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What is Waveroom? A Full Review with All the Details

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By Scott Winstead

waveroom review

As more of our work and play moves to online spaces, high-quality recording options are becoming a more important asset than ever before.

Whether you’re leading a high-stakes business meeting or creating a funny podcast, there are plenty of occasions when it’s necessary to have access to a dependable audio and video recorder.

While most online communication platforms like Zoom and Google Meet include recording options, these aren’t always crystal clear.

A spotty internet connection can quickly bring the recording quality down on these big name platforms, and sound and video resolution are usually way below professional level.

That’s where having a virtual recording studio at your fingertips makes all the difference.

Waveroom is one of the most user-friendly online recording studios available.

With easy-to-use features and zero-cost options, it’s an excellent resource for all of your recording needs, from entertainment to business.

Read our full Waveroom review below to learn what all it can do and how you can get started.


What is Waveroom?

Waveroom - Online Remote Recording Studio Waveroom - Online Remote Recording Studio

Waveroom is a next-generation virtual recording studio that makes it a breeze to communicate remotely and record Interviews, podcasts, meetings, and more with crystal-clear audio quality directly in your browser.

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The term “virtual recording studio” might sound a little strange when considering a traditional studio setup.

Instead of requiring speakers to enter a soundproof box and don a big headset, Waveroom is a completely digital, cloud-based way for multiple people to collaborate and record together.

It’s ideal for business meetings, tutorials, testimonials, and podcasts, where high-quality sound and video are a priority.

Since Waveroom is cloud-based, users don’t need to download or install any extra software in order to use the platform.

Instead, users simply go to Waveroom via their browsers and click the “Get Started” button.

After creating an account (for free – more on cost later!), the site will prompt you to start a digital recording room.

Waveroom will then walk you through your output options as you make selections based on your needs.  The site offers a number of different resolution options.

Waveroom also offers rooms for only audio recording, as well as those that accommodate audio and visual together.

Users who are simply seeking a high-quality call can also skip recording altogether and just use the platform for communication, though Waveroom is primarily focused on capturing content.

Once you’ve chosen what kind of room you’ll be needing, Waveroom users can invite their desired guests by simply sharing a link.

Based on which recording options and preferences have been selected, hosts can invite two to four additional speakers per session.

Once everyone is ready, the host can get the ball rolling by pressing the red “Record” button at the bottom of the screen.

When a recording is complete, hosts click the red “X” at the bottom of the screen to close out the session.g

The minimal design of the recording room makes the entire process extremely intuitive and simple.

Within minutes, your session will be saved to your Waveroom home page account, where you can easily download, edit, and enjoy all of your recordings.


How Does Waveroom Work?

Waveroom creates local recordings, which means the recording takes place on your computer instead of over the internet.

When speakers have finished with a session, Waveroom users get separate video and audio tracks from each guest, each having been locally recorded.

The platform is capable of capturing sessions in 4k video resolution and lossless WAV audio, ensuring pristine quality regardless of your internet connection.

Think crisper sounds and sharper visuals, even when the internet’s acting spotty.

The platform is structured around chunks of time.  Unrecorded calls, for instance, are allowed for up to 30 minutes, while free recording sessions can go up to two hours.

Premium sessions, which offer additional features, are also capped at 120 minutes, though users have the option to repurchase the premium option and continue recording.

Basing sessions around a number of total recorded minutes makes it easier for collaborators to work flexibly.

Instead of saying, for example, that users have three days to complete a project, Waveroom allows users to start and stop as needed within their recording’s time limit.


What Does Waveroom Cost?

As mentioned, starting a Waveroom account doesn’t cost anything.  It’s completely free.

Waveroom’s free trial allows for up to three people to record together: a host, plus two guests.  Free sessions can run up to a generous 120 minutes in length.

Your free recording will be captured in 48 kHz uncompressed audio in WAV format, with a 720p maximum resolution for visuals in an MP4 format.

Waveroom’s free recording only ends when the allotted 120 minutes have been used up, which means you can take as many days (or weeks) as you need to complete your session.

Meanwhile, devotees of the site can opt for Premium recording at a reasonable $10 a session.

Each Premium purchase guarantees Waveroom users 120 recording minutes at 48kHz audio and 1080p visual resolution, for maximum clarity.

If you’ve got a lot of content to create, Waveroom allows you to pay as you go.

Once you’ve reached your 120-minute limit, simply invest another $10 for every additional session as needed.

Both free and paid recordings are locally recorded and available within minutes of completion.

Users can save finished recordings directly to their computers, making editing, posting, and sharing a breeze.


Who is Waveroom Good For?

Waveroom is a great option for anyone whose content benefits from high-quality recording.

It’s an ideal tool for podcasters, since it creates local recordings of each guest speaker.  This means that each guest’s audio and visual will be pristine, even if you’re miles apart.

Waveroom is also an excellent resource for business meetings, especially those that may need to be widely shared.

A high-quality recording will be easier for employees and stakeholders to follow and appreciate.

Waveroom is a good option for online tutors, as well.  Students can benefit from rewatching HQ recordings as they work through new skills.

Other Waveroom users have also found it ideal for recording voice testimonials and tutorials for product reviews and support.

The local recording aspect means that each reviewer’s audio will be crystal clear, making it easier for companies to edit and put to use.

Waveroom is not structured for large groups, however.  Even Premium sessions only allow for five collaborators at a time.

Clearly, this is not the way to go if you’re trying to record a lecture being given to hundreds of online participants at once.

Waveroom is also not geared towards unrecorded calls, though it does allow users to communicate for up to 30 minutes without recording.

While the audio of the call is certain to be high-quality, it’s simply not what the platform was designed to do… hence the somewhat restrictive time limit.


What’s in the Future for Waveroom?

As a relatively new recording resource, Waveroom has a lot on the horizon.

Developers are working on creating in-house editing options for completed sessions, including options to brighten, clip, and filter audio and visual elements of your recordings.

This will make it even simpler to take your project from a great idea to an entirely finished product.

There’s also work underway on noise and gap removal to make Waveroom’s audio more seamless.  Users will be able to cancel out unwanted pauses or noises on their recordings within the platform.

Increased mobile access is also in the hopper, as Waveroom aims to expand its recording capabilities to work from your phone or tablet as well as your laptop or desktop computer.

Waveroom has even mentioned making unrecorded calls unlimited (instead of capping them at 30 minutes) in the future, though the platform is primarily geared toward recorded content.


Waveroom Review Final Thoughts

Waveroom is a great tool for anyone who needs to record their content.

The site makes it incredibly easy for users (even those with minimal experience) to create HQ audio and visual recordings.

The generous 120-minute time limit means you have a lot of room to play around without a lot of hassle.

Waveroom is entirely accessed by a browser, which already eliminates the chore of downloading extra software.

Creating an account and opening a recording room are intuitive processes thanks to Waveroom’s minimalist, easy-to-follow features.  Adding guests to your session is as simple as sharing a link.

Because Waveroom only caps your session when your recorded minutes have been used up, collaborators can take as long as they need to finish their recordings.

Each guest’s audio and visual file is locally recorded, so you won’t need to worry about one participant’s bad internet connection compromising your whole session.

And since users can pay as they go, there’s no danger of overcommitting to more recording capabilities than you’ll need.

Plus, the company has a number of exciting new upgrades planned for the future to make your recording, editing, and sharing process even easier.

While Waveroom isn’t designed for long unrecorded calls or mass group meetings, it’s a perfect solution for anyone who’s ever been frustrated with the low-quality recordings of mass-communication platforms.

It’s an ideal resource for anyone who’s ever dreamed of starting a podcast, capturing a meeting, or creating a helpful tutorial.

Essentially, Waveroom is a streamlined, simple way to create recordings of unprecedented quality.

If you’ve got content to record, this is a wave worth catching.

Click here to try Waveroom today!

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