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How to Improve Data Literacy in Your Company

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By Scott Winstead

how to improve your company's data literacy

In today’s business world, it’s not only true that time is money.

Data is money, too.

Thanks to increasingly refined technology, businesses can collect and track more data than was ever possible in the past.

This opens the door for businesses to make faster, better decisions based on the bigger picture we now have the ability to see.

An increase in data, however, also requires an increase in data literacy for company employees.

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What Is Data Literacy?

Data literacy refers to an individual’s ability to read, analyze, interpret, manage, and communicate with data.

Without data literacy, the big picture doesn’t matter, because it can’t properly be seen at all.

We can’t harness the power of data unless we know how to extract meaning from it to make better choices for our business’s future.

Different levels of data literacy are required for different positions, of course.  An analyst will need a more in-depth understanding than, say, a customer service representative.

The truth is, though, that data literacy is becoming an essential skill at just about every level.

Yet a recent Accenture study of over 9,000 companies reported that less than a quarter of employees actually felt confident working with their organization’s data.

Clearly, there’s data literacy work to be done.


Why Should We Make Data Literacy a Priority?

Data literacy isn’t new, but its importance has accelerated rapidly.

Analyzing the numbers and making evidence-based decisions have always been good business practices.  Yet the sheer amount of data now available may be overwhelming for some employees.

Data literacy requires verbal, numeric, and graphic communication.  These complex skills may also contribute to the anxiety some employees feel around data-related tasks.

Add to this the constant influx of new technology, and it’s clear why some companies note data-related burnout across their teams.

In fact, studies have shown that only about 40% of employees report receiving the data literacy training they feel is necessary for their position.

Investing in data literacy, however, is essential for an organization to succeed.

According to a 2023 Forrester report, companies that invest in data literacy enjoy benefits in innovation, productivity, customer experience, and decision-making, among others.

That’s because robust data literacy gives your organization an undeniable edge, in everything from ROI to client satisfaction to workplace culture and climate.

The better your rate of data literacy, the more likely your company will be able to make well-informed decisions in today’s fast-paced, digital-first world.

Though it may seem like a complex process, there are steps employers can take to make the journey to higher data literacy a smooth one for their companies.

The easiest and most comprehensive path to improved company-wide data literacy is through DataCamp for Business.

Read on to learn more about how DataCamp can provide the data literacy solutions your organization needs to be successful.


What is DataCamp for Business?

Data Science, Data Literacy and AI Training for Your Business | DataCamp Data Science, Data Literacy and AI Training for Your Business | DataCamp

Upgrade your business with top-notch data and AI proficiencies. DataCamp for Business can help you and your team hone your data science and AI skills, so you can gain deeper insights and improve decision-making.

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DataCamp is an in-depth online platform specifically designed to help you level up your company’s fluency with data.

Boasting over 11 million users worldwide, DataCamp is one of the largest learning hubs aimed at developing a data literate workforce for today’s business world.

Whether you’re a company of 200 or 10,000, DataCamp offers proven courses and strategies to ensure your teams are able to use data effectively.

Because DataCamp’s training options are so varied, you can scale their offerings to fit exactly what your company needs.

DataCamp is favored by 80% of Fortune 500 Companies and received the #1 rating for a Data Analytics training certification by Forbes magazine, making it obvious that this platform delivers results.

It’s an ideal option for companies looking for a streamlined path to getting their employees on track with data literacy.


What Can DataCamp Offer?

DataCamp’s Literacy Report

One of the best places for companies to begin using DataCamp is by downloading their 2023 State of Data Literacy Report.

The report offers key findings related to data literacy, based on a comprehensive survey of over 550 businesses in the US and UK.

By analyzing thousands of data points, the report illuminates essential data-related skills to focus on and shines a light on the way these skills impact every facet of business.

From ROI to innovation to employee satisfaction, this report offers helpful insights on the values of data literacy for your business.

For example, DataCamp found that more than 70% of business leaders noted a more than 70% increase in productivity following their data upskilling endeavors.

They also noted an overwhelming 74% majority of respondents who reported that employees with better data fluency outperformed their counterparts who lacked these skills.

The Data Literacy report not only offers information.  It also includes motivational strategies for bringing your team on board with data literacy.

Consider it a roadmap for future-proofing your company and bringing data literacy to the forefront of your organization’s priority list.


DataCamp for Business Demos

Once you’ve downloaded and digested the State of Data Literacy Report, it’s wise to consider booking a DataCamp for Business Demo so you can see the platform in action and learn how it can help your company reach its goals.

Determining exactly where your company needs to lift its data literacy can be a complicated task.

Employees may have wildly different rates of data literacy.  More importantly, they may not all need the same skills to be successful.

By booking a DataCamp for Business demo, you can learn more about the platform and discover how your company can benefit from it.

The demo will provide an overview of the platform and allow you to ask questions about what’s available, how it works, and how your team can get the most out of it.

Regardless of your company’s size or data literacy background, a demo can put you on the right track for success by identifying places where your data literacy can use improvement.

The demo makes it possible for DataCamp to curate personalized pathways for your organization’s goals.

This means that employees across all levels can quickly gain access to the training they need to become better innovators and decision-makers right away.


DataCamp Certification Programs

Once you’ve let the DataCamp success team outline goals for your organization, it’s time to let your employees level up.

DataCamp offers rigorous certification programs that supply your organization with some of the most in-demand skills on the job market today.

DataCamp offers certifications in the fields of both Data Science and Data Analysis.

Data Science focuses on the analytical and technical skills needed to extract valuable information from data sets in real world business situations.

Data Analysis, meanwhile, emphasizes an individual’s ability to generate useful insights after collecting, cleaning, and reading company data.

Both courses are highly regarded in the business world due to the rigorous, industry-level criteria required to achieve the certification distinction.

Unlike many low-stakes certificate-based learning modules, DataCamp’s certifications are the real deal.

They require employees to work on a professional level and complete both proctored exams as well as real-time data challenges and case studies.

Certifications are available at both an associate and professional level to ensure that all ranges of employees can reach the degree of mastery they need to be successful.

Associate courses are perfect for those just starting in the field.  These courses provide key foundational data literacy skills and are excellent for building confidence around data-related topics.

Professional courses, meanwhile, are geared toward those with at least two years of experience.  These courses give your employees a fast track to advancing their data prowess and staying competitive within their positions.

Certification at any level opens the door for your employees to improve their knowledge, grow their skill set, and build confidence in their data literacy abilities.

Of course, supplying your employees with in-demand training options doesn’t just boost your company’s level of data literacy.

It also boosts your level of workplace satisfaction and, ultimately, gives you a better employee retention rate.


DataCamp Classes & Coursework

At the heart of all of DataCamp’s offerings is their vast catalog of comprehensive, engaging classes on every data-related topic imaginable.

DataCamp courses are designed by industry professionals and led by some of the best instructors in the business.

Analysts and strategists for big names like Facebook, Spotify, Nike, and Amazon instruct hands-on, interactive classes designed to give your employees the data skills and confidence they need.

Courses typically start with an assessment, to make sure instruction is relevant for each learner’s level.

Next, learners watch short, innovative videos that introduce concepts in a straightforward manner.  Instructors are on hand to answer questions and clear up confusion in real time.

Once the concepts have been introduced, DataCamp jumps right into the hands-on application.  DataCamp learning exercises are designed to run in your browser, eliminating the need for any extra downloads.

Employees solve engaging problem sets using their new skills, whether they’re building their abilities to code, graph, interpret, or argue with data.

Learners can take classes tailored to their industry (from Healthcare to Finance) or their area of expertise (Programming, Probability, AI, and more).

Those who enter the program with more knowledge under their belts can also take courses that specifically help them brush up their skills in certain data languages or programs, like Python, ChatGPT, or R.

The myriad classes and options DataCamp presents make it possible for DataCamp to help every employee reach their data literacy goals, regardless of where they are starting.


Final Thoughts on DataCamp & Data Literacy

As data-related technology continues to flourish, it’s clearer than ever that data literacy means big payoffs for modern companies.

Data literacy may feel overwhelming to both employers and employees.  Different job positions require different skill sets, and many people don’t feel confident working with data initially.

Yet encouraging your employees to build their data literacy means your organization is poised to make faster, better decisions to improve every facet of your business.

Using DataCamp can make this important process as concise and constructive as possible.

The State of Data Literacy report can provide you with a foundation of best practices to get your journey started.

The DataCamp for Business demo can help you create a clear, customized path to company success.

And DataCamp’s rigorous and high-quality certification tracks and courses can get your employees where they need to be in an innovative and engaging way.

Keep your business as relevant and competitive as possible.  Invest in data literacy today and avoid being left behind tomorrow.

Click here to learn more about DataCamp for Business.

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