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MasterClass Gift Details: How to Give It, How Much It Costs, & More

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By Scott Winstead

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A MasterClass gift subscription is a one-of-a-kind present your loved one can enjoy for months to come.

MasterClass is one of the most popular online learning platforms out there right now. It features self-paced online classes from over 100 celebrity instructors in a wide range of topics — all streaming direct to your phone, tablet, connected TV, or computer.

Masterclass courses include everything from cooking to photography to acting and a whole lot more. And these excellent online courses are taught by renowned experts and celebrities, including the likes of Hillary Clinton, Natalie Portman, Gordon Ramsey, Samuel L Jackson, Alicia Keys, Serena Williams, George W Bush, James Cameron, Coach K, and many others.

That’s why a MasterClass gift subscription is such a fantastic idea for any occasion.

When you give the gift of MasterClass, you’re unlocking a door to endless education and entertainment for your loved one. You’re giving them the chance to learn new skills, explore their passions, and just have fun — all at their own pace and leisure.

And here’s a little secret — during the holidays and some other special times of the year, when you buy a MasterClass gift for someone else, you could also get a free subscription for yourself thanks to their 2-for-1 promotion!

So, with all that said, let’s take a deeper look at everything you need to know about giving MasterClass as a gift.

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Can You Give MasterClass Subscription as a Gift?

Yes, MasterClass is one of the few online education sites that allows you to gift a subscription to someone else, and with their high quality video lessons taught by A-list celebrity instructors, it really is a great gift idea.

MasterClass is delivered as an eGift to the recipient of your choice, and you purchase it as an annual subscription. This annual subscription gives the gift recipient full unlimited access to all Masterclass courses for one full year.

MasterClass pricing for an annual subscription starts at $120.


How Do I Order a MasterClass Gift Membership for Someone Else?

To buy MasterClass as a gift for a loved one, simply visit the Gifting page on their website and choose the option to “Give Annual Membership” or click whatever button they have on the page at the time to get started.

You’ll be taken to a page like the one below where you can choose the plan you want to gift:

masterclass price

If you’re giving the MasterClass gift to an individual, the Individual Plan will suffice. However, if you’re gifting it to a couple or a family perhaps, you might want to choose one of the other plans that allows for more users to access the subscription.

You’ll want to make sure you have the recipient’s email address so the eGift can be sent to them. And you may want to give them a heads up to potentially check their Spam folder if they don’t see it in their inbox.

The final step is to put in your credit card information to complete the purchase.

Once you’ve made the purchase, you’ll get a receipt and confirmation sent to your email address. The recipient should also receive the gift immediately at the email address provided. They can then activate their account and start enjoying everything MasterClass has to offer.


What if My MasterClass Gift Isn’t Delivered Properly?

In some cases, the eGift from MasterClass might get flagged as Spam by the recipient’s email provider.

If they don’t see an email in their inbox about their MasterClass subscription, ask them to check their spam folder for an email from [email protected].

It’s also possible the email confirmation of their MasterClass gift card might have been flagged in the “Promotions” folder if they’re a Gmail user. So make sure to have them check both the inbox and Promotions folder.

If none of these things work, log in to the Gift Management Portal on your MasterClass account and resend your gift through there.

If you’re still having issues after this, reach out to the MasterClass customer service team. Make sure you have the recipient’s email address included in your message and any transaction numbers.


What about the MasterClass 2-for-1 Gift Offer?

At certain times of the year (such as during the Christmas holiday season), MasterClass offers a 2-for-1 deal that lets you purchase an annual subscription for yourself and gift another subscription to a loved one at no extra charge. This lets you both enjoy some of the best online courses out there all year long.

Click here to see if this offer is available now.


A Final Word on MasterClass Gifts

The great gift of MasterClass is one that recipients are sure to enjoy for a whole year to come as they explore the hundreds of courses and video lessons the app has to offer. What other gift continues to be so useful for such a long period of time?

Check out our Masterclass review to learn more about this popular online learning platform or watch our video review below:

Click here to learn more about how you can give MasterClass to someone else. It’s the perfect gift for every occasion!

Have any questions about giving a MasterClass gift? Comment below and we’ll answer the best we can.

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