Elementor Pricing: Plans, Free Trial Info, More (2022)

Are you looking for the latest details on Elementor pricing and plans so you can figure out if this website builder is worth the cost?

If you are looking for a website builder that is easy to use and has a fair price, Elementor is a great choice.

Elementor is a popular, fast-growing WordPress website builder and landing page builder that’s gained popularity in recent years, 

Elementor is quickly becoming quite popular among veterans and other serious businesses, given that among them optimization is valued a lot and Elementor is providing them just that.

The core value of Elementor is the optimization of your business. That means you are assured that Elementor will not stop until it provides you with a full-fledged efficient experience. 

In addition to that, Elementor attempts to provide you with an overall good user experience with an interface that is friendly and aesthetically appealing. 

Furthermore, there is a simple, yet effective and efficient, website builder that does not scatter your mind everywhere. Instead, it focuses on the relevant tasks that are required of you without inhibiting your creativity.

Elementor, in simple words, is one of the best options you can get on the market. With its optimization techniques, it becomes one of the most popular choices of businesses that seek to develop an online presence. This is especially true of businesses that honor optimization as their own core value as well. 

Let’s take a look at Elementor pricing and plans so you can figure out which options best fits your unique needs.

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How Much Does Elementor Cost?

elementor cost

Elementor offers a number of plans to fit every budget and project scope size, ranging from $49 a year to $999 a year.


Essential Elementor Pricing Plan – $49 Per Year

This Pricing plan is one of the basics of what Elementor has to offer. For getting a taste of elements, you can start with this plan and later on evolve the Essential Elementor Pricing Plan into something above it. Some key features are as follows:

  1. Drag and drop live editor for the website builder
  2. Responsive design
  3. 90+ widgets (basic and pro)
  4. 300+ templates basic and pro)
  5. 60+ pro website kits
  6. Theme builder
  7. Premium support
  8. It is for one website

The Elementor pricing in the Essential Elementor pricing plan is in accordance with the features it is offering. It is good for people who are new to the business and the digital presence as well.

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Expert Elementor Pricing Plan – $199 per year

Expert Elementor plan engages with businesses that are working at least on a national level. The features that are offered by this pricing plan are the same as the Essential Elementor Pricing Plan with some additions. Here are the additional features:

  1. 20 Expert Website Kits that are used for better customization
  2. Experts Network profile that enables you to connect with other people on the platform and experts.
  3. It is for 25 websites

This Elementor plan is focused on businesses that are on an intermediate level.

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Studio Elementor Pricing Plan – $499 Per Year

Studio Elementor plan is a further evolution of the Expert Elementor Pricing plan and adds more features to the above plans in its offerings. The idea of growth in the intermediary stage of the businesses is less known. But this Elementor Pricing plan might help you make it possible. The additional features offered by the Studio Elementor Pricing Plan on top of the above are:

  1. VIP support instead of Premium support. This additional feature makes it easier for you to connect with and get help from the team at Elementor.
  2. This Elementor plan is for 100 websites

The Studio Elementor plan is geared towards large-scale businesses and helps them optimize their processes.

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Agency Elementor Pricing Plan – $999 Per Year

Agency Elementor plan is the final expression of the Elementor platform that will take your business to new heights. Agency Elementor Pricing Plan actually combines all the features offered by the previous Elementor plans and increases the number of websites up to 1000.

This Elementor Pricing Plan is targeted towards big organizations that are already up and running and seeking to expand further.

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The Elementor Website – $89 Per Year

The Elementor Website Pricing plan is geared towards website building and hosting. Here are some of the remarkable features of this plan.

  1. WooCommerce Builder
  2. 24/7 Live Chat
  3. Instant Setup
  4. Web Hosting
  5. SSL certification
  6. Storage up to 60GB
  7. CDN Cloudflare
  8. Free Elementor Domain
  9. Custom Domain
  10. 25k Monthly visits

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Frequently Asked Questions on Elementor Pricing

Does Elementor offer a free trial?

No. However, Elementor offers a free website builder where you can try different aspects of the interface before deciding.

What payment options does Elementor accept?

Elementor accepts credit cards. However, none is required for free aspects of the platform.

What are the best features of Elementor?

Elementor offers a full-fledged experience with optimization of your business as its core value. Interface and optimization can be considered to be two of the most outstanding features of the platform.

Does Elementor provide expert and Elementor team support to the user?

Yes. Elementor has a 24/7 system in higher Elementor Pricing plans with live chats with experts and the team.


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A Final Word on Elementor Pricing

Elementor offers multiple plans to fit budgets of all sizes and can help you save on the cost of building a website.

Remember, each plan has its own unique features and pros and cons, so take time to identify your needs and match them to the plan that best fits them.

Have any additional questions about Elementor pricing? Let us know by commenting below.

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