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How to Learn UX Design Online: Free & Cheap Options for Beginners

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By Scott Winstead

how to learn ux design

Are you wondering how to learn UX design for professional purposes or maybe just for fun?

Learning UX design can open up many opportunities for you professionally and help you develop a critical skill set that is highly valued in today’s job market.

Whether you want to become a UX designer, or simply want to learn how to design better user experiences for the products you use every day, there are many resources available to help you get started.

Before we get started, you should know exactly what UX design is and why people are interested in learning it. All companies, particularly product or software development organizations, consider UX design one of the core aspects.

UX stands for User Experience, so UX design is essentially the process of designing products or software with the user’s experience in mind. This means creating interfaces and interactions that are easy to use and understand, while also being visually appealing.

User experience design is important because it can make or break a product. If users can’t figure out how to use your product, they’ll likely give up and go somewhere else.

On the other hand, if you have a well-designed product that is easy to use and provides a great user experience, users will keep coming back and may even tell their friends about it.

So, to make landing pages, websites, and app interfaces attractive and vibrant, you need an expert UX designer for this role.

If you are a passionate learner and creative person and want to pursue a career as a UX designer, you should learn all aspects and understand them.

This article will help in understanding how to get started with learning UX design so you can join this fast-growing field.


Why Learn UX Design?

There are lots of great reasons to start learning UX design.

Build a Profitable Career

The field of UX design is growing rapidly. As more and more companies focus on creating great user experiences for their products, the demand for UX designers is increasing.

If you’re looking for a profitable career that you can have a lot of fun with, learning UX design is a great option.
Don’t want to work for a company?

After learning UX design, you can also work as a freelancer and help clients in growing their businesses worldwide. Another perk is that you will have the freedom to work at any place and whenever you want.

Make An Impact

Great UX design can positively impact people’s lives. If you care about making the world a better place, learning UX design is a great way to do that.

You’ll be able to use your skills to create products that make people’s lives easier, help them accomplish their goals, and make them happy.

In other words, you’ll be making a real difference in the world.

For example, if you go back a little in the past, you see booking a cab was a hectic task because it lacked a good user experience. Then Uber was created, and now you can easily book your ride in a few seconds, right? That’s because the company has removed all the hurdles that users have been experiencing.

Drive Business Growth

There is a link between a product’s success and the user experience. Users will never come back or recommend your services if they don’t like them.

Users with a great experience will more likely drive your business growth and help you to teach more potential users.

You will need the right UX design for all platforms, including mobile apps and websites, to make it happen.

The very first thing a user looks at is the interface, and if you want them to stay longer and buy your services, you have to make an attractive design. It will help in the long run.


Why Are Online Courses The Best Way to Learn UX Design?

The easiest way to learn UX design is by taking classes online.


Here are some core reasons why you should take online UX design courses:

  • In online courses, you will learn at your own pace. There will be no time constraints. You can take as much time as you want to master your design skills.
  • Accessibility of resources 24/7 is one of the most prominent reasons behind the popularity of online courses. It doesn’t matter whether you’re traveling or moving to another country; you still can access your course materials online.
  • A deep pool of online courses is available, helping people learn UX design. With so many options, you can learn new UX design skills whether you’re a total beginner or a seasoned pro.
  • The top experts will be your instructors in online courses. They give you valuable feedback and guidance to help you thrive. They can be from anywhere in the world and are top-rated UX designers.

Many top-rated UX designing courses are available from some most reliable sites, including Skillshare, LinkedIn Learning, Coursera Plus, and others.


The Best Online Sites For Learning UX Design

Although there are many online learning platforms offering courses for UX design, you need the best of all to start your learning.

Here are some of our favorites:



With more than 30,000 online classes that cover almost every category, including UX design, Skillshare is one of the most reliable online learning platforms.

The courses are mostly project-based, so you can put your newly learned skills into practice right away.

From beginner to professional, you can easily find a course on this incredible platform to take your UX design skills to the next level.

Moreover, you will learn from industry experts and mentors. Learning from the best will certainly help you achieve your goals.

Our Skillshare review talks a lot more about everything the platform offers.

Click here to try Skillshare free for one month.


LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is another reputable online platform for learning new skills or improving them.

Formerly known as Lynda, LinkedIn Learning offers thousands of online courses and is considered one of the best platforms, especially for people who also want to get insight into the professional world and keep themselves updated with the latest trends.

You will find various online courses, including UX design, and you’ll be able to learn from professional instructors who will help you grow into an expert UX designer.

Check out our LinkedIn Learning pricing article for details about the different plans and features offered on the platform.

Click here to try LinkedIn Learning free for 30 days.


Coursera Plus

Coursera is a highly trusted and popular site for online learning. Providing courses from top institutes and world-renowned universities, it ranks among the best platforms for learning online.

Coursera Plus is their subscription service that gives you access to over 7,000 courses on the platform, including many UX design classes.

Coursera Plus offers students a certificate for each course they finish, and you can share these certificates on your resume or online portfolio to showcase your skills.

Our Coursera Plus review offers a complete look at this online learning platform.

Click here to try Coursera Plus free for 7 days.


Final Thoughts on Learning UX Design

With the advent of online learning, it has become much easier to learn new skills and follow your passion in a more exciting way that comes at reasonable pricing.

Online courses have helped millions of learners worldwide, which would never be possible in the traditional setting.

If you are truly committed to learning UX designing, it’s super easy to give it a try!

Take advantage of free trials whenever possible so you can test out classes before purchasing.

Have any questions about how to learn UX design online? Let us know by leaving a comment below so we can help.

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