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Little Passports Pricing & Plans: How Much Does It Cost? 

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little passports pricing

Looking for info on Little Passports pricing and plans? Trying to decide if their educational kits are really worth the money?

Little Passports is a subscription-based educational service that sends kids monthly themed packages full of activities, games, and toys designed to teach them about different countries and cultures around the world.

They have educational kits for children ranging from 3 to 10 years old that teach them about other cultures, science, and art through fun, interactive, hands-on activities.

Of course, Little Passport’s kits do come at a cost, and they have a few different plans to choose from, including monthly, semi-annual, and annual packages at various price points.

In the guide below, we’ll do a full breakdown of Little Passports pricing, including their different subscription plans and what you can expect to get in each monthly package.


What is Little Passports?

Little Passports is a company that creates monthly educational kits for children. These kits are designed to teach kids about different countries and cultures around the world through fun, interactive activities.

Each kit comes with a different theme and includes items such as games, toys, puzzles, and books.

Over the years, Little Passports has expanded their catalog, now providing games, projects, activities, and experiments on topics such as geography, music, world cultures, STEM, food, and more.

It is a community that strives to bring children together via understanding and respect for the world around them, bringing together parents, grandparents, and educators, all striving for a better future.

The founders knew how important it is for kids to explore the earth. As a result, they come up with a subscription that provides knowledge while also sparking a conversation about participation and acceptance of others.

Parents can search for packages, activities, and toys based on their children’s ages or interests. Packages include a variety of activities centered on a specific theme. There is also a subscription option, in which you will receive a monthly package that will continue on the same topic.


How Much Does Little Passports Cost?

little passports

Little Passports offers monthly, semi-annual (6 months), and yearly subscriptions for its different kits based on the recipient’s age. Each subscription box includes a variety of fun activities as well as details about the world.

Here are some of the most popular boxes offered by Little Passports and their prices:


1. World Edition

These boxes are recommended for children aged 6 to 10. In this box, children learn about different destinations, beginning with Brazil. It introduces children to different cultures and destinations such as Argentina, Turkey, Japan, Kenya, Thailand, Iceland, and India. Each location has its own activities, online content, stickers, books, and souvenirs.

What’s Included In The Box?

  • Collectible Brazil coin board with country coin
  • Passport
  • Chapter book about Brazil
  • Souvenirs
  • Online access to themed textual Blue suitcase
  • Wall-sized World map sticker
  • Activity booklet


  • Monthly: $29.95
  • 6 months: $167.70 ($27.95/month)
  • 12 months: $299.40 ($24.95/month)


2. Early Explorers

These kits are ideal for inquisitive preschoolers and children aged 3 to 5.

The Little Passports Early Explorers review team carefully selects the items based on how children learn and what they require at this age. These kits will help children to learn about the world’s natural wonders and embark on a journey that will continue to culminate in a trip to space. Also, it will help to jog their memory in learning about different animals, nature, and sports.

What’s Included In The Box?

  • Materials in an orange suitcase
  • Collectible souvenir world map poster
  • Sticker collection
  • Activity books


  • Monthly: $29.95
  • 6 months: $167.70 ($27.95/month)
  • 12 months: $299.40 ($24.95/month)


3. Science Junior

The Science Junior kits are best suited for children aged 5-8. The boxes teach children about the wonders of the world that add value to the fascinating world of science. They’ll learn about volcanoes, the deep dark ocean, and optic illusions, among other things. Every month new things are added according to kids’ pace for learning.

What’s Included In The Box?

  • Science decals
  • Cards for trading
  • Make your own Weddell seal walker game
  • Comics and activities accompany the board game magazine


  • Monthly: $29.95
  • 6 months: $167.70 ($27.95/month)
  • 12 months: $299.40 ($24.95/month)


4. The USA Edition

These boxes are aimed at children aged 7 to 12 and are entirely focused on the United States. The box will teach children about activities, information, Recipes, games, and stories from two states.

What’s Included In The Box?

  • USA field guide scratch book
  • USA wall map
  • A monthly activity folder book


  • Monthly: $29.95
  • 6 months: $167.70 ($27.95/month)
  • 12 months: $299.40 ($24.95/month)


5. Science Expeditions

Little Passports Science reviews laud these boxes for aspiring scientists aged eight and up. They will study forensic science, astronomy, physics, engineering, and probiotics in these boxes. Also, it has a variety of stickers, activities, games, bonus online content, and comics.

What’s Included In The Box?

  • Kit for forensic science experiments
  • A booklet containing games and activities
  • Notebook for fingerprint analysis


  • Monthly: $29.95
  • 6 months: $167.70 ($27.95/month)
  • 12 months: $299.40 ($24.95/month)


Little Passports Key Features

The sheer variety of Little Passports’ boxes for kids is one of the top features that most parents will appreciate. It is possible to find and create activities for your children that fill all of your child’s imagination.

Also, they offer custom-made kits for children with their names printed on them. This is one of the best features as it creates a sense of personalization for your kids and will surely increase their participation in activities.

All Little Passports subscriptions and individual packages are neatly packaged in bright-colored and functional carryable cases. This makes them ideal for use at home or for taking on family trips or extended stays. The kits include various activities designed to keep kids entertained while teaching them new skills and motivating them in innovative ways.

For instance, Little Passports World Edition Pack includes a world map, which many children enjoy discussing different cities or countries on their walls.

Moreover, their subscription kits are also backed by many online learning resources. This allows curious children (or adults) to learn about the subject after finishing the project. Your kids will love it since it teaches various skills while providing them with as much general knowledge as possible.


Little Passports FAQ

What is the price of Little Passports?

Little Passports provides a wide range of individual or subscription-based packages and single toys or activities. Pricing starts as low as $23.95 per month for some packages. To get the best price, consider signing up for an annual plan.

Is there customer service at Little Passports?

Yes. Little Passports does provide customer service via an online forum or an email.

Their customer service team also appears to address negative Little Passports reviews and resolve customer issues.

Is it simple to cancel a Little Passport subscription?

Yes. You can cancel your subscription to Little Passports at any time. Remember that all subscriptions renew automatically, so you must cancel before expiration. However, reimbursements for yearly or 6-month subscriptions are not available.


Is Little Passports Worth It?

Little Passports is one of the best options for parents who wish to expose their children to the pleasures of learning while also allowing them to explore their surroundings.

All of the Little Passports kits we’ve personally tested were met with excitement and interest from our kids.

If you have children aged 3 to 10 who are fascinated by the world and genuinely love various activities, Little Passports is definitely worth a look.

Our Little Passports review has a lot more info on this popular subscription box.

Click here to explore everything Little Passports has to offer.

Still have questions about Little Passports pricing and plans? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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