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Skillshare Gift Details: How to Give It, How Much It Costs, & More

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By Scott Winstead

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A Skillshare gift subscription is a gift that will continue to give all year long.

With a Skillshare gift subscription, you can give the gift of learning to anyone in your life who loves creative growth and exploration.

Whether they’re an aspiring artist, entrepreneur, or just interested in exploring something new, a Skillshare subscription will provide them unlimited access to an entire library of 30,000+ inspiring classes taught by real-world experts.

From photography to coding, cooking to business strategy, and beyond, you can give the gift of endless possibilities with Skillshare.

Plus, your giftee will get access to exclusive content from top creative brands like Adobe and Squarespace, discounts on premium tools from Shopify Plus and Wix, and more.

So, if you’re looking to give a truly special gift that your loved one will actually use and enjoy for months to come, read on for our full guide with all the details you need to know about giving a Skillshare gift membership.

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Can You Give a Skillshare Subscription as a Gift?

Skillshare no longer offers the ability to purchase individual gift cards (you can buy corporate gift cards if you’re purchasing for more than 25 people), but there are still some workarounds you could do if you wanted to buy someone a membership.

The best option is to simply set up an account and purchase the subscription, then send your giftee the login credentials.

You could create an email address for the purposes of going through all of the account creation steps, and then once the account is set up, simply provide the giftee with the login details.

Or if you know their email address, you could set up an account with their email address and have them check their inbox for the account confirmation email.

Either way, they’ll be able to access the subscription you purchased with their own login information.

One important thing to keep in mind — since you can’t purchase a one-off Skillshare gift card and will be setting up a regular account, don’t forget that the membership will renew automatically at the end of the 12-month period. You could immediately cancel the membership after signing up and the account will still remain active through the 12 months. Otherwise, it will auto-renew unless you remember to cancel.

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Skillshare Gift FAQ

Can you buy a Skillshare gift card?

Unfortunately, Skillshare no longer offers individual gift cards. They do offer corporate gift cards for those looking to buy 25 or more memberships for others.

What’s the best way to give a Skillshare membership to someone else?

Since Skillshare no longer offers a gift membership, the best way to really give a membership to someone else is to set up an account for them, and then gift them the membership yourself.

This way, they can still have their own account with their own classes, learnings, and contributions to the community.

How much does a Skillshare gift membership cost?

As of the time of this article’s publication, the cost of a Skillshare membership is currently $165 per year, which works out to $13.75/month averaged out. No monthly option is available. See our Skillshare pricing guide for more info, or check out our Skillshare discounts article for info on ways to save.

How long does a Skillshare membership last?

Skillshare memberships are good for one year and will automatically renew once the membership period ends.


A Final Word on Skillshare Gift Memberships

Skillshare gift memberships can be a great way to give the gift of learning and creativity. Your giftee will have access to an entire library of 30,000+ classes from real-world experts in a variety of fields, as well as exclusive content from top creative brands.

Just remember, even though Skillshare no longer offers individual gift cards, you can still do some workarounds to make sure your loved one has access to the subscription.

Want to learn more about Skillshare before you buy? Our full Skillshare review offers an in-depth look at the platform.

Happy gifting!

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