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The 10 Best Online Psychology Courses (2024 Reviews & Rankings)

The best online psychology courses can teach you about the human condition, how to effectively communicate with others, and a whole lot more. They can also give you the skills you need to pursue a career in psychology.

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By Fatima Mansoor

best online psychology courses

Whether you want to learn about the different types of mental disorders or explore different psychological therapies, there are online courses that can provide you with a comprehensive education.

Online courses let you study at your own pace and fit learning into your busy schedule. And, you don’t have to quit your job or take out a loan to pay for school as online classes are super affordable in most cases.

In this article, I’ve reviewed and ranked the best online psychology courses based on a variety of factors, including content, price, instructor experience, and duration (click here to learn about our entire Editorial Process & Methodology for product reviews).

What are the Best Online Psychology Classes?

Here are our picks for the top psychology courses you can take online in 2024…

1. Introduction to Psychology – College Level (Udemy)

Introduction to Psychology - College Level (Certificate) [Udemy] Introduction to Psychology - College Level (Certificate) [Udemy]

This college-level course provides an in-depth exploration of core psychology concepts, designed to educate students on the fundamental principles and theories of the field.

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Regularly $64.99 but often goes on sale


Approximately 27 hours

Psychology is a vast field with theories on human behavior and mental processes. While these theories are quite important to people who are pursuing psychology as a major, they are also important fundamentals to understanding concepts in business including human resources and marketing, and especially those pursuing the field of research.

This introductory, certified course, “Introduction to Psychology” takes a deep dive into the basics of psychology to help you get a grip on how to conduct research in psychology. You’ll go from learning about the biology of the mind to understanding memory and learning. By the end of this course, you will be able to understand and implement the basics of psychology in research.

Dr. Bev Knox with her vast 25-year experience will lead you through the basics and allow you to learn about the different research methods used in psychology.

What You Will Learn

  • How to utilize critical thinking skills to analyze psychological theories and research data.
  • Learn how to assess the information needed to answer questions.
  • How to evaluate the quality of information gathered during the research process.
  • Understand social science research methods used in psychological research.

2. Diploma in Modern Applied Psychology (Udemy)

Diploma in Modern Applied Psychology (Udemy) Diploma in Modern Applied Psychology (Udemy)

Explore the transformative power of applied psychology in this course, where you'll learn to shape minds, influence behavior, and make a profound impact on your world.

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Regularly $129.99 but often goes on sale


5.5 hours

This Udemy course is perfect if you’re intrigued by clinical psychology and want to earn a degree. In this course, you will gain knowledge of the psychology underlying human behavior, which can help you develop your leadership potential, emotional intelligence, and decision-making abilities.

In this course, you will learn about the seven areas of human psychology, which will help you understand the driving forces behind all types of human behavior. The course gives you various psychological views in an advantageous method thus, making it easier for you to integrate and use them immediately.

You will learn the key concepts from the major schools of psychological thinking. These include cognitive psychology, psychoanalysis, humanism, behaviorism, developmental psychology, and positive social psychology.

What You Will Learn

  • The seven areas of human psychology to advance your knowledge of them and improve yourself
  • Learn to communicate with others effectively and positively to establish strong interpersonal ties and partnerships
  • Gain insight into the social challenges people around you face, their emotional experiences, and their responses to various situations
  • Discover how to respond appropriately to the daily life experiences you encounter

3. Forensic Psychology (Udemy)

Forensic Psychology (Udemy) Forensic Psychology (Udemy)

Launch your career in criminal investigations and forensic profiling with this specialized course that equips you with expert knowledge and adds a valuable certificate to your resume.

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Regularly $89.99 but often goes on sale


2 hours 12 minutes

This Forensic Psychology is for everyone who has a keen interest in forensic science and the psychology of criminality. There is no requirement for any prior professional experience; all you need is a willingness to learn!

Throughout this class, you will be exposed to a wide variety of interesting theories and facts concerning the thoughts and actions of criminals. You have arrived at the appropriate location, regardless of whether you are looking to start a career in forensic psychology and simply use this knowledge for your curiosity.

If you are interested in pursuing a career in legal or forensic sectors and are interested in psychiatry, psychotherapy, and psychology, you can benefit from this course.

What You Will Learn

  • Recognize psychological concepts underlying criminal behavior
  • Study mental health concerns’ among criminals
  • Recognize and comprehend the symptoms of psychopathy
  • Know the connection between personality disorders and crime
  • Understand what forensic research entails

4. Introduction to Psychology (The Great Courses)


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23 hours

“Introduction to Psychology” focuses on some of the most intriguing studies conducted in the area of psychology. It analyses these studies’ implications for our knowledge about human behavior and the mind.

Next, the course provides a comprehensive overview of a variety of topics within the field of psychology.

Some of these topics include clinical psychology and how it influences our comprehension of human behavior; psychiatric illness and its treatments; and the brain and its learning ability.

What You Will Learn

  • Gain an understanding of human behavior and how the environment influences that behavior
  • Acquire a fundamental understanding of the field of psychology
  • Discuss a variety of mental health problems and the treatment of each
  • Acquire an understanding of the workings of awareness and sense mechanisms
  • Investigate how memories are recalled and the hypothesis behind amnesia and false recollections.

5. Understanding the Brain (The Great Courses)


Subscribe & Stream 500+ Great Courses Starting At $13/month (Free 14-Day Trial)


36 lectures, 31 minutes each

Understanding the brain is a comprehensive endeavor. Our brain is in charge of all bodily functions and our interactions with the outside world. Additionally, it causes many emotional reactions that span from the lowest levels of despair to the highest level of exhilaration.

In this course, Professor Jeanette Norde offers 36 lectures that will take you inside the incredibly complex organ “brain” and explain how it functions, from the molecular level of how brain cells communicate to the gross level of the organ’s organization.

This course will assist you in comprehending how our senses help us interpret the environment, how we behave, how we remember and learn, and how emotions influence our thoughts and behaviors through its integration of psychology, biology, and neurology.

What You Will Learn

  • How the brain performs a variety of functions, such as seeing, creating, and sleeping
  • How the brain grows throughout pregnancy
  • How the sensory processors of hearing, sight, and body experience are related to the mind and brain
  • What are the different parts of the central nervous system?
  • What are neurotransmitters and how they function
  • Internal and external environment of neurons
  • Do men and women have different brains?

6. Intro to Psychology (Udacity)




4 months

San Jose State University faculty members conduct the introductory psychology class offered through Udacity. They declare that the only need for taking this free course is a “curiosity about human nature.” The course is geared toward newbies.

The course covers several topics, including but not limited to helping students evaluate facts about social science, examine the dynamics of cultural, ethnic, and other identities, and analyze the social element of society.

Each of the nine classes focuses on a distinct subfield within the psychological sciences, such as perception and awareness. As compared to the video lectures, there are also tasks and engaging quizzes you will need to complete to test your comprehension level.

What You Will Learn

  • How long-term memory works
  • Effects of cannabis, hallucinogens, and depressants
  • The function of sleep, insomnia, and sleep apnea
  • Difference between nature and nurture
  • Why should we practice meditation
  • How organizational psychology impacts the corporate sector
  • Importance of forensic psychology

7. Introduction To Developmental, Social, And Clinical Psychology (edX)


$996 for full course experience


7 weeks

This course is an outstanding introduction to psychology designed by the eight professors who teach at the University of Queensland in Australia. The course will assist you in comprehending why we think and behave the way we do by providing insight into how our minds work.

This self-paced series consists of four courses, an introduction to social psychology, an introduction to clinical psychology, an introduction to developmental psychology, and an introduction to psychological research methodologies.

It is advised that you finish one to two sections of each course each week, each with between seven and eight sections. You will gain knowledge of psychological disorders as well as how to treat them as you progress through the series.

You will also understand why we behave the way we do in various situations, how our minds and bodies grow throughout our existence, and what techniques are used to perceive and report research.

What You Will Learn

  • Comprehension of human nature in its natural and social contexts
  • An overview of the most common mental illnesses and the approaches that are used to treat them
  • How are psychological disorders diagnosed and treated?
  • What are the principles of psychological therapy?
  • An understanding and appreciation of how we change throughout our lives
  • A comprehension of the advantages of conducting systematic research, as well as the procedures for carrying it out and reporting the results

8. Foundations of Positive Psychology Specialization (Coursera)


Get started free (paid upgrades available)


5 months

Coursera offers foundations of Positive Psychology Specialization. This course is taught by Dr. Marin E.P. Seligman of the University of Pennsylvania.

The entire course spans five sub-courses that teach you the most important ideas in the field and allow you to apply what you have learned.

Moreover, the course teaches you some topics such as learning to communicate, applications and interventions in Positive Psychology, grit, character, Research Methods in Positive Psychology, and research skills.

What You Will Learn

  • Master the techniques and methods that help people and organizations succeed
  • Use positive psychology’s core ideas in both your professional and personal life
  • Learn about important positive psychology research, theories, and application possibilities
  • Recognize the underlying science of positive psychology

9. The Science of Well-Being (Coursera)


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19 hours

Science of Well-Being is intended to help you become happier and develop more productive habits. You will participate in many activities and become more aware of your behavioral patterns.

As part of preparing for the assignments, Professor Laurie Santos discusses common misunderstandings regarding happiness, unpleasant characteristics of the mind that cause us to think in certain ways, and studies that can assist us in changing these ways.

In the end, you will be equipped to successfully implement a health activity in your daily routine.

What You Will Learn

  • How to become happy by learning and applying clinical psychological science
  • Misconceptions about happiness
  • Bothersome characteristics of the mind
  • Why our hopes are not nearly as high as we had them

10. Understanding Child Development: From Synapse to Society (Coursera)


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Approximately 28 hours

The topic of a child’s growth and development is covered in depth throughout this class. You will understand why a child’s growth is a complicated process impacted by an astonishingly large number of elements operating across various organizational levels.

You will see research on development can be conducted in many different fields, on many levels of comprehension, from many different vantage points and fields of study.

You will realize the processes that form development continuously interact with one another. This suggests that an interdisciplinary approach is necessary to properly comprehend the growth process.

You will gain a deeper understanding of the constructive systematic approach and theories that are connected to it to assist you in organizing your thoughts about this complexity.

What You Will Learn

  • A strategy based on developmental systems for comprehending the child’s development
  • The process of intellectual growth and how it influences how children think and behave
  • Research on growth development

A Final Word

If you are curious about how the minds of humans work and the reasons we behave in certain ways, the topic of psychology is an excellent subject to pursue.

It doesn’t matter if you are just starting in the psychology field or want to establish yourself further, this guide will point you in the direction of some of the best courses available.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started on your journey to becoming a psychology expert today!

Have any questions about our guide to the best online psychology courses? Let us know by commenting below so we can help.

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