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Kiwico Cost: Plans, Features, & More (2023 Guide)

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By Scott Winstead

kiwico cost

Looking for the latest details on Kiwico cost, plans, features, and more?

Kiwico is a company that aims to inspire and empower children all over the world with their carefully curated STEAM-inspired learning crates delivered each month to the recipient’s home.

Each month features a new crate, keeping children actively engaged in their hands-on learning.

The crates arrive with everything needed to complete the project. In addition, the monthly STEAM kits include detailed instructions and a copy of KiwiCrates magazine.

The monthly subscription box is packed with fun and numerous learning opportunities. Each crate has a theme with a couple of activities to support and develop learning around it.

Kiwico provides children with hours upon hours of fun, exciting learning. Children become inspired by projects, and before you know it, they’ll be asking to learn more.

Kiwico crates are a perfect tool to have on hand for rainy days or for those afternoons where you need to get some work done, but the kids won’t stop whining. The crates are designed to support independent learning, meaning the kids will barely need you at all. You’ll transform whiny afternoons into exciting, bubbly, and vibrant creative exploration.

These innovative, engaging crates open the door to enhanced learning for children. Crates explore a vast array of subjects related to STEM, geography, math, science, art, and more. Each Crate is a unique adventure to spark creativity, wonder, and innovation.

Kiwico offers an extensive range of crates to choose from depending on the child’s age. Each Crate contains everything needed to complete the project and is bound to give the child hours of entertainment.

Where else can children experience and engage with learning creatively and innovatively?

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Great for Kids of All Ages

Kiwico supports learning in many subjects, and each month delivers a unique subscription box crate with an enticing theme. The company works hard to deliver splendid projects with understandable learning in a way where children can engage with it independently.

Kiwico’s subscription box is perfect for children of all ages. It’s great at home, at daycare, in the classroom, and in any other environment. Below are the crates available with their associated age groups.

  • Panda Crate – 0 – 24 months
  • Koala Crate – 2- 4 years
  • Kiwi Crate – 5 – 8 years
  • Atlas Crate – 6 – 11 years
  • Yummy Crate – 6 – 14 years
  • Tinker Crate – 9 – 16 years
  • Doodle Crate – 14- 16 years
  • Maker Crate – 14 – 100 years
  • Eureka Crate – 14 – 100 years

Kiwico has something for everyone. Every crate they offer makes learning fun in an engaging, hands-on way.

First, this article will share the details about Kiwico. Then, we will dive into the details of each payment option, what the cost is, and all the other fine print details.

By the end of our guide, you’ll be able to choose which Kiwico crate is best for you (well, your little one! But the crates are great fun for parents too!)

So what’s the difference in all of Kiwico’s crates? How much do they cost? Which Crate would be best for you? Keep reading and find out everything to get started with Kiwico.

Let’s get started with our Kiwico pricing overview.


How much does Kiwico cost?

Kiwico pricing includes a few different options, ranging from ongoing monthly plans that are between $18.50 to $23.95 a month to one-off, limited-term plans that are a one-time purchase between $27.95 to $229.95, depending on the period of time.

The Kiwico website is set up to be incredibly user-friendly. After putting in the child’s name, you’re prompted to choose how many crates you want to be delivered. There are a few options to choose from, including auto-renew and term options. In addition, there are one, six, and twelve-month payment options for KiwiCo subscriptions.

The different payment options make Kiwico more accessible to children from all homes. In addition, the company offers excellent savings for the more crates purchased. Use the charts below to understand the savings opportunities and find which plan is best for your needs.

Duration (Ongoing Monthly Subscriptions) Cost
Monthly $23.95
6 months $19.95/month
12 months $18.50/month BEST VALUE
These subscriptions auto-renew for the term chosen.
Duration (One-Time Purchase) Cost
1 – month $27.95
6- months $124.95
12 – months $229.95
These are termed subscriptions paid in advance. The crates arrive one at a time per month.

Click here to get started with Kiwico.


Kiwico Key Features

  • Gives the tools for children to learn and celebrate hands-on learning.
  • Each Crate includes everything needed to do extraordinary projects.
  • Unique, hands-on DIY learning.
  • Everything that is needed is included for tons of fun.
  • Various art mediums and materials.
  • Flexible membership options with auto-renew or termed subscriptions.
  • Tools to help kids think big, creative, and innovate.
  • Simple sign-up process.
  • Easy cancel process.
  • Perfect for all ages!


Kiwico Panda Crate – 0 – 24 months

Kiwico Panda Crate makes an excellent gift for babies and new parents alike. It is designed carefully by the Seattle Children’s Hospital. The Panda Crate supports babies in learning, playing, exploring, and interacting. In addition, the Kiwico Panda Crate is filled with developmentally appropriate activities and tips for the caregiver. Kiwico uses a science-based approach with engaging play to help babies learn and grow.

Bond with Me – 0 – 2 months

Sense with Me – 3 – 6 months

Explore with Me – 7 – 12 months

Count with Me – 13 – 18 months

Solve with Me – 19 – 24 months


Koala Crate – 2 – 4 years

The Kiwico Koala Crate supports exciting hands-on learning. The Crate exposes toddlers to new things and new materials. Kiwico Koala crate also has sample crates available to try out or enhance your toddlers’ learning.


Kiwi Crate – 5 – 8 years

The Kiwi Crate is filled with exciting tools for children to tinker, innovate and create. The projects are all STEAM-based, with all needed items included in the crates. The Kiwi Crate is perfect for independent learners and delivers a great learning experience!


Atlas Crate – 6 – 11 years

The Atlas Crate is designed to spark adventure and curiosity about the world. Children develop an appreciation and interest for other cultures. The Atlas Crate aims to help children explore the world. Children will explore world maps and learn navigational skills as they work through each project.


Yummy Crate – 6 – 14 years

The Yummy Crate from Kiwico is delightful and delicious! It aims to support children’s development and learning of excellent kitchen skills. Children complete hands-on learning projects to gain kitchen confidence. In each Crate, children explore biology and chemistry and how they unite as they test different recipes. The Yummy Crate helps children understand and be interested in the science behind cooking.


Tinker Crate 9 – 16 years

The Tinker Crate is filled with excellent science content. The Crate has awesome projects and kid-friendly blueprint instructions. In addition, it promotes curiosity and problem-solving thinking skills.


Doodle Crate, Maker Crate, and Eureka Crate – 14 – 100 years

The Doodle Crate, Maker Crate, and Eureka Crate are perfect for older children. The Crate arrives filled with hands-on learning tools. The Crate intends to make, create, inspire and innovate. The Eureka Crate combines engineering and real-life, so children learn challenging and fundamental principles.


Kiwico Cost Q&A

How difficult is it to cancel a Kiwico subscription?

It’s not difficult at all! Kiwico is very user-friendly with excellent customer service. Before canceling, consider pausing or skipping to every other month. To cancel, log into your account, click subscriptions, proceed to edit, and that’s it.

When do Kiwico crates ship?

Upon signing up, the first Crate will ship within two days, and the crates proceeding will ship the first week of the month. You will receive an email when your crate ships with tracking information.

How long does it take to receive a crate?

Once a Kiwico crate is shipped, it will typically be received within 5-7 days.

How can I get in touch with Kiwico customer service?

Easy! Send them an email at [email protected]. The customer service team is standby, ready to help, friendly, and knowledgeable.


Is Kiwico Worth It?

If you’re looking to give your child or child tools to create, wonder, invent, and even engineer, then yes. Kiwico creates incredible crates that ship monthly and have many different payment terms.

Kiwico crates have everything needed to do the monthly project and aim to inspire and engage in excellent learning experiences.

Kiwico even offers classroom science kits for schools to help kids explore and discover in the classroom.


Kiwico Pricing Review

Kiwico offers several payment terms to reach as many children as possible. In addition, the company offers both auto-renewing subscriptions that can be easily managed from the user account page and termed subscriptions for those who don’t like monthly payments.

  • Monthly – $23.95/month
  • 6-month subscription – $19.95/month
  • 12-month subscription – $18.50/month

Click here to get started with Kiwico!

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