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The 9 Best Classroom iPad Charging Stations and Storage Carts (2023)

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By Scott Winstead

iPad Storage and Charging Station

With the best iPad charging stations and storage carts, you can easily keep all of the devices in your classroom charged up and safely stored away.

Tablets have become an essential tool in many classrooms. Teachers and students use them for a variety of tasks, from taking notes to doing research.

When it comes to charging and storing these mobile devices, however, things can get a bit tricky. That’s where iPad charging stations and storage carts come in.

These devices make it easy to keep all of your tablets charged up and stored away safely.

iPad charging stations come in a variety of sizes and styles to fit your needs. Some feature multiple chargers so you can charge several devices at once. Others come with storage shelves or drawers, making it easy to keep your cords and other accessories organized.

In our guide to the best iPad charging stations and classroom iPad storage carts, you can learn about the pros and cons of the ones that I think are the best. You’ll also find some great tips for choosing the right products for your needs.

This guide has been fully updated for 2023 to include the best current options on the market.

Don’t want to read the full guide? Check out one of my top picks below:

My Top PickUnitek USB Charging Station

Unitek USB Charging Station

What’s inside?

  • Charges up to 8 iPad devices at the same time
  • The dividers are removable
  • Charging automatically stops when a device’s battery is fully-charged

Best for: This charging station is a nice size for teacher with a small classroom who needs to charge multiple devices.

Check price on Amazon →

Although this model works with all USB devices, it is designed to recharge up to 8 iPads at a time. The fast charging requires less time for a full charge than other low-power (one amp per port) charging stations. Each port can draw up to 2.4 amps of power. It also has 2 QC 3.0 ports to charge your mobile devices in half an hour.

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3 Steps to Choose the Best iPad Charging Station

Here are the three steps and things to consider when choosing the best classroom iPad charging station or storage system that meets your requirements.

Step 1: Analyze Your Budget

The range of prices for the products I reviewed is from about $30 for a small charging station or rack up to just under $450 for a large, portable charging cart that can charge and store up to 32 devices.

Choose the One that Suits Your Budget

Q: Should I buy a large portable charging station?
Some school systems find that larger portable charging stations are more useful. They can be placed in one classroom for a few hours and then moved to another classroom after the devices from the first classroom are charged. Sharing these larger charging carts can be more practical for a budget-conscious school system.

Step 2: Сount how many ports you need for all the devices

You may not have to charge all of the mobile devices at the same time. You can charge multiple devices in batches and manage device distribution in your classroom accordingly. However, you will likely want a large enough storage system to handle all the devices for the students. You want to put them all safely away so that the students are not distracted while attending class.

Determine the Number of iPads in Your Classroom

Q: What adapter cables do you need?
Most of these systems do not come with cables; however, you can use a cable that comes with each device. You will probably want to buy some spare cables because students may not remember to bring their cables from home.

Step 3: Charging Station or Storage Cart? With or without a lock?

A charging station for a small number of devices does not provide any security as you store tablets away. They should not be left unattended due to the risk of the devices being stolen. Most teachers, who use small charging stations in the classroom, place them on their desks to keep an eye on the mobile devices while they are charging.

Having a locked cabinet provides an extra level of security for you to store tablets with confidence. If security is a major concern in your school, it is helpful to use a padlock and a chain to secure a locked cabinet to something bolted down.

Locked Stations Are More Safe

If you follow these three evaluation steps, it will be easier to choose a charging station and storage system that meets your needs. It is interesting to see how education changed over the last 100 years in this article. In the past, no one expected that every student would carry a tablet and a smartphone like they do today.

Best iPad Charging Stations and Storage Systems

The list below, which is followed by the reviews, is divided into three categories: 1) charging station racks; 2) charging stations, and; 3) charging storage systems.

Charging Station Racks
Prosumer's Choice Charging Station Rack

Best for teachers who only charge a few devices at the same time.

Great Option!
Amazon →
Charging Stations
NTONPOWER Charging Station

Good for teachers, who charge Apple devices regularly.

Amazon →
Unitek Charging Station

Perfect for teachers who limit their charging to eight iPads at a time.

My Top Pick!
Amazon →
ALxum Charging Station

For Teachers who charge iPads frequently.

Amazon →
Charging Storage Systems
Belkin Charging Station

Good choice for teachers who want to have easy access to the devices.

Amazon →
Pearington Open Charging Cart

For teachers who need a cart that moves from classroom to classroom.

Amazon →
Kensington Universal AC Lock & Charge Station

Has universal compatibility for teachers to store and charge 12 devices.

Amazon →
Line Leader Compact Storage Cart

This is the cart needed by teachers who move around between classrooms.

Amazon →
Pearington Storage Cart

For teachers to store and charge 32 devices at once.

Amazon →

The next section includes my reviews, which highlight the features of each choice. I share the pros and cons honestly to help you decide which one of these items is a solid choice for your needs.

The three categories of products are organized into non-powered charging racks, charging stations, and charging stations with a storage solution or a mobile cart. A teacher needs to use the cables for each device and plug them in if using a rack to organize them. More convenient is using a charging station that has a power strip. For security, teachers use a lockable storage solution. For mobility, teachers can use a charging cart.

Charging Station Racks

Charging station racks are used to organize multiple devices with their cables. These racks do not come with any cables and are not powered.

1. Prosumer’s Choice

Prosumer’s choice offers an eco-friendly product made from sustainable natural bamboo.

Prosumer's Choice Charging Station Rack Dimensions
“This versatile tablet and cellphone storage rack is an elegant, space-saving accessory for desks.” – prosumerschoice.com


This rack is an all-in-one smartphone/tablet organizer. It keeps power strips and cables of up to 11 inches in length out of sight. It transforms messy cables into an elegantly organized charging rack to store them neatly.


  • This attractive rack is nice and stable.
  • Holds up to five electronic devices in place for simultaneous charging, including cell phones and tablets.
  • There is plenty of room in the tray to hold the cables.
  • Racks are removable to accommodate devices in a thick case.
  • Manufactured in a socially responsible way.


  • This unit is not powered and requires the separate purchase of a power strip.
  • Some teachers find it inconvenient to use the students’ cables.
  • Dividers may not fit securely.
Keep up to Five iPad Devices Organized
Credits: prosumerschoice.com

Best for: Teachers who only charge a few devices at the same time.

In this video, produced by Prosumer’s Choice, you can see this rack in use.

This rack is very attractive for a teacher’s desk.

Buying Options

Charging Stations

Charging stations that have power are more convenient. If they have smart charging, they will provide the correct charging power needed for each device.


NTONPOWER Charging Station Dimensions
“It takes less hour to charge your electronics on NTONPOWER charging station than its original charger.” – ntonpower.com

The NTONPOWER USB fast charging dock has 24 amps total power to provide 2.4 amps to each of the ten ports for fast recharging.


Full-speed smart charging is up to 80% faster than slower charging using a port with only one amp of power like some of the competitors’ units. This model uses synchronous rectification technology. This means the electric energy conversion rate reaches up to 85%, which causes less wasted heat and is more eco-friendly.


  • This unit has a contemporary design in classic white color.
  • Has side vents to help dispel any heat from charging.
  • A blue LED light indicates the unit is powered on with the on/off switch.
  • Rubber pads prevent slippage.
  • Comes with an 18-month warranty.


  • Some larger devices cannot fit in the slots.
  • Baffles are not removable and slots may be too narrow for devices in cases.
  • Baffles are a bit short.
Fast and Smart Charging with NTONPOWER
Credits: ntonpower.com

Best for: Teachers, who charge Apple models regularly, like this device.

In this video, produced by Private Investigator Advice, there is the unboxing of the NTONPOWER model, and the reviewer gives a positive review of this device.

This device works well for all Apple products.

Buying Options

3. Unitek

The Unitek unit comes in an attractive white color.

Unitek Charging Station Dimensions
“Hold your iPad with cases and prevent your devices from being scratched.” – unitek-products.com


The power for this model provides up to 2.4 amps per port. There is enough power for about eight iPad devices. If you plug in 10 devices to charge them, the power is reduced, and it takes longer to recharge each device. It also has two QC 3.0 ports that charge your devices in a bit more than 30 minutes.


  • Has built-in safety features for surge protection, to prevent overcharging, and reduce overheating.
  • The dividers are removable to accommodate thicker devices.
  • 2 QC 3.0 charging ports which double the efficiency of the charging process.
  • BC 1.2 smart charging technology provides up to 2.4 amps per port.
  • Charges up to 8 iPad devices.


  • Cables are not included.
  • Dividers do not attach securely to the base.
Unitek Can Charge up to 8 iPad Devices
Credits: unitek-products.com

Best for: Teachers who limit their charging to eight iPads at a time.

In this video, produced by Geek Street, there is the unboxing of the Unitek charging station followed by the reviewer’s comments.

The video shows that it comes with five charging cables, but this is no longer correct.

Buying Options

4. Alxum

The Alxum iPad charging station is a 108 watt, 10-port phone docking station and organizer with adjustable dividers and smart IC technology.

Alxum Charging Station Dimensions
“Can remove the dividers and reset the width for different devices and tablets.” – alxum.com


This unit can charge ten devices simultaneously (cell phones and tablets) and provide up to 2.4 amps of power to each slot. It comes with 11 pieces of high and low brackets that can accommodate multiple devices of different thicknesses. You can use the baffles to set a suitable width for any device in a thick case.


  • Smart charging technology protects your devices from damage caused by overcharging or short circuits.
  • Surge protection keeps your devices safe while charging.
  • Charging automatically stops when a device is fully charged.
  • Can simultaneously recharge up to 10 iPhones or up to eight iPads.
  • This unit works with all global electrical systems from 100V to 240V.


  • Cables must be purchased separately.
  • No cord management for longer cables.
  • May make a buzzing sound when operating.
Alxum Can Charge up to 8 iPad Simultaneously
Credits: alxum.com

Best for: Teachers who charge iPads frequently and need reliable device charging.

Buying Options

Charging Storage Systems

These storage systems can also recharge the devices.

5. Belkin

The Belkin store and charge system has a unique design that makes it easy to put multiple devices in the system.

Belkin Charging Storage Station Dimensions
“You can securely mount the station to a desk or table, and it fits on AV Carts.” – belkin.com


The system allows the recharging of ten devices at the same time. It comes in a nice gray color that fits in well in any classroom. It is designed for iPhones, tablets, and up to 13-inch laptops.


  • Offers equipment protection up to $15,000 in value for a charging station’s malfunction.
  • Built-in cable management reduces clutter.
  • Fits devices that are in cases up to 1.18 inches thick.
  • Easy access with an open design.
  • Offers easy wireless syncing because wireless signals are not obstructed.


  • Slots are too small for devices in thicker cases of greater than 1.18 inches thick.
  • Set up is a little difficult.
  • It is a bit of work to organize cables properly.
Belkin Store and Charge System Provides Automatic Surge Protection
Credits: belkin.com

Best for: Teachers who want to have easy access to multiple devices being charged.

This video, produced by Belkin, shows how to use the charging station.

It is interesting to see how to open this charging unit, set it up, and manage the cables.

Buying Options


6. Pearington

The Pearington charging cart works with iPad devices of any screen size.

Pearington Charging Cart Dimensions


This sturdy cart is easy to move around on its caster wheels, with two of them that lock in place. The cart is very stable, and the handles are easy to grip. The open slots and removable dividers allow any size device screen or thickness. This model has the ability to charge up to 16 devices simultaneously.


  • The charging slots are padded and the dividers are removable.
  • Cable management clips are built-in.
  • The caster wheels roll across most surfaces smoothly.
  • This cart is designed for use in schools
  • It has built-in surge protection.


  • Assembly is required.
  • Does not provide security.
  • A bit low to the ground at only 30 inches tall.

Pearington Charging Cart Design

Best for: teachers who need a cart that moves from classroom to classroom.

Buying Options

7. Kensington

The Kensington lock and charge station is a universal system that can charge a MacBook, iPad, Samsung Galaxy tablet, Chromebook, and laptops (up to 14 inches).

Kensington Charging Station
“Offering maximum flexibility, you can easily adjust or remove slot dividers to accommodate a wide array of devices, including thicker devices and devices with rugged cases.” – kensington.com


This unit has a sturdy metal frame that can withstand tough classroom use. The security door uses a standard padlock or Kensington keyed cable locks (sold separately) to store tablets safely. There is a built-in industrial-grade surge protector. The built-in cable management system keeps cords nicely organized and reduces clutter.


  • The portable design fits on any standard AV cart, that is typically used in a school environment.
  • There is plenty of room for the storage of many power adapters.
  • Can charge up to 12 devices simultaneously.
  • Comes in classic black.
  • It has plenty of ventilation for heat dissipation to prevent overheating.


  • Door may not close well.
  • Portability also means the entire box can be stolen if not guarded.
  • The metal gets warm when the box is full of devices that are charging.
Kensington Built-in Cable Management and Adjustable Slot Dividers
Credits: kensington.com

Best for: This product is available with the secured door, or without a door, for teachers who do not need security.

This video, produced by Kensington, shows the features of this charging station.

This is a nice compact unit for charging up to 12 devices.

Buying Options

8. Line Leader

The Line Leader is a large, mobile charging cart that charges up to 16 devices simultaneously.

Line Leader Charging Cart Dimensions
“Don’t be fooled by its small size! You will be amazed by how much our sleek, compact, versatile charging cart can do.” – standsteady.com


This item handles laptops, tablets, Chromebooks, and smartphones. It is very stable and has a low center of gravity, so it will not tip over easily. It has four non-marking caster wheels and an ergonomic handle that is comfortable to use.


  • This product offers easy mobility to move from classroom to classroom.
  • It has plenty of ventilation to keep devices from overheating while being charged.
  • It has a built-in power strip to charge up to 16 devices simultaneously.
  • It is designed to be kid safe.
  • It has plenty of room for cord management.


  • Does not have much room.
  • Takes a bit of practice to load and unload.
  • Requires a bit of assembly.
Line Leader Charging Cart Design
Credits: standsteady.com

Best for: This is the cart needed by teachers who move around between classrooms.

Buying Options

9. Pearington

The Pearington mobile charging and storage cart is the largest solution that I reviewed and can handle up to 32 devices at once.

Pearington Storage Cart Dimensions


This portable cart has 30 padded bays and an extra shelf that allows two more devices for a total of up to 32 devices, which can charge simultaneously. The charging bays accommodate laptops that are up to 13 inches in screen size. It works with iPads, Chromebooks, tablets, and other laptops.


  • The charging bay dimensions are 12.7 inches high by 1.5 inches wide.
  • The four caster wheels make it easy to roll around, even over rough surfaces, and when fully loaded.
  • It has plenty of ventilation openings to prevent overheating while the devices are charging.
  • Both the front and rear doors open and can lock with a key for extra protection.
  • It has built-in surge protection.


  • Assembly instructions may be missing.
  • Sometimes pieces are missing.
  • Requires full assembly.

Pearington Storage Cart Design

Best for: Teachers who have to charge many devices at the same time and need the security of a locked cabinet that is portable.

Buying Options

Many teachers cannot afford an expensive charging station, so they may need to make one. In this video, produced by Xueming Yu, you can see how to create a charging station on your own as a do-it-yourself project.

Here are some other “must-haves” to consider.

Other Must-Haves

Here are my recommendations for other items that you may need.

1. Multiple Charger

Chargers for Charging Station Racks

You may want to buy a multiple charger for the charging racks that do not come with one.

  • The RAV charger has six, fast-charging, USB ports.
  • The King Future charger has ten, fast-charging, USB ports.

It is always nice to have some spare charging cables.

2. Cables

10 and 6 Packs of Charging Cables

Besides the common USB cables for other devices that you may have, special Lightning cables are used for Apple products such as iPhones and iPads.

You may need a protective case that is sturdy and yet not too thick.

3. Protective Case

Protective Case with a Handling Strap

A protective case keeps an iPad from being as easily damaged, especially if a student drops it.

  • The SEYMAC case fits an iPad 8th/7th Generation that is 10.2 inches. It comes with a soft strap and portable shoulder strap. It also has a 360-degrees rotating kickstand to hold it at a nice viewing angle.

Useful Links


There you have all my reviews and suggestions. I tried to include the best choices that I could find for each category. I hope you found the reviews interesting and helpful. For interstring reading, if you want to explore E-learning vs. Virtual Learning, read my article here.

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