface
  • Child-friendly teaching methods
  • More than 300 downloadable resources


10. Pianote


  • Monthly package of $29
  • Annual package of $197
  • Lifetime package of $997

Pianote is tailored to primarily educate beginners and intermediates by providing a well-structured course. It consists of various professional coaches, the main one being Lisa Witt. Additionally, many other active coaches are available on the platform.

This sets the standards high, as there are live sessions and one-to-one interactive lessons with professionals.

Most of the course is composed of video lectures divided into ten parts, as well as uniquely related courses and training.

You can also use the “Practice Along” mode that allows you to modify parameters like tempo and intensity to play with the teacher.

Key Features

  • Captivating courses
  • Organized lessons and training schedule
  • Live Q&A sessions
  • Large student online platform


11. Piano in 21 Days


  • Depending on your preferences, you can pick from three plans that cost between $97 and $497.
  • Includes a free five-day trial eBook to test the waters

Piano in 21 Days is a video-based tutorial in which flashcards and sound lessons are included. Ideally, you should be able to complete every particular lesson task before going on to the next one, so if it takes you well over one day to accomplish a lesson, you’re advised to take your time. The majority of individuals usually take more than 21 days.

It also features a built-in forum of individuals supporting and sharing personal work and achievements. Additionally, you can participate in a live Q&A with Jacques – the creator and primary instructor of Piano, in 21 days.

You should study one short video session each day, as recommended. By doing so, you can often train simultaneously while avoiding obtaining too much knowledge at once.

Key Features

  • Personalized and comprehensive lessons
  • Targeted plan of study
  • Students can start practicing instantly
  • Chance to learn from a professional instructor


Factors to Consider When Deciding Which Online Piano Lesson is Right for You

1. Content Quality

It is important to determine the type of lesson you will be entertained with according to your interests and learning objectives. Opting for lessons with bite-sized tutorials will make sense if you are busy and vice versa.

2. Free Trials

This saves costs and gives you the gist of what your experience will be like when you take lessons. It is crucial to ensure that your comfort zone also lies within the sessions you are taking.

3. Curriculum model

It would be best if you opted for a curriculum that matches your objectives. It should be able to answer all your queries and build on your basic concepts.. Whether you are keen to learn about music theory, intend to perfect a few particular songs, or are uncertain of your aims, make sure to be confident that a particular online piano lesson will help you get there.

4. Compatibility

Different online lessons have different devices such as “musical keyboards” they are compatible with. Select the one you feel is most suitable according to your budget and device compatibility.

5. Pricing

Compared to traditional face-to-face piano classes, online piano lessons are very cost-effective and offer numerous payment plans. As a cherry on top, almost all the online lessons provide a 7-day free trial to give you a hint of the user experience.


Final Thoughts on the Best Online Piano Lessons

Today, there is a massive number of students worldwide developing interest in learning piano as a profession or hobby. Hence, it is apparent that the need for online piano lessons is growing.

Out of all the online piano lessons we went through, Simply Piano is our recommended pick!

Its super interactive and engaging content along with consistent support to amateurs and professionals alike makes it stand out from its competitors.

Have any questions about the best online piano lessons? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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