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DataCamp Review: Everything to Know Before Trying It (2023)

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datacamp review

Are you looking to gain data skills? DataCamp is an online learning platform that offers popular online courses in data science and programming, and in this in-depth DataCamp review, you’ll learn why it’s become so popular over the years.

With over 410 interactive courses on subjects like data science, statistics, AI, coding, and machine learning taught by expert instructors, DataCamp seems like a great place to start your data education.

But how does DataCamp actually stack up against other online learning platforms? And is DataCamp worth the cost?

In this DataCamp review, we’ll take a close look at the platform and its features to help you decide if it’s right for you.

We’ve updated this review for 2023 to provide you with the most up-to-date information on features, pricing, and more so you can be confident you’re getting accurate, current details on the platform.

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What is DataCamp?

Learn R, Python & Data Science Online | DataCamp Learn R, Python & Data Science Online | DataCamp

With Datacamp, you can learn the data skills you need at your own pace from anywhere in the world. From Python to machine learning to data science and a whole lot more, Datacamp offers hands-on virtual learning experiences from the world's best instructors.

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Datacamp is an online learning site that has hundreds of online courses with a focus on data training and data science. Courses cover topics like R, Python, Sheets, and SQL with the main categories being data science, machine learning, and statistics.

The courses are interactive, and students can earn badges and certificates as they progress through the lessons, real world projects, and data skill assessments.

In addition to traditional courses, Datacamp also offers career and skill “tracks” which are curated paths of courses designed to help learners master specific skillsets to further their career prospects. For example, you can take a series of courses to gain the credentials and experience needed to become a data analyst.

Datacamp also offers a community of data scientists who can offer support and advice, and it provides a platform for users to share their own code and discuss their work with others.

In short, Datacamp is a one-stop shop with flexible online training for anyone interested in pursuing a career in data science.


Who Teaches on DataCamp?

The 270+ instructors at DataCamp are experienced professionals who are extremely passionate about data science.

Your courses will be taught by data professionals, consultants, or sometimes even by the portal’s co-founders themselves!

DataCamp instructors come from universities like Duke, Cornell, and Caltech as well as major companies like AT&T and Amazon.

The courses are interactive and engaging, making learning fun and easy. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced data scientist, Datacamp has a course for you.

With new courses added regularly, there’s always something new to learn.


What Can You Learn on DataCamp?

datacamp categories

DataCamp is solely meant for learning data science and its sub-fields. This focus on a specific niche makes DataCamp courses particularly excellent when compared to what you see on some other online course sites that have data classes.

Popular DataCamp courses include:

  • Introduction to Python
  • Introduction to R
  • Data Science for Everyone
  • Data Engineering for Everyone
  • Data Science for Business
  • Introduction to SQL
  • Data Analysis in Excel
  • Data Visualization for Everyone
  • Introduction to Statistics in Spreadsheets
  • Machine Learning for Everyone
  • Introduction to Deep Learning in Python


How Much Does DataCamp Cost?

DataCamp pricing includes multiple plans for individuals and businesses and ranges from free to packages that cost $25 a month, billed annually, giving you unlimited access to everything on the platform.

You can compare the features of some of the different plans in the table below:

Key Features BASIC (Free) PREMIUM ($25/mo billed annually) TEAMS ($25/mo per user billed annually) ENTERPRISE (Varies)
Access to 6 free courses
Preview the first chapter of each course
Access to every course X
Cheats & Tutorials
Personalized learning path X SOON SOON SOON
Skills assessment
Certificate of completion X


How Does DataCamp Pricing Compare to Other Platforms?

The price of online courses is all over the place. Some learning sites sell courses individually while others do a subscription model like Datacamp.

Here are the prices of some of the other popular platforms:

At $25 a month (billed annually) DataCamp is a solid value compared to most other course websites.


How Does DataCamp Work?

The dynamics of DataCamp are pretty similar to other online learning platforms. The courses are based on multiple pre-recorded video lessons, which you can watch either in chunks or binge all at once.

You can take up stand-alone courses that focus on a single topic or choose a ‘Track’ that gives insight into multiple parts of different courses. You can also apply for a Statement Of Accomplishment once you successfully complete a Track.

Other than that, DataCamp also has an option of merging multiple individual courses that focus on a certain skill. You can choose any skill, and DataCamp will offer you all the important courses required to master that skill. This option is available under the ‘Skill Track.’

There’s also a ‘Career Track,’ which helps you get better equipped for a specific career path. The combination of courses in this track is designed to make you a pro in one field; for example, if you choose a Career Track in Python, DataCamp will then list down all the courses that will help you become a Python programmer in no time.

Apart from utilizing DataCamp as a student, you can also buy an enterprise subscription and use the platform as a resource for your employees. You can also subscribe to access course material which can help you pass on relevant knowledge to your students in a more efficient way.


How to Sign Up for DataCamp

If you’ve made accounts on social sites or other online portals, you’d see that signing up for DataCamp is no different.

You have to open their official site and locate the ‘Sign In’ option at the top right corner.

Fill in your credentials, set up a password, and you’d be asked to verify your DataCamp account via a phone number or email.

Once you’ve successfully signed up, you can surf through all the course outlines, and if it seems like your cup of tea, you can proceed toward buying a subscription.


How to Take DataCamp Courses

datacamp course

One cool thing about DataCamp is that they don’t have any prerequisites! You just need to have a verified account and a thirst for knowledge.

Find a comfortable place for studying and start surfing through the hundreds of courses.

Once you find a course that catches your eye, click on it, and a list of videos and resources of that course will be displayed on another page.

The videos are listed in order, so you should stick to the particular order to avoid mixing up.

If you’re accessing the platform through the basic free plan, you’d only have access to the first chapter of every course. It’s beneficial because you can go take a peek into multiple courses and have an idea about most of them before deciding on a year-long subscription.

The courses also have hands-on practice exercises and real-world scenarios, which you can use to polish your practical skills after you’re done with the videos.


DataCamp Features Explained

Let’s dive deep into all the features of DataCamp so that it becomes easy for you to decide whether or not you should invest in it:

Low complexity

The user interface and general layout of DataCamp’s website are fairly easy to navigate compared to other portals with hefty amounts of search filters that only make things difficult for the user. With DataCamp, you don’t even need any other person’s assistance because everything is designed to be self-explanatory and easy to access. From making an account to billing and eventually learning new things every day, DataCamp tries to facilitate you in every regard. It also has search filters that you can set up yourself to make your surfing easy and efficient.

Diverse accessibility

While its recommended to take a course in a quiet and study-appropriate space, there is no restriction on accessing the platform in one specific way. You can log in to your account from almost any device, be it your laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Vast accessibility empowers you to gain knowledge without compromising on your daily schedule. Since the videos vary in duration, you can fit any one of them to listen to during transit or even a boring function. You can also have a mobile-only subscription!

Community building

The DataCamp Workspace is an online space where you can put your coding and data analyzing skills to practice. Once you’re assertive about your techniques, you can even share this space with other students and get feedback.

Apart from that, the portal also has a community of alumni and experts, where you can connect with like-minded people and collaborate even after you’re done with the courses.

Industrial value

Having course completion certificates on your resume is sure to increase its value and make your more attractive to potential employers.


DataCamp FAQs

Here are some of the answers to the most common questions:

Is DataCamp good if I’m starting out?

DataCamp can facilitate beginners and experts, so you don’t need to worry if you have no prior knowledge of data sciences or the IT industry. You can surf through the courses to find the one that is best suited for newbies.

Can I access DataCamp for free?

DataCamp has a basic plan that is free of cost, but it’ll only allow you limited access to courses. You will be able to surf through the website and read up all the course outlines, but you’d only be able to watch the first chapter of each course unless you upgrade your subscription to a paid version.

What is the total price of DataCamp?

The portal has multiple pricing options, which are billed annually. On average, a yearly subscription costs $300, depending on the plan you choose and whether you take it individually or in a group. They also have various promos and discounts running throughout the year, so your pricing may be lower than that if you get lucky.

Does DataCamp teach Python?

DataCamp covers a range of IT-related topics and programming languages. Python, C++, SQL, and a lot more are available to master on this platform. If you already have a preference, you can update your search filters so that they only show you the courses which are related to your prioritized topic.


Is DataCamp Worth It?

DataCamp has become a top-rated learning platform and has received thousands of positive reviews from its students.

With one affordable subscription, you can unlock access to over 410+ courses (as of April 2023) to help you take your data skills to new heights, as opposed to paying for each course separately like on some other websites. You can take the classes at your own pace and take advantage of the additional resources such as practice problems, projects, and more.

So yes, we definitely think DataCamp is worth it.


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