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The 10 Best Acoustic Blankets for Sound Control (2023 Rankings)

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By Scott Winstead

best acoustic blankets

With the best acoustic blankets, you can control the sound of your recording environment in an affordable and easy way.

Using acoustic blankets in a studio for sound control is a practical and versatile solution to improve the acoustic environment and achieve better audio quality.

Acoustic blankets, sometimes called sound blankets or soundproof blankets, are specially designed to absorb and dampen sound waves, making them an effective tool for reducing echoes, reflections, and unwanted noise in recording spaces.

The best sound control blankets are made from special noise-absorbing materials that can significantly reduce the reverberation of sound waves in your recording space to help you capture the best sound possible.

And when placed over windows or doors, they can help block external noises and prevent sound leakage in or out of the studio. This added soundproofing capability is especially beneficial in urban or noisy environments where external disturbances could compromise the recording process.

Choosing the right acoustic blankets, however, can be difficult if you’re new to recording because there are dozens of choices out there.

There are some options that might work in a pinch, but some products are a bit too thin to really be used for serious sound control.

This is why I took the time to thoroughly test and review 25 products and chose the best of the bunch to pass along to you. Below, I’ve included my review of 10 great sound control blankets in a range of prices and thickness levels.

What You’ll Learn in This Article:

  • The pros and cons of each product reviewed
  • The features of each blanket to help you find what you’re looking for
  • How you can enhance your recording experience using other must-have items

I also provide you with guidance as to what each blanket is best suited for so that you can make an informed purchase with your recording budget. After checking out my guide below, I’m confident you’ll find the right acoustic treatments to tackle your next recording project.

This guide has been fully updated for 2023 to include the best current options on the market so you can make an informed buying decision for your studio.

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Quick Picks for the Best Acoustic Blankets

Blankets for acoustic sound control can be used in a number of different ways. Whether you choose to use single or multiple blankets in layers, you have the ability to reduce reverb and delay as much or as little as you want.

During the course of my testing, I had the opportunity to review a lot of quality products, but a few stood out above the rest.

If you don’t feel like reading this full guide, check out a few of my favorite options for acoustic treatment blankets that offer amazing performance and durability:

My Top PickSure-Max 12 Heavy-Duty Moving Blankets

Sure-Max Heavy-Duty Moving  Blankets

What’s inside?

  • Virgin cotton batting
  • Zig-zag stitching for extended use
  • 80” x 72”, weighs less than six lbs

Best for: Beginners on a budget who need a portable dampening solution

Check price on Amazon →

Check price on Walmart →

Sound dampening using blankets requires products that are large enough to cover open spaces but small enough to not get in the way of your audio equipment. I also took this into consideration during my testing in order to find products that provide enough coverage without becoming a burden.


Also GreatUS Cargo Control Large Sound Blanket

US Cargo Control Large Sound Blanket

What’s inside?

  • Woven cotton/polyester shell
  • Includes nine grommets installed
  • 96” x 80”, weighs 12 pounds

Best for: Amateur audio enthusiasts with some recording experience

Check price on Amazon →

Check price on US Cargo Control →

Check price on Walmart →

Pro Tip: Acoustic treatment in a studio environment usually requires attention to detail. Leaving small bits of a hard surface exposed can lead to unwanted audio reflections that can muddle a recording.

To alleviate this, you need to use sound dampening blankets that offer coverage while still offering flexibility. Below is an option that I also found fit the bill during my testing:

Also GreatAudimute Sound Absorption Sheet

Audimute Sound Absorption Sheet

What’s inside?

  • Woven cotton/polyester shell
  • Includes nine grommets installed
  • 96” x 80”, weighs 12 pounds

Best for: Amateur audio enthusiasts with some recording experience

Check price on Amazon →

Check price on Audimute →

Pro Tip: When using blankets as acoustic treatments in large rooms, I recommend the addition of bass traps. These can be used in corners to reduce mud while allowing top-end sounds to cut through clearly.

There is no need to add blankets to the traps since most dedicated bass traps are designed to eliminate specific frequencies. In fact, adding them on top of traps could reduce the traps’ absorption power and make a recording sound worse.

How to Choose Acoustic Blankets for Your Recording Project

Before making a purchase, I recommend taking a moment to consider some factors that will play into how you choose the right sound treatment blankets. I believe that research is an incredibly powerful tool when purchasing audio equipment and studio supplies, so here are some steps you can take to figure out what you need:

Step 1: Analyze Your Budget

At First – Studio Equipment, Then – Sound Treatment

The first step in choosing the right product is to analyze your budget. This involves more than just thinking about how much you have to spend.

Acoustic treatments in a recording space are nice, but you may need to spend money on better microphones and pre-amps first. Sometimes, you can solve acoustics issues through the use of software as well.

When analyzing your budget, work out all of the essentials first. You should also consider your deadline since some acoustic treatments may not be available for immediate purchase in your local area.

Step 2: Decide How Many Items You Need

Measure Your Recording Environment

Once you have a budget in mind, you need to think about how many blankets you’ll need. You might think that this is as easy as simply measuring your recording space and purchasing enough, but there’s more to it.

Some areas may require layers of blankets in order to get the right sound dampening. Other areas in your recording space may cause them to bend and fold, potentially resulting in the need for extra blankets to fill in the gaps.

My advice is to only double up on layers when you have a solid, hard surface to cover. I also encourage you to have a few spare blankets around in the event that your main inventory doesn’t cover every surface that needs coverage.

Step 3: Moving or Sound Blankets?

Moving or Sound Blankets?

Finally, you need to choose between moving blankets and dedicated sound absorbing blankets. Both have pros and cons, and both are designed for specific functions.

Moving blankets can usually be purchased locally from a moving supply company or storage facility. Sound blankets will likely only be available from a music store or an acoustic treatment manufacturer.

Although moving blankets may be more readily available, they may not provide the right kind of frequency control to reduce harsh high-end sounds and rumble from low-end sounds.

Sound blankets are often designed with acoustic principles in mind and are crafted to reduce specific frequencies known to cause audio troubles. Keep in mind though, that you’re looking for sound absorbing blankets, not soundproof blankets (true “soundproof blankets” don’t really exist, they just reduce noise and control the sound).

Moving blankets may be less expensive and available in bulk compared to sound ones. This could save you money if you’re looking for a fast solution to reduce reverb in a recording space.

Bonus Tip!

Try to Cover Every Surface of Your Recording Room or Booth

You should also consider the positioning of your blankets when considering your recording space. Simply hanging them on a wall isn’t necessarily going to give you the dampening you need.

I try to position sound blankets opposite my audio source, but you can also place them behind an audio source. The first option reduces immediate reflections, but the latter will reduce late reflections.

In some cases, like when using sound blankets in a vocal booth, it may make sense to cover every surface with it for total coverage. In this article, you can learn more about some great vocal booth options for both home and professional studio spaces.

You can experiment with different positioning to get the sound you want. In the end, however, positioning can affect the number of items you’ll need as well as the type and your total cost.


My List of the 10 Best Acoustic Blankets

I separated the list of products I reviewed into two separate categories. These include:

  • Moving Blankets
  • Sound Blankets

After checking out the list, keep reading to see a detailed breakdown of each product’s features, pros and cons as well as some videos that demonstrate how acoustic control blankets can be used.


Moving Blankets
UBoxes Moving Blankets

Lightweight choice for quick sound dampening, great for beginners needing fast dampening.

Amazon →
Sure-Max 12 Heavy-Duty Moving Blankets

A perfect sound control solution for home studios and beginners on a budget.

My Top Pick!
Amazon →

Walmart →

US Cargo Control Supreme Mover

Large, washable solution for in-studio and portable recording needs.

Amazon →

US Cargo Control →

Forearm Forklift Moving Blanket

A durable dampening solution that works for home studios and professional recording spaces.

Amazon →
Sound Blankets
Big Boxer Grommeted Industrial Blanket

Efficient sound dampening that can be easily hung. Great for intermediate audio engineers.

Boxer Tool →
Filmcraft Studio Blanket

Excels at light dampening to reduce noise, perfect for general recording needs in a home studio.

Amazon →

Adorama →

VocalBoothToGo Producer's Choice Sound Blanket

Grommeted solution that’s perfect for vocal booths and main room recording.

VocalBoothToGo →
US Cargo Control Large Sound Blanket

Absorbs sound waves without blocking it entirely, great choice for home studio recording.

Also Great!
Amazon →

US Cargo Control →

Walmart →

Audimute Sound Absorption Sheet

Designed to absorb sound waves for superior dampening, excellent for amateurs and professionals.

Amazon →

Audimute →

Audimute isolé Sound Barrier Sheet

Blocks unwanted sounds for overall isolation in home studios and professional spaces

Amazon →

Audimute →

Sound Control Blankets, Tested and Reviewed

As discussed above, moving and sound blankets are usually manufactured differently and have different purposes. Choosing the right item may come down to your budget, but don’t let that be the only factor you consider.

Moving Blankets

They can be used to dampen sound because most are crafted using thick padding and strong stitching. Some advantages that moving blankets have over dedicated sound ones is that they are often less expensive and easy to find at any moving supply retailer or storage facility.

1. UBoxes

Textile moving blankets from Uboxes are available in 6 packs and other configurations, and I really liked that I was able to purchase these in bulk. I’ve already mentioned that I believe it’s helpful to have extra acoustic treatment items available when recording, so this option gave me peace of mind knowing that I wouldn’t be caught empty handed.

UBoxes Textile Blankets Specifications

They are also made from recycled materials, so I felt good knowing that I was helping to reduce waste. These blankets themselves did a good job at dampening sound, and I would recommend them for general use reflection reduction.

I also like the fact that they can double as muffling for other uses around the studio. I tried using one of them inside of a kick drum and got great results when tracking a jazz quartet.

Best for: General use in a home studio

Killer Feature: Bulk packs save money


  • Inexpensive and general purpose
  • Bulk availability offers more coverage area
  • Measures 54” x 72”
  • Different bulk packs available

Blanket for Recording in a Home Studio


  • Made from recycled materials
  • Flexible for easy form fitting
  • Easy to layer for additional dampening
  • Can be used inside kick drums for added muffling


  • May not be suitable for professional recording
  • Doesn’t come with grommets or hooks
  • May require additional hardware to install

Pro Tip: If a sound control blanket is made from recycled materials or colored fabrics, read the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions. Using them on some surfaces may cause colors to rub off and transfer to nearby objects.

Buying Options

Check price on Amazon →

2. Sure-Max – Heavy-Duty

The Sure-Max Heavy Duty Moving Blankets I tested did an amazing job at handling loud volumes in my studio. I was able to dampen my drum room, vocal booth, and mixing room with ease simply by clamping a few of them to some portable stands.

Sure-Max Heavy-Duty Blankets Specifications

The blankets themselves feel incredibly sturdy and thick. I really feel like these are the types of sound control products that will last for many years.

In terms of size, they provided plenty of coverage. They were a little difficult to maneuver into place in some areas because of their weight, but once in place, they stayed exactly where I needed them.

Best for: Professional studio use and drum rooms

Killer Feature: Premium construction offers extended life


  • Virgin cotton with polyester binding
  • Zig-zag stitching offers extended use
  • Double-sided construction offers sound dampening from both sides
  • Measures 80” x 72”

Sure-Max in a Studio


  • Premium construction
  • Available in packs
  • Made to handle tough conditions
  • Breathable fabric keeps studio air fresh


  • Large size could be an issue in tight spaces
  • May require layering due to thickness

To learn more about using moving blankets for acoustic treatment while recording, check out this video from House of Hacks. The video features a demonstration of how they can be an effective and affordable solution to control acoustics in tight spaces with hard surfaces.

Buying Options

Check price on Amazon →

Check price on Walmart →

3. US Cargo Control – Supreme Mover

US Cargo Control Supreme Mover blankets turned out to be an overall solution for general sound dampening during my testing. They arrived in a four-pack, and I was able to set them up quickly around my studio.

US Cargo Control Supreme Mover Blankets Specifications

They did a good job at reducing reverb, but I didn’t find them as effective in my drum room. They really excelled at removing reflections in my vocal booth, however.

I ended up installing some grommets in these blankets and tried hanging them from stands. This solution added more sound control to my mixing room where volume levels can range from quiet to very loud.

Best for: General home studio sound control and vocal booths

Killer Feature: Lightweight construction delivers flexibility in positing around the studio


  • Blended cotton and polyester construction
  • Available in packs of four
  • Each weighs 7.5 lbs
  • Measures 80” x 72”

Blankets with a Good Effect in Reducing the Sound Reflecs


  • Lightweight solution for general sound control
  • Blankets can double as dampening for instruments
  • Made from recycled materials
  • Machine washable


  • Will need to install grommets and hooks
  • May not be suitable in professional recording
  • Might require layering to get top-quality sound dampening


Buying Options

Check price on Amazon →

Check price on US Cargo Control →

4. Forearm Forklift

Although the Forearm Forklift Moving Blankets are designed for protection of items while in transit, I found that they excelled at controlling sound and blocking noise in my vocal booth. They held up against a wide range of vocalists while allowing the natural tone to shine through.

Forearm Forklift Moving Blanket Specifications

I also tried mounting them to stands in front of and behind my mixing console. They really helped control early and late reflections without diminishing the overall balance of the mix.

Another thing that I noticed about these blankets is that they were very good at dampening sound reflecting off of my studio’s ceiling. I even tried mounting a few to ceiling strips to add some additional control and got great results.

Best for: Vocal booth dampening and general studio sound control

Killer Feature: Stitched construction around edges adds extended durability


  • Quilted, double-stitched construction
  • Made from both woven and non-woven polyester
  • Each weighs seven lbs, other weights available
  • Measures 72” x 80”

Good Option for Vocal Booths


  • Easily fits into tight spaces
  • Convenient size provides coverage without a lot of layering
  • Can be used in a variety of recording spaces
  • Can stand up to a lot of use adding to extended life


  • May not dampen enough in large, open recording environments
  • Provides sound reduction but doesn’t block sounds entirely
  • Layering can get expensive over time

Pro Tip: When purchasing moving blankets to be used for sound control, consider only using the blankets for this purpose. Using them for other purposes when not recording could reduce the life you get out of them by introducing unnecessary wear and tear.

Buying Options

Check price on Amazon →


Sound Blankets

They are usually designed with specific acoustic principles in mind. These blankets are meant to be used to eliminate early and late reflections, reduce rumble and flatten sharp sounds that can cause harsh top-end in a recording.

5. Big Boxer

I tried the Big Boxer Grommeted Industrial blanket in a number of spaces in my studio. It held up surprisingly well to dampen louder sounds, even in my mixing room.

One thing I really like about this product is that it includes metal grommets pre-installed. This made it easy to hang from stands, rods, walls and other surfaces.

Boxer Tool Grommeted Blanket Specifications

I’m a bit cautious about using a product like this near instruments because the metal grommets could potentially cause scratches or damage. This is especially true when trying to control sound inside of a kick drum or when muffling a brass instrument.

I did like, however, that I was able to hang a few of them across my main room to divide it. This was helpful when recording to groups of vocalists at once for sound bleed control.

Best for: General sound dampening in mixing rooms and vocal booths

Killer Feature: Pre-installed grommets offer easy hanging and positioning


  • Grommeted construction makes hanging fast and easy
  • Also dampens vibration to reduce mechanical noise
  • Lightweight at only eight lbs per blanket
  • Measures 78” x 72”

Budget Option for Sound Dampening Your Studio


  • Comes with grommets already installed
  • Can be used to divide main rooms during live recording
  • Zig-zag construction offers durability
  • Black materials make it easy to blend with existing studio space


  • Not designed for complete sound blocking
  • Polyester construction could cause odors

Pro Tip: When using a sound control blanket to dampen a kick drum, don’t allow the blanket to touch the insides of the drum heads. Instead, fold the blanket so that is lies flat on the bottom of the shell to achieve better dampening without affecting the tone.

Buying Options

Check price on Amazon →

Check price on Boxer Tool →

6. Filmcraft

The Filmcraft Studio Blanket is designed specifically to reduce reverb and dampen sounds in main rooms and mixing rooms. I found that this product really helped when filming YouTube video content as it helped to focus vocal takes without the need for a lot of post-processing.

Good Option for Dampening Sound and Blocking Out Unwanted Light

Best for: Video content production

Killer Feature: Lightweight, non-woven construction adds portability and flexibility


  • Weight in at only 5.5 lbs
  • Includes 90-day warranty
  • Black color blends seamlessly into most studio settings
  • Can also block unwanted light when used in film production

Sound Dampening Blanket for Creating Video Content


  • Designed specifically for film and video audio
  • Includes grommets for convenient positioning
  • Versatile enough to handle voice talent and ambient noise
  • Can double as a moving blanket


  • A bit expensive compared to moving blanket solutions
  • Includes grommets, but more may be needed
  • May not be suitable for loud music recording

You can see (and hear) sound blankets in action in this video presented by DSLR Video Shooter. The presenter uses them to demonstrate effective sound recording techniques for video and show how you can use accessories like clamps. This video is particularly important if you’re planning on using sound blankets for recording YouTube content or other video-focused audio.

Buying Options

Check price on Amazon →

Check price on Adorama →

Check price on B&H →

7. VocalBoothToGo – Producer’s Choice

Vocal Booth to Go is known for its array of vocal booth solutions, and I found that the Producer’s Choice Sound Blankets were no exception to my experience with the company. Quality and sound control are everything when recording vocals, and they helped in both areas.

VB70-G Sound Blanket Producers Choice

These products did a phenomenal job at absorbing and dampening sound in my vocal booth. I was able to get natural tones with virtually no reverb at all, making it easy to mix the track.

I also like that they are designed specifically to address troublesome audio frequencies. They were able to tame harsh highs and rumbling lows without a problem.

Best for: Vocal booths, general recording, and mixing rooms

Killer Feature: Rated to absorb up to 95% of sound when installed in pleated fashion


  • Superior sound absorption
  • Can be used in a variety of recording spaces
  • Becomes nearly invisible in dark environments
  • Measures 80” x 80”

Mobile Option. No Wall Damage.


  • Offers 80% sound absorption
  • NRC rating 0.8 (G-75 mount)
  • Not a soundproof blanket, but absorbs sound
  • Designed specifically to handle troublesome audio frequencies


  • A bit more expensive than other options
  • Not designed for looks, may include some imperfections

Sound dampening is often the go-to acoustic treatment for recording vocals, but in this video, drummer Marcus Thomas shows that sound blankets can also be effective when recording live instruments. Percussive sounds are some of the biggest offenders when it comes to early and late reflections, so having the ability to dampen them can make a big difference in the quality of a recording.

Buying Options

Check price on VocalBoothToGo →

8. US Cargo Control – Large

US Cargo Control’s Large Sound Blanket gave me the chance to cover a large area in my mixing room with ease. I was able to quickly spread out the product and clamp it to a stand without a problem.

Sound Absorption Blankets for Your Recording Studio

Regarding sound control, this blanket did a great job when used for vocals and some low-volume instruments. If used in a drum room, I would recommend layering at least once for the best results.

I want to point out that, like other blankets reviewed here, it is meant to absorb sound. This means it isn’t a soundproof blanket.

Because of this, I highly recommend layering these blankets if you really want to get the best sound control. Each layer you add makes this product more potent in controlling loud volumes.

Best for: Main rooms, drum rooms, big mixing rooms, and other large spaces

Killer Feature: Large size provides extended coverage in open recording spaces


  • Cotton and polyester construction
  • Moderately lightweight at 12 lbs per blanket
  • Made from recycled materials
  • Measures 96” x 80”

These Sound Absorption Blankets Do a Perfect Job


  • Other sizes available
  • Can reduce sound in-studio, but can also be used for blocking noise from outside
  • Includes grommets for easy hanging
  • 85g weight fabric
  • Great for large spaces


  • Can be cumbersome when setting up alone
  • May require additional hardware to hang

US Cargo Control has created an informative video demonstrating the qualities of its large sound blanket option. This video not only covers the features of the model, but it also demonstrates some positioning options and features.

Buying Options

Check price on Amazon →

Check price on US Sound Control →

Check price on Walmart →

9. Audimute – Sound Absorption Sheet

Audimute designs sound products for the audio industry, so the brand’s sound absorption sheets are made to handle common problems faced by audio enthusiasts. I found these products to be very easy to work with, and I loved the results.

Exceptional Sound Absorption

I tried Audimute’s sound absorption sheets in my vocal booth, my main room, and in my drum room. They performed well in all cases, removed reverb while leaving natural tones in place and left me plenty of audio space for post-processing.

Best for: Vocal booths, recording rooms, and mixing rooms

Killer Feature: Designed specifically to tackle troublesome audio frequencies


  • Large size provides a huge area of coverage
  • Useful in a variety of recording spaces
  • Weighs in at 10 lbs
  • Measures 95” x 54”

High Performance Sound Absorption Product


  • Designed for the audio industry
  • The same or better results compared to similar tiles and foams
  • Can be used in practice rooms as well as studio spaces
  • Deadens exterior noises for quiet focus in control rooms


  • On the expensive side compared to similar products
  • Large size offers coverage, but can be cumbersome to set up alone

Recording in a drum room can be a major hassle, but as this video from Audimute shows, you can easily control percussive sounds using sound blankets. This video utilizes acoustic measuring devices to show the precise difference they can make in reducing reverb and minimizing delay in recording.

Buying Options

Check price on Amazon →

Check price on Audimute →

10. Audimute – isolé Sound Barrier Sheet

As with Audimute’s Sound Sheets, I also found the company’s Isolé line to perform exceptionally well. This product is unique in that it is meant to act as a partition in audio spaces.

Great Solution for Soundproofing and Easy to Install

As such, I found that this sound barrier worked wonders when used for group recording in a large space. I was able to have vocalists on two sides of my main room record clearly with minimal bleed simply by using this sheet as a partition.

Best for: Large, open recording spaces that require a partition

Killer Feature: Included grommets make these sheets a breeze to set up


  • Utilizes Audimute’s PeaceKeeper Sound Barrier technology
  • Designed to function an as audio partition
  • Weighs 20 lbs
  • Measures in at 34.5” x 82”

Ideal for Absorbing and Blocking Sound


  • Large length provides plenty of room to close off open spaces
  • Unique design benefits partitioned recording spaces
  • Can be used to separate work spaces in studios
  • Excels when used at first point of reflection


  • May not be suitable for general sound control
  • May require additional hardware for mounting

To learn more about Audimute’s sound sheets, take a look at this video. Presenter Rick offers an in-depth look at some of the features found in Audimute’s sound sheet line. He also presents some important audio principles that can help you determine the right positioning and use for acoustic treatments in a studio environment.

Buying Options

Check price on Amazon →

Check price on Audimute →


Other Must-Haves

One of the main benefits to using acoustic blankets for sound control is that they can be positioned to meet a wide variety of needs. In order to do this effectively and with the least amount of hassle, you’re going to need some accessories.

I tested a number of different must-have products to go along with acoustic control blankets, and here are my recommendations:

Grommet Kit and Grommet Packs →

A Kit with 12 Grommets and a Set with 24 Grommets

Grommets make it easy to hang acoustic blankets on walls, from ceilings, and in other areas that require controlled sound. Many blankets come with grommets pre-installed, but you can also purchase a grommet kit and grommet packs to customize your sound blankets.

Most kits have simple instructions for installation, but always consider the length between any grommets you install. Everything needs to be spaced out evenly to ensure that a sound blanket’s weight will be evenly distributed.

Hooks →

14-Hook Pack

To go along with grommets for easy hanging, you’re probably going to want to also have some dedicated acoustic blanket hooks on hand. Hooks come in a variety of sizes and strengths, so be sure to check your blanket manufacturer’s guidelines to know which is right for you.

Keep in mind that if a blanket is too heavy or its weight is not distributed properly, hooks can bend and break. At the same time, you don’t need to use heavy duty hooks for a lightweight blanket.

Clamps →

16-Clamp Pack

Clamps come in very handy around the recording studio for a number of reasons, but they’re especially helpful when affixing sound control blankets to surfaces. I usually find that I need to clamp them to and around irregular surfaces like tables, chairs, and stands that may reflect sound in a vocal booth or a main room.

Clamps can also be used to hang sound control blankets from objects like shelves for better positioning. Once again, just make sure you pay attention to the weight of each blanket and the distribution of weight to avoid damage to it or other objects.


Useful Links


Final Thoughts on the Best Sound Absorbing Blankets for Noise Control

In the end, the acoustic blankets you use really come down to the needs of your project. Don’t purchase sound treatments just because some big studio has them.

In fact, many recording engineers have ditched the big studios to work from home studios using things like acoustic foam panels and bass traps for sound control. You can learn more about the best acoustic foam panels where I provide you with research and products to get the most out of your recordings spaces.

Also, don’t forget that it’s always better to have more than you need, so don’t be afraid to have a couple of extra acoustic blankets around in case a recording project calls for them.

Have any questions about acoustic blankets and sound absorbing blankets? What have you tried for noise reduction? Share your questions and comments below.

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