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One Day University Review: Everything You Need to Know

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By Scott Winstead

one day university review

Have you ever fondly remembered listening to your favorite professors back in college?

Maybe there was an especially passionate historian, writer, or scientist who made their subject and lectures come alive.

Or maybe you’re not exactly nostalgic for the classroom, but your usual routine of reruns and podcasts has gotten stale.

Whatever your reasons, if you’re looking for entertaining, educational content delivered in an easily digestible package, you might want to check out One Day University.

The platform is all about rekindling the joy of learning for its own sake.

After all, what better reason to listen to a lecture than because it’s genuinely fascinating to learn about?

One Day University gives users access to a vast library of educational lectures from top-rated professors around the world.

Subjects run the gamut, touching on everything from King Tut’s tomb to current foreign policy to the inside scoop on the score of Broadway’s “Hamilton.”

The concise talks from top experts do a great job recapturing the feeling of being excited to learn something new.

Like a cross between TED Talks and Masterclass courses, One Day U delivers intriguing content that’s easy to pop on while you’re doing chores or decompressing after a long day.

Lectures from One Day University are entertaining but educational, striking a nice balance between helping you unwind while making you smarter: a win-win.

Read our full One Day University review learn about how the platform works, what it costs, and ultimately, whether it’s worth it.

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How Does One Day University Work?

One Day University | 700+ Online Lectures from America's Best Professors One Day University | 700+ Online Lectures from America's Best Professors

One Day University features a collection of captivating lectures from some of the world's most acclaimed professors on a wide range of topics.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

One Day University’s library is made up of more than 700 talks and lectures on just about every subject you can imagine.

Art, politics, history, culture, and science all come together in a comprehensive array of informative and fascinating lectures.

Members of the platform can pick and choose from this plethora of content to find both live and recorded talks on whatever subjects they find appealing.

Most of the talks are about an hour long, making them just the right length to convey a solid foundation of understanding without getting too bogged down in the minutiae of the subject.

Whether you’re interested in Hemingway or Cleopatra, there’s a One Day U talk out there that will strike your fancy.

The talks are designed to be engaging and insightful, delivered by qualified, passionate professors from top-tier universities around the world.

While the speakers may be pros on their topics, the talks on One Day University aren’t designed to make you an expert, however.

You’re not going to end the popular talk on the mind of Abraham Lincoln ready to teach your own history course.

The talks presented by One Day U are instead designed to enrich your understanding without getting too weighed down by the nitty-gritty backstory.

These talks are curiosity sparkers, not in-depth research resources.  Think ideal dinner-party conversation: a fascinating topic rounded out with just enough detail to stop things from getting too heavy.

They’re the perfect low-lift antidote to the stagnant feeling that sometimes overcomes us when we’ve gotten into an intellectual rut.

One Day University lectures provide nuggets of insight and knowledge that will get the wheels in your brain turning without the effort of, say, reading a massive biography or watching a long documentary series.


Who Are the Professors at One Day University?

one day university professors

One Day U’s library features over 200 professors from such prestigious universities as Berkeley, Harvard, Princeton, and Yale.

More important than the name of the college where they teach, however, is the fact that these professors are the ones who deeply care about sharing their work.

These are the professors who know how to captivate their audiences with their passion for the subject.

The diverse collective of One Day University speakers have won honors and accolades for standing out from the crowd and receiving high ratings from both their peers and students.

And while One Day U’s lectures might not be delivered by celebrities (like those who teach for MasterClass, another online learning platform), these folks are rockstars in their own rights.

After all, an award-winning professor of modern art may not be a household name, but they’re a big deal in their field… and a great speaker on their subject.

To that end,  One Day University isn’t all about production values, so don’t expect slick movie-star quality on the videos.  These lectures have a more organic feel.

Each One Day U recording feels like it’s actually pulled from the room where that professor addresses their students.  There’s a definite lack of glitz and glamor.

Instead, these informative video talks focus more on letting knowledgeable experts share their passion and wisdom with a larger audience.


What Does One Day University Cost?

One Day University pricing includes several different subscription options, which provides a nice flexibility based on how much you’re willing to commit.

Though there is no free trial offered, the platform does publish a free weekly digital newsletter with curated, themed content and free video clips that give potential users a taste of the kind of content they might encounter.

Curious customers can also browse the expansive library on One Day University without a membership, though they won’t be able to actually watch the videos.

If these previews have you hooked, a monthlong subscription comes out to $8.95 and provides complete access to One Day University’s entire catalog of videos.

To save 17%, you can also opt for a yearlong subscription that totals $89, bringing your monthly cost down to just under $7.50.

You can even commit to a two-year membership at $139 for a 35% discount off the monthly price.  This brings costs down to just under six bucks a month.

One Day University is also open to group discounts for community organizations, such as churches, temples, and assisted living facilities.

Their site encourages such groups to reach out to discuss rates.


Is One Day University Worth the Subscription Price?

Whether or not the cost of One Day U’s lectures is worth paying is ultimately up to you.

However, paying $6-$9 a month seems reasonable when you consider the hours of educational entertainment waiting in One Day U’s library.

Even if you’re only able to watch two or three talks per week, the breakdown works out to paying less than a dollar per lecture.

This is an excellent value exchange, especially when you take into account how many new topics you can delve into to broaden your horizons.

From the arts to business to philosophy and religion and more, you can open your mind to a ton of new ideas for just a couple of bucks a month.

It’s also worth noting that other online learning platforms tend to be a bit pricier.

Consider Skillshare, which is offered for about 165 per year, or LinkedIn Learning, where monthly charges total about $39.99.

Of course, other learning platforms also have different structures and goals.  You’re not going to become an expert lecturer yourself after enjoying the talks at One Day University.

You’re also not going to get the same sleek production values that other platforms may invest in, since One Day University’s videos feel more like actual footage of university lectures.

This doesn’t detract from the engaging, entertaining, and educational quality of One Day University’s content, however.

If anything, it speaks to just how engrossing a subject can be, with no bells and whistles necessary.


One Day University Review: Final Thoughts

Modern media can often feel like a barrage of sensory input coming at us from all angles.

Instead of idly scrolling through Netflix to find something that looks good, One Day University offers an intelligent solution to keep you both entertained and informed.

The platform offers close to a thousand specially-curated lectures and talks on some of the most absorbing topics on earth.

No matter what fascinates you, there’s guaranteed to be a talk on One Day University that draws your attention and teaches you something new.

While the lectures are no-frills when it comes to film and production value, they’re delivered by diverse, qualified experts from top universities around the world.

These aren’t celebrities or guest stars – they’re the real professors who actually walk the walk when it comes to academia and research.

If you’re aiming to learn a new skill completely or hoping to find a more highly-produced type of content, One Day University may not be for you.

If, on the other hand, you’d like to explore a low-cost way to broaden your horizons and veer off the mind-numbing path of the endless scroll, you might want to give One Day University a try.

With affordable plans starting around $6 a month, it’s a reasonable monetary commitment with a huge entertainment payoff.

One Day University proves that you don’t have to go back to college to reignite your passion for discovery.

You don’t even have to sign up for a course.

Sometimes all it takes is one lecture, one talk, and one day.

Click here to get started with One Day University today.

One Day University | 700+ Online Lectures from America's Best Professors One Day University | 700+ Online Lectures from America's Best Professors

One Day University features a collection of captivating lectures from some of the world's most acclaimed professors on a wide range of topics.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

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