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The 8 Best Online After Effects Courses (2023 Rankings)

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best online after effects courses

With the best online After Effects courses, you can get learn how to use the program’s powerful tools to create stunning visual effects for your videos.

Adobe After Effects is one of the best design software tools on the market. And anyone looking to create professional, creative videos, needs to know how to use it.

Its powerful features allow users to create stunning visuals that can be used for film production, advertisements, trailers, and much more.

After Effects is notorious for its remarkable flexibility when it comes to creating different kinds of effects, its drag-and-drop timeline which makes it easy to combine assets with each other, and its user-friendly interface which makes transitioning or updating existing projects a breeze.

While After Effects is a fairly intuitive software, there’s a lot of complexity under the hood that needs to be mastered if you want to unlock its full potential.

That’s where online After Effects courses come in. With these courses, you can learn how to use After Effects with confidence and create amazing visual effects for your videos.

We’ve reviewed and ranked the best online Adobe After Effects courses available based on factors such as cost, instructor credentials, skill level, quality and quantity of lessons, user feedback, and more.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced professional, there’s something here for everyone.

So dive in and start creating stunning visuals with the best Adobe After Effects courses today!

Let’s get into it!


What are the Best After Effects Courses Online?

Here are our picks for the top Adobe After Effects courses available online in 2023…


1. Animating With Ease In Adobe After Effects (Skillshare)

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Do you have a little bit of experience using Adobe After Effects and want to know how to take the next steps to mastering the program?

Animating With Ease in Adobe After Effects is the perfect course to help you reach the next level.

You will learn how to prepare your artwork, get organized, use the speed and value graphs, motion paths, and rove keyframes, as well as how to use the graph editor with other properties.

You will also learn about anchor points, overshoots, commanding keyframes, adding details, looping the animation, exporting a GIF, and a bonus demo walkthrough of the graph editor.

Over the course of 18 lessons and a combination of tutorial videos and hands-on activities, you will learn how to use Adobe After Effects to create incredible videos and animations.

The hands-on project even allows you to turn what you have learned into a cool animated GIF.

Skillshare pricing is a great value, giving you access to more than 34,000 courses with your subscription. There’s even a free 30-day trial for testing out the platform before you buy.

Our Skillshare review goes into more detail on the pros and cons of the popular course website.

Click here to try Skillshare free for 30 days.


2. Introduction To Adobe After Effects: Getting Started With Motion Graphics (Skillshare)

Ready to discover the world of Adobe After Effects? This beginners’ course is ideal for anyone interested in learning the basics of motion graphics.

Learn how to create animating layers, edit text, add embellishments, and export your creations all within this two-hour-long course.

Through a series of videos and projects, you can watch your skills and knowledge grow as you master the software. You’ll discover how to make a lower third to overlay components of the already-existing film.

The animated banner in the lower third slides over the existing video to give viewers access to additional information, such as who is speaking, what they are speaking about, and where they are.

Beginner students can use this project to obtain a sense of the software and how simple animations are created.

Click here to try Skillshare free for 30 days.


3. Character Animation: Creating Authentic Facial Expressions In Adobe After Effects (Skillshare)

Once you have the basics of After Effects down, you can begin downloading plug-ins to add to your experience.

This character animation course teaches you how to use the Joysticks n’ Sliders plug-in to create authentic character facial expressions.

This class will give you the tools you need to level-up your animation and get the most out of Joysticks n’ Sliders, unlocking your ability to create realistic and detailed movements in every character animation project you take on, whether this is your first foray into the world of plug-ins or you’ve been using them for years.

This intermediate course is perfect for learning to create your character and begin building your skills. Learn how to create different elements of facial expressions all in one place!

Click here to try Skillshare free for 30 days.


4. After Effects CC Masterclass: Complete After Effects Course (Udemy)

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Go from beginner to expert with this Complete After Effects course. Once you have downloaded the software, you are ready to work your way through this online course.

Relax and work through this course at your own pace as you learn how to create a video project from start to finish. Bring your projects to life with a professional quality understanding of motion graphics and animation.

Led by instructor Phil Ediner, you are provided with top-quality support through every step of this course. Perfect if you have any questions or ideas about what projects you can complete and how to make it happen.

This course makes video production fun while giving you everything you need to make it your career!

Our Udemy pricing guide has more details on how their plans work.

Check out our Udemy review to learn more.

Click here to try this course now.


5. After Effects- Motion Graphics & Data Visualization (Udemy)

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Are you a total newbie looking to turn dull data into engaging visualizations? then stop thinking. You’ll be set up for success with this course from an educator who is certified by Adobe.

To hone your VFX talents, you’ll work through real-world projects starting from the very beginning of After Effects. Additionally included are workout files and a cheat sheet.

This course will teach you how to animate Excel spreadsheets in After Effects, build animated pie charts, line graphs, and bar graphs, percentage counters, attractive infographics with animated symbols, and infographics with voiceovers.

Additionally, you’ll discover other tools and websites to support your new career path, learn the animation skills required to make your data come to life, and have the finished files. Perfect for turning newbies into full-on pros.

Click here to try this course now.


6. Adobe After Effects Crash Course For Creatives (Udemy)

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Not everyone has hours and hours to spend learning to use Adobe After Effects. This quick crash course is perfect for anyone looking to learn the fundamentals of After Effects without wasting weeks of valuable time.

From YouTubers to graphic designers, this course can give you the skillset to create and edit motion and animation to any video for a fun, cool project.

In this course, you will learn how to create engaging social media ads, real-world motion projects including logo animations, dramatic logo intros, motion typography, and video ads.

Learn all of the necessary essentials and more about After Effects as you work your way through this crash course. All you need is a laptop and Adobe After Effects software!

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7. Advanced After Effects (Domestika)

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If you are ready to take your knowledge and skills of Adobe After Effects to the next level, then this course is for you.

Start with mastering advanced methods for using Shape Layers and Text Animators, two of After Effects fundamental motion graphics tools. You will then move on to learn what rigging is and how to use it within your projects.

You will also learn how workflows between After Effects and external products like Premiere, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Figma can be integrated.

Your instructor walks you through several tips at the end of the course that will help you work in After Effects much more quickly and effectively.

These tips cover things like composition optimization, color management, and other useful information.

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to render everything you can think of, including 3D environments, improved web designs, and assistance with video editing. Learn how to use the tools to enhance your productivity and the caliber of your tasks.

With Domestika pricing, you can either buy this course individually or subscribe to the platform and get monthly credits you can use to take this and other courses at no extra cost.

Click here to learn more about this course.


8. Animated Micro-Stories With After Effects (Domestika)

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Learn to bring your ideas to life by learning from some of the greatest illustrators and video editors in the business.

You will learn the principles of storytelling, character design, and 2D animation using After Effects in this online course so that you may bring your ideas to life.

Learn the techniques of visual storytelling and how to apply them to engage your audience on different levels. Over the course of 6 lessons, you can learn at your own pace.

Meaning you can easily test out each skill on your own until you have it mastered. This course is perfect for creatives looking to learn an effective creative process to make their ideas a reality.

You’ll need a computer with After Effects, Illustrator, and Photoshop as well as a pencil and paper for rough ideas and, most importantly, a narrative you can’t wait to share with the world.

Take your After Effects skills to the next level with Animated Micro-Stories with After Effects. Ensure your voice is heard and your incredible talent can be seen through your short stories.

Click here to learn more about this course.


Final Thoughts on the Best Online After Effects Courses

Bring your ideas to life by learning how to use the tools of Adobe After Effects.

From typography to character animation, you can create cool, professional-quality videos that are incredible.

Whether you are a beginner who hasn’t even downloaded the software or you are an experienced animator ready to advance your skills to new heights, the above online courses are perfect for helping you.

Select from one of the best online After Effects courses. Simply sign up and start learning at your own pace.

Within a few weeks, you could be creating high-quality, fun, engaging videos that are going to help accelerate your career and aid in becoming a successful video editor!

Have any questions about our guide to the best online After Effects classes? Let us know by commenting below.

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