Dataquest Pricing: Plans, Free Trial Info, More (2022 Guide)

Are you interested in learning about Dataquest pricing and wondering which plan is right for you?

Dataquest is a popular online learning site offering lots of great data science courses with a curriculum built around engaging, real-world projects that help students apply the new skills they’re developing.

The Dataquest online courses teach skills to help learners be job-ready and confident.

The platform operates its courses somewhat like an interactive textbook. While it lacks video instruction, it is abundant with a high-quality curriculum and lessons.

In addition, Dataquest offers different learning paths.

Students can indulge in single courses or go down complete career/skill paths depending on their goals.

Dataquest courses are self-paced and teach skills to help students secure employment in the industry.

So what exactly can you learn on Dataquest?

Students can learn things like complex math concepts, probability, statistics, machine learning, data analysis, Python, Excel, and much more.

Dataquest offers an enormous amount of key features in all of its plans. The company also offers a community support tool for students to engage and connect with others. The Premium Plan includes features like guided projects, assessments, and certificates to ensure students get the most learning possible.

It all sounds great, right?

But how much does Dataquest cost?

What’s the difference is between the different Dataquest plans — Free and Premium?

Is the Premium Plan worth it?

We’re answering these questions and even more in this article. Continue reading to find out the price, details, features, and more about Dataquest.

Let’s get started with our Dataquest pricing overview.

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How Much Does Dataquest Cost?

Dataquest offers three plans, each with a different cost and different vital features.

A Free Plan gives students access to a limited number of courses and resources.

The Premium Plan at $49 a month or $399 for an annual membership extends the Free Plan, giving students access to more courses and resources. The Premium Plan gives students access to all 70+ courses, community support, assessments, practice exercises, etc.

Dataquest also offers a plan for teams and businesses. Use the chart below to compare the three plans and continue reading to find out the fine details of each.

Access to all intro courses
Community Support
Access to full course catalog X
Practice problems LIMITED
Assessments X
Quizzes X

Dataquest Key Features

  • Beginner-friendly platform
  • Interactive courses
  • Assessments and quizzes
  • Guided projects
  • 70+ courses
  • Curated career paths
  • Well-structured curriculum


Dataquest Free Plan

The Free Plan offered by Dataquest includes access to all of the companies’ introductory courses and community support forums. It is a great way to test out a new interest or hobby or test if it is a good fit for you.

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Dataquest Premium Plan – $49/month or $399/year

The Premium Plan offered by Dataquest features an extensive number of resources, tools, and more to amplify the students learning.

The platform offers feedback-driven exercises so students can consistently be applying their newfound knowledge.

The Premium Plan includes access to the introductory courses and the full course catalog. Students practice real-world problems using their learnings and gain hands-on, interactive learning experiences.

The Premium Plan also includes step-by-step tutorials to help students gain confidence in their coding skills.

Dataquest’s Premium Plan is ideal for students/learners who want to gain and increase their skills and knowledge in the industry. The plan gives the student access to the entire course curriculum and unlocks unlimited learning.

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Dataquest Cost Q&A

How much does Dataquest cost per month?

The Premium Plan from Dataquest costs $49 per month. While this is more expensive than Datacamp pricing, one of its top competitors, it’s still a solid value for all it offers. To get a quote about the Teams plan for your business/team contact customer service.

Is there a time limit for the Free Plan for Dataquest?

No, there is not. The Free Plan is free and remains free forever. You can explore all of the introductory courses before you get into more serious learning if you like. Take your time and explore the platform.

What is the length of time it takes to complete Dataquest?

The length of time it takes to complete a course varies greatly. Career paths might take several months as they are a collection of courses to be completed in a sequence whereas single courses might take weeks. Dataquest also offers coding challenges and rewards for practicing coding for a certain amount of days.

Do students receive a certificate upon completion?

Yes, depending on the learning/career path and courses chosen, students do in fact, receive a certificate upon completion. This can be helpful to add to your resume and Linkedin profile.

Does Dataquest have projects?

Yes, the premium and team plans from Dataquest do have a variety of guided projects designed to mimic real-world obstacles so students can apply their newfound skills.


Is Dataquest worth it?

Yes, Dataquest is worth it for those who want to build data skills to advance their career or just for personal enjoyment.

It has a comprehensive curriculum and excellent community support. Dataquest is an inexpensive tool for learning new skills. It stays up-to-date and offers students a great learning experience.

Either way, free or premium, you can’t go wrong by exploring Dataquest. You might even find yourself a brand new hobby or skill! Dataquest has an easy-to-use platform with many interactive learning opportunities. The company teaches industry-needed skills that are entirely relevant in our world. Dataquest is definitely worth it.

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