6 Best Acoustic Foam Panels for Your Home Recording Studio (2023 Guide)

best acoustic foam panels

Designing your home recording studio to get the sound you like so you can enjoy rich sound recordings doesn’t have to be complicated. With the best acoustic foam panels, you can reduce echo and reverb while significantly improving sound quality during your recording sessions. But buyer beware — not all acoustic foam tiles are created … Read more

The 14 Best Wireless Microphones Worth Trying in 2023 [Single, Dual, Quad, & More]

Wireless Microphones

The best wireless microphones and wireless systems can be take a home or professional recording studio to the next level. Cordless mics are an essential piece of voice-over equipment and are regularly used by voice actors, singers, speakers, journalists, and others. Wireless microphones allow the performer to move around freely without having to worry about … Read more